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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The show continues but the audience is not impressed. After being on the walkway, Maya tells Rick that it is dead out there. Caroline tells Rafael that she knows what it could mean that he saw Carter coming out of Maya’s apartment early in morning with the same clothes on as the night before, but she will have to deal with that after this showing. Rick is worried and motions to Othello to turn the music up. Thorne and Thomas look on, knowing what all of this means. Hope comes out in the lovely tangerine showstopper, no applause. Hope says she will answer any questions. No one says a word. Rick tries to act confident and thanks Caroline. But Thorne says his dad said he would make his decision based on the response from the buyers so he is feeling pretty confident too. Later he tells Thomas that his first order of business will be relegating some serious basement time to Rick. International Paris will have to wait. Caroline almost tells Rick about Maya and Carter but tones it down and just tells him that she will do anything to help him succeed. She doesn’t ever want to let him down. As everyone leaves Thorne tells Eric that he knows it will be difficult, but it is time for his decision. In turn, Eric tells Rick this was quite a learning experience. He’s never seen anything like this but the buyers have spoken. Thorne starts to speak and Rick stops him. He says his dad has the floor and he should have the respect to let him speak.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate and EJ had a heated discussion about Sami.  Kate wanted to know if EJ was going to blame her and Rafe if Sami got convicted.  Melinda and Justin visited Sami.  Melinda offered a deal for Sami. Melinda advised Sami to plead guilt and she would only serve 10 years.  Hope and Theresa were at the pub.  Hope talked to Theresa about being at the club with Vargas.  Jordan began physical therapy with Rafe.  Kate wanted to offer an olive branch to Sami.  Kate let EJ know that she wanted to help Sami.  EJ was shocked that she wanted to help her.  Sami didnít want to spend 10 years in jail.  Melinda informed Sami about the people testifying against her.  Melinda reminded Sami about the deal she gave her.  Justin didnít think Melinda had much of a case or she wouldnít have offered Sami the deal.  Melinda was confident that she could win and wanted to give Sami a chance to help herself.  Rafe struggled with his physical therapy.  After Jordan left Rafeís room, Abe showed up.  Abe talked to Rafe about Samiís trial.  Melinda wanted something in addition to giving Sami a 10-year sentence.  Melinda wanted Sami to give her Stefano.

Hope told Theresa about her conversation with Vargas.  Theresa tried to explain what happened with Vargas, but Hope didnít believe it.  Hope let Theresa know that she knew about the trouble Theresa got in when she was in Los Angeles.  Kate arrived at the hospital and Rafe told her that he wanted to help Sami.  EJ met with his henchman and found out that he put money in Timmy Bernardiís account.  The guy put $100,000 in the account.  Melinda knew that Sami couldnít get Stefano to talk to her so she came up with another deal.  Melinda wanted Sami to hand her EJ.  Sami was appalled that Melinda wanted her to turn on EJ.  Melinda warned Sami that she could lose her children if she didnít take the deal.  Melinda let Sami know that her kids would still be young when she got out of jail if she took the deal.  Sami asked Justin if Melindaís offer was the best decision for her.  Justin let Sami know that this will probably be the only deal that she is offered.  Hope tried to reach out to Theresa about her behavior, but it didnít do any good.  Theresa wasnít willing to listen to her. Sami asked Justin about her chances with her trial and he said that it wasnít good for her.  EJ arrived at the station so Justin and Sami stopped talking about the deal.  Will and Kate were at the hospital to see Rafe.  A man showed up and served Rafe, Kate, and Will subpoenas to testify against Sami.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia sees the puppy asking for its mommy on a poster in the hospital elevator. She short circuits the elevator when she bangs on all the buttons, causing it to stop between floors. Lulu suggests that they name their daughter Jacqueline. Dante says that name reminds him of Spinelliís nickname, The Jackal and that he doesnít want to think of Spinelli when he looks at his daughter.  She suggests that they name their daughter Georgie since Maxie had been calling her that. Dante recalls that Lulu thought Maxie was getting too attached to the baby and wonders if she foresees a problem in the future. Lulu thinks Maxie will be fine now that she isnít pregnant. Maxie wakes up in recovery and tells her parents that her sister, Georgie, told her to come back for her baby. When she asks where her baby is, they tell her that she is with her parents, Dante and Lulu. She says itís her baby with Spinelli. Dr. Chu sedates her. Ellie tells Spinelli that he and Maxie are Dante and Luluís babyís biological parents. She explains that Maxie was never implanted with a second embryo because she was already pregnant from having sex with him on New Years Eve. Spinelli is dumbfounded and elated, but at the same time he is furious that Ellie lied to him. She says Maxie begged her not to tell and she complied because she was afraid to lose him to Maxie and her baby. Dante and Lulu go out into the hallway when they hear Spinelli yelling at Ellie. Lulu asks what they are fighting about. Spinelli says they are fighting about the baby.

