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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Wyatt that he gets it. He makes jokes about Hope being engaged to Liam but she really wants Wyatt. That makes sense. Wyatt says Liam is the joke; it gets under his skin. That shouldn’t happen if things are so good. Liam says that is just his nature to treat people with respect. He cares and he goes out of his way to make sure he doesn’t hurt or belittle people. Wyatt doesn’t understand that since he seemed so righteous about throwing Wyatt out of his house. Liam says he deserved it. Wyatt says so, he’s the interloper now….the baby boy that his mom and dad didn’t want to bring home from the hospital that would wreck Liam’s great arrangement with Liam being Dollar Bill’s grown up Dollar Prince. And he has a runaway wife and a live-in girlfriend and a mansion on the beach. Yeah if he were Liam, he’d hate his guts right about now too. Brooke tells Hope that Wyatt told her that Liam had thrown him out. She finds that a little strange. Hope explains that Bill and Wyatt argued and Liam had to take sides and he chose Bill. Brooke counters with maybe there is another reason that Liam is upset with Wyatt. Maybe it is over Hope. Caroline finds her way upstairs and walks in on Uncle Bill with only his shower towel on. He comments that she can see he is not decent. She quips that everybody knows that already. He wants to know what she is doing there. She replies that she got a message that he needed to see her. He says that was days ago. She says he was in her corner when she was acting so horribly so she thought he could use some moral support now that he’s been disgraced. He states that disgrace does not exist for him. It’s an illusion; it’s gossip. He wonders if her mother sent her here. She says no, she is not a spy. She does not discuss Bill with her mom nor will she discuss Karen with him. He says they both know that Karen has more than sided with Katie. Caroline says women will always side with another woman especially when the man moves in with the woman’s sister. He wants to get dressed so he leaves the room so she can go. She says she loves him and he is going to need friends. But she is still there when he comes out fully dressed. She asks if he is ashamed to show his face. He should not be holed up here in Brooke’s bedroom but in some fancy hotel eating porterhouse steak while doing his interviews with the press. He remarks that he can’t deny that he’s taken some hits but he is exactly where he wants to be. He says he is not there out by accident or out of convenience. And if she is there to pass judgment or sneer at Brooke, then there is the door, use it! Brooke has supported him. She understands him and that matters a lot to him. Caroline says she is Brooke’s biggest fan. She is the reason she is in L.A. and she hopes someday to be her daughter-in-law. But romantically speaking she thinks he has jumped out of the frying pan into a towering inferno. And when has Brooke kept things going with any man. He says Brooke’s luck is gonna change and so is his. Hope tells Brooke they can not discuss this as Bill has to be in control. He wants to be the puppeteer and pull the strings. Thomas brings in a package for Hope and it is designs of her wedding dress. She says she is so happy that she doesn’t want to be mad at anyone right now, not even Steffy, Bill or Brooke.

