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AMC Recap Written by Lisa

David brought Oliver to the hospital and had Dr. Anders paged after finding the little boy on the floor during the gala. It turns out it was a allergic reaction to peanuts. Cara was sneaking around trying to see Oliver when Joe and her mother stopped her from giving herself away as his mother. Cara finally snuck in to see Oliver with no one knowing and told him to be strong and that she loved him. On Dr. Anders' way to the hospital, he ran into Dixie, who was sitting on a bench by herself broken-hearted about JR and missing Tad. They had warm words and went to the hospital together. Later on, Carter looked at his phone with the picture of the mysterious woman in his life. Celia and Heather had a girl moment and talked about their love life.

Brooke won the necklace at the gala auction that she was admiring, but didn't bid on it. She texted Adam, and he had no idea what she was talking about. It was Dimitri who bid on it for her and later had to confess. The shared a kiss while JR was looking on. Brooke thanked him but returned it, because she was committed to Adam and it would not be right to take such a gift. They did, however, agree to try to salvage Chandler Media from investors going to Cortech. Colby and JR went on and out about how Brooke was to blame for all of their problems and vowed to get back at her. JR went to see AJ in his room and a steroids needle fell out of his jacket. Needless to say, AJ told JR he hasn't changed and to stay out of his life.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie cries that they all have made mistakes. She should not have shoved Bill out; just allowed him to help her. Bill replies but she did, over and over again. She says she does not want to shut him out now. She thinks they can get back what they had. She begs Bill to give them another chance. He tells her that she has handed him another curve ball. She says she knows she has been angry and hurt but she wants to move past that and thinks they can. Bill scoffs… she can sprinkle a little fairy dust on it and a transformation yet again. She offers that their family is a little more important than some hurt. She wants to fight for her marriage. Brooke tells Bill to at least listen to his wife. Katie continues that she wants Bill to come home…..come home to her and to Will. He hesitates but says no. Quinn is alone with her thoughts in Wyatt’s empty warehouse loft when he returns. He’s holding a bag so she assumes that he is coming back. She runs to throw her arms around his neck and greet him. She tells him how much she missed him and she is sure he has things to tell her about that horrible man. He informs her that he is not staying. He brought the bag to pick up more of his things and go back. Technically it is Liam’s place but Bill will be a huge part of his life. She won’t accept that. He says they are his family. She adds that she is his family. And Wyatt left and never gave her a chance to explain. Wyatt retorts that he was hoping they would not get into another confrontation. She says she wants to so they can work it out and get past it. She was only protecting him from a father that didn’t even want him to be born. Wyatt says that was his choice to make that assessment. He tells her that she was wrong and if she can’t see that then he doesn’t know where they can go from here. Liam and Hope frolic around the house and she is starving so raids the refrigerator. She sees salami and roast beef and wonders if his eating habits have changed. Liam says no; just that Bill wanted Wyatt to move back in. Hope is happy about that and says at least on this score that she and Bill agree. Liam tells her that Wyatt stopped by the office today. He wants them to be pals and apology accepted. Liam says it’s still strange. He likes the guy although he is kind of quirky. He does have a good sense of humor. They are about the same age but are nothing alike, but he could get to know him. It’s just that he seems to have this problem with boundaries. Wyatt thinks he can kiss Hope while he is living in Liam’s house and he is engaged to Hope. He’s just not so sure how sorry he really is. Quinn tells Wyatt that if he needs to hear that she was wrong for keeping him away from Bill, then okay, she was wrong. Wyatt tells her once more with feeling. She asks bluntly then what does he want; what does she need to say to get beyond this. He’s not sure but he tells her about his day at Spencer Publications. He says it’s huge and he could have had a position there and maybe even be a Vice President. And yes he was fine running their family business, but that was his only option. Now he has more. This is a multi-national organization with magazines and TV stations and lots more. He adds that his life would have been a lot different if she had just told him who his father was. He’s a Spencer and that business is his birthright just as much as it is Liam’s who’s in the penthouse practicing yoga. He laments that Liam definitely doesn’t deserve the ride he is getting or Hope for that matter. He goes on to say that he knows Quinn doesn’t like Hope, but she’s an exciting, amazing, talented woman and he likes her a lot and she deserves more than Brother Liam. Quinn asks if he is planning on doing anything about this. He quips oh yes, he is planning on doing something about a lot of things.

