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AMC Recap Written by Lisa

Cassandra came home and found out Jesse is no longer Chief of Police. Jesse comforted her and reassured her she and the family were more important. Dixie was looking for JR when she ran into Colby and started fishing about info on Celia. Opal and Colby set out to sabotage Pete and Celia's date of sailing and a candlelit dinner. They set a skunk lose in Jane's Addiction and sprayed Celia. It did not stop then from continuing the date and they laughed about it. Heather and AJ went to a water park while Zach and Miranda went apartment hunting and return items. Miranda asked Zach if she could move into a loft with him that they looked at and he accepted. Zach runs into Lea and asks if she likes ruining men's lives.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Rick this was not what he expected. Thorne and Thomas both agree that this was a major yawn. Rick will not bring in $100 million in sales. Caroline says it is all her fault but Thorne won’t let her take the fall. This was on Rick’s watch. Thorne looks to his dad to see what his decision is going to be. Despite the dismal response in person, Eric tells them the orders are rushing in from all over the Globe. This isn’t the way he would have done it, but Rick’s guts and initiative is paying off. He welcomes Rick to stay as President. Hope and Caroline are so proud of Rick and congratulations are in order. They almost feel sorry for Thorne. Eric tells Rick this is his success and he couldn’t be more proud. HFTF is a big hit. Eric tells Thorne and Thomas that he expects them to work with Rick not against him. The buyers want to celebrate with drinks.

Maya tells Caroline it was a day of victory, for her too. She hasn’t trusted her in the past but she can see how she looks at Rick that she really loves him. Caroline tells Rafael this is Rick’s big moment and she doesn’t want to tell him the truth about Maya and ruin this. Carter congratulates Maya for her great look on the runway. She tells him that despite the fact that they did not make love that night, they were too close and as painful as it might be she needs to tell Rick the truth. Carter hopes it works out. She deserves to have that sparkle in her eyes. Caroline hugs Rick and wants to celebrate. He thanks her but says he has other plans. And he knows that someday she will meet someone else and have a happy, fulfilling life. When she realizes he is going to meet Maya, she tells him this will hurt but he needs to know that Maya is not who he thinks she is. He says she really doesn’t want to go there. She’s bashed Maya before. She admits she has but this is different. She knows this to be true. Carter spent the night in Maya’s apartment the night after the showing when Rick couldn’t find her. He barks at Caroline for making this up as she has done so many times. He doesn’t want to hear it. Maya comes in and sees he is upset and he admits he just heard something that he doesn’t believe. Maya would be too honest and forthcoming to keep something like this from him. Say it didn’t happen.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ walked in Danielís apartment and saw Jennifer kissing Daniel.  JJ was upset when he thought Jennifer lied to him about being on a photo shoot.  Sonny and Will talked about how they had to testify for Samiís case.  Gabi needed Sonny to watch Arianna so she could go to class, but he couldnít stay.  JJ called Jennifer a slut so Daniel became enraged.  Sami talked to Justin about talking Melindaís deal.  Adrienne ran into Roman at the pub and he was chilly to her.  Sonny explained to Gabi that he and Will had to talk to Justin about testifying in Samiís case.  Daniel demanded that JJ apologize to Jennifer.  Daniel was ready to hit JJ when Jennifer warned him to leave JJ alone.  JJ stormed out of the apartment.  Daniel and Jennifer argued over JJ.  Nick visited Gabi and he offered to watch Arianna so she could go to class.  Sami continued to think about Melindaís deal.  Justin reminded Sami that she would have to ďgive upĒ EJ in order to ďgive upĒ Stefano.

