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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam thinks back and tells Bill what he just told Wyatt. He wanted him out of his place by time he got home. Liam says Wyatt had every chance to apologize but he’s all instant guts and won’t. Wyatt had no right to lecturing either one of them for their actions with their women. He needs to learn some boundaries. Hope catches Wyatt packing and asks what he is doing. He says he no longer lives here. It’s okay as he might have left even without them asking him too. He tells Hope that Liam is more like his old man that he thought he was. She says they are family….his family so they need to work this out. And for the record, she thinks what Bill is doing to his little boy is horrible. She says no parent is perfect and Liam thinks Bill has changed. Wyatt doesn’t see it that way. Bill is abandoning another son. And they did give him another chance to apologize but no thanks. He will keep his opinion. Maya is moping around her apartment thinking about her breakup with Rick when Carter stops by. He says he has heard. And the only bright spot of the day is when he goes to work and now that person has resigned. He says he has a good ear and he’d like her to share with him. He knows Maya did what she had to do and in the end she won’t regret it. She leans on his big chest/shoulders. He says this may feel like an ending, but it’s much more than that.

Rick and Caroline continue to bask in the sun with her cooing over him. She says some things happen for a reason and this is just meant to be. Liam tells Bill that he doesn’t care where Wyatt goes now as long as he doesn’t hang around his fiancée. He believes he will head home and see if Wyatt is out. Hope tells Wyatt that she just doesn’t want it to end like this. She doesn’t like what her mother and Bill are doing either but she is not cutting her out of her life. Wyatt points out this will work out best as now Hope will have Liam all to herself in their own house without him. He quips that he knows she liked having him around though. She says she doesn’t want him to go. It might be the last time she sees him and she feels they were just getting to know each other. She can’t bear to lose their friendship. He doesn’t know where he’s going to go but he tells her to ditch the boyfriend and come with him. She knows there has been something going on between them and they can pursue that and see where it leads.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will and Nick talked about how he (Will) didnít want him near his daughter.  Sonny and Gabi argued over her having sex with Nick.  She believed she should be able to have a life just like Sonny and Will.  Marlena showed up to Kristenís place to get information on Kristen.  Nick just wanted to be a friend to Will.  Will didnít seem to understand what Nick was saying.  Sonny told Gabi that she couldnít be with Nick.  Gabi was livid when Sonny said that she couldnít see Nick.  Marlena pretended to choke to distract Kristen.  It worked because Kristen left the room.  Marlena checked Kristenís phone while she was gone.  Caroline interrupted Nick and Willís conversation.  Caroline gave Nick a piece of her mind.  Nick tried to apologize for everything he did, but Caroline and Will didnít want to hear it.  Sonny and Gabi continued to talk about her relationship with Nick.  Marlena had trouble figuring out Kristenís password for her phone.  Marlena jumped out of her skin when Kristen called her name.

Gabi was tired of arguing with Sonny so she left.  Marlena got lucky that Kristen didnít see her with the phone since Nicole showed up.  Nicole was upset that Brady proposed to Kristen.  Marlena was surprised by the news.  Gabi went to Nick to talk about her fight with Sonny.  Gabi wasnít sure if she made the right decision by being with him.  Will and Sonny talked about Gabi and Nick.  Gabi and Nick had sex.  Nick suggested that she move out of Sonny and Willís place.  Gabi didnít think that was a good idea.  Brady asked Eric to officiate his wedding.  Brady also wanted to have the wedding at the church.  Nicole didnít hide the fact that she didnít want Brady to marry Kristen.  Nicole was convinced that Kristen was using him.  Kristen let Nicole know that Marlena wanted to bury the hatchet with her.  Marlena congratulated Kristen.  Nicole and Marlena left the mansion.  Nicole couldnít believe that Marlena was okay with Kristen and Brady getting married.  Gabi went back home and had another run in with Sonny.  She implied that she might move out if Sonny and Will continue to control everything she does.  Nicole wanted to work with Marlena to take Kristen down.  Kristen watched the footage of the night she had sex with Kristen.  Gabi threatened to make Will choose between him and Arianna if he continued to control her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Morgan finds a gun outside the boathouse that turns out to be the murder weapon with AJís prints on it. Anna formally arrests AJ. Morgan wonders why Kiki went to the police station earlier. She says she went to see Michael. He tells her to start acting like his wife.

