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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn cannot say yes fast enough that they will work on Hope’s HFTF with their jewelry. She’s flattered. Hope and Wyatt flirt as to whom will be moving in with whom and continuing this partnership. Wyatt says now if they could just get rid of granola boy. Hope tells Quinn to get ready as she knows this is going to take off and they will all be busy. Eric pulls it out of Thorne and Thomas that they were wrong and Rick was right. He and Caroline made a great team. Thomas even pulls Caroline aside and says she was extraordinary. Eric says despite the attempted coup, he is glad they are all working on the same side and he is proud of Thorne and Thomas. Caroline tells Eric that she got her second chance, both professionally and personally and she is not going to let that slip away. Rick questions Liam how his divorce from Steffy is going. He doesn’t want his sister to be hurt. Liam says things are going well. He can ease Rick’s mind. He loves Hope, he is going to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her and have a family. He is not bailing this time. He realizes what he has put her through but now that he has gotten Wyatt out of her life, things are definitely looking up. Rick says because he is going through sort of the same thing with Maya and Caroline he understands how it has been for Liam to have two great women in his life. Liam is all for the jewelry pieces, bold and beautiful, until Thomas tells him it is a local jewelry house called Quinn Artesian. Liam laments that he has changed his mind. He hates the pieces. Of all the jewelry houses in L.A., it has to be Wyatt’s that Hope would pick. He cannot get rid of that guy!

Wyatt tells Hope that he is thrilled and can’t wait to get started on their collaboration. They flirt more when he casually hints at moving back in but Hope nixes that. This is business, not monkey business. She does want to shake on it and extends her hand. Instead of shaking it, he kisses it. Later Quinn admits that she was wrong about Hope. She really is a beautiful, sweet, warm girl so growing up privileged didn’t spoil her one bit. And she admits that anybody that puts that smile on his face is okay in her book. Hope returns to the office to find Liam. She has news to tell him but………she sees the jewelry in front of him and his glum look and knows he already knows. He tries to take it well but thinks she might have given him a little more consideration before she said yes to Wyatt. She reminds him it is only business and she did not know they were Wyatt’s designs when she picked them. She loved them and they are perfect for her line. Liam admits that he is being totally jealous but he knows Wyatt and how he operates and he will want to move in on his future wife to be. Hope assures him that nobody invited Wyatt to move back in. She thinks it is so cute that he is so jealous; this is a welcome change. He fills her in on his good news. He has spoken to his divorce attorney and things are moving swimmingly. They will get married and live happily ever after.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Samiís trial began.  Brady and Nicole talked about whether Eric would marry him and Kristen.  Kristen and Eric also talk about him officiating the wedding.  Melinda made her opening statement and then Justin made his opening statement.  Brady and Nicoleís discussion turned into an argument. Kristen asked Eric if he could tell Brady that they donít have to counseling before they got married.  Melinda called Chad to the stand.  Melinda asked Chad about the video he took of Sami fighting Bernardi.  Brady didnít want to keep hearing what Nicole had to say about Kristen.  Nicole insisted that Eric wouldnít want to marry Brady and Kristen.  Kristen believed it would be better for everyone if she and Eric stayed away from each other.  Melinda continued to grill Chad about the footage.  Chadís testimony didnít help Samiís case.  Justin had no questions for Chad because he didnít want him to make Sami look worse.  Will had a fantasy that Sami went to prison because of him.  

Brady was upset with Nicole and told her to mind her business.  Eric let Kristen know that she would have to tell Brady why he couldnít marry them.  Eric had no intention of telling Brady anything.  Sonny was the next one questioned.  Melinda asked Sonny about the footage Chad had of Sami.  Will was the next one called to testify.  Eric assured Kristen that he wouldnít stand in the way of her relationship with Brady.  Nicole urged Brady to get married in Vegas instead of getting Eric to marry him.  Brady told Kristen to stop worrying about Eric so much.  He also said he was tired of trying to be her friend because of everything she said about Kristen.  Nicole was upset and walked away.  Kristen agreed to do the pre-cana marriage preparation.  Kristen called the doctor who gave her the drugs.  She warned the doctor that sheís going to see him more.  The doctor said that it wouldnít matter.  Kristen debated on whether to get rid of the flash drive.  Melinda asked Will if Sami asked him to lie for her.  Will admitted that she did.  Nicole saw Kristen holding the flash drive.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

A man returns Francoís brain tumor to the General Hospital lab after Diane used it as evidence in Francoís arraignment. Ellie surmises that Brad must have loaned it out. Brad stops Dante in the hallway and tells him that Patrick Drake assaulted him when he discovered that he wasnít the father of Brittís baby. Dante tells him to file a police report. Nikolas returns to Wyndemere and finds Britt on the floor in labor with Sabrina tending to her. Nikolas calls for a boat, but Sabrina ends up delivering the baby there. Britt says something is wrong with the baby.

