Friday 8/16/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/16/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke they could still turn around and go back to Monte Carlo or even Aspen …or they could buy an island and really be alone. She laughs but says please don’t. They have to go home and talk to Katie. Bill states that they will go back to let Katie vent, but he isn’t changing his mind. Brooke makes him promise that he will at least hear her out. The doorbell rings and Katie thinks Bill is back. It’s Hope. She says she knows Katie must be sick of her, but she is worried about Katie and did not want her to be alone. Katie gives her a hug and thanks her for her support. Katie says she feels so helpless. She just wants to go back to the time when Bill was just hers. At Spencer Publications, Wyatt looks around and is very impressed. He asks the receptionist to see Liam Spencer and then has to explain that he has no appointment, he’s his brother. She welcomes him and sends him on his way to Liam’s office where another assistant stops Wyatt and tries to keep him from going in. Liam is on a break and doing yoga waiting for his lunch when Wyatt surprises him. He tells Liam and the secretary that he’s going to need a badge as they are going to be seeing a lot more of him around here. Wyatt says he came to apologize again. He feels like there is still some animosity between them. Well duh, Wyatt did kiss his fiancée, but he apologized for that so no need to do it again. Wyatt says he knows but it is still tense and he wants them to be brothers and hang out together without it feeling weird if Liam is okay with that. Liam concedes that he has to be since Bill ordered that Wyatt stay in the house, so apology accepted. The secretary brings the lunch in and Liam digs in. He offers Wyatt a taste although he knows Wyatt is a meat and potatoes man like Bill but even Bill is not afraid of a little steamed broccoli and kimchi. Wyatt frowns but takes a teeny bite. When Liam prods, Wyatt makes a face and says it’s the best he’s ever had. Liam asks if he’d like a doggie bag if he were to split it up. Wyatt assures him that he is stuffed so he’ll pass. He says he is glad Liam is onboard since they are brothers. And he should not be telling Liam how to treat Hope anyway. He knows he is off to a bad start and this whole brotherly thing is going to take getting used to. Brooke calls Katie and says they are on the way home and coming by her place first. They need to talk. Bill says they will do this only to be sure that he and Brooke can move on with their lives together. He is going to tell Katie how he feels about Brooke. Brooke doesn’t want him to do that, but Bill says he is not going to lie. Brooke is the only woman for him. Brooke says she wants to be with Bill too, but he needs to think of Will. He assures her that the boy will want for nothing. He did think of him, but what a child really needs is a good example of parents who love and trust one another. He and Katie do not have that anymore. They both can raise him but not as a couple. Bill says his future is with Brooke.

