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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope sits at her desk going over some designs and figures but she can not concentrate. She can only think back on what Wyatt told her that there was something going on between them. Ditch Liam and do something crazy and come with him. Rick interrupts and asks if everything is all right. She says yeah. The figures are great for her new line and she could get used to all this attention. Rick tells her she better be prepared, the re-branding is really working. Then he must give her the bad news that Maya left him and the line as well. Maya thinks he will be better off with Caroline. They had a great connection but he blew it. Quinn catches Wyatt doing the same thing - thinking of Hope. She says she is back from the store and has the frij re-stocked and they can have supper together tonight if he’d like. She is just glad that he is home, but she wishes it were under different circumstances. He agrees, but says she did warn him. She gives him a hug and says she tried for years to protect him from Bill and now to only have him rejected like this. He admits he had kind of got caught up in the whole Spencer name and business and he had envisioned this whole new life for himself with a father and two brothers. He even thought he’d be some media bigwig along with Bill…….the Spencer men. He takes a big sigh, but that’s over now. He can be himself again. Quinn says from what she remembers, Bill does not like to be told he is wrong. Wyatt says he is not stupid but admits he may have over-reacted but he knows why. And what Bill is doing leaving another little kid is so wrong. He should be doing everything he can to save that marriage. And Wyatt doesn’t regret telling him. He’s not the kind of person that hides his feelings. He says if Bill can not respect him for telling the truth, then fine. The more he gets to know him the more it doesn’t matter what he thinks. Quinn says she knows that Wyatt was looking forward to that life but she’s glad it didn’t take him that long to figure Bill out. Wyatt says he does admire his business sense, but Bill is immoral, a womanizer. He’s made a lot of money but what good is that if you are a jerk. He’s leaving his wife for her sister. And that poor little boy has to grow up with that. He doesn’t fit in there and he doesn’t even want to now that he really knows him.

