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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Carter asks Maya again if she will marry him. There is no TV, he is not Lance, it is Carter. She is stunned. He knows this is quick and out of the blue so he will give her more time if she needs it. Rick has been out of the picture for so long and Carter is confident that this is the right time. And he knows Maya would want a man who appreciates her and understands her. He is the one who is stunned now when she says yes. He slips the ring on her finger. He says he knew this the first time he saw her. He didn’t know how it would happen but there was no other woman and he did not give up. She says she thought it was Rick, but she was wrong. She needs a man who supports and only loves her. Rick and Caroline have some models show their gowns with Quinn’s jewelry. Pam even walks in with a new necklace instead of her usual pearls. Caroline senses Rick is down because of seeing the pix of Maya around yet she chose to resign. She says it is okay, she doesn’t mind. Actors have a different way of thinking and this is Maya. He appreciates her understanding of this. She says the right things. Eventually she won’t be unhappy if Maya is phased out but for now it is all right.

Brooke questions Bill if he feels he should follow Katie and get her to come home. He says no, he can keep track of her in New York. She’ll get tired of playing this little game and come home. This is her usual. She flips out and then blames everybody else when she takes off. Brooke doesn’t know what she is going to do if Katie does not forgive them. He says it might happen so be prepared. Brooke says she is happy but his divorce isn’t final. So maybe Katie was right; this is happening too fast. They disrobe and do it anyway. Pam tells Caroline that Rick left for the day and wonders if she is worried that he has gone to see Maya. Caroline lies and says no. Things are going great between her and Rick and she doesn’t want that to change. Rick bangs on Maya’s door and says they need to talk. She finally comes to the door and says now is not a very good time. Immediately he spies the big diamond on her finger and then Carter appears. No words are needed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marge admitted that there was $100,000 in her sonís bank account.  Justin questioned how the money got in the account if Bernardi didnít put it there.  Marge had trouble answering Justinís question.  Jennifer told Abby that JJ left home.  Abby was worried about JJ.  Hope ran into JJ in the park.  Hope tried to reach out to him.  JJ asked Hope if he could stay with her.  She didnít think that was a good idea.  Marge finally admitted that she didnít know how the money got into the account.  Marge did suspect that EJ could have put the money in her sonís account because heís a DiMera.  Chad found out that Kayla knew about his condition.  Chad was upset that Cameron talked to her about his problem.  Hope continued to advise JJ to stop acting out.  She also told JJ that the cops were watching him.  Abby called JJ to talk to him.  Melinda was finished testifying.  Melinda called Adrienne to the stand.  Melinda questioned Adrienne about the video of Sami and Bernardi.  Kayla advised Chad that he should tell Abby the truth about his condition.  Abby met with JJ to try and reason with him about Jennifer.  EJ questioned Adrienne.  He did a little damage control for Samiís case.  Melinda called a witness that shocked EJ.

Abby continued to try and reason with JJ about his behavior.  They ended up arguing.  Abby was finished with JJ because she couldnít get through to him.  Hope met with Jennifer and they talked about JJ.  Melinda questioned a computer forensic expert to make sure Timmyís account wasnít hacked.  The expert testified that the account was hacked.  He also testified that the payments were all made on August 22nd.   JJ went back home.  Jennifer thought JJ was back home, but he was only looking for his jacket.  Abby went to see Chad to talk about JJ.  They ended up kissing.  Melinda continued to question Mr. Craig (the computer expert) about who could hack into the account.  The expert said that someone with the means could certainly hack into a personís account.  Jennifer tried to talk to JJ about everything that happened since heís been back in town.  Jennifer let JJ know that she would love him unconditionally. Jennifer also wanted JJ to stay at the house.  The judge called a recess.  EJ apologized to Sami and she forgave him.  She did believe that she was going to go to prison.  Justin informed EJ that the jury hates them after everything that happened during the trial.  Justin warned EJ that only a miracle could save Sami now.  JJ didnít want to listen to Jennifer anymore so he left.  EJ went to Melinda so she could go after him and Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Derek Wells introduces himself to Anna and Duke at General Hospital and tells them that he is Dannyís bone marrow donor. Duke asks Derek if it would be all right to send his resume. Derek says that from what he has heard, he could use a man like Duke in his organization. Silas tells Sam that Danny is progressing nicely. Silas asks Sam if she wants to go to dinner with him when everything with Danny settles down. She asks him if he is asking her out on a date. He tells her to just call it dinner. Alexis hugs Derek and tells him that he saved Dannyís life.

