Tuesday 8/20/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/20/13 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Lisa

Colby gasped when JR had a scary look on his face as she was bemoaning her father's neglect and Brooke's takeover of Chandler. Joe was alerted that Cara's prescription pad was stolen and was used for steroids. Cara figured out why JR lashed out at everyone at the gala and confronted him when he came to see her and Oliver at the hospital. He was the one that stole her prescription pad and broke her trust.

Pete went to Jane to help with his date with Celia. While waiting for her son, Opal looked at a picture of Celia on his phone and had a vision of her as a little girl then red blood splattered all over the screen. When Pete sat down with her, Opal tried to talk him out of committing to one person. After not getting anywhere, she wished him luck and a great time with Celia. After having another nightmare about a strange man, Celia met with Dixie to see if she could help. Dixie promised to help and keep her visits a secret. Little did they know, Colby was lurking around and overheard enough to launch a plan to botch up Celia and Pete. Colby went so far as to get Opal's help to do that. When she got back, Evelyn came to Celia's room, showed concern, and didn't believe her excuses why she was not at the television station. Evelyn called Celia's guardian to keep him up to date.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke says everything she says seems to be wrong. Brooke says Katie is still refusing to take responsibility for her actions. Katie says no, she will accept her own but she is refusing to take blame for Brooke’s actions. Taylor tried to warn her that Brooke would steal Bill away if she didn’t watch out. Brooke betrayed her in the worst possible way. And she guesses her paranoia and insecurities were right on track since her own sister and husband can’t keep their hands off of each other. Brooke offers that Katie just wants to feel sorry for herself….poor maligned Katie and she wants everyone else to feel the same. Well, Brooke says she is sick and tired of listening to Katie be the victim. Wyatt pops in on the lovebirds and asks how does bar-b-que sound for dinner. Trying to sound okay with it, Liam unfolds from Hope and says he has food he can cook. Wyatt insists. He will just run down to the market and get some ribs, chicken and some veggie burgers, and Liam and Hope can just sit and enjoy. Liam gives in and says okay, he’ll get him some cash. Wyatt says no need; Bill gave him a credit card the day he moved in. But he didn’t buy him a mansion on the beach so that probably means he still likes Liam better. Liam wants to smile or laugh but can’t. Before he leaves, Wyatt asks if they want him to move his things out so Hope can have his room. Liam says no, his room is Hope’s room now. Wyatt acts surprised and says he just thought everybody would want their own space. Hope chimes in and says thank you but she will be all right not having her own space…..the closer to Liam she is the happier she will be. Wyatt says that is very beautiful and someday he HOPES someone will feel that way about him. Again Liam is not sure how to take that. Katie tells Brooke that thank God they can finally drop the sisterly pretense that she was on her side. Brooke says she was on her side and still is but Katie has been so unreasonable and erratic. One week she is kicking Bill out of his office and home and the next she is inviting him back in. Bill walked out because of what Katie did, not her. Everything is a test for Katie. She takes off her rings and says she wants a divorce, over and over again. And guess what, she didn’t even mean it. Brooke says she is not going to play that little game with her anymore. And she will not stand here and listen to this abuse to Bill. Katie scoffs. Brooke says she is calling it abuse because that is exactly what it is. Wyatt returns with a catered affair. He says why bother when Malibu has it all prepared. He tells Liam though that he’s still not quite sure where his place is here. He doesn’t know which dishes to use or what might be for special occasions. He doesn’t know which rooms he can go into and he doesn’t want to be obnoxious and start grabbing things. Liam says they are brothers so it’s also his house. Wyatt says not really. Liam's been living here a while and it’s his furniture and stuff on the walls. And now Hope is moving in and he’s really happy for them, but if it’s his home too then why wasn’t he asked. Liam ponders and says Wyatt is right. It makes him feel like a guest and not family. Liam says okay, here’s the rules. Anything he has is Wyatt's. Anything…..well except Hope. She stifles a giggle. Wyatt quips he knew there was a catch.

