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AMC Recap Written by Lisa

JR tries to convince Cara that he is sorry and worthy of another chance and she told him she would think about it. JR took that as a positive sign and came home in a good mood. Colby noticed and she told him that Brooke would not get her hands dirty and sabotage his reel. JR figured it out that it had to be David. Colby agreed it would be something he would do. JR ran into David, confronted him, and David told him he humiliated himself all on his own and would pay for Marissa and enjoy it. Oliver is ready to go home and the bill is paid for by JR. David wheels him out, offers a ride home but Carmen declines and thanks him for everything. Cara, after being in the background, walks out as Oliver and David leaves. David tells her that he is going to miss Oliver and that he doesn't think she can get past or forgive her for aborting their child.

Pete took Celia to his apartment so she can shower and continue their date. They didn't let the skunk smell up their date and kissed and danced. Even Opal coming by did not seem to matter. Zach and Lea kissed and he walked her home. While alone, Zach looked at a picture of Myrtle and remembered her words that he deserves happiness. Lea then came by and told him she is glad he kissed her and didn't want the night to end.

Joe calls Carter's phone looking for him as Dixie comes over to the nurses' station. Joe tells Dixie this was the second message he left because he didn't show up for work. Joe asked if she heard from him to let him know. Cara then walks by and Dixie stops her to ask about JR and as they talk Cara realizes just what he had to overcome and maybe deserved her consideration. Dixie goes to pick up a Cobb salad for lunch and sees Anders sitting at the bar. Dixie offers friendship but he declines and leaves. Dixie asked the bartender how much he had to drink. He tells her he stared at it and only ordered that one and didn't touch it. Carter is then seen at a bench staring at his phone at the picture of the mysterious woman.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya tells Rick that she is sorry but it is true. Carter spent the night at her place. She makes it clear that nothing happened but a little kissing. She wanted to tell him. She intended to tell him now, but now it’s too late. He’s incensed that she allowed Carter to kiss and touch her. She had let Rick, the waiter, sleep on her couch but that is because she had feelings for him. He assumes she must have feelings for Carter too. He questions her if she wants to be with Carter now. She cries that she was hurt when he didn’t show up at her opening and she made a bad judgment call. She asks him not to get mad and leave; they can work this out. Rafael can’t wait to hear all the details about what Caroline told Rick. She tells him that she is waiting right now as Rick is talking to Maya. She thanks Rafael for being such a good friend. When Rick gets back to his place, he finds Caroline there with a big bottle of wine thinking he needs a friend. He tells her she was right about Maya. She coos that Maya doesn’t deserve him. She is there ready for a kiss. Hurting, he looks at her differently. Hope informs Liam that despite how it looked at the showing, it was a huge success and orders for HFTF is pouring in. They make love.

Maya tells Carter that she may have lost Rick. Someone else got to him first and now he feels angry, hurt and betrayed. Carter tells her that this doesn’t have to be the end. Yes Rick is hurt now but it will pass. She’s not sure since this is the last thing Rick can accept; her not telling him the truth. She thanks Carter for being such a good friend. Caroline shows Rick some raw footage that Rafael gave her. She has said it before and she will say it again – Carter and Maya are doing more than acting. She could never do that. She would never betray or cheat on him as she is all his and that is what he deserves. She pours the wine and reminds him what an awesome team they are, both in business and in the bedroom. Maya was just a distraction but she wants Rick to give them a second chance. He won’t regret it. She peels off her clothes and sits with him on the bed. She proceeds to kiss him all over.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will and Gabi argued about the things that Nick has done.  Daniel wanted Kristen to tell him what sheís hiding.  Kristen wanted to get out of Danielís apartment.  Gabi, Will, and Sonny started to argue about their arrangement with Arianna.  Daniel told Kristen that she could leave, but he was calling Brady.  Kristen stopped Daniel from making the call.  Gabi and Will continued to argue about Nick seeing Arianna.  Daniel threatened to call Brady again if Kristen didnít tell him the truth.  Kristen agreed to tell Daniel the truth.  Kristen explained to Daniel that she was afraid she would lose Brady.  Brady went to see Jennifer and they talked about Daniel.

