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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Wyatt that he is joking, of course. He’s playing with her. He says no, when she wears that dress that he plans to be right beside her as the groom. She says he is crazy. And they won’t discuss Wyatt wearing a tux. He jokes that he seems to remember reading that the last time Liam showed up in his shorts and a Mohawk. Liam shows up and the guys have a little playful banter about if Wyatt can keep up with the schedule. He says yes but it would help if he had an office here close to Hope. Liam counters that Hope might be working from home so they can plan their wedding. Wyatt has a comeback for that too – what wedding? Brooke tells Bill this is not about pride or who goes to whom first, it’s about getting the family back together. And she thinks Wyatt knows now that Bill will not abandon Will no matter what happens with Katie. He realizes Brooke thinks that he was too harsh on Wyatt and he really needs to have another talk with him and straighten this out. He tells Brooke that he sees things more clearly now and even with Katie he hopes all of this will work out. He wants to be as close to Wyatt as he is to Liam…so close he won’t even notice he’s not living in the same house. He wants to offer Wyatt a job until Brooke tells him about his new partnership with Hope.

Caroline drops in on Katie and says she just saw Bill. He wasn’t with Brooke but he was alone in her bedroom. She says Bill is her uncle and she loves him to death, but he can be a maniac at times. But she is being Switzerland here and not taking sides. Hope tells Wyatt and Liam that she wants to clear a few things between then. She thinks it is cute that they are sparring over her but it must stop. Liam chimes in that Wyatt is not respecting boundaries so what she is really saying is that he needs to back off where Hope is concerned. Hope says actually she is saying that they are brothers and must get along or they will both be in trouble……. with her. Later she cajoles Liam to make up with Wyatt for her. She’s being feisty and he better get used to it. Brooke goes to Katie’s office and says she knows she is busy but she will just take a minute. Katie says it is okay. She has some news for her too; she has made some plans. She informs Brooke that she is leaving town on business for an indefinite period of time. She won’t give her any more details except that she will continue to run the business and she will be taking Will with her. Bill knocks on Wyatt’s door and tells him at ease. He expected to hear from him but he’s not going to treat him like Wyatt treated him. Bill admits that he said things that he shouldn’t have said. Wyatt also said some things that he got caught up in and he knows all about that. He knows he was standing up for an innocent child and he respects that, but don’t ever lay his hands on him again. So it is done, forgotten. He would appreciate it if they can give it another shot. He calls him son and offers to shake his hand. Wyatt stands there and contemplates.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kirsten talked to Stefano about whether she should destroy the evidence she had of being with Eric.  Stefano thought that Kristen should destroy the evidence, but she wasnít so sure she should do it yet.  Jennifer got Justin to represent JJ.  Justin warned Jennifer that JJ could be charged as an adult.  Later on, Justin told JJ and Rory that they were charged with misdemeanors.  Kristen continued to talk to Stefano about Brady and Eric.  Nicole met up with Victor and wanted him to help her bring down Kristen.  Victor didnít want to work with her.  When Nicole walked off, Victor called Marlena.  Rory came up with a lie for why JJ started selling pot.  Jennifer didnít believe anything Rory said.

 Marlena met with Victor to talk about Kristen.  Victor wanted to pull off a sting and confront Jennifer about Kristenís secret. Nicole overheard Stefano and Kristen talking about her secret.  Victor offered to give Marlena a device so that she could get the password to Kristenís phone.  Brady interrupted Kristen when she was about to reveal part of her secret to Stefano.  Nicole was upset that she couldnít hear Kristenís secret.  JJ tried to explain to Abby why he was dealing, but Jennifer interrupted them.  Jennifer and JJ argued over his situation and she warned him that things were going to change.  Nicole started a fight with Kristen to distract her so Marlena could get to Kristenís phone from her pocketbook.  Jennifer and JJ continued to argue and he decided to move out.  Marlena tried to get Kristenís phone, but Kristen saw her with her (Kristenís) pocketbook.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Someone watches Franco from the Quartermaineís patio. Monica tells Franco to get out of her house. The person on the patio watches Monica. Tracy congratulates Monica on getting rid of Franco and Ava. Monica says Morgan and Kiki are next. Tracy commends Monica for taking AJís fall from grace so well. Monica cries. Tracy tells Monica that Diane Miller is succeeding in creating reasonable doubt by implicating Sonny. Monica says she is also sad because it is Jasonís birthday and because she got fired. Tracy says she is on the board of directors, but they didnít notify her. She says that even though she and Monica despise each other, they are family and they should always have each otherís backs. She makes a phone call and threatens to pull every penny they have pledged. Monica says her job became her life after Alan died and now that is gone, too.  