Katie says she guesses she needs to apologize for abusing Bill. Brooke adds that she stopped expecting that from Katie many years ago. Over the years Katie always blamed herself for things she had no control over like in Stormie’s death. Katie would cry, wring her hands and squeeze pity out of anyone who would listen. And now for things that she created and did, like kicking Bill out of the house, she claims pure innocence. She tells Katie that she never really knew her sister and the reason was she really never cared. She treated all of them like that and didn’t care except for what she could get. And they put up with it because she was the youngest. Sometimes it was cute and even precious, but it is not precious anymore. Katie needs to stop blaming other people for things she can fix. Otherwise it is just a big waste of time. Katie smiles and says she certainly doesn’t want her life to pass her by. Since she needs to get wise perhaps Brooke can educate her. Katie says she wants her marriage back so she wonders what her big sis would do. Brooke reminds her that she is a little too close to the situation and she didn’t exactly go unscathed herself, she lost a child. Katie mocks her and Brooke says she is not going to feel guilty for loving someone. Katie says that is the problem. Brooke is so hypercritical and tells Katie that she should fix her marriage when Brooke has no intention of letting that happen. Katie says she actually sees Brooke now a lot better than she thinks she does. She wants to know how many times has Brooke fell in love….how many weddings…how many times has she followed her heart to her destiny. Bill is her new destiny? Or maybe Brooke just wanted Bill because he was Katie’s. For the first time in her life she had someone who loved her and chose her. And she wants Brooke to know the next time that he tells Brooke that he loves her, he said that to Katie first and those feelings don’t just go away. And if Brooke hears a little voice in her head to if she can trust Bill, better get used to it as that is what it means to be loved by Bill Spencer. So she can do everything she can, use all her tricks and talents to make other women’s men fall at her feet, but just remember that he’ll never be completely hers. Wyatt is surprised that Liam and Hope are calling it an evening so soon. Then he realizes they aren’t going to the bedroom to sleep. On his laptop he looks at the bios of both Liam and Hope. Katie hears the baby crying and says she misses Bill too, but she will get him back. At home, Brooke takes off her earrings and sees something in her mirror. It’s Bill coming out of the shower in only a towel. She asks what he is doing here and he replies coming home to her. They are starting their life together. She tells him she can not do this. He wonders what her Plan B is. She says he needs to go back to his wife. She thinks Katie has learned her lesson this time. He says Brooke hasn’t been listening. He’s turned the page; he is done. He is there with her. He continues that he did everything he could to make Katie happy. She doesn’t want to be happy. And now she is aiming it all at Bill. He is the target. He makes a comparison to how big, strong lifeguards drown – they try to save people who drag them down with them. He’s not going to do that. It’s been too long since Brooke was in love; it’s not natural. So she can kiss him or tell him that she doesn’t love him and not mean it – that is her two choices. Hungrily they kiss and fall into bed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor invited Marlena to his place because he wanted her help to take down Kristen.  Eric managed not to see Kristenís pregnancy test when he went to the mansion.  They talked about the scholarship program.  JJ was about to walk in Jenniferís office and see her with Daniel when Theresa stopped him.  Theresa wanted to talk to him about drugs.  JJ didnít like the way Theresa was talking to him so he walked away from her. Jennifer wanted to make sure that JJ didnít see her with Daniel.  Daniel became frustrated with her because she wanted to sneak around.  Jennifer wanted Daniel to understand that she wanted to give JJ a little more time because he was getting better.  Daniel ended up walking out of her office.  Victor tried to convince Marlena that they could take Kristen down.  When JJ went to see Jennifer, he wondered if Daniel was with her.  He told Jennifer how Daniel makes him feel like a screw up.  Jennifer tried to get him to change his mind, but he didnít.  Theresa went to Danielís house and was put in her place about their relationship.  Kristen and Eric talked about Brady and the problems it will cause with them working together.  Victor wanted to be Marlenaís silent partner.  He wanted to know Kristenís weakness.  Eric left the DiMera mansion.  Kristen called Jennifer and asked her to come to the mansion.

