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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is about to come to Bill’s defense. Bill tells Wyatt that he really doesn’t take kindly to his shirt being wrinkled. So unless he wants to take this to a whole new level ending with him ironing his shirt, he suggests that he get the hell out of his personal space. Wyatt lets go of his collar. Bill tells him that he may not always like him, but he is his father and he will respect him. Wyatt says he does not respect him. He will not respect any father who abandons his son. Bill says he can not know what it means to be a father or a man for that matter. Liam chimes in and tells Wyatt he is going to regret doing this. Wyatt answers too bad, he’s already doing this. He tells Bill that he talks a big game about family and his sons, but it is all about Bill. This office, the greed, the women, that’s all that Bill cares about. Bill says don’t kid him. He’s been foaming at the mouth ever since he found out who his father was. Wyatt says yes maybe at one time he wanted to find out about who his father was. And he was impressed by his business and his rock star life, but not anymore. He sees him now for who he really is – empty and shallow, no character. Bill smirks that Wyatt needs to quit working so hard to get on his good side. Wyatt states that Bill is clueless. He had a beautiful wife but he had to have her sister too. Guess he needed a blonde. And now he is abandoning another son. How selfish! Just another inconvenience like Wyatt was. Bill says not nearly as much as he is right now. Bill says who in the hell does he think he is standing their judging him. Wyatt says he is Will in 25 years. That’s who he is. Brooke walks into Katie’s office. She’s exasperated at her and says she left word out front that she wasn’t allowed in the building. Brooke says they need to talk. Katie says this is a bad time and they have nothing to talk about anyway (isn't that the Gospel. They have been over this a dozen times, the words never change). Brooke says she wants to find a way for all of them to get along. Katie scoffs. What could they possibly do to get along? Brooke says they are sisters and she will always be a part of her life. Katie responds that maybe Brooke should have thought of that before she stole her husband. Brooke goes on that Bill is Will’s father and will always be in her life. Katie corrects her…, he will be in Will’s life but not Katie’s. Brooke says at some point she will realize it is more important to find peace than to stay angry. Katie mocks Brooke and says this is the part where she sheds her robotic tears and then asks Katie to forgive her again and they can all ride off into the sunset and all raise Will together. Brooke brings it up again that Katie played all these games and threw her and Bill together so it’s a little late for Katie to be calling foul now. That is why Katie is alone, not because of Brooke. Katie says fine; now Bill will be Brooke’s problem. And as messed up as this is, and it is messed up big time, there is a silver lining. All her life she lived in other’s shadows and being a spectator. But no more; she’s ready to get into the game. She’s ready to live. Brooke is glad to hear that. Katie sys yes, she’s grown up now. She’s not going to cry or wring her hands or have another heart attack. She’s through sitting by the window and watching the world pass her by. She’s ready to move on and she and Will need a new beginning. She asks Brooke to leave. Brooke says they are not through talking. Katie says yes they are. They are never going to see eye to eye about this. She can’t just say the things Brooke wants to hear. She will always be her sister, they can’t change that, but their relationship will never be the same. Brooke asks her to please not say that. They can work through this. Katie says he is only going to focus on herself and her son. She says she has a whole new life and Brooke needs to give her space to live it.

