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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill asks Wyatt if they can start over. Wyatt says yes and Bill hugs him. They both agree that Brooke helped them see the situation and how they can make it better. And after being with Brooke Wyatt says he can see why Bill fell for her. Bill tells Wyatt that even under the present conditions with Katie running the company, he is at liberty to choose who he hires and he offers Wyatt a job. Wyatt hesitates, then says he doesn’t want to sound ungrateful as he’d love to work with him, but he has a commitment and contract with Forrester. Bill says of course then he needs to see that through to help his mom move her business to a higher level. He admires him for that. Bill thanks him again for standing up for Will. Awkwardly, Wyatt says that Bill could have forgotten all about Wyatt but he reached out to him and he wants to thank him for that. Bill reaches out first and hugs Wyatt again. Brooke tells Katie that she wishes she could see things from her point of view. She does not want her to leave town. She will miss her and she’d hoped they could work through this. Katie laughs and says that is the problem. Brooke does not get a say in this. And she can spin her little story any way she wants to justify it but she did not force her into her husband’s arms or his bed. So Brooke can tell herself whatever she needs to but Katie doesn’t have to accept it. In fact she doesn’t have to have anything to do with her anymore. She will never see things the way Brooke and Bill see it. She will never see her as a sister again nor trust her. She ruined that. She chastises Brooke for being the one who let Bill move into her house yet she is the one still crying. They made a conscious decision to betray her and all the crying in the world won’t change that.

As Bill walks in, Katie tells Brooke to stop crying and embrace who she really is. He tells Katie they need to get past this. Katie fires back that it seems they already have, but she doesn’t have to do anything. Bill wants to have this conversation at the house. Katie asks which one – the one he is sharing with Brooke? He says no their house. He’d like to talk to her and see Will. She says that won’t be possible. She will be on a plane leaving Los Angeles. Bill tells Brooke that he is going to need a moment alone with Katie. He wants to know where she is going. She can’t just leave town and take Will. And then there is work. She assures him that she is going to be the most independent, successful woman that she knows all without Bill. He says she is doing this for revenge; to hurt him. She admits she was not the perfect wife and she made mistakes. But she is moving on with her life and he can run off with Brooke. She doesn’t even care anymore. He can have Brooke until she is through with him and then he’ll have nothing, just what he deserves. He counters that he and Brooke are really together for the long haul. She mocks that she knows……he finally found someone who really understands him and does not say no to him. But when she moves on and she will…..then maybe he will realize what he left behind and appreciate Katie more. Maybe he will even want her back. Maybe he will even realize that she is the only one in his life who tells him the truth and pushes him to be better than he really is. She spouts that Donna will have a boyfriend someday and she will start batting her eyes at him….or there is always Liam and now Wyatt. Remember this conversation as that day will come. He tells her to scream it to the world how terrible he has been and how he is just another notch on Brooke’s bedpost, he doesn’t care. She can take his job, his company and his house but she will not take his son! She rattles off that there will be consequences for his unlimited mindless sex with Brooke. And when a judge hears how it all went down with a heart transplant patient she doesn’t think there will be any question what the ruling will be. He will be lucky to even see his son again. Brooke comes in with Will, and Katie rushes to take him. But she does hand him to Bill for a minute. Then she takes him back and walks out the door. Maya comes home to find Carter in her kitchen making lunch. He said they are celebrating their future. He had run into Rafael and he said Room 8 was going well and they might have another season. He pours them champagne and they make a toast. Then he shows her a script that he wrote…a lot has happened since Season One and their relationship has changed a lot. There is no need for those fantasies. This is how they really feel. As they begin to read the script it seems pretty personal, not just a script. Carter pulls out a ring and says this is for her, not Scarlet. Will she marry him?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen saw Marlena with her pocketbook while she was fighting with Nicole.  Nicole made it seem like Marlena was a thief.  Marlena covered up her actions by saying that she picked it up off the ground.  When Kristen walked off, Marlena wanted to hurry up and get Kristenís bag back.  Jennifer and JJ argued and he decided to move out.  Jennifer didnít want him to leave.  She just wanted JJ to have a good life.  Jennifer and JJ went another round so she told that if he left he couldnít come back.  Nicole found Kristen and started another fight so Marlena could get the device she dropped in her bag.  Adrienne and Justin talked at the courthouse.  Adrienne hoped they could talk after the trial is over.  Sami talked to EJ about the night she threatened Nick with a gun.  Nick told Melinda what Sami did to him.  Marge met with Nick and thanked him for testifying for the prosecution.  Adrienne ran into Marge at the courthouse.  Marge was very upset with her.  EJ wanted Justin to stay away from Sami threatening Nick because of Will.  Jennifer wanted to know where JJ was going to go.  He wouldnít tell her.  They ended up fighting over his phone until she fell.  JJ offered to help her, but she didnít want his help.  She tried one more time to get JJ to give her his phone, but he walked out of the house.  Nicole caught up with Marlena to find out what happened with Kristenís bag.  Marlena didnít want to tell her anything and let her know that they werenít working together.