Katie is crushed. She questions Bill that he doesn’t even want to try to work things out. He scowls – working on it. That’s all he has been doing is working on it while she was playing her little games with the spy cameras. And that’s the problem – too much work and he can’t take it any more. He has to tiptoe around Katie’s delicate feelings and hold back his own. Brooke finally joins in and reminds Katie again how many times she told her that Bill loves and wants her and yet she set up the cameras to spy on them. Katie wonders why Brooke is even there. It must have been she wanted to rub her nose in it and make her humiliation complete. She blasts that yes she set up the cameras, but she should not be the only guilty one. Brooke is the one who slept with her husband. Brooke adds that every man has his breaking point and especially a man like Bill. He says that he is sorry but he can not do this any more; he’s out. Quinn asks Wyatt what he intends to do. He opines that he probably should not say, but yes he is going for more than just Bill. He wants his birthright and the woman too and the only thing standing in his way is Liam. Hope is an amazing woman and if it weren’t for her Wyatt says he would not be on the brink of all this possibility. He states that he is going to be part of Bill’s world and Quinn can accept that and come along for the ride or she can get left behind. Liam tells Hope that they have lost a lot of time and he doesn’t want to wait any longer. He knows how she used to feel about living together before marriage, but he’d like her to move in with him. She reminds him it would be with Wyatt too…..and even Bill right now. Liam doesn’t take long to mull it over and says yes even with Wyatt. And he could kick Bill out and ask Wyatt to move if it came to that. Hope says no; he needs this time to get to know his brother. She thinks she can handle that so her answer is yes. Liam is ecstatic and kisses her. They are still at it when Wyatt returns and hears them say the word official. Liam fills him in that Hope is moving in. She adds if Wyatt can handle another roomie. He quips that yes he can, if that someone is her. And he’ll try not to get in their way. But a little doubt is on his face. Katie points her finger at Brooke and says all of this is because of her. Bill says no. It’s because they are so different now. Katie gives all the rules and he’s supposed to jump through the hoop. “Lesson learned – moving on.” She says moving on, surely he doesn’t think he can dump her and move on with her sister. He claims that she struck the match, she lit the fire and now she wants to punish them because it took. He tells her that she lured them into her web and then her fear became her reality. She says his actions will also have terrible consequences and trust her, he won’t like them. Brooke tells Katie not to make empty threats. Katie fires back to not tell her how to talk to her own husband. Bill tells Brooke not to say anymore. There is no reasoning with Katie. It’s too late for them; they are past the point of no return. He says a final time – he’s done and walks out. Katie yells at him to just go. And to Brooke she screams that she was a fool to ever trust her. And look at the men she did this to – Eric, Thorne and Deacon. She smiles at them and giggles and drops that one convenient tear and they all fall at her feet, so her husband was so different than the others. And all they have done is blame it on Katie and her paranoia. But the truth is Brooke fell in love with Bill and decided she wanted him. Brooke did this to her; she stole her husband!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ blamed Rafe for why Sami’s in jail. Kate was introduced to Rafe’s new female physical therapist.  Nicole walked up on Kristen while she was holding a pregnancy test.  Sami didn’t want EJ to blame Rafe for what happened to her.  Kate apologized for the way she reacted to Jordan.  Jennifer covered for Kristen by taking the pregnancy test from her.  Kristen ended up walking away.  Jennifer lied and said she bought the test for someone at a homeless shelter.  Nicole didn’t believe her.  EJ and Sami got into an argument because he believed that Sami still had feelings for Rafe.  Jennifer didn’t like the fact that Nicole called her a liar.  Nicole explained that the shelter didn’t have a medical or counseling program.  Jennifer refused to tell Nicole anything about the pregnancy test.  After Jennifer walked off, Nicole felt that the father should know about the baby.  Sami tried to convince EJ that he was the one she loved.  Nicole went to Daniel and told him about Jennifer possibly being pregnant.

