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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Apprehensive, Brooke tells Donna that she is not holding her responsible but Donna should have told her what Katie was up to. Donna says she hated keeping the secret but there was nothing she could do about it. Katie was determined and she needed proof. Brooke says okay what’s done is done. Now they just need to deal with the repercussions of what this did to Katie’s marriage. Brooke opines that Katie will not lose her husband over this; she will not allow it. Katie sits and looks at the spy equipment cameras she has, then the picture on her phone of Bill and she calls him. She begs him wherever he is, just please come home. Brooke calls Katie and tells her that Bill is in Monte Carlo. Katie needs to get someone to watch after Will and get on the first plane and come there. Katie lets it sink in and says he is there with Brooke. Brooke says yes but she did not ask him to come. Brooke says he loves Katie but he is just hurt right now. Again Katie thinks that over and agrees….he is hurt. Katie does one little thing that he doesn’t like and he runs straight to Brooke. All those words he told her were meaningless. He would never pick her when Brooke was an option. Katie screams at Brooke and asks if Bill told her that he loves Brooke…...that Katie had the audacity to spy on him and now he was done with her. He called her a child….well it’s time she grew up and stopped acting like one. She congratulates Brooke and says Bill is hers. She wins, but then again she always does. Maya makes coffee and remembers Carter’s kiss the night before. She wakes him up by putting a cup of coffee under his nose. He smiles and says now that is the way to wake up. She thanks him for last night. He turned what was a miserable night into something special. She knows Rick was with Caroline and he didn’t even bother to show up for her performance in the play. Maya never responded to Rick’s texts and he wonders where she was last night. Maya spies her phone by the door and figures someone found it downstairs and slipped it under the door. She has a ton of messages from Rick. She says he was looking for her all night; she has to find him. Carter says there is no hurry. It’s not exactly like Rick was hurrying to find her.

While Brooke and Donna are trying to decide what to do for Katie, Bill knocks on the door. He tells Donna that he is pretty sure she knew all about the cameras around his house but she doesn’t have to bother to deny it now. He wants to speak to Brooke alone. He walks up to her and says she looks absolutely stunning. He wants her and he is moving on together. Maya tells Carter that she better get going. Carter says nothing is gonna happen between Rick and Caroline between breakfast and lunch. Maya is the only women in L.A. that every man wants to love. Maya says Carter was just what she needed last night although she knows it didn’t go as far as Carter hoped it would. He says she might not know him that well and not as a lover yet but trust him, it won’t take alcohol. As she leaves he tells her to give Rick hell. She turns and gives him a big hug and thanks him for turning a painful night into one she won’t forget. Katie cries at her own reflection in the mirror. Brooke tells Bill that she talked to Katie and told him that he was here in Monte Carlo. He says that is good. He doesn’t care what else she told him as that part of his life is over. He explains that he’s been a model husband for months and tried to make every change Katie asked of him and then this is what she does by spying on him. That is not insecurity; that is obsession. He hardened a little more after each camera was found and then he knew it was over. He is now free of the guilt, the anger, he’s free of Katie. He says he will always love Will and be part of his life. But the woman in his life is Brooke. She tells him to leave her alone. Yes she loves him but this can never work. He argues that yes it can, it is working. They will be together from this moment forward. Emphatically she says no and breaks away and runs toward the door. He yells at her to stop. Maya walks into Rick’s apartment. She tells him that she lost her phone last night and did not get any of his messages until this morning. He starts apologizing for not being at the screening last night. She stops him and says it is okay. The screening went well so it wasn’t a dud after all. And it is she that is sorry. He doesn’t understand why. He feels like he’s been a jerk and work should not have been an excuse. He knows he doesn’t deserve it but he is going to ask that she let him make up for it. Anything he can do….she says it’s enough that he is there now. He kisses her and they disrobe each other and make love. In Maya’s place, Carter draws a funny card and leaves it with a rose. Donna calls Katie who is still crying. She doesn’t know what she will do next but says she meant what she said. Brooke can have Bill. Brooke runs out of the Hotel de Paris with Bill calling after her. He finally catches up to her and says she can not run from him. He loves her. They kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel warned Eric that whoever hurt him could hurt him again.  Eric didnít think Daniel should worry about him.  He got Daniel to talk about his issues.  Daniel talked to Eric about his dead wife as well as dealing with infidelity.  Kristen thought that Brady didnít trust her.  He wanted to take things slow, but heís beginning to trust her again.  Abby was reading news about Samiís case.  Abby told Jennifer that she knew about the footage of Sami fighting Bernardi.  Jennifer wanted to know if Chad put her up to keeping quiet.  Daniel continued to talk to Eric about Chloe and Parker.  Daniel didnít want to deal with any more lies or secrets.  While Brady was in the shower, Kristen thought about being with Eric.

