Tuesday 9/10/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Hope that he was completely happy with his half brother being out of his life forever but apparently he is back! Hope says this has nothing to do with Wyatt’s feelings for her, but she is glad this gives Liam a reason to have Wyatt back in his life. What with the boundaries that Wyatt does not respect, Liam isn’t so sure this partnership can be a good thing when they should be getting on with being married and going on a honeymoon. He’s pretty sure that Hope is getting a real kick out of that charmer, Wyatt. She says this partnership will give them all a new chance to work together. Liam can do anything he puts his mind to. Brooke stops in on Wyatt and asks about Quinn. Wyatt has a feeling that she is really looking for him. She says she knows he has only heard one side of the story from Katie. She’d like him to hear her side of what really happened between her and his dad and Katie. She understands he was standing up for Will and she admires that, but she thinks he was too harsh on Bill. She is a big fan of family too. Wyatt wonders why then did she hurt Katie. Katie was acting from her post partum depression, but Bill and Brooke had no such excuse. They knew where this was going. They knew this innocent little boy’s family would be ripped apart and they did it anyway. She says he doesn’t quite have the entire picture. He says he will be fascinated if she can shed any light on why they were justified, so please tell him.

Quinn stops by Spencer Publications looking for Katie. Katie doesn’t recognize her. Quinn says she shouldn’t, but they both have sons by Bill Spencer. Katie invites her in. They both admit they don’t always follow Bill’s orders and Katie says she does not like being his doormat. Quinn explains that Katie was able to open Wyatt’s eyes to Bill in ways that she had never been able to. But confronting Bill so soon while Wyatt was still upset probably wasn’t his brightest idea. As far as Bill is concerned, Wyatt is no longer part of his life. She says her son has been kicked out of the family and the Spencer Empire. Katie tells Quinn that she should have warned Wyatt. Quinn said she only told him the truth, that Bill was bailing on another child while Katie only wanted to save the marriage. She says Wyatt values the truth and honesty and Bill should be proud of him for that. And Wyatt had the guts to tell Bill what he already knows but won’t admit. Quinn says she knows this is a sensitive subject, but when a man leaves his wife for her own sister that is something Will has to live with the rest of his life too. Katie says she is right. She never wants Will to have to learn that he was betrayed by someone he knows and trusts. Brooke fills Wyatt in on how Katie kept taking off her rings and leaving Bill. And she even told Brooke that she was better for Bill than she was. Wyatt said Katie told him a lot of things including the cameras, but apparently she left out a lot too. She assures Wyatt that she loves her sister and she would never do anything to hurt her. And Bill loves Wyatt, Liam and Will and would never abandon him. Wyatt says he sure kicked him to the curb pretty fast. Brooke says she knows he was just sticking up for his little brother, but now Wyatt knows what went into that. Wyatt says it still doesn’t change anything between him and Bill. He’s blown it with Bill. Quinn tells Katie that she’s read a lot of tabloid stuff about Brooke over the years but did not assume it was all true, just gossip. Katie agrees not all of it was, but Brooke has a way of making mistakes and she keeps making them. Katie senses Quinn might not like Hope. Quinn says in the beginning she did not quite approve of her for being so nosy, but now she’s done something quite nice for them that could change all their lives forever. Brooke tells Wyatt that Bill admitted to her that he was a little rough on Wyatt. That doesn’t mean that everything is smoothed over, but……. she wants him to know that whatever issues he has with her and Bill that she is not going to let that come between him and Bill. They have spent far too many years apart already. Wyatt says he can tell she really loves Bill. But he will not expect him to rush over and say all is forgiven. She tells him that Bill doesn’t even know she is here seeing Wyatt today. He quips so she thought Wyatt could be the bigger man, maybe a two-fer…apologize to Bill and Liam too. But Liam kicked him out of the house and will only be too happy if they never cross paths again. Too bad that is not going to happen. Brooke is surprised but delighted to learn that once the papers are signed, Quinn Artesian is going to be the exclusive designer for HFTF. Wyatt says this is going to make Hope happy as she did not want to see Wyatt go. He even asked her to go with him when he got his marching orders and he thinks she was tempted, but she is still engaged to Liam, that is until Steffy might come back. He says her daughter deserves a man who is fully committed to only her. And he wants to be that guy if he gets a chance….when he gets that chance. Quinn fills Katie in on the jewelry/HFTF partnership and says it is all due to Hope. Wyatt has been taken by her from the day they met. As she leaves, Quinn tells Katie that she really admires her, running a big cooperation like this and being a single parent raising a child. She knows she only wants the best for Will just as Quinn does for Wyatt. Brooke returns to the office and finds Hope with one of Quinn’s pieces. Hope says yes it should be a win/win situation for all of them. She explains that she just came from seeing Wyatt. She’s really impressed by him and apparently Hope is too. And she explained to Wyatt and he understands the situation with Bill more fully now. Hope cuts her off and says she’d rather not discuss it now. Liam pops in on Wyatt who wonders what took him so long once he knew that Hope arranged this so Wyatt could stay in town and work closely with his fiancée over at Forrester while Liam is stuck across town at Spencer Publications. But until the wedding…..and technically Liam is still married until his divorce comes through….Liam finishes the sentence, so that means Hope is fair game. Wyatt quips that he doesn’t remember saying that. He’s not the kind of guy that would stab his brother in the back. But it’s not over yet. As he fingers his sword necklace, he says after all Hope did come to see him. Touché!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole wanted to know what Kristen was looking at when she caught her.  They had an argument about what Nicole saw until Father Matt showed up.  Rafe wanted to help Samiís case by testifying in person.  Melinda questioned Kate about the gun she gave her.  Melinda also asked Kate if she thought Sami was in danger from EJ.  Father Matt and Nicole let Kristen know that JJ was arrested.  Kristen wanted to find Jennifer.  Father Matt wanted to talk to Nicole about Eric.  Eric talked to Brady about what happened at the hotel until Brady had to leave.  Justin objected to Melinda implying that Samiís a liar.  Melinda continued to question Kate about the night Sami shot Bernardi.