Olivia finds Sonny about to shoot himself at the Haunted Star. She tries to talk him out of it, but he wonít listen to her. She sits down and says he will have to do it in front of her. Michael and Morgan go to Sonnyís house. Kiki tells them that Olivia asked her why she was wearing Connieís wedding dress, which she wasnít wearing, and then said she thinks she knows where Sonny went and left. Michael explains that Olivia has psychic visions. He thinks Olivia went to the venue where Connie and Sonny were to be married. Michael calls Dante and tells him he thinks Sonny is at the Haunted Star. Michael, Morgan, and Dante arrive at the Haunted Star and convince Sonny to put down the gun.  

Lulu thinks Maxie is going to take her still-unnamed baby. Maxie tells Lulu that she isnít confused about whose baby it is anymore. She says she has an appointment with Kevin Collins to begin treatment to help her detach from the baby. Spinelli tells Ellie that he canít tell Dante and Lulu that the baby isnít their biological child. He tells her to continue to keep it secret. Ellie tells Spinelli that he should get his belongings out of her apartment. He says he hadnít thought about their relationship, because he has been preoccupied with the paternity issue. She asks him to think about it now. He says he loves her, but he is angry right now. He tells her that he needs time. Spinelli and Maxie meet up and confirm that they each had the conversation they needed to have. Brad hears them saying that no one will ever know that Dante and Luluís baby is really their biological child.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At On the Boulevard, Adam overhears Billy and Dylan talking about Connor and his eyesight. Dylan lets Billy know that the condition is hereditary. At the apartment, Chelsea holds Connor in her arms and talks to him about all the things that he will get to see, like the love in his fatherís eyes. At the coffeehouse, Cane and Lily discuss KatherineĎs death. Lily notices that Hilary is watching them from outside the door. Lily stages a fight with Cane for Hilaryís benefit. Victor visits Jack to have it out with him over Summer and Jackís interference in her life, but Jack thinks that Victor is there to confront him about trying to take Newman Enterprises away from him. Chelsea puts Connor down for his nap then begins to say a prayer for him and his eyesight. Adam starts to bang on the door. When Chelsea opens the door, Adam remarks, ďMy baby.Ē Victoria catches up with Nikki in the park to see how she is doing. Victoria lets Nikki know that Victor is about to take everything away from Adam. Nikki hopes that Victoria will not get involved in their dispute. Victor accuses Jack of kidnapping Summer away from the Newman family and sending her off to Georgia. Jack lets Victor know that he is headed for the biggest fall of his life. Billy tries to console Dylan over Connor and his eyesight. Adam and Chelsea begin to argue as usual over Connor being his son. Adam demands to know if Connor is his son and not Dylanís, but Chelsea refuses to give in to Adamís claim. Devon interrupts Cane and Lilyís argument, but she brushes him off by telling him to shut up. Nikki interrupts Jack and Victor arguing which unnerves her. She asks them if this is how they pay respect to Katherine. Adam insists to Chelsea that she come clean and admit that Connor is his son.

Victoria goes up to Billy and Dylanís table and makes a remark about Johnny going blind himself. Dylan assures Victoria that Johnny is safe from this disease. Nikki tries to make peace between Jack and Victor, but Victor leaves. Victoria apologizes to Dylan for her remark. Adam demands to see Connor while his son can still see him, but Chelsea refuses. Lily catches up to Devon and lets him know that she brushed him off, because the fight between her and Cane was staged for Hilaryís benefit. Hilary tries to console Cane over his argument which results in them kissing. In talking to Victoria about Connorís eye condition, Dylan figures out that Adam is Connorís father and that Victoria has known all along. Dylan walks in on Chelsea and Adam arguing over Connor. Dylan wants to know what is going on. Adam tells Dylan to let Chelsea explain.

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