Bill tells Wyatt that he was excited about having another son. He looked forward to getting to know him. He wanted to put him on the fast track because he saw something he liked….a little swagger that reminded him of himself. But there is only one Bill. Maybe that is gonna be their downfall; being too much alike. Wyatt assures him that is not the case; he would never walk out on his son. And here Bill is; this is the third time. He tells Liam that both of their mothers kept this man out of their lives and now he knows why. He shouts thanks to his mother. Liam offers that Bill did not abandon Will. Katie left him. Wyatt says yes after he fell for Brooke. He knows all about that. Bill says Wyatt doesn’t know jack. Obviously he has been letting his ex-wife fill his head and he is choosing to believe her over his own father. He thinks Wyatt is just trying to be a hero to Will but it is misplaced. He doesn’t know what he is talking abut and even if he did, it’s none of his damn business. Bill says there must be something wrong with Wyatt. He welcomed Wyatt into the family, he embraced him as a Spencer heir and then he turns out to be a screw-up. He says he has seen some stupid people before but he never thought one would be his own son. Liam tells Wyatt that he could save himself a lot of trouble now and just apologize and admit that he over re-acted. Wyatt says no, he’ll pass on that. Bill opines that they both have some unresolved issues here and Wyatt’s is his anger. He points out that his mother chose to keep him away from Wyatt all these years. And while he was too young to even have a child by a woman he barely knew, if he had known he would have been there for him. Now Wyatt sees himself as a victim. Bill doesn’t like that. And Wyatt disrespected him and he likes that even less. He says you never put your hands on your father. His father was the worst and there were many times he wanted to choke him to death, but he didn’t because he was on this earth because of him. So he owed him that much, and now Wyatt is acting like nothing but a punk. And if this is what he can expect of Wyatt, then he doesn’t want him anywhere near him. He brought him into his life and he can get rid of him just as quickly. It’s too late to call him Dad or Daddy or even Poppa. They are done. He wants Wyatt’s security badge and his credit card. He tells Wyatt he doesn’t want to see him in this building ever again. In fact he doesn’t want to see his face period. He no longer is welcome here or in his family so he wants him to get the hell out. Wyatt stares at him then drops the cards on the table. He leaves without saying a word. Caroline finds Rick in his trunks by the family pool. She says she is sorry to hear that Maya resigned. He says he knows she never really thought Maya was right for him so maybe his expectations were just a little too high. Caroline agrees that she was just sort of a dream for him; a fantasy. He says it sure felt real. But it is too pretty a day outside and he took off from the office so he really doesn’t want to waste time by talking about it. Caroline pulls out a little bathing suit…..and I do mean tiny. They spend the afternoon putting suntan lotion on each other, kissing and feeding each other berries. Rick apologizes for not appreciating her as much as he should have. She says he appreciated her last night. He agrees that she is a little bratty and unpredictable at times but she is something else. He knows they lost their way but it’d really mean a lot to him if they gave it a real try. She lights up and gives him a yes kiss. Downstairs Wyatt thinks back on his meeting Bill and becoming his son, calling him Dad as Bill wanted. Liam catches up to him. He saunters over and says he really tried to like Wyatt. He wanted to be his friend. But ever since they met, Wyatt has been condescending and judgmental and disrespectful and on top of that made moves on his fiancée, so he’s kind of glad this all happened. He tells Wyatt to go on home and grab his stuff. He wants him out by time he is home. He says also if he never sees him again that will be fine with him. Once more Wyatt walks off without saying a word.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady proposed to Kristen again.  Sami wanted EJ to give her evidence against Stefano or she had to give evidence against him.  EJ wanted to know more about the deal Melinda offered Sami.  Sami let EJ know that she couldnít be in jail for years.  EJ asked her if it was okay if he spent years in jail.  Sami assured EJ that he wouldnít have to go to jail if he gave evidence against Stefano because he could make a deal.  EJ and Sami ended up arguing about the deal.  Sami begged EJ to give her information about Stefano.  EJ believed that he wouldnít get a deal because heís a DiMera.  EJ wanted to know when Sami decided to take the deal.  Sami explained what happened when she took the deal.  Will and Sonny talked about how wrong it would be fore Nick to be around Arianna.  Marlena and Victor talked about Kristenís secret.  Brady wanted an answer to his proposal.  Kristen was confused because she thought they were taking things slowly.  Gabi talked to Nick about her living arrangement with Will and Sonny.  Gabi walked off and Nick saw Will approaching.  Kristen accepted Bradyís proposal.  Sami asked EJ again to give the evidence against Stefano.  EJ let Sami know that she couldnít give him (EJ) up because she has no evidence to give to Melinda.

Kristen wanted to tell people about the engagement. Brady thought it was a good idea and he wanted to tell people too.  Victor thought that Jennifer was the one Kristen talked to about her affair.  Marlena wasnít so sure, but she had an idea of how to get to Kristen.  EJ told Sami about how he got rid of all the evidence of all his wrongdoings.  Sami begged EJ to give her something so she could get out of jail.  EJ just wanted to focus on clearing her name.  Marlena met Roman at the club.  She wanted him to trace Kristenís phone calls from the past few weeks.  Melinda was ready for Sami to sign the paperwork for the deal.  Sonny apologized to Gabi about the fight they had over Nick.  Will talked to Nick about his feelings about him being around Arianna.  Roman couldnít legally get Kristenís phone records.  Sami let Melinda know that she didnít want to take the deal to get out of jail.  Sami had an idea that could set her free.  Sami wanted to tell that Stefano and Bernardi work together.  EJ reminded her that they didnít have any proof.  Will explained to Nick why he had a problem with him holding his daughter.  Sonny looked for Ariannaís bunny and found an opened condom.  Marlena visited Kristen at the mansion.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Britt tells Patrick that he will never get custody of her child because it isnít his son. She tells him that her mother faked the paternity test. He asks her why. She says she would have done anything to win his love. He asks her who the real father is.

