Wednesday 8/28/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dressed in only Rick’s shirt, Caroline brings him coffee and a kiss to start his day while he is still in bed…..with a big old grin on his face. She sees him glancing at his iPhone and tells him to get it while she gets more coffee. He sees a bunch of calls from Maya. Pam tells Maya that she was sort of skeptical at first of this whole re-branding HFTF thing. But when Rick’s fanny was on the line, and it was…… she has to hand it to Caroline that she really pulled it off….the two of them make one heck of a team. Maya doesn’t seem too pleased to be hearing this. Wyatt is in Katie’s office as she holds Will. She tells him she wanted to meet him but now is not a good time. He asks if she is throwing him out like she did his old man. She quips that if he’s there to plead Bill’s case, that won’t do any good. He says no, Bill can fight his on battles and he knows she can too. He thinks Will is a fantastic kid and hopes he will get to spend more time with him considering the way she feels about Bill. Bill explains to Hope and Liam that Katie has asked him for a divorce. Liam says yes but he’d also heard that she was having doubts and may re-consider. Bill says that is par for the course. She pushes him away and then wants him back. He says he is not doing that dance anymore; he’s moving on. Hope adds – and with her mother. Bill says yes, he wants a life with Brooke and she wants the same with him. Brooke adds that she hopes she will have their support. Hope sits stone-faced. Bill has to ask a second time if they will rally around and act like the family they are. Hope says Katie is family. And now she is all alone raising a baby by herself and running a big company. Bill points out that she has plenty of people around and she will be fine. Hope asks what did they expect her to say. Katie did not want the divorce then and she does not want it now. So even if Bill and Brooke tell themselves that Katie threw them together, that was no excuse. Liam speaks up and says Hope is not attacking them, but they have to understand where she is coming from. Bill says he does understand. Her issue isn’t with him and Katie but just with Bill and how he tried to keep her and Liam apart for so long. And how her own mother could be with a man who did so much to hurt Hope. Katie tells Wyatt that she’d like Will to get to know both of his brothers but not now. She’d like him to leave. He makes a comment about her being so warm and inviting, maybe she treated Bill that way too. She scoffs that he really doesn’t know her. She admits she is mad at his father and she just isn’t gonna do this. Yet she goes on and Wyatt is shocked when she says she almost died giving birth. The more she talks, the more shocked he is when he finds out that Steffy and Bill were once involved and now he’s with Brooke, Hope’s mother. Pam offers Maya a freshly baked lemon bar. Maya declines saying she thinks she will head over to Rick’s as they have some unfinished business.