Kristen called Eric and told him about her encounter with Nicole.  Kristen looked in her bag and thought she lost her flash drive.  Kristen thought that Marlena might have taken it, but she found a flash drive in her bag.  It looked very similar to the device that Marlena was trying to put on Kristenís phone.  Nicole wanted to know why Marlena changed her tune about her.  Marlena let Nicole know that she didnít trust her.  Marge was upset with Adrienne because she thought she used Timmy to get back in Justinís good graces.  Melinda questioned Nick about the night Sami threatened him.  Nickís testimony was damaging for Sami.  Daniel showed up at Jenniferís house and they talked about JJ.  Justin cross-examined Nick about the night Sami threatened him.  Justin kept his questions short so Nick wouldnít do any more damage.  Melinda wanted a recess when the judge asked if she had any other witnesses.  Justin didnít want to have a recess.  He wanted to proceed with the trial.  Melinda ended up calling Marge as her next witness.  While they were talking, Daniel agreed to keep his distance from Jennifer while she works things out with JJ.  Kristen showed up at Jenniferís place to talk to her.  Melinda questioned Marge about Bernardiís friendship with Rafe.  Marge testified that Bernardi and Rafe would have each otherís back and he was not a dirty cop.  Jennifer talked to Kristen about her fight with JJ and how he left the house for good.  Justin cross-examined Marge.  Marge let it slip that money was deposited into her sonís account.  Justin asked Marge how the money got in her sonís account if Bernardi werenít a dirty cop.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis tells Derek about Jason. She says she liked Jason well enough, but that she wasnít crazy about his occupation as a hit-man for the mob. She says she canít throw stones because she is Sonny Corinthosí lawyer. She tells him that she recently ended a relationship with one of Sonnyís associates and that Sonny is her middle childís father. She clarifies that she wasnít in a relationship with Sonny; he was another one-night-stand that resulted in a pregnancy. Shawn tells Max that he is worried about Sonnyís disappearance. Max says Sonny does that when he is upset, but that he is home now. Shawn tells Max that Sonny called him Jason. Shawn says they have to look into the gambling ring, because Sonny is too overwhelmed with grief to deal with it. Sonny thinks he sees Connie in his living room, but it is Ava Jerome. She says Max let her in when she explained that she is family, because her daughter is married to Sonnyís son. He says he should have recognized her from the photo in the file they compiled on her when Kiki got together with Morgan. She says that is extreme for a coffee importer. She says she is not part of the Jerome crime family, if that is what he thought, as Duke Lavery did. She tells him that she feels responsible for Connieís death because she saw AJ drinking and ranting about how Connie had wronged him, but she didnít stop him. Sonny says AJ tried to kill Connie before, but he stopped him and the only reason he didnít kill AJ was because he promised his son that he wouldnít, and now AJ is trying to accuse him of killing her because he found her. Ava feigns empathy and encourages Sonny to kill AJ. Sonny asks her to tell the police about AJís behavior that night. She says she wants something in return. Max and Shawn find Vince, the man that held Connie and Olivia when Morgan owed the gambling ring money, take him to Kellyís, lock the doors, and tie him to a chair. Shawn reminds Vince that Sonny let him live on the condition that he stay out of Port Charles. He tells Vince to reveal the name of his boss. Someone calls Derek and tells him that someone grabbed Vince. Anna and Duke run into Derek in the hospital corridor.

