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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Wyatt that she needs to be careful what she says. She doesn’t want to influence him about how he should feel about his father, but she can say if he allows Bill into his world, he probably will be hurt. He needs to be prepared for what it means to be Bill’s son. Katie explains that Bill does not know how to be a father since he did not have one growing up. Wyatt doesn’t buy that excuse and is incensed that Bill thinks he can just push children aside until they are old enough to drink with him. He doesn’t deserve Liam or him being his sons. She tells him that Bill always has his own agenda and he will begin to manipulate Wyatt’s life too. She hopes Wyatt doesn’t plan on picking his own wife. Bill will do that for him. Bill enters Spencer Publications and chastises the receptionist there for looking through a magazine and eating at her desk. Then he proceeds to jump onto Liam for what Katie is doing. Liam tells him to chill out. He’s on his team, but he really can’t blame Katie. She is now CEO. Bill wants Liam to try and help Hope accept Bill and Brooke’s relationship. Liam says he will try but Hope has her own mind and this will take some time.

Maya goes to see Rick. He jumps up and says he is glad she came. He has been trying to reach her. He wants to apologize. She asks for what. He says he over re-acted about Carter spending the night with her. She lets him twist for a while and then says she came over to his place this morning before she came here. And guess what, his guest was still there. Caroline was just coming out of the shower. It was obvious what had happened. Rick starts stammering and she says she knows how he values honesty but no need; she already has heard the truth from Caroline. He says he didn’t want her to find out like this. She says she knows that feeling all too well. He tries to explain that she doesn’t understand. She says yeah she does. He was upset and drank too much. He was jealous of Carter spending the night on the couch so he walks out the door and calls Caroline to come on over. He states that no it wasn’t like that. Caroline was already at his place. Maya says and she was only a phone call away, waiting and praying that she had not messed things up. She hands him back the necklace from his grandmother that he’d given her. She says maybe someday he will find a woman he can give it to; one where an argument and a few drinks won’t get in the way. Then she gives him her resignation. He reads it but says he won’t accept this. She can not quit. She says she has to. She obviously can not stay where he will be with Caroline every day. That just won’t work. It was a mistake for her to think that she could be part of his world – the Hollywood glamour house, the fame and the money. She admits it was a thrill for a while but it’s not who she is. She adds and not because she can’t be, but because she does not want it to be. She doesn’t want to be the kind of woman that Caroline is. And if Maya stays there, Caroline will always be a problem. She’s not going to fight that anymore. She says goodbye. Katie fills Wyatt in on a little of her past; at least the recent post partum depression And she says she will accept her part in all of this. She wanted her marriage to work but Bill doesn’t want to even try. Brooke has already got to him. Wyatt flares up and says she almost died giving birth and now Bill wants to leave her! She tells him that he is Bill’s son so better get used to it. He tells her that she has a lot more to live for, with or without Bill. He starts to leave and says maybe Liam is a good little boy that lets his dad get away with anything he wants, but not him. Bill tells Liam that he knows it is a huge adjustment getting used to a big brother but he hopes they can work it out in the same house. Liam says he wants to. He wants to share things and laugh and joke like brothers do but….. it’s a little strange how quickly and easily Wyatt accumulated to the Spenser lifestyle strutting around the beach house with his own little Mini me. Liam says it is beyond annoying how he sucks up to Bill with liking raw meat and the same malt scotch. And he is condescending. Bill hasn’t seen that. Liam says no, it’s only to him and that’s because he is two-faced. Bill laughs and says give Wyatt a chance. At least he is trying. Liam says trying – but what is he trying for? Liam says he doesn’t think he is a bad judge of character, and maybe he is wrong but he thinks Wyatt is choosing his words very carefully and trying to say the right thing to manipulate his way into Bill’s wallet and their family. Bill points out that Wyatt is family. Liam says he just wants Bill to keep his eyes open while Wyatt is walking around worshipping the ground he walks on. Wyatt charges in and slams the door. Pointblank without a hello he asks Bill if he is leaving his wife for her sister. He says he just met Katie and she is a wreck. Bill asks what else is new. He tells Wyatt he called for a family meeting earlier. He wanted him to be there. Wyatt says he is glad he wasn’t there. Bill wants to know why the attitude, must have a problem. Wyatt says yeah. He has a problem with him walking out on another son. He blasts Bill for walking out on him once, out on his mother. She told him that Bill was a self-centered, egotistical jerk and now he’s doing it again. Bill chooses his words and calmly says he is leaving Katie not his son; he will be fine. In a flash Wyatt is inches from Bill’s face and says he was NOT fine growing up without a father and Will won’t be either.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melinda was upset when she found out that Sami didnít have anything on Stefano.  Sami asked Melinda if she wanted dirt on EJ instead of Stefano.  Nicole talked to Roman about Kristen.  Nicole wanted Roman to prove that Kristen is diabolical.  EJ talked to Chad about Samiís jury selection hearing as well as her case.  EJ felt bad for possibly ruining her case.  Sami wanted a better deal to hand her EJ.  Melinda was willing to drop Samiís sentence from ten years to five if the information against EJ sticks.  Daniel and Jennifer talked about their relationship.  Daniel wanted to respect her situation.  Roman didnít know what to do about Kristen.  Nicole told him about how he could prove Kristenís dirty.  Roman didnít want to do it because it wouldnít do any good.  

