Tuesday 8/13/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/13/13 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Lisa

Dr. Anders attends the gala, much to Dixie's surprise and offers compliments and to get to know her out of work context. Cara takes JR for a walk, but he doesn't appreciate her honesty when she tells him he didn't handle the problem with his presentation at the gala well. Thinking she's turning on him, too, JR accuses her of not caring about him and only caring about keeping her son away from David. As Cara cries, JR returns to apologize, but she doesn't accept his affectionate kiss. Jealous at Pete and Celia's growing closeness, Colby splatters food on Celia's chest. Celia retaliates with a pitcher of cold water to Colby's head.

Oliver, Cara and David's son, wakes up and Angie sees him and tucks him back in. Oliver gets up again and eats some candy off the table, while his frantic grandmother runs around the mansion looking for him. When she runs into Opal, she recognizes her as Letitia, Cara's mother, from her wedding to Tad, but the lady insists she's Carmen, the Chandler's cook. Jesse comes in drunk while Angie is dancing with David and pulls him off of her. A heated argument with David ensues. Zach and other men pull them apart. David offers to take Angie home, but she declines and leaves with her husband. As he's leaving, David finds him unconscious on the floor.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Bill that she doesn’t know what Katie did, but they can’t do this. Rick tells Rafael that he needs to tell him where Maya is. He knows he can fix this. Rafael says he can’t say. All he knows is this was the most important night of Maya’s life and Rick should have been there. Instead it was Carter and he hopes they are off somewhere celebrating. Maya and Carter are off celebrating upstairs in her apartment. He puts the moves on her but she pulls away and says he knows better. He knows how she feels abut Rick. Yes she is disappointed in him now and wanted him to be here, but she’s not going to do this. She has been thinking of him all night and he could be here any minute. Liam walks into Katie's and is looking for Bill. She fills him in on that Bill found out about the spy cam and is now done with her. She has no idea where he is. She calls Justin and advises him that she needs to be in touch with Bill. She confides in Liam that she can not go back to that woman she used to be. She wishes she could. She has forgiven him for a lot. He has chosen her before, perhaps he can again but she is afraid it is over.

Bill takes off his wedding ring and throws it into the sea. He takes Brooke back to her room and explains the whole nine yards, how Katie had cameras all over the house and kept arranging them to be together watching Will and she was watching and listening to every word on her laptop. Brooke is right, there is no marriage if there is no trust and he has no more trust in Katie as that insecure little girl. She has no trust in him and it will always be another test after test. He can not live that way. He has trust in Brooke. She tells him to please say no more or he will regret it. He’s angry now. She tells him to stop this right now. Katie is not insecure. She is right and Brooke is not going to help him lose Will. They argue about him going back. He says he will not be judged by anyone. He will not try to pass more tests by Katie. He tries to kiss Brooke but she turns away. She says he will lose this time. She has no intentions of continuing this. He vows again that in the end that he will win. Rick calls Maya all over town and wants to explain. He says he loves her and knows he blew it. Maya pours Carter another drink but he declines and wants to concentrate on their happy day. They don’t have to even think about Rick but just this golden moment. They kiss. Caroline tells Rafael this was not her fault. She had nothing to do with Rick not showing up. Brooke keeps telling Bill to go home and be with his wife. They are both mad but they can work this out. Bill is adamant. He tried but that was before he knew about the cameras. He says he did not fly all the way to Monte Carlo to debate this. His mind is made up. He is ready to spend the rest of his life with Brooke. He knows she loves him so all she has to do is say it. Their life can start right now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ and his friends didnít understand what happened to the weed in the donuts.  The guests at Jenniferís book club were eating the laced donuts.  Kate ran into Stefano and thought he lied to his son (Chad) about attacking Rafe.  They began to talk about whether Stefano attacked Rafe.  Gabi visited Rafe and he wanted to see Sami.  Gabi told Rafe that Sami didnít make bail, but he could still talk to her.  Abe and Hope as well as the police searched Bernardiís house.  Abe showed Hope the note that Sami received.  EJ visited Sami at the station.  They talked about her case.  Gabi arrived at the station to see Sami.  Gabi was there so Rafe could talk to Sami.  JJ realized that he took the wrong donuts.  Everyone at the book club felt the effects of the funny donuts.  EJ met up with Abe and Hope and wondered if they found anything.  They wondered how EJ knew they were searching Bernardiís house.  Gabi showed Sami the message Rafe made for her.  Stefano lashed out at Kate when she accused him of lying about Rafe.