Maya walks into Rick’s place and calls out for him. Caroline comes out of the bathroom with only a towel. She tells Maya that she is too late. And yes this is exactly what it looks like. He’d still be here except Thorne called and needed him at the office. She tells Maya that she is out of her league. She was a distraction fresh out of prison but that is all she will ever be. Hope tells them that she doesn’t need them to speak for her. Yes Bill went out of his way more than once to keep her and Liam apart simply because he made up his mind that he didn’t like Hope and she wasn’t good enough for Liam. She tells her mother that when anybody attacked her or turned on her, she was always there for her. She supported her because she was her mother and she loved her. Yet throughout all the times that she stood here with her heart shattered, now Brooke is sharing a bed with the man who caused it all…..and in the house that she grew up in. Talk about a slap in the face! She points out that Katie is Brooke’s sister so that doesn’t make it okay. It doesn’t matter what Brooke feels for Bill; technically he should be off limits. Bill opines that Brooke didn’t do this. Katie asked him to move out. Hope tells Bill just to look at himself in the mirror. There’ll never be another arrogant, egocentric jerk that cares so much about anybody but himself. Hope walks off and Liam follows. Katie tells Wyatt that Brooke is now Bill’s priority, not her or Will. He’s turned his back on them. Back at the office Rick can only think of Maya….but also last night with Caroline makes him smile too. Caroline tells Maya that this would have never worked out for her and Rick, a prince with a commoner. That only happens in fairy tales. She tried to warn her about Rick many times but she wouldn’t listen. So listen to her now. She says if Maya is smart, she will quit her job and stick to acting. And to a man who does care about her – Carter. He will give her a very good life, so don’t screw it up. Maya replies that she didn’t have Caroline’s high society upbringing, but she’s a good person. And as for Rick and her being done, she will believe that when she hears it from Rick. Perhaps Caroline got him into bed last night because he was drinking but maybe she and Rick aren’t the sure thing as Caroline would like her to believe. Brooke wants to follow Hope, but Bill stops her and says she will be okay with this in time. And they need to give everyone else some time to see how committed they are to each other. They are together now. It doesn’t matter how it happened; there’s no turning back. Wyatt tells Katie that he grew up only hearing what his mom told him about his dad and none of it was good. And then years later when meeting him for the first time and getting to know him, he didn’t think he was anything like that….until now. Wyatt says he left his family business and his mom. He turned his back on her to get to know his father better and now he finds out that Bill is doing it again….abandoning a child to be with Katie’s sister. Katie says Bill would not see it that way, and Brooke does have a way with men, all men. Wyatt says he doesn’t give a damn. A family should come first. That innocent little boy should come first. A father should always be his son’s hero. Katie tells him that she is sorry. He’s got money and power and everything it can buy. Bill has three sons, but he has ruined their home and destroyed his family. Wyatt says no, not yet, he won’t let him do that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric dreamed about the night Kristen took advantage of him.  The womanís face wasnít shown in the dream.  He wondered what he was dreaming about when he woke up.  Brady was happy that Kristen said the things she said to Jennifer.  Ericís dream continued to trouble him.  Kristen and Brady talked about her past mistakes.  Justin talked to Sami and EJ about her case.  Justin warned Sami that thereís an 80% chance that the jury would convict her.  Nicole talked to Daniel about his relationship with Jennifer.  Chad and Abby spent time together and kissed at the club.  Cameron showed up at the club.  Daniel wanted to know if Nicole had feelings for someone.  Eric walked in the room so Nicole walked out.  Daniel wanted to know if he remembered anything about the night he was sick.

Cameron saw Chad and Abby kissing and walked out.  Abby noticed Cameron and went after him.  Chad was suspicious of Abbyís behavior and went after her.  Nicole ran into JJ and yelled at him about the way he treated Jennifer.  Eric let Daniel know that he didnít remember what happened to him.  Abe visited Sami.  He let her know that he believed her story.  EJ and Justin went to the DiMera mansion to talk about Samiís case.  EJ was certain that Sami would get off.  Justin wanted to know how EJ knew she would get off.  Brady wanted to take Kristen away, but she turned him down.  Daniel talked to Eric about Jennifer.  Sami was happy to know that Abe believed her.  EJ thought that Bernardi was a corrupt cop so it would be proven in court.  Justin thought EJ was doing stuff behind his back again.  Justin believed that EJ planted evidence.  Justin wondered if EJ was trying to get Sami convicted.  Abby caught up to Cameron to talk to him about Chad.  Daniel continued to talk to Eric about his problems with Jennifer.  Daniel decided to go to Jennifer to try and work things out.  Kristen let Brady know that she had to interview the kids for the scholarship program.  Brady thought she didnít want to go away with him.  EJ denied wanting Sami to be convicted.  Justin explained how EJís help is messing up her case.  Sami thought about Melindaís deal to get EJ.  Sami wanted the guard to call Melinda.  Abby talked to Cameron about ďgivingĒ her to Chad.  Cameron denied pushing her towards Chad, but Abby didnít seem to believe that.  Chad hid and listened to their conversation.  Melinda visited Sami at the station.  Melinda had an assistant with her and began taping their conversation.  Sami wanted to make a deal.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke visits Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion. She is angry that he has been ignoring her calls and letting her think he was dead. He says he was busy trying to find a cure and that he has to resume his search. They share a passionate kiss. Luke goes to the hospital and sees Scott asking Laura for a divorce. She insists to Luke that she is ok. She ignores a call from her doctor in Paris and tells Luke that she has been putting off her annual evaluation. He tells her that she has to stay healthy so that she can be there for their kids and grandchild if he dies. Lulu asks them what is going on. Laura tells her about skipping her evaluation. Lulu tells her to go take care of it. Laura kisses Luke and leaves. Lulu asks him if he intended to mention that he is dying. He tells her that Helena poisoned him and that he is looking for a cure.  