Liam tells Wyatt that he doesn’t know how brothers act. Neither one of them grew up with a brother, but he’s pretty sure this isn’t it. Before they are through, the Forrester/Quinn papers arrive and Wyatt needs to sign them. Liam says he would never interfere with Hope’s business. Wyatt thinks that is funny since she sort of interfered with Liam’s. Liam says Wyatt is so far from understanding Hope that it isn’t even funny. Wyatt fires back that he understands that Hope doesn’t want him out of her life but Liam does. Liam says that he gets that Wyatt wants him seething with jealousy but that is not what is happening here. As incredible as Wyatt may think it is, she does not have the hots for him. She only wants him and Liam to have a connection so she is glad he is staying in town. She wants them to really be brothers. Hope tells Brooke that she likes Wyatt. He’s really hard working, he’s nice to look at but she is living with the only guy she wants to see naked. And if she can be the link to bring them all together then she thinks it will all be good. She adds and if Wyatt flirting with her worries Liam, then she will just have to learn to live with that. Like a shot out of a cannon, Liam charges off and says he has no idea why he came over. But Wyatt needs to realize that once there was a door but now it’s a wall. And the people on this side of the wall do not like the way Wyatt treated his father. He chastises Wyatt for listening to Katie and then becoming judge, jury and apparently the guardian of child protective services. Wyatt tells him he realizes that now. No, he listened but he didn’t ask questions. He over-reacted just thinking how that innocent little boy would grow up like him and Liam without a father. Part of his brain just took over that he didn’t know was there. But then Brooke came over and told him the other side of the story. So he’s wised up, not that Brooke is all that objective. He tells Liam he is telling the wrong person now. Maybe he should tell his dad. Liam says he can’t say as he doesn’t speak for anyone else but himself. Bill tells Caroline that no one has spoken to him that way that Wyatt did. He said some inappropriate things about how he was treating Katie and Will. Caroline wonders if Wyatt is laid up in some hospital bed about now. She reminds Bill that his own dad threw him away too so he should know how it feels. Bill return to Brooke’s house and she tells him she saw Wyatt today. He surmises that it did cross his mind but then he nixed that as she would come to him first and not go behind his back. She said she only went to explain how things went down with Katie and both of their parts in it. She thinks Wyatt understands it better now and he’s even sorry but doesn’t know how to tell Bill that. She thinks Bill needs to talk to him again. Liam rushes back to his office and calls Steffy. He says he misses her but he realizes she is not coming back so he needs to ask a favor….if she could reconsider giving him a legal annulment. He feels like his life is on hold and he is stuck in a hard place and he doesn’t need to be. He wouldn’t ask if he didn’t need this….and he needs it now. Hope is looking over the jewelry when Wyatt comes in with a packet and gives it to her. She mentions him signing it and he says he has been handling contracts since he was in high school. So he’s done that but now they can get to the cake and champagne and the mad, passionate dancing. He’d like to sign up for that. He spies a sketch of a wedding dress and she asks if he approves. He says his mom is designing a necklace now that would go perfectly with it. He’d like to bring it over and see them together. She teases that he might not even be invited to the wedding. He says oh yes, he plans on being the groom.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melinda questioned Rafe.  She questioned Rafe about how he and Sami kept Grace away from EJ.  Maggie and Nick talked at the town square.  Nick admitted that he was trying to get Gabi back into modeling.  Kate was with Will and sonny and they talked about Samiís trial.  Melinda questioned Rafe about his relationship with Bernardi.  According to Rafeís testimony.  Bernardi was a good cop.  That didnít bode well for Samiís case.  Nick let Maggie know that he and Gabi are close.  Maggie wondered if he still had feelings for Gabi.  Cameron wanted Chad to tell his family about his condition.  Chad didnít want to say anything to anyone yet.  Chad and Cameron talked about Chad not wanting to tell Abby that heís dying.  Theo heard him mention dying, but Chad covered up by saying that he was dying to throw a Frisbee.  Melinda asked Rafe if Bernardi had any reason to want him dead.  Rafe said he didnít have a reason to kill him.

Justin tried to do damage control by questioning Rafe about whether Bernardi could be a dirty cop.  Rafe tried to help, but Melinda asked more questions when Justin was finished.  Will and Sonny ran into Nick and wanted to talk to him.  Will warned Nick to stop trying to incriminate his mother.  Justin let Sami know that Rafeís testimony could have hurt her case. Kate showed up at the hospital with Arianna to see Rafe.  Nick explained to Will and Sonny how Sami threatened him.  Nick was summoned to testify at Sami.  Sonny reminded Nick how he and Gabi had sex and that Will didnít need to know it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu doesnít see any Spencer or Corinthos traits in her baby. She tells Dante that she and Maxie talked and that Maxie is getting therapy to help her deal with her attachment issues. Anna visits Maxie at the hospital. She relates Maxieís separation anxiety with her own when she had to leave Robin because her job was so dangerous. Maxie wishes she were as strong as Robin. They discuss Robinís postpartum depression. Anna says Maxie is just as strong as Robin was and that she will get through it. Anna tells Maxie that Patrick is probably feeling a sense of loss too, because Britt revealed that he is not her newbornís father. Anna supposes that Britt wants to be a better person now that she is a mother. Britt has nightmares about Patrick demanding to know the name of her babyís father. Sabrina tells Patrick that she delivered Brittís baby and that he had fluid in his lungs, but she was able to get him to the hospital in time for Dr. Clay to treat him. She says Nikolas hasnít left Brittís side and that she hopes he sticks with Britt because they seem good together. Patrick tells Sabrina that he is trying to resolve not having another child in his life after looking forward to it for so long. She suggests that he focus on how lucky he is to have Emma.