Sam goes to the docks to convene with Jasonís spirit on his birthday. She hears a noise and asks if it is Jason. Silas comes to the docks on a break from work. She tells him about thinking Jason might be there. Someone watches them. Silas tells Sam that Rafeís mother was killed near where they are standing. She tells him that Jason was shot there too, and fell into the water, and that his body was never recovered. He asks her if she thinks Jason is still alive. She says she has accepted that he is dead, but she never got closure. He tells her that sometimes the door doesnít close by itself so you have to close it. She asks him if he is encouraging her to get over Jason, so she can move on with him. He asks her if she really thinks he would take advantage of her while she is grieving. She apologizes and says she has been on edge for the past year, because of Jasonís death and Dannyís illness. Silas receives a text about Dannyís labs.

Carly gives Franco a room at the Metro Court when his credit cards are declined. She says he can paint her something in return. He says she can help him find out who is out to get him. He suspects Ava and Derek. She tells him that she hired a PI to check into Ava, but all he discovered was that Ava had a connection to Silas Clay. Franco invites her to celebrate his birthday with him. He concedes that it might be difficult for her because it is also Jasonís birthday. He offers his condolences. She says Jason wasnít big on celebrating birthdays and never let her throw him a party. Franco says he will let her. She orders a cake from room service. Franco wishes Jason a happy birthday. Carly wishes Franco a happy birthday and tells him to make a wish and blow out the candles. Someone watches Carly leave and then continues watching Francoís door. Franco answers his door and is shocked to see who is there.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick waits for Avery to arrive at the park. She looks at how devastated Dylan is and allows him inside her place to talk. Dylan is hurt that Chelsea lied to him and thinks he is being punished now for the things he has done in the past, specifically for leading Aura to her death. Avery tells Dylan that he is strong enough to get through this and he will be fine. When Dylan notices that Avery is wearing her wedding dress, he tells her to go to the wedding. Avery sends a text to Nick that something came up, and she will be there soon, but the minister and the musicians have other commitments, so Nick tells the guests the wedding is called off. Summer tells Nikki that she loves Jack, but he doesn’t feel like her father. She is happy that she found out that Nick lied, because she didn’t want to go through her life without knowing her real father. Nikki later calls Paul to tell him she wants him to help her find the child that she gave up years ago.

Chloe tries to persuade Chelsea to run away from Adam with Connor, but Chelsea refuses to have her child live a life on the run. Chelsea decides to talk to Adam and ask him not to take Connor away from her. Adam wants Chelsea to tell him the truth before he will make any deal with her about the baby. Chelsea asks Adam to promise not to take the baby away if she tells him the truth. Adam tells Chelsea he can promise; but when she tells him that he is Connor’s father, he tells her that she had better take lots of pictures of the baby, because soon that is all she will have left of him. Billy tells Victoria that fishhook is a gambling term that means a good hand. Victoria tells Victor what Billy said, so he has his investigator look up the term on the Internet, and he discovers that the poker term means Jack. Victor has his investigator send Jack an e-mail from Adam’s computer telling him to meet at his place. Jack arrives home and is surprised to find Victor there. Victor tells him that he knows everything. Chelsea is surprised to find Dylan back home, and she wonders if this means he wants to work on their marriage. Avery arrives at the park and sees Sharon giving Nick a consoling hug. She wonders if it is too late to marry Nick.

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