Adrienne tried to reason with Roman about turning Sami in to the police, but he didnít want to hear what she had to say.  Gabi didnít think it was a good idea for Nick to babysit.  They talked about her courses as well as his parole hearing.  Nick ended up offering to help Gabi with her course.  Sami thought EJ could manage to walk away if she turned him over to the police.  Justin explained what could go wrong if Sami took the deal.  Daniel tried to call Jennifer to work things out.  Jennifer went to JJ and demanded that they talk about his action.  JJ didnít want to talk about anything and walked out.  Daniel finally got through to Jennifer, but they didnít resolve anything.  Justin met with Sonny and Will and advised them to tell the truth.  Kristen showed up at Danielís place and assumed that he was talking about her relationship with Brady.  Will was upset when he saw Nick with Gabi and the baby.  The jury selection for Samiís trial began.  Will and Gabi argued about Nick being at the apartment and spending time with Arianna.  Gabi didnít like how Will was telling her about her friends.  Daniel was confused about what Kristen meant by her relationship with Brady.  Kristen tried to explain things, but Daniel didnít believe her.  Daniel demanded that Kristen tell him what she meant.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante and Lulu wonder what Ellie and Spinelli are fighting about. Spinelli says they are fighting about his baby, but he doesnít reveal that their baby is biologically his. Lulu encourages Ellie to change her mind about not having children because it is such a wonderful feeling to look at a little person and know that you created that life. Ellie asks Spinelli why he didnít tell Dante and Lulu the truth. He says he didnít know how to break their hearts. She says he has to reveal the truth immediately. He sends her away. Mac tells Dante and Lulu that Maxie hemorrhaged after the C-Section, but that she is fine and resting in recovery. He reveals that the doctor sedated her because she is confused and thinks the baby is hers. Lulu says she has been worried about Maxie for a while. Mac says Maxie even thought Spinelli was the babyís father. He says she will probably not even remember saying it when she wakes up.

AJ stumbles into the Quartermaine mansion, drunk and passes out. Ava tells Michael that she saw AJ drinking at the Floating Rib. He asks her why she let an alcoholic drink. She says he is a big boy, he was upset about Connie Falconeri, and he needed a drink. Olivia has a vision of blood oozing under the elevator door and then of Connie bleeding on the floor. Sonny goes to Crimson and finds Connie on the floor, shot, but still alive.  While he is calling 9-1-1, she writes the initials A J on a sketch pad with her blood and dies. He swears that AJ Quartermaine will not get away with it. After unsuccessfully trying to call Connie and Sonny, Alexis and Olivia go to Crimson, but the police wonít let them into Connieís office. Dante arrives and holds Olivia to keep her from trying to see Connie. Dante asks where Sonny is. An officer suggests that he may have gone after the assailant and points out the bloody initials. Sonny goes to the Quartermaine mansion and wakes up AJ. He says AJ killed Connie and now he is going to kill AJ.   

Derek Wells realizes that he was Alexisís one-night-stand that resulted in Sam. Silas allows Sam to hug him when she tells him that they found a donor for Danny. She says the owner of the newspaper came to the donor drive because he felt badly about bumping the story about the drive from the front page and he turned out to be a match. Derek calls Ava and says he needs to see her immediately. When she arrives at the hospital he tells her that he is a match for the kid with Leukemia and that it isnít a random coincidence because the child is his grandson. He tells her about his one night stand with Alexis and says he never saw her again and never knew she got pregnant with his daughter. Sam introduces Derek to Silas. Silas wonders why Ava is there. She says Derek is a client. Sam remembers Ava and Derek talking about an art transaction at the newspaper office. She hugs Derek and thanks him. When Sam and Silas leave, Ava warns Derek that he canít get close to Sam or let anyone know that she is his daughter because then it will come out that he is Julian Jerome and not dead.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy tries to build Victoria’s bookcase with Delia as his assistant; but when he smashes his finger with a hammer, he and Victoria decide to hire someone to do the job. Cane, Esther, Jill, and Nikki read the letters that Katherine left for them, and they begin to carry out Katherine’s wishes. Cane's letter asks him to make sure that Jill is okay and to not allow her to push him away. Jill tells Cane that she is okay, doesn’t need his help, and tells him to go to work. Jill and Esther figure out the combination to Katherine’s safe and find a sketch of Katherine. Jill and Esther both cry because the sketch is such a good likeness of Katherine. Nikki cries as she tells Paul that she doesn’t know how she will make it through life without Katherine. Nikki later asks Paul for his help with something that is very important to her.

Adam tells Jack he intends to jump bail, because he doesn’t want to take a plea bargain for something that he didn’t do. Jack tells Adam he shouldn’t do that, because it will only make things worse for him. Paul hears Adam making a call to the pilot of the Newman plane telling him to get the jet ready. Paul tells Adam not to jump bail, as his life will never be the same if he runs away, because everyone will think he is guilty. Chelsea tells Melanie that she understands that she feels hurt because Adam ended her relationship, but she shouldn’t ruin Adam’s life by making false accusations against him. They both know that although Adam is cruel and calculating, he does have his moments of gentleness, and he isn’t a monster capable of rape. Chelsea’s words get through to Melanie, and she goes to the police station to drop the charges against Adam. Adam stops by Chelsea’s place to say thank you and tells her that he owes her for persuading Melanie to drop the charges against him. Adam feels he owes Chelsea for the favor, but she asks him to stop coming over to her place and to leave her and her family alone.

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