Will put Brent on notice about spending so much time with Sonny.  Jennifer wanted to know why Abby let Chad talk her into keeping quiet about the footage.  Jennifer wanted to talk to a lawyer.  Abby was against the idea at first. Kristen overheard Daniel and Eric talking at the church.  She interrupted them.  She claimed that she was looking forward to working with Eric.  Brent admitted that he was interested in Sonny.  Will didnít like the things Brent said and walked out of the pub.  Later on, Will went back to the pub with Sonny and told him how he put Brent on notice.  Sonny reminded Will that no one would come between them.  A woman at the church was happy that her daughter was accepted in the scholarship program.  The woman started talking about how she found out that she was pregnant.  Kristen looked at her phone and was surprised by something.  Jennifer talked to a lawyer and found out that Abby isnít a factor right now.  Jennifer ran into Daniel and asked if he would reconsider having a secret affair.  Daniel said he didnít change his mind. Kristen panicked as she stared at the date on her phone.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dr. Obrecht is angry that Duke drank the poisoned champagne that she wanted Anna to drink. Anna sits with Duke in the hospital, afraid that she will lose him again. Patrick tells Anna that a near-lethal amount of a powerful sedative called Propofol is in Dukeís bloodstream so they will have to flush his system. She realizes that Duke got sick immediately after drinking champagne. Dante asks Anna if Duke has bad blood with anyone. Ava Jerome springs to mind. She tells Dante of Dukeís suspicion that Ava is a part of the Jerome crime family. Anna remembers Lucy Coe mentioning a strange blonde woman. Derek Wells goes to see Ava and asks her if she had anything to do with Dukeís sudden illness. She says she wondered if he did. They wonder who else has it in for Duke. Derek says he knows Duke is hard to kill. Dante goes to the Quartermaine estate to question Ava. She says she barely knows Duke and has no reason to harm him. Dante says that is unless she is a member of the Jerome crime family. She insists that she is not. Dante asks Derek who he is. He says he is discussing an art investment with Ava, but that if she is involved in criminal activity, he will take his business elsewhere. Dante leaves. Ava informs Julian that Dante is Sonny Corinthosí son. Derek thinks that could be an issue.

Britt asks her mother if she had something to do with Dukeís illness. Dr. Obrecht says Duke is Faisonís romantic rival and that she has no quarrel with him. She says that if she were to go to that extreme, she would go after her own romantic rival. Britt tells her mother that she told Patrick the truth about lying to him to get him to feel sorry for her and that it worked. She shows her mother the sonogram image and says it sealed the deal.  Dr. Obrecht says a boy is superior and insists that she name him Cesar as a tribute to her father. Britt tells her to get out. Dr. Obrechtís bag spills, revealing the blonde wig and sunglasses that she wore last night. Britt looks in her motherís purse and finds the Propofol.

Sabrina tells Emma that her uncle Mac and Aunt Felicia might not get married today because her uncle Duke is sick. Maxie tells Mac and Felicia that they have to go through with the wedding today because of Georgie. Lulu asks if she was referring to the baby and reminds her that it isnít her baby. Maxie tells Lulu that she only uses the name Georgie as a placeholder to have something to call the baby other than ďBaby.Ē  Sabrina signs for a delivery of baby furniture at Patrickís house. Patrick tells Emma that she is having a brother. She isnít happy about it. He tells her that her brother will do the things with him that she hates, like camping and watching baseball. She says a baby brother might be ok. Sabrina tells Patrick that he should know what Spinelli found out about Brittís mother. Spinelli runs Lisa Westbourneís name through foreign databases and finds out what she changed her name to. Duke regains consciousness and tells Anna that he saw Obrecht at the Floating Rib. Spinelli calls Maxie and tells her that Duke will be ok. Lulu tells Dante that they might have a problem.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Abbott house, Jack and Summer decide to go out to eat at Billy’s restaurant to get their minds off of Phyllis. At On the Boulevard, Abby joins Kyle but he is reluctant to talk to her. Adam goes into Victor’s office and finds a reporter who wants a statement from them. At home, Cane notices that there is a change in Hilary since she received a text message. Cane begins to get suspicious of her. Neil and Leslie have lunch together and discuss that the blogger refused to meet with him. Nick brings Sharon home. Once inside, Nick picks up the mail and gives it to Sharon. Nick helps Sharon to the sofa. In looking at the mail, Sharon notices that she got a reminder to appear in court for a traffic violation. Sharon gives Nick a quick glance. Victor lets the reporter know that he is standing behind Adam in the charges against him. Victor puts the reporter out. Victor asks Adam why he looks so surprised. Victor lets Adam know that he did his part so it is now Adam’s turn. Victor calls someone to help him to get the rape charges dropped against Adam. Sharon lies to Nick about the letter that she opened. At the Athletic Club, Tyler sees Noah having lunch and joins him. Tyler asks Noah to come to work with him at Jabot. Hilary confesses to Cane that she lied to him and shows him the text. Cane is puzzled. Neil reads the text from the blogger that she refuses to meet with him. Neil lets Leslie know that he knows who the blogger is. Adam visits Sharon to ask for her help in getting him cleared of the charges. Nick interrupts and doesn’t want Sharon helping Adam. Jack and Summer enter the restaurant and Summer sees Kyle eating with a woman.

Neil tells Leslie that he thinks Ann Turner is the blogger. Neil lets Leslie know that he should not have left Rose alone in the hotel room. Cane continues to read the text on Hilary’s phone. Sharon tells Adam that she cannot help him. Adam asks her to reconsider and she says she will. Summer continues to watch Kyle with the woman. Kyle watches Summer as she gets up and hurriedly runs out. Victor confronts Jack about what he did to Summer to make her rush out. Victor lets Jack know that Summer is a Newman not an Abbott. Cassie appears to Sharon and lets her know that she can stop pretending now since Nick is gone. Cassie assures Sharon that Nick will come back to them. Abby joins Tyler for lunch. Tyler lets Abby know that he got tickets to the U.S. Open. Kelly leaves Kyle at the table. Neil tells Leslie that he will track Ann down in London. Adam joins them and asks to talk to Leslie alone. Adam informs Leslie that he asked Sharon to be a character witness for him. Noah visits Sharon and shows her some pics that he took at the fundraiser. Sharon asks for one picture of Nick. Kyle tries to apologize to Summer but she tells him not to. Nick, Victor, and Jack continue to argue concerning Summer who overhears their conversation. Hilary is on her laptop as it shows a pic of Neil and then a pic of Rose. Hilary listens as Neil plans a trip to London.

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