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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

CBS did not air a new episode today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin wanted EJ to tell him what heís up to if heís supposed to fight the continuance.  Jennifer read JJ the riot act for his behavior.  Brady and Kristen talked about Eric.  Brady let Kristen know that he asked Eric to marry them, but Kristen was against it.  Jennifer warned JJ that he wasnít going to lie to her again.  She wanted to know if JJ had drugs in the house.  JJís silence told Jennifer everything she needed to know.  Kristen continued to protest Eric officiating their ceremony.  Justin asked EJ if he planted the money in Timmyís account.  EJ didnít want to answer that.  Jennifer realized that JJ was responsible for the ladies behavior at the book club meeting.  She realized that JJ laced the donuts.  JJ tried to explain to Jennifer what he was doing when he sold drugs, but she didnít want to hear it.  Brady kept trying to get Kristen to change her mind about Eric officiating their wedding.  Stefano ran into EJ at the coffee shop.  Stefano asked how his fiancťe was doing.  Jennifer continued to yell at JJ.  When JJ and Jennifer noticed Daniel at the station, JJ yelled at Jennifer.  JJ said he would rather stay in jail and that he wanted her out of his face.

EJ and Stefano talked about the money that was found in Timmyís bank account.  Justin visited Sami at the station.  Justin hoped that the new evidence wouldnít make her case worse.  Justin received a call from the judge and walked away.  Kristen finally agreed to talk to Eric about her wedding to Brady.  Jennifer yelled at JJ again and walked away from him.  JJ noticed that Daniel hugged her.  JJ was upset when he saw them together.  Daniel comforted Jennifer about JJ.  EJ assured Stefano that Sami will get off and the real criminal would be punished. Brady ran into Nicole and she told him he was making a mistake marrying Kristen.  Roryís mother warned Jennifer to cu JJ loose.  Nicole continued to warn Brady not to be with Kristen again.  The police officer was prepared to take JJ to jail, Roryís mother warned Jennifer again to cut JJ loose.  Jennifer didnít want to do that.  Justin let Sami know that her trial will be starting immediately.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

At Francoís arraignment, Diane argues that Francoís tumor was responsible for his actions and asks for all charges to be dropped. The judge agrees that Dianeís assertion warrants further consideration. The prosecutor says Francoís victims deserve consideration, too. Carly stands up and identifies herself as one of Francoís victims. She takes the stand. In answering the judgeís questions, Carly says she believes Franco has changed in a positive way and that she has not seen any violent behavior, but that she wouldnít trust him with her children. She adds that she saw remorse and a desire to make amends. She says she saw him desperately want to help his nephew who has leukemia and to forge a relationship with the daughter whose mother kept her from him her whole life. She says she saw him at his lowest point, wanting to take his own life and that he didnít turn his anger toward anyone else. She says she wants to believe that Franco can be a better man, but she isnít sure if this is just another one of his games. The judge says she needs a day to consider. She tells Diane to bring a photograph instead of a real tumor in a jar next time.

Patrick explains to Emma that Brittís baby isnít her brother. Nikolas goes to General Hospital and orders Brad to step up and take care of his child. Brad says the baby is not his responsibility according to his arrangement with Britt. Nikolas says the arrangement has changed now that Patrick knows he isnít the father. Brad says that if Britt has a problem with their arrangement, she can speak to him directly. Sabrina goes to Wyndemere to confront Britt. She thinks Britt is faking when she goes into labor and turns to leave. Britt says she isnít faking and asks Sabrina not to go. Nikolas returns to Wyndemere and sees Sabrina tending to Britt. Sabrina tells him that Britt is in labor.

Olivia, Dante, Michael, Morgan, and Kiki are at Sonnyís house trying to figure out where Sonny might have gone. Morgan shuts down Oliviaís conversation about the newspaper article that started it all. Dante gets a call and goes to the emergency room with his brothers, but the patient there isnít Sonny. He says he is going to check on Lulu and the baby before returning to Sonnyís house. Brad sees Dante at the elevator and tells him that he has to talk to him. Olivia has a vision of Kiki wearing Connieís wedding dress. She says she thinks she knows where Sonny is and runs out of the house. Sonny is sitting on the floor in front of the bar on the Haunted Star, holding a pistol and looking at a picture of Connie and him. He blames himself for her death. He vows that it ends here and turns his gun to his chest. Connieís glowing hand appears on top of his hand. She says she didnít mean to leave him and that she will always love him. She encourages him to live for his children. He puts down the gun and imagines a wedding with Connie. They vow to love each other in this life and the next. She says she will always be with him in his heart and his memory and then disappears. He picks up the gun and turns it on himself again. Olivia goes to the Haunted Star, sees him, and yells, "No!"

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

CBS did not air a new episode today.

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