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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Hope that he is very serious. This doesn’t have to be goodbye. Brother dearest doesn’t want him here so staying for him is not an option. He’s out. But she could do something crazy and come with him. She reminds him that he is Liam’s brother and you don’t just kick your brother out of your house. Wyatt divulges that he would if his brother felt the way he did about Hope. He tells Hope that he’s serious but he’s not going to twist her arm. He knows that she knows that there is something great going on between them. She says he is being ridiculous. She is engaged to Liam and she’s not running off with Wyatt. He says too bad, his loss….or he thinks it is more like Hope’s loss. He makes a move to leave and she says he can not leave. The three of them are going to sit down and talk this over. Wyatt says no. If Hope starts sticking up for him, that is a large part of the reason that Liam wants him to go. Before he leaves, he quickly kisses Hope and wishes her good luck with Liam. Bill is in Katie’s office and hugs Brooke when she comes in (is he crazy or what?) She asks what did Wyatt say to make him so angry. Bill says it is not what he said, but he got carried away and tried to get physical with him. But not a problem as he put him in his place. She guesses this is over Bill’s relationship with Brooke. He says Wyatt must have gotten an ear full from Katie. She has a lot of friends and supporters so it’s only natural that they’d re-act. Brooke just hates that Wyatt is one of those supporters now along with Hope. He pulls her close and says it doesn’t matter. It won’t change the way they feel about each other. They kiss several times. He tells her Wyatt’s issue is with Bill not Brooke. He was married to her sister, they split and now he is with Brooke. So what if people judge them; they know what they have. And nothing anyone says is going to change that. He kisses her again. She pulls away and says she just wants this to be right. Not just for them, but for their children. Bill says he wants that too but it starts with respect and Wyatt hasn’t shown him any. He wishes he was more like Liam. She points out that Wyatt is not, he’s just like his father. But she will not let him be estranged from his son. That is just unacceptable to her. Alone Hope thinks about Wyatt’s kiss but is interrupted when Liam comes home. She tells him that he just missed his brother. And he told her what just happened at Spencer’s. Liam says he disrespected Bill. Hope defends by saying he was angry and he’s not the only one who lost control. Bill and her mother are not exactly the pillar of strength just now. She cautions Liam that this is his brother, Bill’s son and surely they are not going to cut him out of the family. Liam opines that it is best that Wyatt doesn’t live there. He doesn’t trust him for starters and he came in and took over. He did the same thing at work, provoked his father so yes he is glad that he is gone. She walks off and mouths that he is his brother. Liam says he doesn’t want this to be an issue between them. She says she doesn’t either but now she feels responsible. She brought Wyatt into the family assuming they would welcome him and now they are kicking him out. Liam says Wyatt will land on his feet just fine. He did this to himself. Hope says he was only trying to defend a helpless little boy. Liam points out that Will was not asking to be defended and this is one of the times he thinks they will have to agree to disagree. She wants to know if he thinks Bill and Brooke can justify being together. Liam says that is not his call nor it is Hope’s. And it certainly didn’t justify the way Wyatt treated Bill the way he did. He didn’t like Wyatt kissing Hope and if he stayed he might do that again, so he is glad he is gone and he doesn’t have to deal with that again.