Cameron told Kayla that Chad had a tumor.  Cameron also told Kayla that Chad didnít want anyone to know about it.  Daniel wanted Theresa to leave his place.  Jennifer went to see Kristen to find out if sheís pregnant.  Cameron went to Chad to see what he found out from the specialist.  Chad let Cameron know that heís dying.  Kristen told Jennifer that sheís not pregnant.  Chad thought that Cameron was waiting for him to die.  Cameron didnít want that to happen.  Chad let Cameron know that Abbyís going to be his date at the reopening of the coffee shop.  Cameron was okay with Abby being his date even though he wasnít happy about it.  Theresa was back at the hospital and Ann showed up in the office looking for Jennifer.  Theresa let her know that Jennifer was out.  Theresa asked Ann who Daniel was dating.  Ann told her that Daniel and Jennifer were on again off again.  Theresa didnít understand what Daniel saw in her.  Marlena was at the DiMera mansion to see her grandchildren and overheard Kristen talking to Jennifer about having sex with someone else.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael takes out his frustrations on a heavy bag. Carly goes to his apartment and says she thought he would be happy to learn that Kiki isnít a Quartermaine. He tells her that it doesnít matter because Kiki and Morgan are married already because Morgan wanted to trap her before she found out that they arenít cousins. She says she is going to go confront Morgan because the longer he stays in the marriage, the more it will hurt when Kiki leaves him. Morgan creates a Hawaiian atmosphere at the boathouse for his honeymoon with Kiki. Kiki says she isnít going to celebrate until he tells her if he knew she wasnít Michaelís cousin before they got married. He swears that he didnít know. He asks her if she would have married him if she had known she wasnít Michaelís cousin. She says she did marry him so itís irrelevant. She says she needs to go tell Franco that he isnít her father before he finds out from someone else. Carly goes to the boathouse and demands to know why Morgan rushed Kiki to the altar without telling her. She tells him to admit that he rushed Kiki to marry him before she could find out that Michael isnít her cousin. She says he needs to tell her the truth before they all get hurt.  

Elizabeth goes to ELQ looking for AJ. Tracy says he is probably drowsing his sorrows. Elizabeth goes to Michaelís apartment looking for AJ. She tells Michael that she is afraid AJ might be drinking. They go to look for him.  AJ goes to the floating Rib and orders a double vodka, but Ava picks it up and drinks it. He asks her what is wrong with Silas Clay and what makes Franco better. She says she had her reasons for misleading Silas. AJ tells her about everything Carly did to keep Michael away from him. He says he and Michael were getting close by working together at ELQ and Connie destroyed it. He slugs down the glass of vodka that the bartender had replaced. Ava says Connie destroyed her life, too, when she stole Kikiís birth certificate. They toast to revenge. Ava says drinking is not going to help AJ. Elizabeth finds AJ at the Floating Rib. Michael goes to the boathouse. Silas tells Franco that they canít use his bone marrow because they found cancerous cells in his tumor. Franco is disappointed that he canít save his nephew and redeem himself in his daughterís eyes. He tells him that he never had a relationship with Kiki and that the only reason Ava told the truth was so she could make some money. Silas says Ava is still lying to both of them. Kiki tells Franco that he isnít her father. Ava goes to the hospital. Silas tells her that Kiki is in Francoís room.  

Connie goes to see Tracy at ELQ. Tracy says Connieís story saved ELQ, Crimson, and the Port Charles Press. Connie says it only cost her relationship with Sonny. Tracy says Sonny should be groveling at Connieís feet to be with her. Connie says every time she tries to talk to Sonny, her cousin, Olivia, gets in the way. Olivia and Sonny go to the hospital to be there for Maxieís delivery. She asks why Felicia is wearing a wedding dress. Felicia says Maxie had the good graces to wait until she and Mac were married before going into labor. When Sonny congratulates them, Felicia congratulates Sonny on Morganís nuptials. Sonny thinks she is mistaken, but she recounts seeing them at the courthouse getting their marriage license and Morgan telling them that he was going to surprise Kiki with a wedding before she saw the news story about not being a Quartermaine. Olivia encourages Sonny to go talk to Morgan. Spinelli arrives to check on Maxie. Dr. Chu tells Maxie, Dante, and Lulu that the babyís heart rate has dropped. Maxie fears the baby inherited her heart problem.  Lulu thinks Maxie is confused and reminds her that the baby is not her biological child. Dr Chu determines that the heart rate dropped because the umbilical cord is wrapped around her neck, but that it isnít uncommon. Dr Chu lets everyone back into the room. A monitor starts beeping and Dr Chu says the baby needs to come out now.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Clint screams he is man of the year as the guards try to get him to go away. Instead Clint throws tables around and makes a mess. He demands that Matthew find the trophy and give it to him. Natalie sees him and is freaked out. The paramedics take Clint away. Natalie and Matthew both want to go to the hospital to be with him. Viki, Nora, and Bo believe that he should just be left alone. Nikki offers Blair a drink, but all she wants to do is get the place cleaned up. Tťa confronts Dani about Arturo, but Dani does not care. Later on, Dani and Arturo end up in a hotel room and end up making love.