Jordan didnít think Rafe should testify in person, but she wanted to make sure he got to court safely.  Justin cross-examined Kate about the night Sami shot Bernardi.  Melinda wanted to object to his line of questioning, but she didnít want to do anything to damage her case.  Kate admitted to everyone that she and Rafe were lovers.  Justin asked Kate who she suspected was behind what happened to Rafe.  Kate suspected Stefano of sending Bernardi to kill Rafe.  Kristen went to Danielís apartment to look for Jennifer.  Daniel was reading Ericís file and left it on the table Kristen wanted Daniel to help her.  Father Matt wanted Nicole to help Eric get through what happened to him.  Kristen talked to Daniel about fertility clinics.  Justin was finished questioning Kate so Melinda questioned her again.  Melinda wanted to know if Sami threatened anyone with a gun.  Kate admitted that Sami threatened Nick.  Parker knocked over Danielís paperwork and Kristen saw Ericís paperwork.  Kristen wanted to know if Eric was sick.  Daniel assured Kristen that Eric was okay.  Kristen left the apartment and was determined to keep Daniel and Eric from finding out about that night.  Rafe was sworn in to testify in Samiís case.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam pumps Silas for information about his relationship with Ava when he was younger. He asks her why she is interested and reminds her that she said she didnít think they should share personal information. She says she is his friend and canít think about being anything more until her son is better. He says that could happen as soon as tomorrow and asks her what happens then. Brad relishes his discovery that Spinelli and Maxie are the biological parents of the Falconeri baby. Felix confronts Brad about not stepping up for his child with Britt. Brad says he doesnít know why Felix cares, but that his agreement with Britt didnít include co-parenting. Britt notices that her newborn is pale and is having trouble breathing. She blames Sabrina. Nikolas wonít allow Britt to go to the hospital with Sabrina and the baby, because she isnít stable enough. Nikolas and Britt take the next boat. Silas suctions the baby and when Britt arrives, the baby is fine. Felix commends Sabrina on delivering the baby by herself. He notes that the child looks nothing like Brad.