Carly verifies with staff that Francoís room is complimentary. Heather shows up at Francoís door to wish him a happy birthday and give him a gift of a painting of colored stripes. He thanks her and suggests that she return to the mental institution before she is missed. She says she isnít going back until she has had a BLT from Kellyís. Felix sees Carly after leaving a blind date and asks if her love life is going any better than his. She reveals that Franco has taken an interest in her. Felix drags Carly up to Francoís room to tell him that he doesnít have a chance with her. Felix bangs on the door, but Franco doesnít answer. Heather is alone inside. She hears Felix telling Carly to let herself in with her master key. Heather picks gets her butcher knife out of her bag and waits by the door.

Ava agrees to tell the police what she told Sonny about AJís threatening behavior the night Connie was killed. She asks Sonny to help her throw a party for Morgan and Kiki. She says it would be a good way to honor the kids and honor Connie, too. He tells her that she doesnít know anything about him or Connie and that she has no idea what it is like to lose someone. She says she knows exactly what it is like to go to that dark place. She sees his bottle of Lithium and says she knows it is for Bipolar Disorder. She says her doctor wanted to prescribe it for her, but she wouldnít take it because she wanted to feel her pain.  He tells her that he has been taking medication for years and that it has nothing to do with losing Connie. He tells her to go ahead with the party. Shawn and Max torture Derekís associate, Vince. Franco goes to Kellyís to get the BLT Heather demanded. Shawn puts Maxís BLT from earlier in a take-out box and shoves it into Francoís hands to get him to leave. Vince tells Shawn and Max who he works for. Max suggests that Vince get on the next shuttle to Toronto. Vince misses the boat. Julian finds Vince on the pier. Ava joins them. Julian tells Ava that Anna Devane and Duke Lavery saw him and didn't recognize him. Julian shoots Vince. Ava kicks him and then pushes him into the harbor. Shawn tells Sonny that Julian Jerome is the head of the operation that is trying to muscle into their territory. Franco catches Carly about to open his door with her master key.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the park, Avery tries to talk to Nick and explains to him why she stayed with Dylan at her apartment when he came to visit. All Nick knows is that Avery chose Dylan over him. Chelsea comes home and finds Dylan there. Dylan is still as impossible as ever and still insists that he and Chelsea cannot get beyond this. Billy carries Victoria into the house to celebrate them getting remarried. Victor tells Jack that he knows all about his and Adam’s scheme. Jack denies it but Victor insists that he knows what he and Adam have been up to. Nick tells Avery that she is still in love with Dylan which she denies. Dylan tells Chelsea that he cannot look at her right now and that is why he is leaving town. Adam meets with a man who will help him to get custody of his son. Adam comes home and finds Jack and Victor there. Victor tells Adam that he knows everything about his and Jack’s little scheme. Chloe messes up Billy and Victoria’s wedding night plans by telling Billy that she was bringing Delia by. Avery denies Nick’s accusation that she is still in love with Dylan.

Nick lets Avery know that she may be feeling guilty and that is why she didn’t told him she was with Dylan. Chelsea tries to talk Dylan out of leaving town, but he is determined to go through with his plans to go. Dylan tells Chelsea that he wants a divorce. Chelsea is completely beside herself with hurt feelings and also anger toward Chelsea. Dylan asks for some time alone with Connor. Victor accuses Adam of betraying him. Adam lets Victor know that he has a son and he already loves him more than Victor has ever loved him. Adam forbids Victor to come near his son. Jack gets a visit from his father, John, who accuses him of doing this deliberately to hurt Victor. Dylan promises to protect Connor as lightning flashes. Chelsea comes out to see about Dylan and finds Dylan and Connor gone.

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