Katie tells Hope that is what hurts the most; that she knows no matter what happens that Bill will never be just hers again. Hope says she understands that feeling; probably better than anyone. And the truth is, you can not go back, you can only move on. But you can fight for what you want and have a happy ending. Hope says she is living proof of that. She leaves and tells Katie to stay strong. Wyatt asks Liam what he did before he came here. Liam says he was a computer guy with a bunch of tech jobs here and there. Wyatt quips then he found his father and now he is editor of a magazine. Liam says it wasn’t so all of a sudden. He had to prove himself; Bill saw to that. And now that Bill is gone, Liam says he will have even more responsibility with Katie now being distracted. Liam says they are brothers. That doesn’t mean they have to be friends but he thinks they could be. They probably have more in common than they realize….eating habits aside. But he puts Wyatt on notice, going on the record he does not want Wyatt to hit on Hope again. They are engaged now. He is sorry that he hit Wyatt and decked him but he will come after him again if he thinks Wyatt crosses the line. Liam says he needs to get back to work and he will get to work on those parking passes for Wyatt. Wyatt says he’s good and he’s looking forward to coming back and learning more about the family business. As he leaves through the lobby he hears a buzz about a $100 Million deal. He tells the receptionist his visit was enlightening. And she will be seeing a lot more of him. To himself he says it is the family business and the only one keeping him from the top is tofu-eating yoga boy. Katie lets Bill and Brooke in. He asks if she wants to give him his blocking….you know, for the cameras. He is sure she will want a good shot at his reaction to her performance. So Katie can go ahead and tell him how despicable he was for going to Monte Carlo to see her sister. But he is curious how she can justify that after all that she has done. He says every man has his limits and Katie pushed him to Brooke. Katie says fair enough….no more judging, no more yelling. She says she will own her part in this and take responsibility…..she will apologize and ask for his forgiveness and give him hers. She says she was reminded today that you have to fight in life for what you want and that is never easy. She cries that she’d like to go back and do things differently. She hates that he went to Monte Carlo, but she also hates that he thought he had to. “I want you to come home. I want to start over. I want you to look at me the way you used to. I love you, Bill. I want you back.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer, Abby, and JJ went to the memorial ceremony for the people who died in the explosion.  Rafe was about to meet his new therapist when EJ showed up.  EJ wanted to work together.  Kate visited Sami to talk about Stefano.  Kate knew that Stefano was the reason Sami was in jail.  Brady saw Kristen near the pregnancy tests in the pharmacy and wanted to know what she was doing.  Nicole warned Eric that Kristen would ruin the scholarship program.  Kristen lied and said she was getting tissue because the kids made her cry.  Brady didnít believe her and wanted the truth.  Brady and Kristen went to the town square and he wanted an answer to what she was really doing at the pharmacy.  Kristen managed to dodge his question by bringing up what happened to Madison a year ago.  Sami wanted Kate to go away, but Kate said she wanted to help her.  Rafe didnít want to work with EJ, but EJ brought up helping Sami.  Rafe said he didnít know what happened when Sami shot Bernardi because he was unconscious.  EJ said Rafe would still be able to help Sami by telling what kind of person Bernardi was.  Kate told Sami that they could be wrong about Stefano getting Bernardi to kill Rafe.  EJ wanted Rafe to lie and say he saw Bernardi trying to get money and Hope would find something at the scene.

EJ continued to try to get Rafe to help Sami by planting evidence.  Rafe refused to help EJ.  Jennifer bumped into Kristen and saw her pregnancy test.  Rafe warned EJ that he was stupid to announce that he wanted to plant evidence in a hospital.  Kate and Sami talked about what happened when Sami shot Bernardi.  They realized that Bernardi was trying to cut off Rafeís penis.  Jennifer wanted to know why Kristen wouldnít tell about the baby.  Jennifer asked Kristen if someone other than Brady was the father.  Kate and Sami were horrified that Stefano would have Rafe castrated.  Rafe informed EJ that he wasnít stupid.  EJ tried one more time to get his help and walked out.  Kristen told Jennifer that she had a one-night stand.  Kristen let Jennifer know that she lied to Brady about being with someone else.  EJ visited Sami and she told him about Stefanoís plan to castrate Rafe.  EJ wished that Bernardi had finished the job before Sami shot him.  Sami was shocked by EJís comment.  Kristen picked up her pregnancy test when Nicole walked up to her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Fitness celebrity Richard Simmons crashes Mac and Feliciaís wedding. After making a scene, he apologizes to Lucy for his behavior at the Nursesí Ball. Everyone forgives him and Mac and Felicia finish their wedding.  Maxieís water breaks.

Kevin misses the wedding for an emergency appointment with Connie Falconeri. Connie tells him that she thinks she has ruined her relationship with Sonny. He asks her what motivated her to print the article about Kiki Jerome when she knew that this was a potential outcome. She doesnít answer, but says she is worried that Sonny will go back to Olivia. He guides her to the realization that Sonny chose her over Olivia because he loves her. He tells her to trust her feelings and work it out with Sonny. Olivia goes to see Sonny in his office and says she is worried about him and Connie. Sonny tells her that AJ broke into his house and physically threatened Connie.  He says he saved Connie from AJ, but it didnít change their relationship status. He says he is not optimistic that they will get past it. Olivia says she really feels insignificant now that she knows she stepped aside for nothing. She says she should have stood her ground and he should have too. Connie goes to Sonnyís office and overhears Olivia telling Sonny that they both made mistakes when they didnít fight to be together.  