EJ told Sami that he went to see Rafe.  EJ let her know that he wanted Rafe to help prove that Bernardi was on Stefano’s payroll, but Rafe wouldn’t do it.  Sami knew that Rafe wouldn’t lie on the witness stand.  EJ believed that Rafe couldn’t stand the fact that he lost Sami to him.  Rafe convinced Kate that he will get better and wanted to give her credit for it.  Nicole explained to Daniel how she saw Jennifer with the test and how she lied about it.  Kristen wanted to have a drink before taking her pregnancy test.  While Kristen was gone, Sydney found the pregnancy test and looked at it.  Kristen caught Sydney looking at the pregnancy test.  Kristen yelled at Sydney for looking at the test, but ended up apologizing to her.  Jordan started Rafe’s physical therapy.  Daniel asked Jennifer if she was pregnant.  Jennifer let Daniel know that she’s not pregnant.  Kate ran into EJ and told him to back off Rafe.  Rafe became frustrated when he couldn’t move his legs.  Jennifer wanted Daniel to reconsider being together.  Jennifer wanted Daniel to stay in her life.  JJ was on his way to Jennifer’s office.  EJ warned Kate that if Sami’s convicted, it would be because of their affair.  Nicole suspected that Kristen could be pregnant.  Kristen came down the stairs holding a pregnancy test while Eric was outside of the mansion.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Connie overhears Olivia telling Sonny that she regrets stepping aside so he could be with Connie. She asks Sonny if he agrees with Olivia. Maxie’s water breaks at her parents’ wedding reception. Ellie wonders why Spinelli thinks the two of them should go to the hospital with Maxie. He tells Ellie that she is right; Maxie’s baby has nothing to do with them. She asks him what he would have done if it was his baby. She says she has to give him children or she will never be able to forgive herself.  Brad calls her into work. She invites Spinelli to go with her so he can check on Maxie because as one of her best friends, he should be there. He says her unselfishness is one of the many reasons he loves her.

Dante doesn’t believe that Britt is completely in the dark about what her mother is doing. Britt says even a smart man like Dante can be deceived. Dante leaves the interrogation when Lulu tells him that Maxie is in labor. Britt wishes “Daddy” luck as he leaves. Anna lists all the connections between Britt and her own family. Britt is pregnant with Anna’s son-in-law’s child. Britt’s mother put Anna’s ex-husband in a coma. Britt’s mother is the henchwoman of Cesar Faison, who has tormented Anna’s family for decades. Britt says she can’t explain the coincidences. Anna says she will keep Britt in custody as long as it tales to flush out her mother. Britt says it won’t work because her mother won’t care. At the abandoned house in Corinth, Pennsylvania, Dr Obrecht tells Holly that she had no choice but to silence Robert Scorpio because he knew too much about “her.” She says she will tell Holly everything she wants to know if she releases her. Holly says no. Dr. Obrecht says she will get away anyway. She says she could get Robert out of his coma if she wanted to and then Holly can ask him about “her.”  Luke finds Laura tied up the basement. She tells him that she was looking for him because she knows he is dying. She says Jerry was alive when he tied her up. She tells him that Jerry’s mother told her to come to Corinth. She reveals that Jerry had someone else in that room before he put her there. They go upstairs and find Holly unconscious on the floor. When Luke revives her, she says Obrecht cold cocked her with her own pistol. Lulu calls Laura and tells her that Maxie is in labor. Holly says she will go after Dr. Obrecht alone so Luke and Laura can be there for the birth of their grandchild. Dante calls Olivia and announces that Maxie is in labor. Sonny and Olivia go to the hospital. During her labor, Maxie feels tired and strange. She asks for Spinelli. When Lulu asks why Spinelli should be there, Maxie says she says she must be tired and confused. Dr. Chu arrives and orders everyone out of the room. After examining Maxie, Dr. Chu says there is a problem.

