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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill and Brooke stand out in the courtyard kissing. He tells her that he loves her and he is not spending the rest of his life without her. And she knows he always gets his way. This is the start of the rest of their lives. He takes her back to her room. They kiss more until she says they need to slow down. She has to think of her sister. Rick and Maya lay in bed and he says he hopes this makes up for him missing the screening. She said yes it does. And she should be apologizing to him as she should have known that he would not have just blown off her screening. Rick tells her that he looked everywhere for her, even at her place at Dayzee’s. Rafael must have been mistaken and not known she was there. Both admit they have made mistakes in their life but they aren’t gonna mess his up. Carter remembers his time with Maya and kissing her. He texts her and says Rick has had her long enough; now it’s his turn. Hope and Liam speak with Katie and try to figure this thing out with Bill. Katie tells them she wants her family but Bill went half way around the world to be with Brooke. He chose her so she has to give up. Hope says she knows Bill and her mom are not blameless in this but if Katie wants her marriage she is going to have to work hard at it. Brooke tries to convince Bill to give Katie another chance. He says he loves Brooke so give them a chance. He is done with Katie. He doesn’t love her. Maya returns to her apartment and the first thing she sees is Carter’s rose, funny card and a bottle of wine……………then he emerges from the shadows. He says it’s not exactly Picasso but it’s the thought that counts. She says Rick can never know that he spent the night here last night. He finds it strange that Rick could not be bothered about her premiere yet she is the one worried about his feelings. She tries to defend Rick. Carter says she can make all the excuses in the world but if she did not lose respect for him last night he sure did. He says he fell in love with her last night…..the way she fell into his arms….and he promises it won’t be their last. Rick won’t hear about last night from him, but he knows it won’t be their last. Maya would never give up the best kisser she has ever had. She looks uneasy and avoids a kiss aimed at her. He says she knows it’s true but it will be their little secret. When he leaves, Maya picks up the bouquet from Rick and then glances and smiles toward the red rose from Carter. Downstairs Rafael just happens to be there and sees Carter leave.

Katie tells Hope and Liam that she was justified in setting up the cameras as Bill did exactly what she thought he would do, he ran straight to Brooke. Liam says Katie is the best thing that has ever happened to Bill and he doesn’t want her to lose sight of that. Hope says she wants her mom to be happy, of course, but she never will be at Katie’s expense. Liam shares that what Katie says and what she does is diametrically opposed to each other. She tells Brooke that she can have Bill, but Katie also wants him back and she needs to get that straight. Not just for her sake but also for Will’s. She admits she does want Bill back. Bill tells Brooke that this is not fair to anyone. He knows Brooke doesn’t want to hurt her sister, but regardless of what he and Brooke do he is not going back to Katie. They need to get a bottle of champagne and toast their new life right now. They can get on his yacht and sail the Mediterranean. She finally says okay but they have to go home and face Katie first. He says okay if that is what it takes, then they will do that. But they are moving on together. They board the jet and he tells her that he is not going to change his mind when he sees Katie. There is nothing left. She reminds him about Will. He should be his priority. This is all happening too fast. Katie was sick and still dealing with her depression. They can still work this out. He says no, he doesn’t see Katie that way now. He only sees Brooke, always. He kisses her to convince her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe asked Kate how she could believe that Stefano didn’t try to have him killed.  Justin stormed into the DiMera mansion and wanted to know what EJ was planning.  Kristen looked at her calendar and thought she could be having Eric’s baby.  Justin thought that EJ didn’t care what happened to Sami.  EJ assured Justin that he’s worried about Sami.  EJ was convinced that Bernardi was dirty and the police should have found something.  Brady asked Kristen what happened with Eric.  She thought about having sex with Eric.  Kristen wasn’t sure what Brady meant when he asked her what happened between her and Eric.  Brady explained that he was talking about them working together on the scholarship program.  Brady walked out of the church and Eric walked in and said he needed Kristen.  He needed her help with another applicant for the program.  Justin warned EJ not to interfere with Sami’s case illegally.  EJ would make things worse for Sami.  Rafe continued to convince Kate that Stefano did have something to do with what happened to him.  Brady and Nicole ran into each other and they talked about the explosion.  Justin, EJ, and Sami met with the judge to try and get Sami out of jail.  Justin explained to the judge that Sami was threatened twice and that she’s not a flight risk.

Brady and Nicole talked about Madison.  Nicole wondered how Brady could go from loving Madison to loving someone like Kristen.  Justin told the judge that Sami and EJ were willing to surrender their passports.  Justin also said that EJ would ground his jet so they wouldn’t leave.  The prosecutor objected because EJ tried to run before.  Justin had recommendations from four decorated officers in Sami’s defense.  Justin and the DA continued to argue about Sami’s case.  Nicole warned Brady that Kristen would chew him up and spit him out.  The judge ruled that Sami could have a closed trial, but she was denied bail.  The judge denied bail because EJ tried to escape before.  Brady didn’t think that Nicole should judge Kristen.  He also let Nicole know that he trusted Kristen.  The DA showed Justin the prosecution’s witness list and found out that Roman, Will, Hope, Sonny, and Rafe were on it.  Sami was upset that her father and son have to testify against her.  Sami hoped that Rafe would be able to help her since he believed her explanation. Justin and EJ noticed that Marge wasn’t on the prosecution’s list.  EJ wanted to include her as a witness.  Later on, EJ went to the hospital to see Rafe.  Kate visited Sami at the station.  Kate wanted to talk about Stefano.  Kristen went to the pharmacy to get a pregnancy test.  Brady saw her and wanted to know what she was doing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke and Holly’s search for Jerry Jacks leads them to an abandoned house in Corinth, Pennsylvania where the “Loving Murders” occurred. Holly finds it ironic that the murderer, Gwyneth Alden, killed all her family and friends to take away their pain. Not knowing its significance, Holly finds the wheelchair tricked out with restraints that Dr. Obrecht brought Robin to Jerry Jacks in. They note that the presence of a new chair means someone has been there recently. Luke wonders if Jerry is in such ill health that he needs the chair. They find that a bookcase was moved, so they move it back to its original spot and find that it had been covering a locked door. Luke kicks the door to get inside.

