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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick asks Eric to keep an open mind. He knows he’s been stingy with the details but he is confident that it will all work out. He knows Thorne and Thomas are licking their chops. Caroline tells Rick that when this is over, Thorne and Thomas will be kicking themselves for underestimating him. They will be the ones celebrating. Rick reminds her that he will be celebrating with Maya. She’s the one that doesn’t keep secrets from him. He’s coming around with Caroline’s new attitude, but he hasn’t changed his mind about Maya. Meanwhile Maya is telling Carter that she feels guilty and she has to tell Rick that Carter spent the night. She wasn’t honest with Rick and she won’t lie to him. Rafael finds Caroline just before the showing where she is dashing around making sure everything is perfect. She has no time for him until he mentions it involves Maya. Quickly he tells her that he saw Carter that morning coming out of Maya’s apartment wearing the same clothes as the night before. Clearly he had sent the night.

Thorne looks at Rick’s President plate on the door and tells Thomas that he almost feels sorry for him, but by the end of the day Rick will be in that basement by himself. Marcus tells Carter that Rick told him and Othello to expect the unexpected but he thinks he might be the one to be surprised. Rick tells Maya that she looks marvelous but once she and the models are out there, it is out of his hands. She tells him that later she does need to see him alone. Caroline tells Rick to go on, he will have more to thank her for later. Hope takes the stage and welcomes everyone to their exclusive look at HFTF….a new way to look at the world and the fashion in it. Othello hits the music and the show begins. The audience is semi-warm. Eric and others have already noticed many of their regular buyers didn’t even bother to come. The collection is pretty and the audience should be standing on their feet according to Donna and Pam, but they are stone-faced. Eric tells Hope that he wishes there was more of a response. Marcus tells Dayzee this is not what Rick was looking for. Thorne and Thomas tell Rick that he failed the team and the company. He can say goodbye to the presidency as it is time for a change. He should have pulled the plug on this disaster before it even began.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Vargas was arrested for fighting the guy who flirted with Theresa.  Cameron, Abby, and T helped Chad when Vargas hit him.  The cop who arrested Vargas found drugs on him.  Hope was shocked to find out Vargas was the one getting arrested.  Nick talked to Gabi about his feelings for her.  He kissed her and told her how beautiful she was.  His speech worked because she kissed him again.  EJ, Kate, and Stefano arrived at the club.  EJ wasnít thrilled at the idea of Stefano being at the club.

Nick and Gabi made love.  Nick tried to convince Gabi that sheís special and will be loved.  Will wanted to go home so she Gabi could have fun.  Sonny thought that Gabi was feeling lonely.  Gabi realized that Nick had to leave because Will was on his way home.  Vargas explained to hope that he had her back when she needed help with Jensen.  Vargas wanted Hope to help him, but she couldnít do it.  She warned him that he was going back to prison.  Theresa broke into Vargasí place and took his money.  Will was about to confront Stefano about what he did to Sami when Sonny wanted him to go home.  Kate told Stefano that she knew what he wanted Bernardi to do to Rafe.  Stefano and Kate argued about what he did to Rafe.  Vargas wanted Theresa to get his lawyerís number.  Theresa didnít want to help Vargas.  EJís henchman told him that the police checked all of Bernardiís accounts and they came up empty.  The henchman said that Bernardiís sonís account was the only one not checked.  Nick thought that he and Gabi could work out.  EJ wanted the henchman to plant money in Bernardiís sonís account.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Mac quips about the irony of Sonny Corinthos being a grandfather. Sonny, Olivia, Luke, and Laura go to look at their new granddaughter through the NICU window. Olivia says it is wonderful to see that her granddaughter is not a dog. She retells her vision to a confused Laura. Luke tells Laura that he is leaving to resume his quest for a cure and asks her to run interference with Lulu while he is gone. Maxie sees herself on the table from outside of her body and realizes that she must be dying. She sees her sister, Georgie, wearing scrubs. Georgie tells Maxie that she has to fight. Maxie says that if she dies, no one will ever have to know that Dante and Luluís baby isnít really theirs. Georgie reminds her that other people, specifically Ellie, know the truth. She asks what she thinks her death would do to her newlywed parents as Felicia and Mac wonder why Maxie isnít in recovery yet. Georgie takes Maxie to the NICU where Dante and Lulu are letting Spinelli hold the baby.  Georgie tells Maxie not to leave all the people who love her. She kisses Mac and Felicia before disappearing.