Julie told the ladies about a trick with handcuffs.  Julie put them on, but couldnít get them off.  Jennifer called Hope so she could help Julie out of the handcuffs.  Sami was moved that Rafe recorded a message for her.  EJ wanted to know if Abe and Hope found anything.  They told EJ that they turned up empty.  EJ left to talk to Justin.  Julie called Hope about her situation.  Hope sent a squad car to help Julie.  JJ arrived at the house when the cop showed up.  JJ panicked when the cop wanted to get inside the house.  Jennifer talked to the cop and got the key from him.  Stefano had his henchman take the money that EJís henchman planted in Bernardiís house.  Hope visited Sami at the station.  Hope informed Sami that the lead the police had turned up empty.  Kate visited Rafe and told him she believed that Stefano didnít have him attacked.  EJ saw Stefano and confronted Stefano about taking the money.  Hope warned Sami that EJís help could make Samiís situation worse.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

All of Mac and Feliciaís friends except Lucy and Kevin gather at the Floating Rib for a surprise party hosted by Duke and Anna and planned by Maxie. Still at the hospital, Lucy is angry with Kevin because he always has an emergency and this time he made them miss Felicia and Macís surprise. She says Mac and Felicia asked Duke and Anna to stand up for them because Kevin is so unreliable. He says they were probably afraid that Lucy would see vampires and drive a stake through someoneís heart in the middle of their wedding. At their table at the floating Rib, Spinelli shows Felix and Sabrina a picture of Brittís mother. Sabrina recognizes her as the woman she saw talking to Britt outside Kellyís. Dr. Obrecht goes to the Floating Rib in a blonde wig with a bottle of Propofol. Maxie kicks off the karaoke when Mac and Felicia arrive. Ellie accuses Maxie of choosing to have a karaoke party because she and Spinelli shared so many memories with karaoke as a backdrop. Maxie snaps back that the party is for her parents and that they will enjoy the karaoke. She says Spinelli told her that Ellie changed her mind about having children. Ellie says it is the least she can do considering that she is keeping the secret that Lulu and Dante will be raising Spinelliís child with Maxie. Ellie admits to Spinelli that she is jealous of all the ďthingsĒ he has with Maxie. He tells her that they will be together for a long time and that they will have their own ďthings.Ē

Anna wants to wait for Lucy and Kevin to arrive before making the toast. The champagne glasses are lined up on the bar. Dr. Obrecht pours Propofol into the glass on the end. Anna picks up the glass. Duke and Anna propose a toast to Mac and Felicia, but Lucy and Kevin arrive, shouting at each other, interrupting the toast. Lucy tells Felix that her marriage is falling apart. Kevin complains to Mac and Felicia that Lucy seems to always be mad at him these days. Dr. Obrecht sings a song while Anna and Duke drink their champagne, but Duke is the one who gets sick. He goes outside for some air. Lucy remembers seeing the singing woman in the park when she was passing out flyers about Luluís disappearance. She remembers that the woman said people donít have to be insane to do evil things; some people are just evil. Lucy asks Anna if the woman is on the guest list. Hearing that, Dr. Obrecht rushes out and collides with Duke, who immediately recognizes her before he falls to the ground. Realizing that Duke drank the poison, she curses Anna for ruining her plans. No one hears the ruckus outside because Mac and Kevin appear onstage in drag. Lucy and Kevin make up. Anna goes outside to look for Duke and finds him on the ground.