Felix tells Sabrina that Britt is gone and that he thinks she might be in jail for aiding and abetting her mother. He reveals to Patrick and Sabrina that Brittís mother poisoned Duke Lavery and that she is the same person that held Duke hostage and put Robert Scorpio in a coma in Switzerland. Patrick concludes that Brittís mother is working with Faison. He is concerned about his child being born in prison. Felix tells Sabrina that he is even more convinced that Patrick isnít the father of Brittís baby now that he knows Brittís mother may have helped her. Patrick goes to the station. Anna tells him that Nikolas Cassadine bailed Britt out. Britt wakes up at Wyndemere. Nikolas tells her that he is her friend, no matter what anyone else thinks about it. He says he knows firsthand about guilt by association and wishes people could choose their families. He asks her to confide if her mother has her involved in anything so that he can help her. She tells him that she had no idea what her mother did, but that she told the police that her mother left a day earlier than she did. Lulu calls Nikolas to tell him that he is an uncle, so he leaves to go to the hospital. Britt looks at Nikolasí photo albums until Patrick storms in and tells her that he knows what she and her mother are up to.

Michael tells Elizabeth that AJ is at the station on suspicion of murdering Connie. Nikolas sees Elizabeth crying at the hospital. She tells him about AJís situation. He asks her if she is sure AJ was just venting before, when he said he would have killed Connie. At the station, AJ tells Anna and Dante that he doesnít remember anything about last night. He throws up when Dante shows him pictures of Connieís body. Anna asks if anyone at the Quartermaine mansion owns a gun. He says Tracy does. Dante goes to the Quartermaine mansion and asks Tracy to show him her gun. She opens the safe and finds it gone. Dante says they donít think she had anything to do with it, but that they that they think AJ used her gun to kill Connie. At the station, AJ remembers opening the safe that contained the gun. Michael goes to the station, tells AJ that Diane is on her way, and reminds him not to say anything until she gets there. AJ confides that he thinks he did it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Avery tells Nick that she knows Faith is a good girl, but she still hasn’t accepted that she will be the new woman in his life. Nick assures her that Sharon will have a talk with Faith and that she will learn to accept her once they are married. Nick tells Avery that they should find a new place to live so that Faith won’t be reminded of the times he shared with Sharon in the tack house. Sharon tells Faith that Nick is going to marry Avery, and she should accept her as the woman in her daddy’s life. Neil talks to Mason and asks him if he ever talked to Ann Turner. He denies ever talking to or seeing her. Devon tells Lily he suspects Hilary is trying to come between her and Cane. She agrees and wonders how she is going to talk to Cane about this without him defending Hilary. Cane argues with both Lily and Devon about Hilary, then Lily finally persuades him to pretend that Hilary’s plan is working, then tell her that he has feelings for her to see if Hilary lets her guard down and admits she has been trying to break up their marriage. Cane agrees to the plan but only because he wants to prove Lily is wrong about Hilary.

Devon tells Neil about Lily’s suspicions about Hilary and Lily’s plan to find out the truth. Neil tells Devon about the information he discovered about Ann Turner and that he thinks Mason might be the person that could lead him to Hilary. Mason tells Hilary about his conversation with Neil and that he is getting close to finding out the truth. Hilary isn’t worried at all and tells Mason that now it’s a race to see if she can ruin Neil’s life before he finds out the truth about her. Paul gets a call from Alex in Chicago telling him that he hasn’t found Carmine. Kevin tells Paul it was a false lead, because Carmine is still in town. Kevin tells Paul that he was looking on the computer and found out that Carmine scanned a janitor’s ID card to get into Lauren and Michael’s building. Paul calls Lauren and Michael to warn them. When nobody answers, he rushes to their place with the police. Kevin keeps calling Lauren and Michael to make sure they are okay. Lauren struggles to get free from Carmine who is holding her in his arms. She pretends that she wants to be with him until he lets her go. Lauren tells Carmine that she doesn’t want to be with him, and she certainly doesn’t want to die with him. Michael awakens and hits Carmine on the head. The two men fight until Michael pins Carmine down and Lauren holds a gun on him. Lauren wants to kill Carmine, but Michael persuades her not to do it. Paul arrives with the police, arrests Carmine, and takes him down to the police station. Michael tells Lauren that this nightmare will not be over until Carmine is dead. Michael also admits that he wanted Lauren to kill Carmine, but he had to persuade her to do the right thing to protect her, because he didn’t want her to go to jail for killing Carmine.

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