Wyatt quietly slips in the door of his warehouse loft while Quinn is folding clothes and straightening up. She greets him with a big hug, so glad to see him. He says the place looks great, but he will never find anything. He had his own system. She assumes he is back for more of his things. He says not exactly. She’s astonished when he says he’s not living at the beach anymore; he got kicked out. She wants to know what happened. He says his brother asked him to leave, probably because he opened his big mouth. She’s sorry. Wyatt says it is okay. He said what needed to be said. She wants to know more. He says it wasn’t an issue with Liam, but with his dad. A lot of the things Quinn had said about Bill turned out to be right. She says she knows this hurts and he was expecting much better. She encourages him to tell her more. Wyatt says Bill bailed on his wife and is now with her sister. Once again he has left a child behind. He says he stood up to Bill and things got intense and now he’s history. Bill cut him off and Liam asked him to leave the house. He couldn’t hold it in any longer and that’s not the kind of father he wanted anyway. Quinn says he stood up for an innocent child and she is proud of him. He says he blew it. There for a minute he had brothers and a father, he could have written his own ticket at Spencer’s but not anymore. She asks about Hope….bet she’s not too happy with him either. Wyatt says Hope is not like that. She didn’t want him to go. She asked him to stay and he asked her to go with him. Quinn thinks maybe this worked out for the best since Hope is engaged to his half-brother. Hope and Liam have a friendly little argument of whether Liam really tried to befriend Wyatt. Liam says yes but the guy was way too condescending, wanting to better him. He’s not exactly evil but he does have a dark side. She says he can not pay that much attention to Wyatt’s bravado. Liam found a brother and Bill found a son and she can’t believe they are going to throw him out. Liam still makes light of it by saying at least now they have their privacy so can she just shut up and enjoy this. He nuzzles on her neck and gives her little kisses until she is in a good mood. Brooke tells Bill that they have to keep this family together and once Wyatt sees them together that she thinks he will accept it. Bill says it is going to take more than that. Wyatt will have to meet him half way. She says things are said in the heat of the moment but Wyatt will cool down and so will Bill. They kiss again. Bill says Wyatt also is into Hope. He kissed her so it’s probably a good thing that he is out of the house now. Liam brings Hope a beer and says he feels like they are starting over now. She says they will do that when his marriage to Steffy is over. Liam says cool, meantime they can practice. Both Hope and Wyatt think of each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefano went to visit Rafe at the hospital.  Stefano taunted Rafe while he was talking to him.  EJ and Will took all of the kids (including Arianna) to see Sami at the police station.  Rafe knew that Stefano sent Bernardi to kill him.  Stefano didnít admit it, but he did goad him about testifying against Sami.  Allie and Sydney wanted to know when Sami would be home to take care of them.  Johnny believed that EJ could help Sami.  Adrienne ran into Marge at the town square.  Marge dropped her things and Adrienne noticed Timmyís bankbook.  Adrienne wanted to tell someone about it.

Abby went to Daniel to talk about his relationship with Jennifer.  Jennifer talked to Kayla about JJ and Daniel.  Will rehashed that he was why Sami was in jail.  EJ reminded will about what could go wrong if he came forward.  Adrienne met up with Abe because she had information regarding Samiís case.  Stefano continued to taunt Rafe.  Rafe didnít take the bait.  Abby explained to Daniel that Jennifer felt bad about what she did.  Sami let EJ know that she felt bad for considering the deal.  Adrienne explained to Abe that she saw the money in Timmyís account.  Adrienne felt that the bankbook could prove that Bernardi was a dirty cop.  She wondered if her information could be good for Sami.  Abe thought it could help.  He thought Adrienne would be the reason why Sami could go free.  Kate warned Stefano to stay away from Rafe.  She said she would do whatever it takes to keep him away from Rafe.  Stefano wasnít worried about Kateís threats.  Abe told Sami and EJ that new evidence resurfaced and so the judge granted a continuance.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina tries to put together baby furniture at Patrickís house. Britt tells Nikolas that Patrick was so angry because she told him that he isnít her babyís father. Brad and Felix are about to kiss at General Hospital when Patrick grabs Brad, pulls him to his feet, and punches him in the face. Patrick tells Felix that Brad conspired with Britt to pass off Bradís baby as Patrickís. Britt calls Brad. He says a heads up would have been nice. She says she didnít have a choice but to name him, because Patrick was threatening to take her baby. He tells her that she just made his life a lot more difficult. She says she thinks she has compensated him well enough. Brad backs up Brittís story to Felix. Felix says he doesnít want to have anything to do with Brad. Nikolas tells Britt about what he went through with Aidenís paternity. He stops her from leaving. He says he isnít going to kick out a pregnant woman in the middle of the night. He says she can continue to stay there, but he avoids her. Patrick goes home and tells Sabrina that she and Felix were right that he isnít the father of Brittís baby. He says Brad is the father. He tells her that this baby represented a chance to do better by his son than his father did with his brother and him. He says the good thing is that Britt is out of their lives. He doesnít know how he will tell Emma. Sabrina thinks she should leave so he can be alone to think. He asks her to stay.