Sam and Alexis tell Derek Wells that he is a match for Danny. Alexis tells him that they had a blood relative that was match, but he was ineligible because he had cancerous cells in a brain tumor. She says every other blood relative was tested except Samís father who was a one night stand named Julian in New Hampshire. Julian remembers that night. Connie figures out that Derek Wells is Julian Jerome. She is dialing Sonnyís number when AJ arrives at Crimson drunk, brandishing a gun. Michael finds an empty bottle of vodka at the Quartermaine estate. He tells Kiki that AJ is missing. She says she was looking for Franco because he has gone missing too. Michael wonders what AJ took out of the open safe. Kiki and Michael bond over worrying about their fathers.  He asks her if she believes Morgan didnít know she isnít a Quartermaine. She says she has to believe him and that he is a good husband.

With the call connected to Sonny, Connie tells AJ that coming to her office with a gun isnít the answer, but Sonny canít hear her from the elevator that he is stuck in with Olivia. AJ hears Sonnyís voice on the phone and tells Connie that it looks like Sonny wonít be able to save her this time. Connie tells him to consider how it will affect Michael if he kills her. He says Connie destroyed everything heíd built with Michael. She says that isnít true and that he can fix it. Sonny gets agitated in the elevator because of his claustrophobia. Olivia calms him down. She tells him that they have a wonderful son and granddaughter, but that Connie is his girl. When the elevator doors open, Olivia tells Sonny to go to Connie. When she is alone in the elevator, she sees a puddle of blood oozing under the doors. Sonny goes to Crimson and finds Connie on the floor, shot. AJ stumbles into the Quartermaine mansion.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam picks up the baby and is talking to him when Chelsea walks in. Dylan also walks in and wants to know what is going on. Dylan takes the baby from Adam. Dylan orders Adam to stay away from Chelsea and Connor. Adam asks for Chelsea’s testimony in his case but she refuses. Nick asks Sharon for her help with Faith. At the Chancellor home, Jill reads a newspaper article about Katherine. Esther gives Jill a letter that Murphy gave to her to give to Jill from Katherine. Esther reads her letter to Jill that Katherine wrote to her. Jill refuses to read her letter in front of Esther. Nikki tries to hide some papers from Victor but he says she doesn’t have to hide them. Nick tries to talk to Sharon concerning Faith’s attitude about his marriage to Avery. Avery shows Faith some pics of wedding dresses and other things related to a wedding. Avery mentions buying her a new dress for the wedding, but Faith refuses. Avery goes upstairs to look through Faith’s dresses to try to find her one to wear for the wedding. While she is gone, Faith tears up all the wedding pics.

Chelsea refuses to help Adam in his rape trial. Adam tells Dylan to take care of Chelsea and Connor. Adam goes to the Newman ranch to talk to Victor. Adam tells Victor about his trip with some prospective buyers. Victor lets Adam know about Katherine’s death. Adam suggests that he try to take over Chancellor Industries, but Victor flatly refuses. Nikki and Jill start to plan Katherine’s memorial. Nick thanks Sharon for agreeing to help with Faith. Cassie asks Sharon why she didnít come up with a plan to stop the wedding. Avery goes downstairs and sees the pics all torn up. She asks Faith why she did this. Faith jumps down and into Nick’s arms. She tells Nick that Avery yelled at her and was mean to her. Nick instructs Faith to go upstairs. Avery explains to Nick about the pics. Sharon tells Cassie that she has to come up with a plan to stop the wedding, but Faith may take care of that for her. Adam lets Victor know that he visited Chelsea. The baby begins to cry which panics Chelsea and Dylan. They take him to the emergency room. Victor assures Adam that he can still have it all. Jill pours her heart out to Nikki that Katherine chose Cane over her to head Chancellor. Jill re-reads the letter from Katherine and then it dawns on her about the safe. Nick tells Avery that they will not postpone the wedding. Faith watches as Avery and Nick kiss. Sharon receives a visit from Avery who tells her to stay away from Nick. Cassie tells Sharon to use Avery being insecure to stop this wedding. Nikki reads her letter from Katherine. Jill tries to open the wall safe but with no luck. She yells for Esther.

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