Eric talked to Father Matt about his dream.  Eric didnít know what the dream meant. Sami wanted to add immunity for Will.  She also wanted a maximum of five years with parole.  Melinda wanted to think about Samiís counter offer.  Daniel wanted Jennifer to focus on JJ and he would focus on Parker.  Eric continued to talk to Father Matt.  Father Matt thought that Eric losing a parishner could explain his dreams.  EJ visited Sami.  Sami told EJ about the offer Melinda gave her to give up Stefano.  Jennifer told JJ that she and Daniel are finished.  Eric dreamed about the night Kristen drugged him.  Nicole was outside his door.  Sami wanted EJ to give her something on Stefano or she has to give Melinda something about EJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Molly marvels at the miracle that a complete stranger is a match for Danny. Julian tells Ava that he is going to tell Sam that he is her father. Molly and Rafe introduce themselves to Derek. Derek meets Danny and instantly falls in love. He sees a photo of himself and asks Alexis if she is investigating him. She says she wasnít really investigating; she was just curious about him.

Maxie dreams about bonding with her daughter and Lulu ripping her out of her arms. Spinelli tearfully watches Lulu fawning over the baby that he now knows is biologically his. Nikolas suggests that Lulu name the baby Nikola after him. She is horrified when he tells her that Britt Westbourne is staying at his house. He reminds her that without Dr. Westbourne, she wouldnít have her daughter. She tells him that Maxie said the baby was hers and Spinelliís. Nikolas says he just saw Spinelli getting choked up outside. She says Spinelli was emotional about the baby last night too, and that it makes her uncomfortable. They discuss their motherís return to Paris. She reveals that Luke is sick and that he could die, because Helena poisoned him with Polonium 210 before she died. Spinelli goes to Maxieís room and from outside the door, he hears Maxie assuring Mac that she doesnít think the baby is hers and Spinelliís. Spinelli walks away. Sam runs into Spinelli in the corridor and wonders what is wrong. He says he and Ellie hit a rough patch. She says she heard Maxie gave birth to a healthy girl. He says Dante and Lulu are fortunate. She tells him that they found a donor for Danny and goes to find Dr. Clay. Spinelli goes back to Maxieís room and runs into Mac, who is bringing her a shake. They open the door and discover that Maxie is gone. Maxie goes in to see the baby when Lulu and Nikolas leave the nursery.

Sabrina sees Ellie crying in an empty exam room. Ellie tells her that Spinelli hates her because she kept an important secret from him. She reveals that she violated her own ethics by hacking into Maxieís medical records, but then kept what she found out a secret. She says she lost Spinelli because of the lie she told to hold on to him. Sabrina says Ellieís worst crime is loving Spinelli. She reminds her of when she, too, violated her own ethics by running a paternity test without Brittís consent. Patrick finds Britt at Wyndemere and tells her that he knows about her motherís association with Cesar Faison and their reign of terror against Robinís family. She tells him that she didnít know and that she would have turned her mother in if she had. He vows that her mother will never come near his son. He tells her that he is going to seek full custody. She says he wonít get it. He tells her to expect a call from his lawyer, because he is going to protect his son. She says he is not his son.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nikki reads Katherine’s letter again and wonders if she should do what she is asking of her. Nikki almost tells Victor everything but is interrupted by Adam. Nikki heads to Crimson Lights to talk to Nick who tells her he is giving Summer space. Nikki overhears Summer telling Courtney that she wants to leave town, so Nikki advises Summer not to push away all the people who love her. Nikki later tells Nick what she overhead and tells him that he can’t allow Summer to leave town. Avery shares her worries about Faith and Sharon. Victoria assures her that blended families are hard, but with love everything will be okay. Avery is also worried that she will not be able to find a location or a caterer for the wedding, but Victoria tells her that she will have the wedding of her dreams.

Courtney interviews with Abby for an internship at Jabot, and thanks to Summer’s coaching, she gets the job. Tyler and Abby encourage Noah to ask Courtney out on a date, but Noah is worried that since Courtney is younger, people will think he is taking advantage of her. Tyler manages to get extra tickets to a concert that he and Abby are going to and arranges for Courtney to meet Noah there. Dylan is very happy to be a new dad and shows everyone pictures of the baby. Dylan also calls Chelsea and leaves a message telling her how much he loves her and Conner. Victor tells Adam that he will consider a take over of Chancellor Industries if he divulges the name of the mysterious investor who helped make Newman Industries private again.

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