Kiki drinks and thinks about her argument with Morgan when he told her to start acting like his wife. Michael goes to the boathouse looking for Morgan. Kiki says she arrived home soon after Morgan found the gun. Michael surmises that no one saw Morgan finding the gun. Kiki wonders if Michael thinks Morgan set up AJ. Michael thinks it is possible because Morgan is bitter about their feelings for each other. He tells her that the police have formally charged AJ with Connieís murder. He tells her that he is conflicted by wanting to help AJ and Sonny, who he regards as his real father. He confides that he is afraid that AJ might have done it. She hugs him. Morgan goes to Sonnyís house where Olivia is sitting in the dark, crying. She says she has been looking for Sonny, but he hasnít answered any of her calls. Morgan assures her that AJ wonít get away with it, because he found the murder weapon and turned it in to the police against his wifeís wishes. Olivia tells Morgan about her love triangle with Sonny and Connie. She says she and Connie never had the opportunity to make things right. She advises Morgan not to make the same mistake with his brother. She tells him that family always comes first. He says his father always says that. Olivia goes upstairs to check on Sonny and then runs back downstairs with a ďgoodbyeĒ note in her hand.

Sam and Silas kiss. He says he has feelings for her. She apologizes for misleading him. She says she needs him to be Dannyís doctor and that she canít think about anything other than saving her son right now. Alexis tells Derek that now that she looks at him, he does seem familiar as he had said when they met. Derek goes into the exam room. A nurse gives Alexis a clipboard and asks her to have Derek fill out the forms. Alexis opens the exam room door and finds Derek stripped down to his briefs. Derek is amused by Alexisís nervous reaction. Alexis tells Sam about her awkward moment. Sam tells Alexis about her kiss. Alexis asks if Sam has feelings for Silas, because it is clear that he is more than just Dannyís doctor. Sam says they canít be more than friends. Brad and Felix assist Silas with Derekís bone marrow extraction procedure. Afterwards, Felix avoids Brad.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill manages to stop crying and pull herself together to tell everyone how she first met Katherine when she was eighteen years old and she later hired her to be her paid companion. Jill talks about how she met and fell in love with Katherine’s husband Philip and how that led to her and Katherine’s love/hate relationship with one another. Clips of Katherine and Jill’s many arguments and adventures together are shown. Jill tells everyone that they eventually grew to love and accept each other, because Katherine loved Jill’s son Philip as her own. Father Todd reads one of Katherine’s favorite poems called "I Will Live On" while one by one her friends and family place a flower on her casket and say their goodbye to her. Paul gets a letter from Katherine, which he reads after the service, telling him to marry Christine now, so he asks her to marry him and she accepts his proposal.

Jill suggests that they get married here right away, so all the guests put together the impromptu wedding, and Father Todd marries the happy couple. Danny and Nina wish Paul and Christine well, and it is a beautiful wedding ceremony. Avery likes Nick’s idea of getting married at the newly-renamed Chancellor Park next week. Murphy and the Chancellor family are at the mansion after the service and wedding. Devon wonders what Katherine has planned next. Murphy tells him that next in Katherine’s plans is the reading of her will. Jill and Nikki are still at the park talking and telling each other how Katherine would have been proud of them for planning such a lovely service. They talk about the letters Katherine left for them and how she left them both a quest to find, but Nikki isn’t sure that she wants to find what Katherine told her. Jill and Nikki see Katherine standing by the flowers looking happy and beautiful then she disappears.

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