Elizabeth looks at a picture of Jake and remembers AJ cruelly telling her that Jake died because she wasnít watching him. Cameron tells her that he and Aiden like AJ. AJ is drinking vodka with a pistol in his hand in the living room at the Quartermaine mansion. He imagines that Michael suggests that he put it in his mouth and end his miserable life. He imagines that Michael tells him that Sonny is his father and AJ is nothing to him. He imagines that Connie appears and thanks him for botching his business and saving hers in the process. Michael goes to Elizabethís house. She says she found AJ at the bottom of a glass of vodka at the Floating Rib. Michael calls the Floating Rib. The bartender says AJ already left so Michael goes to the Quartermaine estate and finds an empty bottle of vodka on the floor.

Ellie tells Sam and Alexis that Derek Wells is a bone marrow match for Danny. Connie hears Derek call himself ďJulianĒ when he leaves a message for Ava Jerome. He tells her that he misheard him. She asks him to help her smooth things over with Sonny. Derek finds Sonny at the hospital and tells him that he made the decision to run the story against Connieís wishes. Sonny and Olivia agree that something about Derek is unsettling. Connie notices the Corinthos Coffee financial records displayed on the computer. She remembers Sonny mentioning Julian Jerome of the Jerome crime family and concludes that Derek and Julian are one and the same. As she is calling Sonny to tell him about it, AJ shows up at Crimson. Olivia sees a poster of the dog-baby in the elevator. Elle tells Spinelli that he is the babyís father.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane gets a call but is reluctant to answer it. Lily comes into the room looking for something which Cane helps her to find. Lily and Cane discuss Katherine’s death and how hard it is on everyone close to her. Chelsea refuses to see Adam and tells him so as Dylan listens. Dylan tells Chelsea that Adam stopped by the coffeehouse and wants her to be a character witness for him. Chelsea wonders why Dylan didn’t tell her. Adam sees Melanie at the Athletic Club because he has something to tell her if she wants to listen. Leslie and Kevin meet at the police department to await Neil’s arrival. Neil comes in, gives Leslie a hug, and says he has a lot to tell them. Hilary visits Cane at home to do some work. Sharon brings Faith home to Nick’s. Sharon sees the newspaper which has the headline of Katherine’s death. Sharon asks Nick about the wedding. Nick asks Sharon if she has a problem with him getting married. Sharon she needs to get something off her chest. Lily hugs Neil as she joins him, Leslie, and Kevin. Neil shows them a file full of newspaper clippings on the family. Neil gives Kevin a telephone number of someone that she's been calling. With Hilary’s help, Cane issues a press statement about Katherine’s death. Hilary begins to cry over the death of her own mother and thinks she should have been with her when she died. Cane hugs Hilary. Dylan explains to Chelsea why he hadnít told her about Adamís visit. Chelsea lets Dylan know that Adam is no rapist. Adam tries to make amends with Melanie to get her to drop the rape charges. Sharon tells Nick that she doesnít want this marriage to come between her and him. Sharon goes upstairs to check on Faith when Avery arrives, frantic about the wedding. Nick lets Avery know that Sharon is just upstairs. Sharon listens to them from the top of the stairs, then she goes back downstairs and offers congratulations to Avery. Sharon thinks that Faith ought to be told about their impending nuptials. Nick and Avery begin to discuss wedding plans. Avery wants Nick to tell Faith as soon as possible.

Chelsea tells Dylan that she won’t help Adam. Melanie refuses to believe that Adam has changed. Melanie yells at Adam to stay away from him as Neil and Leslie walk in. Leslie warns Adam to stay away from Melanie. Lily goes home to find Hilary with Cane. Lily and Cane snuggle on the sofa. Lily asks him why he smells like Ashley. Kevin tells Dylan how much he misses the coffeehouse. Dylan offers to let him take what he wants from the coffeehouse. Avery enters and notices Dylan’s wedding ring. Dylan informs her that he and Chelsea were married and she had the baby. They discuss Phyllis and how she is doing. Chelsea gets a visit from Adam. Avery asks about the baby. Dylan tells her that it is a boy and they named him after his dad. Avery lets Dylan know that she and Nick are getting married. Nick and Faith have a talk about his upcoming marriage to Avery. He asks her to be the flower girl. Faith jumps up and says “No;” she wonít be a flower girl unless he marries Mommy. Adam asks for Chelsea’s help. The baby begins to cry before he can answer. Adam picks up the baby and starts to talk to him. Chelsea comes back in and just watches him. Dylan also walks in and asks what is going on. Kevin runs a check on the telephone number and gets a shock. Kevin finds Neil and Leslie at the Athletic Club and lets them know that Ann was calling someone at Newman. Neil is puzzled. Hilary comes home. Tyler comes out of the bathroom. Hilary tells him that things are going as planned. They kiss. Avery wants to talk to Faith who tells her that she will only be the flower girl for her mommy and daddy. Nick goes to see Sharon and asks what is going on.

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