Sam encourages Alexis to date Derek. Sonny receives flowers and a condolence card from Derek and remembers his conversation with him in which Derek told him that he decided to run the story about Kiki against Connieís wishes. Sonny tells Shawn that Derek put into motion the events that led to Connieís death. Shawn observes that Derek also gave his bone marrow to save Sam and Jasonís son. Shawn tells Sonny that he looked into the gambling ring and found that they are expanding into Port Charles. Sonny calls Shawn ďJasonĒ and asks him how many times he has told him that he has to keep his head in it. Franco goes to the Metro Court and hears Derek tell Ava that they canít let anyone find out what they are up to. Franco doesnít believe Derek is Avaís client. Ava tells Franco to stay out of her business and asks him why he is following her. He says he didnít follow her; he is moving in, too. She wishes him a happy birthday, and says he doesnít look as if anyone else remembered. She says it appears that he will spend another birthday alone. All of Francoís credit cards are declined when he tries to book a room at the hotel.  

Carly and Elizabeth stand on the docks where Jason died, remembering him on his birthday. When Carly doesnít share Elizabethís frustration about Franco sharing Jasonís birthday, Elizabeth asks what has changed. Carly says Francoís brain tumor changed things. Elizabeth thinks Franco is using the tumor as an excuse. Carly tells Elizabeth that AJ doesnít have a brain tumor, yet she is sticking with him. She advises Elizabeth to get back together with Nikolas. When Elizabeth leaves, someone watches Carly on the docks. Sonny arrives on the docks and laments that Jason died because of him. Carly says Jason knew the danger and wouldnít blame Sonny. She says they need to be strong for Jasonís family and advises him not to let his depression swallow him. Someone watches Sonny and Carly. Derek goes to the hospital to check on Danny. Alexis tells him that Sam is having a hard time today because it is her dead husbandís birthday. Derek and Alexis tell Sam to take a break. Someone watches Danny from the window. Derek asks Alexis about the dragon figurine that Sam left on the windowsill. Alexis tells him about the significance of the phoenix and the dragon when Sam married Jason. Sam goes to the docks with her phoenix figurine. Someone watches her. She hears a noise and asks if it is Jason. Sonny goes home and sees a blonde woman from behind, looking out of his living room window. He says Connieís name. Ava turns around.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer arrives home and goes to Jack’s place to tell him she isn’t going to Nick’s wedding, and she wants to get to know the Abbott family. Summer also tells Jack she can’t forgive Nick yet, but Jack manages to persuade Summer to go to the wedding for Avery’s sake. Adam leaves a message for Leslie to call him back, because he wants her to help him get custody of Connor. Avery tells Leslie Adam’s situation and asks her not to take his case. Chelsea is worried sick about Dylan, because she hasn’t seen him in two days and he isn’t answering his phone. Avery is also worried about Dylan and leaves message number five on his phone asking him to call her back and let her know that she is okay. Chelsea talks to Chloe, because she is worried that Adam will take Connor away from her. Chloe says a judge would never give Connor to Adam, because of the evil things he has done in the past.

Adam talks to Jack about Connor, and Jack advises him to put his anger aside and talk to Chelsea, because a child needs his mother. Jack tells Adam that if he doesn’t try to come to an agreement with Chelsea without going to court, his child will grow up to resent him just like he resents Victor. Adam refuses to listen to Jack, because he is sure the only way he will get to be with Connor is to go to court and fight for him. Sharon continues to see visions of Cassie, which tell her that she needs to find a way to stop Nick’s wedding. Faith throws a tantrum when she can’t find her doll, Mrs. Patsy. She refuses to accept the gift of the doll Avery bought her, even though it is a doll that she wanted and had been asking Nick to buy for her. Faith refuses to go to the wedding, so Sharon tells Nick to go to the park, and she will try to persuade Faith to go. Faith agrees to go to the wedding when Sharon tells her she will go with her to the park and stay with her until she wants to come home. Sharon tells Cassie that she plans to stop Nick’s wedding to Avery and is proud of herself for figuring out a way to go to the wedding. Avery is heading out the door of her place on her way to the park when she sees Dylan sitting at her doorstep.

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