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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Carter asks Maya if she is okay. Sadly she says yeah; Rick had to find out sometime. She stops Rick before he leaves. She simply says that she and Carter make sense. They didn’t. It may have felt that way and she wishes him well, but it will have to be with Caroline, not her. They have differences that can’t be overcome. Quinn and Wyatt show up at Forrester for their meeting and she is nervous. She doesn’t want to come on too strong and turn people off. Liam decides to sit in just to let Wyatt know that this is a business venture. Eric and Caroline join them and introductions are made all around. Eric tells them that Hope is their biggest supporter. Wyatt winks at her. Eric says the ultimate last word will come from Hope since this is her collection. She says they will start with pieces Quinn already has but then work in originals that will go specifically with her gowns…..necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, pins, rings. Wyatt is shocked to see the quantity that Eric wants, but says it will not be a problem. It’s a challenge and he is always up for that. Quinn tells Eric they are so grateful that he is giving them this opportunity and she won’t let him down. Eric asks Caroline if everything is okay with her and Rick. He missed the meeting today altogether and she even seemed preoccupied. She says she is keeping good thoughts, but he probably is with her right now. They shared a lot and this will hurt. All she can hope is that they are finishing old business before he moves on. Maya tells Rick to be happy and they kiss.

Liam tells Hope that they are going to have to get this straight. He just saw Wyatt flirting with her in his presence, so he has concerns what he will do when Liam is not even around. Hope knew that he was against this relationship before she even hired him. Hope says technically she hired Wyatt’s mother; he’s just part of the package. Liam finally spells it out. He wants her to drop this partnership. Rick catches up with Caroline who is waiting for him. She sees he is sad and knows he has been with Maya. He fills her in that here is no problem. Maya is engaged. She had said the same thing that Caroline had always said – they were too different to make it work. So maybe this way will work out best. Maya returns to Carter and they slowly gravitate to the couch and start unbuttoning clothes. Hope tells Liam there is nothing she can do now. The contracts have been signed. He says that is what legal department is for. They can always find a loophole. She says she can’t believe he is serious about this. He replies that he doesn’t think she is taking him seriously. She’s a little offended by that as if he doesn’t trust her. Quinn left her purse in the office and goes back alone to retrieve it. She overhears Liam as he says that he’s not being unreasonable here. He reminds her that Wyatt kissed her in his home and that he is always flirting with Hope and his intentions are crystal clear. He is never going to stop and Hope knows that. Liam feels he is perfectly justified in not wanting him around Hope all the time. She says the deal is locked. They just placed a huge order with Quinn. Liam seems to think she is allowed to change her mind. Maybe she could just tell the truth – that it is a huge liability to their personal relationship and a conflict of interest. Finally he states that if she cares about his feelings at all or the future of their relationship, then no more Wyatt. Quinn slips away from the door with a scared but determined look on her face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ offered himself as well as Stefano to Melinda in exchange for Samiís freedom.  Will and Gabi argued over Nickís testimony against his mother.  EJ wanted Melinda to drop the charges against Sami.  EJ informed Melinda that she could put two DiMeras away.  Melinda was surprised that a DiMera would do something like that for someone else.  EJ ignored her comments and wanted to know if they had a deal.  Melinda shot him down.  She wanted Sami to do jail time and she would get him another time.  Lucas visited Sami at the station.  Sami let Lucas know that things were bad for her.  Chad and Abby were about to make love, but he put on the brakes.  Chad wanted to make sure it was the right time for her.  Abby was ready to be with Chad.  They kissed and made love.  Will and Gabi continued to argue about Nick.  Will walked out of the room so Sonny talked to Gabi.  Gabi let Sonny know that if Will had a problem with her being with Nick, she would take Arianna and leave.  Gabi claimed she wasnít threatening Sonny, but she didnít want Will to find out that sheís with Nick.  Lucas didnít understand why EJ wasnít there for Sami at the time.  Sami defended EJ to Lucas.  EJ had all of their passports and made a phone call to someone.

Sami wanted Lucas to get along with EJ so Johnny and Allie could be together while sheís away.  Lucas hesitated but agreed to get along with EJ for her.  Johnny snapped at EJ because he wanted Sami home.  Nick saw Gabi with Cameron and was jealous until she explained things to him.  Samiís case resumed and Melinda called Hope to the stand.  Stefano arrived at the mansion.  Lucas visited Will and warned him not to get involved in Samiís case.  Melinda questioned Hope about Bernardi.  Melinda wanted to establish that Bernardi was a good cop.  Justin asked Hope about another dirty cop.  Hope said she didnít know he was dirty just like she didnít know that Bernardi was a dirty cop.  Melinda redirected and questioned Hope about her investigation of Bernardi.  EJ talked to Stefano about how heís responsible for what happened to Sami.  EJ wanted to know what Stefano wanted in order for Sami to get out of jail.  Cameron overheard Abby tell Gabi that she had sex with Chad.  Chad thought about his conversation with his doctor.  It turned out that Chadís in good health.  Chad wanted to find a treatment to keep Cameron away.  Melinda called Roman to the stand.  EJ realized that Stefano had the razor.  EJ wanted Stefano to turn the weapon over to the police.  Stefano said he didnít have to do anything.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn tells Sonny that Julian Jerome is in charge of the organization that is trying to muscle in on their territory. Sonny says Julian Jerome is dead and concludes that Vince lied to Shawn. Sonny yells at Shawn for letting Vince go. Olivia says it might not be a coincidence that two people with the last name ďJeromeĒ recently moved into town. Sonny says Ava and Kiki arenít related to those Jeromes. He says Ava is throwing a party for Morgan and Kiki. Olivia doesnít like the idea of a party or of Sonny getting close to Ava. On the docks, Derek tells Ava that Sonny wonít know what happened when they hijack his shipment because nothing connects Derek Wells with Julian Jerome. He says he just needs to make sure Sonny isnít around when it happens. Ava says she has already taken care of that because Sonny will be at her party.  He says he told her to stay away from Sonny. Ava says Derek isnít her boss. She says she discovered that Sonny is bipolar and planted the seed that he doesnít need to take his meds. At Sonnyís house, he throws away his bottle of Lithium after promising Olivia that he'd take them.