AJ tells Michael that he remembers taking Tracyís gun out of the safe so he must have killed Connie and he has to confess. Michael and Diane both tell AJ not to say anything to any member of Law Enforcement. Dante tells Lulu about Connieís murder and that AJ is their prime suspect. He says Sonny found Connie and then Michael stopped Sonny from killing AJ. Ava tells Kiki and Morgan about Connieís murder. Morgan concludes that his father must be devastated, but tells Kiki that he will go alone to see him because he probably doesnít want a lot of people around him. Kiki says she will go to see Franco instead. Ava confronts Morgan about marrying her daughter without telling her. He says he had to marry her before she found out that Michael isnít her cousin. Ava seductively places her hand on his bare thigh and says she wonít tell Kiki the truth provided that he does something for her. He says he will do anything. She says she will let him know what she wants. Instead of going to the hospital, Kiki goes to the police station. She tells Michael that she wanted to check on him because he was so upset last night. She says she didnít tell Morgan that she was going there. Inside the interview room, Diane asks AJ what else he remembers. He remembers being enraged and going to Connieís office with the gun, but he doesnít remember firing it. Diane says there are no witnesses or murder weapon so all the evidence is circumstantial. Morgan trips over a gun as he is leaving the boathouse.

Maxie sneaks in to look at her baby. The nurse on duty believes Maxie is the mother because she has clearly just had given birth. She offers to help Maxie learn to nurse the baby. Spinelli sees Maxie holding the baby and convinces her to go back to her own room. Dante and Lulu go into the babyís room. The nurse asks them who they are. When they say they are the parents and show their ID badges, the nurse wonders who the other woman was. When she describes Maxie, Lulu says she was their surrogate. The nurse reveals that she asked the surrogate if she wanted to breast feed and that she said yes. Maxie asks Spinelli not to tell Dante and Lulu that she tried to nurse their baby. Spinelli says she is their baby. She denies it. He reveals that Ellie told him the truth. He asks her how she could lie to Dante and Lulu and let them think the baby was theirs and how she could do this to him. She tells him that her first instinct was to tell him, but when she found him that day, he told her that he had chosen to be with Ellie. She says she didnít want to ruin his life by revealing the pregnancy. She says that at the same time, she had promised Dante and Lulu a baby and she couldnít tell them about the miscarriage. She says no one was ever supposed to know the truth. He says that now that he knows, he can never un-know that he has a child with his first love. He asks her if she thought she could give their baby to Dante and Lulu with no consequences. Dante and Lulu go to Maxieís room.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill tries to unravel the clues in Katherine’s letter that will help her fulfill Katherine’s wishes. Jill looks at the sketch of Katherine she found and she sees a book. When she finds the book on the shelf, she looks through it and finds something with the initials of Katherine’s late husband Gary Reynolds and wonders how he fits in with what Katherine wants her to do. Chloe comes over to the mansion and looks at the sketch and notices Katherine wearing a necklace, which Esther says was a gift from Katherine’s late husband Gary Reynolds. Jill later tells Billy she thinks Katherine left her the bulk of her estate, but she won’t know for sure until the reading of Katherine’s will. Summer continues to feel pressure from both Jack and Victor about being an Abbott or a Newman, so she decides to go to Georgia for a couple of weeks to spend some time with Daniel and be by Phyllis’s bedside. Jack offers to drop her off, since he is going to Georgia for the weekend to visit Phyllis. Summer turns the offer down until Kyle tells her that he will make sure that neither Jack, Nick, or Victor will hurt her. Jack is happy that Summer has agreed to let him help her.

Chelsea and Dylan are worried when Connor’s doctor tells them that he may have Retinitis Pigmentosa which is a hereditary eye disease passed on to the child by one of the parents. The doctor tells Chelsea and Dylan they must run more tests, but if Connor does have the disease there is a chance he could go blind. Adam tells Victor that the investors that helped him make Newman Enterprises private again are a group of his college buddies from Harvard. Adam is hurt when Victor doesn’t believe him, and tells Victor he is done trying to measure up in his eyes. Victor tells his investigator to put surveillance on Adam and investigate the name of the company Adam gave him, Fishhook Capital. Adam goes to the Athletic Club to get some drinks and calls his investor saying that Victor won’t consider a takeover of Chancellor Industries unless he reveals his name. Adam tells the investor that they must meet and discuss the next step in the plan. Jack tells Adam he will be more then happy to meet with him and talk about it.

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