Brooke climbs back in bed with Bill where he has been on the phone. He tells her he gets these phone calls several times a day. It’s driving him crazy as people are calling about something Katie has done or not done. She is in his office playing at being him. But he says there are some perks, like sleeping in and waking up to Brooke next to him. He looks for his phone thinking maybe Wyatt would have texted him an apology. Brooke says may Bill should text him first. He says forget that; Wyatt needs to cool off a little more. She reminds him that he kicked Wyatt out of his life. Perhaps he thought Bill meant it. Bill says he did mean it, even if he was a little impressed with him. She points out to Bill that he stands up to people all the time when he doesn’t agree with them and that is a very attractive quality. He says there is a difference. His old man was an SOB but he still treated him with a certain amount of respect. She counters that maybe it’s the opposite with Wyatt. Perhaps he lashed out at him because he really likes Bill. He got to know Bill and then when he saw what he was doing to Will that hit a nerve. Bill says Wyatt is arrogant and insubordinate. She counters with strength and integrity and the talent of a leader, all qualities that Bill has. He was only sticking up for his little brother. And if he was doing that with anybody else, Bill would be so proud, even cheering him on. Bill tells Brooke that she is so good for him, even when she says things he doesn’t want to hear, at least it is peaceful. She says again that Wyatt is a lot like him with the same drive and determination. He says yeah but he can’t have a kid that erupts every time Bill does something he doesn’t like. He and Liam lock horns all the time but he doesn’t go into a rage every time Bill does something he doesn’t like. Brooke says it wasn’t always that way. They too had a rocky beginning. He quips she can do one thing for him. Just tell Hope not to dig up any more long lost sons. Quinn tells Wyatt that if he really likes Hope then he doesn’t have to let his relationship with Bill stand in the way. Wyatt is surprised since he thought Quinn did not like Hope. She admits she was threatened….knowing who she was and Hope knowing Bill so well and asking questions, being nosy. But she can not ignore that look when he talks about her and she sees a real transformation. She says he used to be so serious, all business but now he’s enjoying himself and even beginning to smile again. And she’s pretty sure that Hope is the reason. Pam announces that Thomas wants to see Rick. Since she makes the appointments she wishes Rick would have kept her in the loop. He says he and Thomas are going to go over some of the new accessories for HFTF. Hope and Thomas and Rick look at the amazing pieces of jewelry that will enhance their clothes. Hope falls in love with one particular set that is on the raw edge. Marcus tells them that came from a small, local designer – Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Hope says no more. She tells Rick that she has to go. Brooke asks Bill if he is going to get in touch with Wyatt. He says after listening to her and her perspective he is open to considering it eventually, not right now. She coos that is a good start. Wyatt says he smiled before he met Hope, but yes he fell hard for her so geeze now he is smiling more. She’s unlike any other woman he has ever met. He can make it through the rest of his life if he never sees Bill or Liam again but if Hope marries Liam does that mean he loses all contact with her. Is she just gone now? He’s afraid he is never gonna see her again. Suddenly he hears Hope’s voice calling out to him. He looks up and sees her. His mouth drops to the floor. She’s a vision in white. She says she is there to place an order. She’d like Quinn Artisan Jewelers to be her exclusive designer for her line “if that is something that would interest you, Mr. Fuller.” He looks toward his mother and then back to Hope and says he would be delighted to accommodate Miss Logan.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate asked Kayla how Stefano got into Rafeís room. JJ made a drug deal and got busted by the police.  It turned out that JJís friendís boyfriend set him up.  Justin told Sami that Adrienne was the one that found out about the money and went to the police.  Hope was one of the cops on the scene and wanted to know how JJ got in trouble.  Nicole didnít understand why Eric would want to officiate Brady and Kristenís wedding.  She also thought that something was wrong with Eric.  Hope was upset that JJ was caught selling drugs.  JJ lied to Hope about why he was selling drugs.  Kate continued to ask Kayla about Rafeís care.  Just and Sami talked about the money in Timmyís bank account.  EJ met with his henchman to talk to him.  Rafe struggled with his physical therapy.  Jordan wanted Rafe to do everything she said.  Kayla felt that Stefanoís high donations to the hospital would make it hard for her to stop him from being at the hospital.  Sami talked to Justin about why she didnít take the deal.  EJ wanted to make sure that the money his henchman put in Timmyís account wonít be traced back to him.  Nicole was upset that Eric wouldnít confide in her.  Hope called Jennifer to tell her about JJís arrest.

Kate went to the hospital and saw Jordan.  Kate wanted an update on Rafeís condition, but Jordan didnít want to tell her.  Jennifer arrived at the station.  Hope told Jennifer that JJ was arrested for dealing drugs.  Eric met up with Daniel to talk about the night he was ďsickĒ.  Eric wanted to know what happened to him.  Jordan didnít want to tell Kate about Rafeís condition because heís her patient.  Kate wanted to know about Rafe, but Jordan walked off.  EJ didnít want to continue to look for evidence against Bernardi.  Justin and Sami didnít understand why EJ felt that way.  They tried to talk him into being on board with looking for evidence.  EJ explained that the evidence that was found was enough to acquit Sami.  Justin didnít think it was a good idea to stop the continuance.  JJ explained to Jennifer why he was selling drugs.  Jennifer thought JJ was trying to punish her because of Daniel.  Kate visited Rafe, but the visit wasnít pleasant.  Rafe was determined to walk out of the hospital.  Sami agreed to let Justin fight the continuance so she could get the case finished.  Jennifer told JJ that she didnít believe his lie about selling drugs.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco tells Carly that he is being released from the hospital just in time for his hearing. Elizabeth is upset by the news of AJ being arraigned for Connieís murder. Carly says Michael and Elizabeth needed to see what kind of man AJ is. She says she is glad that AJ revealed his true self before their relationship got too far. Diane goes to the hospital and gives Brad cash in exchange for something in a brown paper bag. At the courthouse, AJ tells Michael that he doesnít expect Elizabeth to come to his arraignment because the last time they spoke he told her that she was a bad mother and that it was her fault that her son, Jake, died. AJ says he is going to plead guilty. Michael says AJ canít do that because he doesnít remember whether he did it or not. AJ says he failed Michael. Michael says falling down isnít failure, refusing to get back up is. AJ says he doesnít have anything left to fight for. Diane tells AJ that she can argue that it is possible that Sonny wrote ďAJĒ in Connieís blood to set him up. Michael calls Elizabeth and asks her to come to the courthouse. Because of her presence, AJ pleads ďNot GuiltyĒ The judge denies him bail because he disappeared for 20 years on his last indictment. AJ thanks Elizabeth for standing by him. She says that isnít why she is there. She says she had to be there today, but she canít make any promises. An officer takes AJ to his cell. Carly goes with Franco to the courthouse. Diane says her client is not responsible for his actions. The judge laughs and asks who is. Diane produces Francoís tumor in a jar from the paper bag that Brad gave her.

