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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke looks at Bill in her bed and reflects back to her conversation with Katie that she stole her husband. Rick tells Eric, Thomas and Thorne that Hope for the Future is too long. They will have a new logo. Thorne reminds him that has been the name of it since Day One. Rick says not any more. It will be known as HFTF. It rolls off the tongue. It’s fresh and hip. Eric says the buyers and the press are on their way now, Rick better be ready. Thomas chimes in that it’s $100 Million in sales or Rick is out and Thorne is in. Rick says he is well aware of the stakes. Thorne adds he guesses they will just have to wait and see what Rick and Caroline can pull off. Eric adds that the audience will let them know if this is a success or not and their reactions will tell him everything he needs to know. Thorne says those buyers better be wild with approval otherwise he is telling Rick that he is looking at the new President and Vice President. Backstage, Caroline is like a whirling dervish shouting orders. Carter catches up and tells her to slow down. She’s been at it all night. She says no, this has to run absolutely perfectly. She owes it to the company and to Rick. She’s done some things she is not exactly proud of but she’s trying to make it up to him if it’s not too late. Carter says it is never too late. He comments that he’s not always on board with her methods, but he doesn’t think she should give up on Rick. He’s not going to give up on Maya. Rafael calls Caroline and says he needs to talk to her. He’s been calling and she hasn’t answered until now. She says it is a bit crazy today with her big show so she will have to wait and talk to him later.

Bill awakens and realizes Brooke is not beside him. He asks her to come back to bed. He says he hasn’t slept that well in years. She sits on the covers by his side and he kisses her. He says good morning and that she is beautiful. Then he wants to know what is going on in that head of hers. She says she can’t believe just how much she has hurt Katie. But Katie is right, she did steal her husband. Bill says no, you can’t steal something that has been thrown away. He knows Katie wants the marriage back, but it’s too late. His heart is with Brooke. She thinks they can still work it out. He says he is done with feeling guilty and done with apologies. He chooses now to be with Brooke and they deserve to be happy. Rick finds Caroline and asks how things are going. A lot is riding on this showing, his whole future. She says they can’t miss. They are a good team and have been since she arrived from New York. He thanks her and says without her he would be screwed. She says if they go down, they will go down smiling and with their heads held high. He brings Maya into the conversation and says that is the one thing he admires in Maya is her integrity. He doesn’t ever have to worry about her cheating on him. She’s too honest. Maya is within ear range and hears this. She makes a bee line to Carter and says she hopes he was not about to tell Caroline that he spent the night at her place and they wee making out. He says that was their secret and he would never reveal that. Maya says she has been feeling guilty and she thinks she has to be truthful and tell Rick. She feels like a hypocrite if she is keeping this huge big secret from him. She has to tell him tonight after she show. She doesn’t know if he will understand. She just hopes that he will. Bill and Brooke lay in bed. Bill tells her that even if he weren’t with her, he would not be with Katie. Brooke needs to know that and stop looking back and just look forward. She wants to know if she has tamed the stallion.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen talked to Jennifer on the phone and Marlena overheard her say that she had sex with someone else.  Kristen heard the noise that Marlena made and ran to the door.  Marlena wasnít there anymore.  Marlena ran into Brady, but she didnít say anything about what she overheard.  Victor told Nick that he could move out now that his parole is up.  Kristen saw Marlena with Brady and realized that she was the one who made the noise she heard.  Marlena decided to talk to Brady and Kristen.  Marlena decided to talk to Brady and Kristen about Sami as well as family.  She thought it was time to bury the hatchet with Kristen.

Nick showed up at Sonny and Willís place and saw Gabi.  Nick and Gabi talked until he noticed that Gabi was dressed up to go to the opening.  Gabi explained that Will and Sonny went and she stayed with the baby.  Nick offered to stay and keep her company.  Vargas was Theresaís date for the opening and supplied her with drugs.  While Vargas left to take some drugs himself, Theresa ran into a guy that she thought was hot and wanted to dance with him.  Brady wanted to believe that Marlena wanted to make peace with him and Kristen.  Kristen didnít believe it, but she let it drop.  Marlena went to Victor to let him know that she had dirt on Kristen.  Nick and Gabi talked about whether he wanted to stay in Salem.  Nick also told Gabi about how much he thinks about her.  Vargas realized that Theresa disappeared from the club.  Vargas went outside and saw Theresa with the guy she met.  Victor and Marlena went to the DiMera mansion and talked about Kristenís secret.  Victor was determined to find out who Kristen had sex with besides Brady.  Vargas warned the guy to stay away from Theresa, but the guy wouldnít listen.  The guys started fighting.  Chad tried to break up the fright and Vargas ended up punching him.  Chad fell to the ground.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco doesnít believe Kiki when she tells him that he isnít her father. Ava confirms that it is true. Kiki tells Ava that she doesnít want to have anything to do with her. She says Morgan is her new family now that they are married. Ava is surprised to learn that Kiki and Morgan are married. Kiki reveals that Morgan convinced her not to wait. Carly tells Morgan that if he lied to get Kiki to marry him, then he has to fix it before it ruins everything. Michael goes to the Quartermaine mansion. Morgan says his wife isnít there. Michael says he is looking for AJ because he is worried about him. When Michael goes to look in other parts of the house, Morgan comments that he is glad his father isnít a drunk. Carly tells him that he needs to respect that it is important for his brother. He says she always worries about Michael. She says she worries about both of them and that the news about Kiki affects them both. She says he needs to tell the truth about keeping Kikiís paternity from her. He says it wouldnít change anything. Morgan is waiting for Kiki when she leaves Francoís room. Franco grabs Ava by the hair and tells her that if the doctors were mistaken about him being changed by the removal of the tumor, his crazy will come out on her. Ava tells Morgan to take care of Kiki. Kiki tells Morgan that she feels badly for Franco because he loved her from the moment her mother told him that she was pregnant. She goes back into Francoís room and discovers that he has climbed out the window.