Will and Sonny tried to make things right, but Gabi wasnít hearing it.  She ended up leaving.  Daniel told Kristen that he wants the best for Brady.  Kristen and Daniel ended up briefly talking about his relationship with Kristen.  Jennifer mistakenly mentioned Kristenís past mistakes and Brady wanted to know why Jennifer brought that up.  Jennifer wanted to make sure that Brady was doing the right thing.  Nick saw Gabi at the town square and sat with her.  He wanted to know if she regretted having sex with him.  Kristen showed up at Jenniferís place and they talked about Daniel and JJ.  Brady overheard Kristen advising Jennifer not to blow her chance with Daniel.  Kristen told Jennifer how she felt about Brady.  Gabi didnít regret being with Nick.  Kristen convinced Jennifer to call Daniel.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia wonders why Sonny left Connieís office after calling 9-1-1. She sees AJís initials written in blood and determines that he must have gone after AJ. Alexis says Dante already came to that conclusion and is going to intercede. Olivia hopes Dante gets there quickly. When Dante arrives at the Quartermaine mansion, Michael insists that AJ couldnít possibly have killed Connie. Dante says Connie wrote AJís name with her blood. Michael is afraid that Sonny will come after AJ. They go into the den and stop Sonny from shooting AJ. Michael tells Sonny that if he kills AJ, he will go to prison for the rest of his life and Michael will go from having two fathers to having none. Sonny relents and tells Dante to make sure AJ pays. Dante takes AJ to the station. Sonny returns to Connieís office just as the EMTs are wheeling her body away. He sees Alexis hugging Olivia and turns away.

Franco removes his hospital ID and considers jumping off the hospital roof. Ellie goes up to the roof and the two of them commiserate about losing the people they care about. She tells him that she lied about something that could ruin six lives. He says she should jump. She says her lie isnít worth dying over and that she is going to fix her life. While she is looking for AJ, Carly runs into Morgan and Kiki who tell her that Franco is missing. Carly overhears Ellie reporting Franco being on the roof. Carly goes up to the roof to talk to Franco. She says she knows he is disappointed that he canít help Danny and that Kiki isnít his daughter. He says he wanted to prove to Kiki that there is more to him than his notoriety. He ponders who he can prove himself to now. She reminds him that he still has to prove to her that he has changed.

Spinelli asks Lulu if she visited Maxie in recovery. She reveals that Maxie hemorrhaged after the C-section and that she is sedated now. She says Mac told her that Maxie had been agitated and thought the baby was hers and Spinelliís. She thinks Maxieís delusions sprang from unresolved feelings for Spinelli. Spinelli doesnít think that is the case. Lulu says she hopes he and Ellie work things out, because Ellie seems to be good for him, and they seemed so happy together. Ellie finds Spinelli and tells him that she loves him and wonít give up on him. She says she isnít letting their relationship go without a fight. He says nothing and gets on the elevator.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nikki and Neil talk about past mistakes for which they need to make amends without going into detail about them. Nikki tells Neil that she is scared that she won’t be forgiven for this mistake. Neil advises her to turn and face her past, because it is the only way she can seek forgiveness and forgive herself. Paul tells Nikki that the phone number she gave him has been disconnected, but he will keep looking. Nikki wonders if it is a good idea to seek forgiveness for something that happened so long ago. She tells Paul that she never told Victor about it. Katherine was the only one who knew her secret and now he knows. Paul tells Nikki to think about whether or not she wants to continue the investigation and call him when she makes her mind.

Mason feels used by Hilary, and he also feels a bit guilty for hurting people who have been nice to him. Hilary tells Mason that she couldn’t go through with her plan without his help, and he will get his reward later. She wants Neil and his family to pay for the death of her mother. She posts a picture that Mason took during her business trip with Cane, which shows Cane without a shirt and Hilary in a sexy pose. Lily doesn’t know who to believe when she sees the picture on the GC Buzz website. Cane explains to Lily that Hilary came to his room for him to sign some papers that were urgent for a business deal. Cane assures Lily that he loves her and would never cheat on her. Lily suggests to Cane that Hilary wants to break them up, but he refuses to believe that. Hilary arrives at Crimson Lights and isn’t happy when she sees Cane and Lily kissing. Devon tells Hilary that her plan to break up Cane and Lily isn’t working. Neil gets a list of employees who worked at Newman Enterprises from 2012 to early 2013 and then arrives at Mason’s place to ask him if he ever met a young lady named Ann Turner. Victor and Jack continue to argue about Summer who is so tired of it that she calls Courtney and tells her she wants to leave town. Nick asks both Jack and Victor to give Summer some space. Alex thinks he has a lead on Carmine and heads to Chicago to follow it. Kevin thinks the lead is a decoy and uses his computer skills to figure out where in Genoa City Carmine is hiding. Carmine breaks into Michael and Lauren’s place. They arrive home and smell gas. When Michael goes to the kitchen to turn off the gas, Carmine hits him over the head, leaving him unconscious on the floor.

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