Nikolas takes Brittís baby to her, but she doesnít want to hold him or nurse him.  She says she will be as bad a mother as her mother was. Nikolas says people are not their parents and that he is in no way the kind of parent his father was. He takes the baby away and runs into Patrick. Patrick notices that the baby doesnít look anything like Brad. Nikolas wonders if Patrick still thinks he is the father and notes that the baby doesnít look like Britt either. Patrick says he knows he isnít the father, and that he is getting used to it. Nikolas says he knows exactly how Patrick feels, having gone through it with Aiden. He says he focused on what he had instead of what he lost. Patrick finds Sabrina and tells her that she was right and that he is going to focus on what he has, especially her. Maxie goes to Brittís room and asks her to continue to keep the secret about the Falconeri baby because Spinelli knows the truth and agrees with her decision. Britt says she will keep the secret. Maxie says that if she were in Brittís place, her baby would be with her every second of the day. Britt asks Nikolas to bring the baby back. She holds the child and introduces herself as his mother. From a distance, Maxie says goodbye to her daughter as the Falconeris leave the hospital. She opens the gift they gave her. It contains a framed picture of the baby and a letter thanking her for carrying their daughter.

Olivia canít believe AJ pled ďNot GuiltyĒ and doesnít know how she is going to tell Sonny. Olivia tries to force Sonny to eat and take his medication. He pockets the pill and refuses to eat. Monica visits AJ in jail. He reveals that he doesnít know whether he killed Connie because he drank. She canít believe that learning Kiki isnít his niece drove him to drink. She tells him that after everything she did to get him a second chance, he blew it. The chairman of the General Hospital board of directors tells Monica that the board has voted unanimously to ask her to step down as Chief of Staff in light of the scandal surrounding her son. Michael goes to the jail. AJ tells him that Dianeís strategy will be to pin the murder on Sonny to create reasonable doubt. Michael says Sonny has enough to deal with and that he is so distraught about Connieís death that he was going to kill himself. He says AJ has to tell Diane to stop before Sonny finds out about it. Sonny answers his door to a crowd of reporters bombarding him with questions about how he feels about AJís ďNot GuiltyĒ plea. One reporter tells him that AJís attorney suggested that Sonny killed Connie and wrote AJís initials to frame him. Another reporter asks him if he killed her. Sonny pummels the man. Olivia escorts Sonny back into the house. He says he almost killed AJ, but Michael stopped him. He says AJ is not getting away with accusing him of killing the person that he loved. Dante and Lulu take the baby to Sonnyís house. They announce that the her name is Connie.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Paul consoles Nikki when she is so upset. Victor is on the phone hatching a plan against Adam. Esther stops Jill from sticking a knife in Katherine’s pic. In the park, Cane and Lily still discuss the kiss between Cane and Hilary. Lily still believes that Hilary is hiding something from them. Devon drowns his sorrows with liquor when Mason joins him as Hilary watches them. Esther tries to comfort Jill over Katherine’s death. Jill lashes out at Katherine’s pic. Murphy, Chloe, Esther, Kevin, and Jill gather for the reading of Katherine’s will. Murphy assures everyone that Katherine made sure that everyone got what they deserved. At the Newman ranch, Victor and Nikki prepare to leave but she backs out and sends him there alone. Paul and Christine kiss good-bye before she goes to Washington on business. Nikki calls Paul and asks him to come see her. Esther daydreams that Katherine leaves her everything. Hilary tells Mason to get close to Devon. Kevin daydreams that he is left everything. Chloe comes to see him and asks him to take her back. The lawyer begins to read Katherine’s will.

Murphy, Victor, Tucker, and Esther are all left things in Katherine’s will. Cane is left control of Chancellor Industries as CEO. Everyone is impressed, but they are more impressed when Devon is left the bulk of Katherine’s estate. Jill wonders what she is left. She is surprised when she is left Katherine’s share of the house and a music box. Hilary tells Mason to ask Devon for his job back. Nikki reveals to Paul that she had a child but doesn’t know where it is now. Jill is upset over just being left the music box and starts to throw it away, but Esther stops her. Devon has a drink to celebrate his windfall thanks to Katherine. Jill notices that the date on the bottom of the music box is Katherine’s 10th birthday.

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