Felixís sister, Taylor, returns to Port Charles. Molly and Rafe go into Kellyís immediately after TJ has spilled water on Taylor and is helping her dry her shirt. TJ takes Molly aside and asks her not to get the wrong impression. He asks her if she has decided whether she wants to get back together or not. She says yes. Taylor and Rafe are not happy about it. Taylor suggests that she and Rafe team up to interfere with TJ and Mollyís relationship.

Carly goes to Sonnyís house to tell him that Franco was exonerated of all charges. Kiki tells her that Sonny is missing. Sonny, Michael, and Morgan arrive. Carly tells the boys about Franco, but thinks Sonny can wait to find out when he feels better. Morgan tells Sonny that he is sorry that he caused Connieís death by asking Sonny to keep the secret about Kikiís paternity. Sonny says it isnít his fault and that Kiki chose him anyway. Morgan confesses that Kiki still doesnít know that he already knew she wasnít a Quartermaine when they got married. Olivia gives Sonny his medication, but Sonny disintegrates the pill and says to himself that he doesnít want to feel better.

Franco announces to Tracy and Ava that he is a free man. He kicks Ava out. To prevent Ava from trying to blackmail him, he reveals to Tracy that he was behind the poisoned relish.  He says he no longer cares about Ava, his birthright, or the family fortune. Carly, Michael, and Kiki go to the Quartermaine mansion to check on Franco. Franco tells Tracy that he has feelings for Carly. Carly tells Franco that she doesnít believe Franco is capable of having feelings for anyone. She says that after the hell he caused, she will never have feelings for him, even if the tumor made him do those things. He tells her that he will prove that he has changed. Ava asks Tracy if she is going to let Franco kick her out, considering their agreement. Tracy says their agreement was based on Avaís assertion that Franco is wrapped around her little finger, which he clearly is not. She tells Ava to leave. Ava says she needs her job at ELQ. Tracy says ELQ and the family will be better off without her. Michael tells Kiki that she is family now and asks her to love Morgan as much as he loves her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Lily and Devon discuss the pic that just surfaced on the internet of Cane and Hilary kissing. Hilary continues to try to console Cane. Dylan puts Connor to bed and gives him a kiss. Dylan begins to ask Chelsea questions about Adam and his blindness and what it has to do with their son. Dylan wonders what the connection is between Adam's blindness and Connor. Chelsea lets Dylan know that Adam has an eye disease which is hereditary. Adam visits Avery and tries to convince her to be his lawyer so that he can gain custody of his son. Adam tells Avery that he wants a paternity test to reveal that Connor is his son. Hilary asks Cane if he saw anyone outside who could have possibly taken the picture of them kissing. Cane saw no one. Lily and Devon try to figure out who could have taken the picture and got it on the internet so fast. Nick and Sharon laugh together over the gifts that she got him and Avery for their wedding. They reminisce over the past. Nick opens Sharon’s purse and finds a pic that Faith drew of him and Avery; Avery’s pic was marked through. This unnerves Nick as to whether or not Faith will ever accept his marriage to Avery. Sharon promises that she will talk to Faith once again. Sharon pretends to leave, but she watches Nick through the window as he looks at the pic that Faith drew. Avery asks Adam for all the information that he has concerning Connor and Adam’s hereditary eye disease. Avery and Adam argue when she suggests that Adam wait on the paternity test. Avery refuses to take Adamís case.

Chelsea reveals to Dylan that Connor is Adamís son. Dylan is stunned by the news and cannot believe that this is true. Dylan asks Chelsea why she would want to make him believe that Connor was his son. Chelsea tries to explain everything to Dylan about Adam and how he would have taken Connor from her if he had known earlier. Lily questions Cane about the kiss between him and Hilary and how it fit into their plans. Hilary comes home to Mason and commends him on getting the pic on the internet so fast. Hilary promises to make Neil and his family hurt just as much as she has. Avery becomes unnerved when she sees the pic that Faith drew of herself which been marked out.

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