Morgan tells Kiki that Sonny is missing and that he left a ďgoodbyeĒ note. He reveals that his father has Bipolar Disorder and that he could be manic or very depressed. Olivia is afraid Sonny is going to commit suicide. Dante thinks Sonny just needs time alone to process everything. He sends someone to look in Bensonhurst. Morgan and Kiki go to Sonnyís house. Morgan doesnít want Michael to come because he is busy standing by Connieís killer. Dante says Michael knows Sonny better than either of them because he grew up in Sonnyís house. Olivia tells Morgan that he needs to put his petty feud with Michael aside and focus on Sonny. Morgan calls Michael to Sonnyís house. When Michael reads Sonnyís note, he says it is always bad when Sonny gets that way. He tells Morgan that they have to pull together for Sonny.

Felix tells Sabrina that he almost kissed Brad. He says he will never believe another word that ďBrad the DadĒ says. Brad tells Felix that he was not lying about all the secrets he revealed to him, especially not about his feelings for him. Felix says that after what Brad has done, he can never return his feelings. Nikolas wonít allow Britt to move out of Wyndemere because it is unhealthy for her to exert herself at the end of her pregnancy. She says she isnít his responsibility. He says it is Bradís responsibility. She says that isnít the arrangement that she made with Brad and she canít change the rules now. Nikolas says she canít leave his house until he knows that someone is taking care of her and her baby. Britt has her first labor pains. Sabrina walks into Wyndemere unannounced. Nikolas goes to GH and tells Brad that he has to man up.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby, Tyler, Courtney, and Noah have drinks after the concert. Noah admits that even though he likes photography, he still doesn’t have any clear goals in life and hasn’t found anything he loves to do for a living. Courtney and Abby suggest he go to work for Newman Enterprises. Noah says he has no interest in the family business. Adam confronts Victor about bugging his office and having him followed. Adam is disappointed and hurt that Victor still doesn’t trust him. Victor is disappointed in Adam, because he got outside investors to take the company private, and he still doesn’t understand what it means to be a part of the Newman family. Victor tells Victoria that he is prepared to sever ties with Adam both professionally and personally, but deep down he hopes that won’t happen, although he doesn’t let it show to Victoria.

Victoria sees Abby and Noah and tells them that she is worried about Victor and that she thinks Adam and Victor are getting ready to do battle over Newman. If that happens, they could lose the company. Victoria and Abby are both surprised when Noah tells them they can’t allow Adam to take the company away from Victor. Adam tells Jack that he is ready to push Victor out of Newman Enterprises sooner than planned. Jack wants to remain a silent partner and not get involved in this battle for the sake of Summer, so he tells Adam to fight this battle alone. Victor’s detective tells him that Jack is the secret investor, so Victor goes to Jack’s place to tell him he knows what he is doing, and he won’t get away with it. Dylan and Chelsea are worried about Connor’s possible eye condition and both of them blame themselves, because they think Connor is going to pay for the sins they committed in their past. When Chelsea cries on Anita’s shoulder, she assures her that everything will be okay as long as Connor’s condition stays between her, Dylan, and the doctor. Adam will never find out that he is Connor’s father. Dylan is desperate to talk to someone, so he goes to On The Boulevard to talk to Billy and tells him about Connor’s hereditary eye condition. Adam overhears the conversation, because he is sitting at the bar behind Dylan, so he knows that he, and not Dylan, is Connor’s father.

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