Matthew and Natalie demand to see Clint, but the hospital is not yet done getting him checked in. Natalie explains she has every right to see him. Clint tries to pay off a nurse and threatens her to let him out. He ends up passing out instead. Natalie has Matthew go home and when he gets there, he talks to Michelle about her own father who is a drunk. Michelle brings up having a backyard when she was younger. Matthew reminds her that she said she lived in apartment. Natalie finally is able to go see Clint. When she gets there, she screams as Allison Perkins is injecting Clint with a needle.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael and Lauren bring Paul a gift of flowers that Lauren received from Carmine. Paul opens the flowers and finds a note from Carmine. Carmine fingers a rose as he views a video of himself and Lauren making love. Nick looks at Avery and asks her if she wants to get married right away. Nick asks her what changed. Avery explains to him how Jack and Phyllis lost each other because of her accident. Sharon and Noah discuss her running a stop sign in her rush to get home to take care of Faith. Noah doesn’t seem to quite believe her. Noah advises her to be more careful. Jill comes to Jack’s home looking for Billy. Jack offers her his help. Jill lets Jack know that Katherine is gone as she begins to cry and he consoles her. Avery asks Nick if he wants to marry her. Nick assures her that he would marry her right now, just the way that they are dressed would be kinda strange to the minister. Faith comes downstairs for a glass of milk just like Nick would give her. At the coffeehouse, Summer and Kyle meet for a talk. Kyle still feels guilty for being out on a date. Summer assures him that it was fine. Kyle offers to move out of Jack’s home so Summer can move back in, in order to spend more time with Jack. Summer assures him that she is quite all right at her mom’s condo and that is where she needs to be right now. Jill pours out her heart to Jack concerning Katherine’s death and the fact that she wasn’t able to say good-bye to her. Paul advises Michael not to go after Carmine but he insists. When Michael leaves the room, Paul goes after him to stop him, but Michael hits him. Two police officers grab Michael and hold him down. Paul handcuffs Michael to a desk. Paul, Michael, and Lauren argue when the cell phone rings. Lauren answers it and sees that it is Jack. Jack informs her that Katherine is dead. Lauren tells Paul and Michael the news about Katherine. Summer and Kyle discuss her feelings for both Nick and Jack. Nick and Avery discuss wedding plans until Avery drops the bombshell that there will no sex until the wedding night.

Noah reads Faith a bedtime story before she goes back up to bed. Noah questions Sharon about the pic of Nick and why she hasn’t shown Faith. Sharon assures him that she did, but Faith kept throwing it around, so she put it in her address book. Nick calls Noah and asks him to be his best man at his wedding the following Friday. Noah informs Sharon that Nick and Avery are getting married the following Friday. Avery bumps into Kyle and Summer at the coffeehouse. Avery asks Summer to be her maid of honor. Summer has her reservations but soon agrees after Avery talks to her about giving both of sides of her family a chance. Lauren visits Jill and they hug. Michael and Paul discuss Katherine’s death. Alex and another officer burst into Carmine’s old motel room and find it empty but there's a note on the wall which reads “You can’t Erase Me.” Alex calls Paul to let him know that the motel room was empty. Sharon is surprised by the news. Summer doesn’t know how to answer Avery about being her maid of honor. Avery talks to her about getting involved in family goings on. Summer interrupts and says such as a wedding. Avery remarks “Yes, a wedding.” Lauren and Jill discuss Katherine’s death and how she let no one say good-bye to her. Lauren remarks that maybe Katherine didn’t want to say good-bye to her friends. Jill remembers the last time she saw Katherine as does Lauren. Noah visits Nick and lets him know that Sharon has it in her head that she and Nick will reunite. Summer comes to Jack’s home complete with Chinese food. Kyle comes downstairs and offers to get some plates. Nick lets Avery know about Sharon’s uneasiness over Faith. Sharon and Cassie discuss Avery and Phyllis. Cassie takes the blame for the whole situation. Alex watches a video of Carmine. Lauren gets a call from Carmine. Jill looks at a pic of Katherine when a books falls from the mantle. Jill sits down at the desk and reads a note from Katherine as she once again looks at the pic of Katherine as well as the book.

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