Dante breaks down the door to Felix and Sabrinaís apartment. Britt, sitting on the sofa, puts up her ands and tells them not to shoot. Dante unsuccessfully searches the apartment for Dr Obrecht. Anna says she knows Obrecht is in Port Charles and that she has no qualms about arresting Britt as an accessory for attempted murder in spite of her pregnancy. Britt says her mother came by yesterday morning and left. Dante asks her how the bottle of Propofol that her mother used last night got in her apartment. When she doesnít have an answer, he arrests her. Britt says her mother wonít stand for this. Anna says she is counting on it. Dr Obrecht goes to the abandoned house in Corinth, Pennsylvania and finds herself staring down the barrel of Lukeís pistol. Luke tells Holly that Obrecht is responsible for Robertís coma. Holly wants to kill her, but Luke wants to find out what she knows. He speculates that Jerry came to her for the cure, but that she couldnít synthesize it without the help of a major player like Cesar Faison. She concludes that he is interested in her research because he needs the cure for himself. She asks who poisoned him. He coughs out Helenaís name. Dr. Obrecht says Helena Cassadine was a delight and opines that it is karma that Helena is killing him after he killed her. Obrecht claims that she was unable to cure Jerry and that he is dead. Luke says he knows Jerry is alive and behind the door that had been blocked by a bookcase. Luke goes in while Holly stays with Dr. Obrecht. Holly tells Dr. Obrecht that she was once Mrs. Robert Scorpio and that she will make sure that Obrecht pays. Dr. Obrecht says she is sure Holly understands that she had no choice but to silence Robert because he knew too much. Holly wonders what Robert knew too much about. Luke goes down a hallway that leads to another door. He opens it and finds a staircase, which he descends until he sees something and stops.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki goes through the mail and finds a postcard from Katherine. Victor walks in and tells her that a storm is coming. Nikki relives memories of Katherine. Cane and Lily also receive a postcard from Katherine. Jill looks at a postcard from Katherine and mumbles that she is at least coming home. Sharon looks at a pic of Nick when Faith comes downstairs and tells her that she has a tummy ache. Sharon offers to fix her something but all Faith wants is Nick. Nick looks at a note as to when Avery’s flight is coming in just as Sharon calls him that Faith needs him. Nick is hesitant about going but decides to go. Billy leads Victoria into the living room with his hand over her eyes. Billy tells Victoria that he wants a chance to state his case. Victoria reluctantly agrees. Nick lets Sharon know that he will be by soon. Nick leaves Avery a note which blows off the table and onto the floor. Cane and Lily arrive at the mansion to await Katherine’s arrival. Esther comes in and also has a postcard from Katherine. Jill wonders what is going on. The thunder begins to roll as Nikki and Victor start to leave for Katherine’s. Chloe also arrives at the mansion. The storm worsens as everyone gathers at the mansion. Nick doctors Faithís stomach and pretends to know what is wrong. Nick offers to leave but Faith begs him to stay. Avery arrives at Nick’s but finds no one at home not even a note.

Victoria agrees to let Billy do his presentation. Billy begins his presentation by uncovering the courtroom scene first. Victoria begins to relive her past with Billy. Billy reminds Victoria of when she got up and sang karaoke in a bar with Billy accompanying her. Avery gets a call from Jack concerning Phyllis but she loses the signal. Summer arrives at Nick's to check on Faith. Faith talks Nick into playing a game with her. Jill gets a call from Murphy but also loses the connection. Jill begins to wonder what is going on. Nick and Faith play a game until Faith gets tired and wants Sharon to replace her. Sharon reluctantly agrees. Billy continues on with his presentation. Avery and Summer discuss her feelings about Phyllis and also about Nick. Jill looks at all the postcards to try to find a link between them all. Faith goes to sleep in Nick’s lap. Sharon goes to sleep lying on Nick’s arms. Nick decides to stay a little while longer. Avery finds Nick’s note about being at Sharon’s. Avery sees Nick sitting on the sofa with Faith in his lap and Sharon asleep on his arm. Victoria and Billy reconcile with a kiss.

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