Sabrina tells Patrick that Spinelli unearthed information about Britt’s mother. He recognizes Dr. Obrecht’s picture and remembers seeing her at the airport. He recalls that she was particularly interested in Robin and that she congratulated him on the baby. Sabrina wonders if Dr. Obrecht put Britt up to announcing her pregnancy in the middle of his tribute to Robin. Spinelli discovers that Britt’s mother changed her name to Liesl Obrecht. Felix tells him that he thought Britt was exaggerating when she told him that her mother is a mad scientist and her father is an international terrorist. Duke tells Anna that he saw Dr. Obrecht last night. Anna tells Duke that he was poisoned with the same drug that Dr. Obrecht put Robert in a coma. Felix tells Anna that Liesl Obrecht is Britt Westbourne’s mother and gives her permission to look in his apartment. Felix tells Duke that Dr. Obrecht is Dr. Westbourne’s mother. Duke wonders if Britt was complicit in what Dr. Obrecht did to him. Britt finds an empty bottle of Propofol in her mother’s purse and concludes that she used it on Duke Lavery. Dr. Obrecht says she has done far worse. Britt concludes that the only thing worse than putting someone in a coma is murder. Dante and Anna arrive and try to open the door with Felix’s key, only to find that the chain is on. Anna demands that Britt open the door and reveals that they know she is harboring Liesl Obrecht. When Britt doesn’t respond, Dante kicks in the door.

Lulu tells Felicia that she thinks Maxie has come to think of their baby as her own because she calls her “Georgie.” Maxie tells Felicia that she would call the baby by her real name if Dante and Lulu would give her one. Felicia is glad that Maxie is reserving the name “Georgie” for her own daughter. Maxie tells Felicia and Mac that Duke said they should have Kevin stand in for him as best man, but Kevin has left. Maxie enlists Spinelli for the job. Maxie calls the guests and tells them that the wedding is on. Maxie stands in for Anna as maid of honor. The wedding proceeds until Lucy gasps at the sight of an unexpected guest.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam walks into the coffeehouse and asks Dylan about Chelsea and the baby. Adam makes a remark wondering if preemies be getting out of the hospital so early. Anita visits Chelsea and the baby in the hospital. Anita cautions her to be on her toes or things could come crashing down around her. Victoria visits Nick and complains about how hot it is. She asks Nick for some water with extra ice. Nikki visits Jack to see how he is doing and how Summer is doing. Nikki cautions Jack about his addiction and offers him her help. Victor finds Sharon in his office and wants to know what she is doing there. Sharon lets him know that Adam asked her to be a character witness for him. Victor thinks that Adam doesn’t need her since he has his family. Jack tells Nikki about the argument that he had with Victor concerning Summer. Billy walks in and tells Nikki and Jack that Victor issued a statement to a reporter concerning Adam and the rape charge. Billy tells Nikki that he wants Victoria back at Newman Enterprises, as well as back in his life. Nick tells Victoria that Summer needs Jack right now. Victoria tells Nick that Billy tried to strong arm Victor into giving her her job back at Newman. Victor and Sharon still argue over Adam and how he has his family to stand behind him. Dylan assures Adam that Chelsea and the baby are fine. Chelsea asks Anita what is she so concerned. She also tells Anita that she will never be the mother that Connor deserves. Nick and Victoria discuss Adam and the rape charge. Victoria lets Nick know about the recording that Billy made of Adam offering Melanie a pay off to keep quiet. Victoria assures Nick that Billy loves her and Johnny. Anita tells Chelsea that she tried to do the right thing by her. Chelsea tells Anita that she was stupid in thinking that Adam really loved her. Chelsea reminds Anita that she would throw her under a bus if it meant that she would get a heads up. Chelsea orders Anita to get out.

Sharon reminds Victor of all the women that he wronged. Adam interrupts them. Adam confronts Sharon that he didn’t know that she would say “Yes.” Sharon tells him that she hasn’t. Sharon refuses to help Adam by being his character witness. Jack advises Billy to make things right with Victoria. Victoria visits Chelsea and congratulates her on the baby. Victoria assures her she will tell no one that Adam is the father. Dylan finds Anita crying in the corridor. Anita lets him know that Chelsea probably won’t tell him but she will. Dylan comes in and asks Chelsea if it is true what Anita told him. Sharon visits Nick. He notices that she isn’t limping on her ankle. She assures him that it is better. Sharon lets him know that she told Adam that she couldn’t be his character witness. Victor advises Adam to go out of town. Dylan assures Chelsea that everything is just perfect for them. When Victoria visits Billy at On the Boulevard, he asks her to do him a favor. Nikki confronts Victor over his argument with Jack. Adam informs Jack that Chelsea had the baby.

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