Patrick tells Britt that he is falling in love with the baby and touches her belly. Britt has abdominal pain so they do an ultrasound to make sure everything is alright and discover that the baby is a boy. Once she feels better, she admits to Patrick that she never intended to get an abortion and she faked her illness in an effort to get him to care about her and the baby. She says she doesnít know what she was thinking and that she is sorry. She promises that she will never do anything that horrible again and says she just wants their son to grow up happy and healthy. He says he wants that too. Sabrina goes to the hospital and finds Patrick and Britt hugging in the exam room. Patrick tells Sabrina what happened to Britt and that they are having a boy. Sabrina congratulates Britt before leaving with Patrick. Britt concludes to herself that her mother might be right about the baby bringing Patrick closer to her.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Jeffrey goes to Clint's office and counts his pills. He later greets Carl at Todd's old hotel room. Carl and Jeffrey discuss how Jeffrey has been doing such a great job. Jeffrey thanks him. Carl explains to Jeffrey that his sister Allison (Perkins) is going to be taking control of Todd and Victor. Meanwhile, Bo gets a phone call from the man of the year organization. They award him Clint's award. At first Bo is unsure if he wants to take the award from Clint, and Nora tells him that Clint will hate him, but Bo decides that he should take it. Natalie confronts Cutter about asking for money. Cutter tells her that his employee has bills that need to get paid for his broken nose from when Clint punched him. Natalie understands.

Viki goes to see Clint at his office and tells him that she is sorry but that he needs to stop drinking. She takes his brandy and starts to leave, but Clint asks who is getting the man of the year instead. Viki tells him that it is Bo and leaves. Clint is angered and finds more to drink telling himself that Bo will pay. At the red carpet, everyone shows up. Dani is worried that Tťa will not like Arturo. Dani and Michelle are wearing the same dress. When Dorian arrives, Carl introduces himself asking if he can escort her this evening which she accepts.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon visits Nick and brings a bag of groceries. She asks how Phyllis is doing and tells him to let Avery know that she doesn’t have to worry that he is being taken care of. Jack comes home, checks the mail, and throws it back onto the desk. He sits down on the couch frustrated with his hands over his face. Jack mumbles to himself how he is going to do this without Phyllis. John appears to him. Tyler and Abby have small talk and a cup of coffee at the coffeehouse. Tyler brags on Abby about how grounded she is in her job. Abby tries to convince Tyler to go back to Jabot. Lily watches Cane and Hillary and seethes with jealousy. At the police station, Leslie and Neil tell Alex about the blogger and how they are going after Neil. Neil explains to Alex that he left Rose in a hotel room and put out the “Do not Disturb” sign, so she wouldn’t be bothered. Neil blames himself for Rose’s death. Jack tells John about how serious Phyllis is. Jack looks at a bottle of pills. Traci, Abby, and Summer have lunch. Traci and Abby try to comfort Summer over Phyllis and also over Nick and what just happened with her finding out she wasn’t his daughter. Traci tries to let her know that she is a Newman as well as an Abbott. Sharon tries to assure Nick that she is fine. Nick gets a call from Avery which unnerves Sharon. Tyler confronts Devon about his asking Abby to try to convince him to come back to Jabot. After Hillary leaves, Lily shows her jealousy of Hilary to Cane.

Sharon pretends to fall on the stairs so Nick will take care of her. Nick picks her up and carries her to the sofa. Nick promises to take care of her. Tyler walks out on Devon but Hilary soon joins him. Lily plops herself down in a chair opposite Devon who has problems of his own. Lily and Devon puts their heads together and try to figure out what Hilary is up to. Neil sends a message to the blogger that it is time for them to meet. Hilary, who is with Cane, receives the message but refuses to let him know who it is from. Summer visits Jack. Jack tries his best to comfort Summer over her mother. Summer begins to cry on Jack’s shoulder.

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