Franco catches Carly and Felix attempting to go into his room with Carlyís master key. Carly wonders who is in the room if Franco is out there. Heather is on the other side of the door expecting to have to use her butcher knife. Franco says there is a woman inside. Carly gets jealous and tells him that she will need a working credit card for the remainder of his stay. Franco goes inside and gives Heather the BLT that she demanded. He tells her that she just ruined his life, because he had to let Carly believe he is with a woman. Heather says Franco dodged a bullet. She reminds him that Carly tried to have him killed. She says he will find someone worthy of him. Carly and Felix head to the Floating Rib and see Ava and Derek talking on the docks. After Ava leaves, Derek hears a noise so Carly slaps Felix and pretends to quarrel with him. Derek recognizes her as the owner of the Metro Court and introduces himself. He says he was talking to his art dealer a few steps away. Carly says they didnít see him there. When Derek leaves, Felix tells Carly that Derek Wells is a much better prospect than Franco is. She says she in only interested in knowing what Derek is up to, because she doesnít believe Ava Jerome is his art dealer.

Morgan is gambling online again. Kiki tells Morgan that Monica and Tracy are evicting them, because since Franco isnít her father, she isnít a Quartermaine. Morgan says they should move in with her new father, Silas Clay. Kiki says she doesnít know Silas. He asks her if she wants to get to know him. She says no; she is still getting over the fact that her mother, the person that she loved and trusted, told such enormous lies about something as important as who her father is. Silas and Sam tell Alexis that they are planning to go to dinner sometime. Alexis thinks it is great that Sam is considering dating again. Silas stops by and tells Kiki that Danny is going to be fine. He gives her his phone number in case she ever wants to reach him, but assures her that he isnít going to pressure her to get to know him. Ava goes to the boathouse and wonders why Silas is there. Kiki doesnít want to see Ava. Ava tells Kiki about the party she is planning. Kiki isnít interested. Morgan says itís just a party, and they should go. Kiki invites Silas to the party. He accepts her invitation. Derek goes to the hospital and hears Sam and Alexis talking about him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack calls Adam to find out what Victor said to him and for Adam to call him. Kyle comes in and wants to know what is wrong. Noah comes home to Sharon’s and finds Summer there. Noah asks Summer about Sharon. Sharon goes into the Athletic Club to pick up an order and sees Adam sitting at the bar drowning his sorrows. Sharon joins him and encourages him to talk to her. Chelsea and Chloe come home in hopes that Dylan is there with Connor but no such luck. At the police department, Alex and Kevin work on a case when Paul comes out to join them. Paul gets a call and leaves them to the case. Nikki calls Paul to see if he has any leads on a phone number she gave him. When Victor comes in, Nikki abruptly ends her call . Victor comes in and tells Nikki that there is a new member of the family. Nikki asks Victor how he had found out. Summer asks Noah if he thinks that Sharon would do something dangerous. Noah lets Summer know that Sharon is doing more things for Nick now. Noah questions Summer about her and Kyle’s situation. Jack fills Kyle in on what was going on between him, Adam and Victor. Jack asks Kyle to help him to protect Summer. Victor lets Nikki know that Connor is Adam’s son because he has retinitis pigmentosa just like Adam and his mother did. Adam opens up to Sharon about Chelsea and how Connor is his son which Chelsea kept from him. Chelsea lets Chloe know how Dylan reacted when he had found out that Adam was Connor’s father. Chelsea realizes what happened to Dylan and why he took Connor. Sharon lets Adam know that Nick and Avery didn’t get married after all. Kevin and Alex discuss the key that Katherine left to him in her will. Paul gets an e-mail with information concerning Nikki’s child. Victor asks Nikki why she asked him how he found out about the child. Nikki lies to him and tells him that she thought that he was talking about Victoria and Billy’s child. Victor tells Nikki about Adam’s scheme to try to take over Newman Enterprises. Victor lets Nikki know that he will not get away with it. Chelsea and Chloe go to the police station and let Alex and Kevin know about Dylan taking Connor. Chelsea reveals to Alex that Dylan is not Connor’s father but Adam is.

Adam meets with a doctor to treat Connor’s blindness. Sharon comes home and asks Noah how Faith is. Sharon tells Noah that Avery arrived to talk to Nick. Sharon lets Noah know that this is for the best. Noah confronts Sharon about why she didn't take her meds. Sharon makes up a lie to get him off her back. Jack and Kyle plot to protect Summer when she walks in. Jack makes Summer upset over Victor and she barges upstairs. Nikki receives a phone call from Paul and goes to meet him. Nikki reminds Victor that the vendetta he feels for Jack will affect two children. Adam remembers his talk with Chelsea. He goes to visit her and finds out that Dylan took Connor. Sharon has a dream that Noah finds out about her changing the paternity test. Paul encourages Nikki to tell Victor about the child, but she refuses. Paul and Nikki decide to go search for Nikki’s child.

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