Tracy taunts AJ as she gives him a box for his personal belongings in the office that is now hers. She hangs a framed copy of the newspaper front page that exposed Kiki for not being a Quartermaine. AJ takes it down and breaks it. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that AJ went after Connie and Sonny pistol whipped him. She says she was equally angry with AJ for raging at Connie. She confides that AJ said that he would have killed Connie if he’d had a gun. Nikolas is afraid that AJ will fall into his old pattern and get increasingly destructive. She says AJ would never hurt her, but she wishes she could help him. AJ gets angry when he sees Nikolas giving Elizabeth a compassionate hug. Nikolas advises Elizabeth not to go after AJ while he is angry.  Britt calls Nikolas to the police station. Elizabeth goes to ELQ looking for AJ. Tracy says AJ is probably drinking somewhere. AJ goes to the Floating Rib and orders double vodka.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Dorian asks Cutter to move her portrait closer to the stage. Carl explains that it is a very nice picture. Dorian is flattered that he likes it. Viki makes her way to Shelter with moments to spare. She asks if they should start the evening. She gives a speech. While this is going on, Nikki pours a drink on Natalie and Rama takes her to go get cleaned up in the bathroom. Jack shows up at Kate's classroom and wants to be with her. Katie is worried but Jack assures her that no one knows he is there.

During the auction, Carl buys Dorian's painting for a lot of money when no one else seems to be interested. During Carl's speech, Blair seems to be very sad. When Bo is about to accept the award, Clint shows up and grabs the award and screams to everyone that it is his, and they all should screw themselves.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Avery interrupts Sharon, Nick, and Faith asleep on the sofa. Avery asks Nick what he is doing there. Nick lets her know exactly what happened. Victor, Jill, and Kevin discuss Katherine’s vacation. Jill states that Katherine must be fulfilling her “bucket list.” Murphy finally arrives much to everyone’s relief. Murphy goes on to tell them all about his and Katherine’s trip around the world. Everyone wants to know where Katherine is but Murphy informs them that she will not be joining them since she had died in her sleep. At the Newman home, Nick and Avery discuss how Phyllis is doing. Avery comments on the flowers, candlelight, and wine. They begin to kiss. Avery also comments about the groceries that she found in his refrigerator. Nick lets her know that Sharon went grocery shopping for him. Noah comes to see Sharon. Faith lets him know that Sharon and Nick were sleeping together. Noah is surprised. Avery lets Nick know that Summer had come by to check on Faith. Jill begins to cry over the news about Katherine’s death as does Nikki.

Murphy tells them that he was with Katherine at the very end. He also says that Katherine knew she was dying way back in April but didn’t told anyone. Jill begins to lash out that Katherine cheated them out of spending her last days with her. Nick and Avery make love. Sharon tells Noah the circumstances about her and Nick sleeping together. Noah shows Sharon some pics he took and says he may pursue a career in photography. Sharon leaves Noah with Faith while she takes Nick’s coat back to him. Noah finds the pic of Nick and shows it to Faith who didn’t see it before. Sharon interrupts Avery and Nick’s reunion. Murphy lets the group know that they will be able to say good-bye to Katherine in their own special way. Avery tells Nick that she doesn’t want to wait to get married; she wants to get married right away. Noah finds Sharon’s speeding ticket that she got the night of the gala. Noah demands answers from Sharon, who seems offended by his questions. Each one in the group has their own special way to remember Katherine.

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