Spinelli asks Maxie if she thought she could give their baby away with no consequences. Lulu and Dante confront Maxie about wanting to nurse their baby. Dante says that if Maxie canít accept that she isnít the childís mother, then they will have to cut her out of the babyís life. Lulu says she doesnít want to have to choose between her best friend and her daughter because she will obviously choose her daughter. She reveals that Luke might be dying and she needs Maxie more than ever. Spinelli canít bring himself to tell them that itís his baby. He says he agrees that Maxie needs to take a step back. When they are alone, he tells Maxie that because of her lie, they have to let the Falconeris be their daughterís parents. Silas Clay confirms that Derek Wells is a viable bone marrow donor for Danny and that they can extract the marrow right away and perform the transplantation after Danny has a round of chemo. Sam asks Silas how she could ever repay him. He tells her to take good care of Danny and let him be their friend. Alexis sees Sam hugging Derek. Derek wonders why Alexis is staring at him. Sam and Silas kiss.

Patrick demands that Britt tell her who her babyís father is. She wonders why it matters as long as he is off the hook. He presses the issue so she claims that she used Brad Cooperís sperm without intercourse. He goes on a rant. Nikolas arrives and sees Patrick grabbing Britt by the arm. He tells Patrick to let Britt go or he will break every bone in his hands and end his surgical career. He tells Patrick to leave and asks Britt what it was about. She says Patrick got angry because she told him the truth. Felix asks Brad to tell him everything he knows about Brittís baby. Brad says he already told him everything he knows and that he is sick of Felix using him as a means to an end. Felix says Brad only sees him as a piece of meat. Brad says he thinks he is in love with Felix, but that he doubts Felix knows what unrequited love feels like. Felix says he does know because of his unreturned feelings for Milo. He says he never looked at Brad that way because Brad is such a jerk. Brad says he is that way from being bullied his whole life for being the fat, gay, Chinese, tap-dancer. He says that heíd rather be rejected for being a jerk than become a nice guy and be rejected anyway. Felix and Brad are about to kiss when Patrick arrives, picks Brad up by the collar, and punches him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Katherine’s friends and family gather for her memorial service at the local park. Danny, Gina, Nina, Christine, and Amber arrive from out of town to say goodbye to their friend. Father Todd begins the service by reading a passage from the book of 1st Corinthians in the Bible. Victor, Nikki, Christine, Danny, Devon, Amber, and Jill all share memories of Katherine with clips of the specific memory shown while each of them is speaking. Jill is the last to speak and breaks Katherine’s rule of no crying, because she wants this to be a celebration. She cries because she doesn’t know how she will get along without Katherine. Cane gets up from his seat to console Jill who sobs on his shoulder. Nina tells Paul she wishes him happiness with Christine, because Katherine sent her a letter encouraging her to let go of old resentments and open her heart to love, so Nina has decided to take Katherine’s advice.

Paul calls Nikki before going to the memorial service and asks her if he wants her to continue his investigation using the information she gave him. Nikki tells Paul she hasn’t decided what to do. She just wants to get through today and will talk to him about the investigation later. Nick and Avery arrive at the park on Delaney Lake for the memorial service. She thinks the park is beautiful, so Nick wonders if she wants to have their wedding there. Christine shares her letter from Katherine with those at the memorial service. In it Katherine encourages Christine not to work so hard and take time to enjoy life. Once she finds true happiness, she should never let go of it.

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