Carly insists on going with Michael to look for AJ in the bars. Elizabeth finds AJ drinking at the Floating Rib. He tells her that she and Nikolas looked cozy when he saw them at the hospital. She says she needed a friend because she was worried about AJ. He tells her to go to the prince because now that he doesnít have a job, he has no way to take care of her. She asks him to let her take care of him right now. He asks her if she will take care of him the way she took care of her dead son Jake. He tells her that Jake wouldnít have been run over by her drunken father-in-law if she had been watching him. Elizabeth punches him in the face. She tells him that he can blame anyone he wants for the situation he is in, but it is up to him to decide what he is going to do about it. She turns and walks away and takes his keys out of his jacket pocket on her way out. She tells him to call a cab because no one is getting mowed down tonight.  AJ goes back to the Quartermaine estate and continues drinking. He opens the safe and removes a gun.  Tracy warns Connie to stay away from AJ.

Tracy tells Connie that Luke is sick. Luke and Laura go to General Hospital to be there for their granddaughterís birth. Olivia asks Laura what is wrong with Luke. Laura lies that he will be fine. Luke asks Sonny to protect Lulu and their mutual granddaughter when he is gone. He tells him that Helena poisoned him. Sonny assures him that as long as he runs the town, no harm will come to Lukeís family. Dr. Chu determines that Maxie needs an emergency Cesarean Section. Maxie tells Spinelli that she needs to tell him something, but Dr. Chu says there isnít time for that and whisks her away. Lulu goes into the operating room with Maxie while Dante and Spinelli watch from the window.  Dante confides to Spinelli that he doesnít know how to be a father because he didnít have one when he was growing up. Spinelli assures him that he will be a great father. Dante beams as Dr. Chu successfully delivers the healthy baby girl.  Dante tells the grandparents and Maxieís parents that the baby is born. Dante and Lulu bond with the baby. Maxieís monitors start beeping.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack reads a newspaper article about Katherine’s death as Abby and Billy listen. Jack asks Billy how Jill is doing. At the Newman ranch, Nikki, Victoria, and Victor discuss Katherine’s death. Noah takes pics of the pastry on the counter. Summer walks in and confronts him. Noah informs Summer that he enrolled in photography school. He tells her that he is concerned about Sharon. Tyler catches up with Devon at the Athletic Club. Tyler wants to talk about Jabot, but Devon has Katherine on his mind. Devon tells Tyler that Katherine, his grandmother, died. Tyler offers his sympathy. Dylan brings Chelsea and the baby home from the hospital. He shows Chelsea all the things that he bought for Connor. Chelsea is more than a little impressed when she sees the crib. Victor tells Victoria and Nikki that he wants to make everything all right with his family. Nikki leaves to run some errands. Noah tells Summer about Sharon, but she cannot muster any sympathy for Sharon. Dylan promises to keep Chelsea and Connor safe. Devon tells Tyler he doesn’t want his sympathy. Devon explains his feelings for Katherine when he first met her and found she was his grandmother. Abby remembers skinny-dipping in Katherine’s pool and ruining her fundraiser. Nikki visits Jack, and they hug.

Chelsea watches Dylan rocking Connor. She asks him what he meant when he said that he wanted Connor to be a better man than him. Dylan tries to explain his feelings to Chelsea about being a father. Tyler reconsiders Devon’s offer to work at Jabot, but he sets limits. He wants Noah to be his photographer. Devon looks at Noah’s pics but still has doubts. Summer takes a pic of Noah. Nikki and Jack reminisce about Katherine. Nikki tells Jack that Victor decided not to fight him anymore concerning Summer. Victoria lets Victor know that she has reunited with Billy. Victor begins to rant and rave at her for taking him back and ruining her life. Victoria lashes out at Victor, accusing him of not honoring Katherine’s wishes. Dylan works on a surprise for Chelsea, but she walks in and catches him with it. Chelsea begs him to let her see the surprise. Dylan gives in and shows her the photo album. Victoria comes home to Billy. They talk a few minutes, but then he suggests that they make a baby. Nikki comes home from Jack’s. Nikki tells Victor that she visited Jack concerning Summer. Nikki and Victor argue. Nikki begins to cry that she didn’t have enough time with Katherine. Tyler lets Noah know that he has a photography job at Jabot.

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