Monday 8/12/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/12/13 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Lisa

The Chandler Media gala continues with dancing, a dance contest, and a lot of anger. JR is due to make his presentation on the reel for Chandler but the file would not boot. He becomes angry and lashes out at Brooke. Adam walks in and stops his diatribe. Adam called him into his study to cool him down and tell him what a big disappointment he is to the family. Investors are outraged and begin to leave. Dimitri and Brooke agree to do damage control. Adam quickly leaves after a brief reunion with Brooke. Cara tries to comfort JR, but he lashes out on her as well.

Jesse is drinking at the bar when he sees Billy Clyde Tuggle. Billy offers Jesse kind words, a drink, a chauffeur, but he does not accept. Celia wins the date with Pete but is not sure she is going or if it is the right thing to do. Heather and Miranda offer advice that it is and that she likes him, so she should go for it. Opal has reservations about their dating and makes no qualms about them. Colby also shows her outrage at this; at the same time making plays at her date, David. Zach and Miranda enjoy the gala, but Miranda cannot stop looking at Heather and AJ dancing and kissing. Zach confronts her about those feelings and tells her to talk to him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke walks the lovely streets of Monte Carlo. Bill is on his jet flying to her. Katie relives the horrifying experience of Bill finding the spy cameras and walking out and telling her goodbye! Rick has a big bouquet of flowers sitting by him on the car seat, but stuck in traffic that is moving at a snail’s pace. Rafael tells Maya that he can’t wait any more. He must start the movie premiere now. Carter doesn’t make things any better by saying this is Maya’s big night and one she has looked forward to all her life yet Rick can’t bring himself to be there for her. Rick finally shows up and runs into Pam. She tells him he missed the whole shebang…..and Carter and Maya looked so cute together. He asked where are they? Pam replies they are all at a party next door……except for Maya and Carter. They went off by themselves. Rick says he has to find her and explain. Pam says Maya is not exactly a happy camper right now. She thinks he should give her a little space right now. Maya goes back to her room to change out of the stupid dress and forget the whole day. Donna tells Brooke that she was invited to a yacht party by a good-looking guy and intends to have a good time while Brooke looks over the city. Brooke tells her she only hopes Katie gets back with Bill as nothing will ever happen between them again, but she can think about him and have the memories. Katie calls Donna and admits that Bill found the cameras and knows she was spying on him and he left her for good. She doesn’t know where he is.

Carter shows up at Dayzee’s and asks Rafael if she is upstairs at her place. Rafael says yes and perhaps Carter ought to take a bottle of wine up to help cheer her. Without her as the star, there will be no movie. Carter says he is sorry but that is not his concern at the moment, only Maya. He kisses her and she returns the kiss. Rick is not far behind. He informs Rafael that he is going upstairs and try to make things right. While on the yacht, Brooke looks around and there is Bill. They gravitate to each other. He tells her that Katie did something unforgivable and he left her. He tried to make the marriage work but she made it impossible. He tells Brooke that he is in love with her and he wants to spend his life with her. He kisses her and they envelope themselves in each other’s arms.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ met with someone and paid him for his help.  Abe and Theo ran into Marge and Timmy.  EJ wanted the man to plant evidence that proved that Bernardi was a dirty cop.  Sami got from a cop.  She started eating it when she saw the note that said she was a dead woman.  She pretended to throw up when a cop showed up.  Marge talked to Abe about Timmy’s loss.  Abe told Marge about Lexie’s death.  Marge reminded Abe that no one trashed her name.  The cop wanted to know hat Sami was doing.  She said she was choking.  Sami quickly threw the note under her mattress.  Jennifer had a book club meeting.  Adrienne was the first to arrive.  Jennifer and Adrienne talked about JJ changing his life.  Nicole saw JJ and they had an argument.  Nicole threatened to tell Jennifer about his ways.  He didn’t think that anyone would believe her.  JJ walked away from her.

Hope talked to Bo and found out that he’s going undercover.  Julie was at the pub with Hope and they briefly talked Bo being gone.  Jennifer was making donuts when JJ showed up.  He offered to make some donuts with the rest of the dough Jennifer had left.  JJ wanted to hide the drugs he had so he put the drugs in the donuts.  EJ visited Sami at the station and she showed him the note.  Nicole and Daniel ran into each other and they talked about his relationship with Jennifer.  Nicole thought that Jennifer and Daniel belonged together.  Adrienne went to the kitchen because Jennifer needed JJ for something.  Adrienne took the “funny” donut out of the bag.  Abe showed up at the station and EJ and Sami told him about the note.  Abe received a call and told EJ and Sami that he will pick the guards who will give Sami her food.  Adrienne ended up switching the donuts that JJ had in his bag for the ones that Jennifer made.  Hope, Julie, Kayla, and Nicole showed up for the book club.  Nicole saw JJ’s picture and thought about him.  Hope got a call from Abe about searching Bernardi’s house.  Marge called Abe because she found out about the search.  She reminded Abe that he was supposed to protect Bernardi’s name.  JJ and his friends didn’t notice the drugs in their donuts.  Jennifer and company started eating the laced donuts.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sean Donely tells Luke that he is in a wheelchair because one of the Balkan’s men shot him with a Polonium 210-laced bullet, the same way Jerry Jacks was infected, so the two of them worked together to get the cure. Unfortunately, when Jerry went to make the buy, production of the cure had been halted. Sean says that what he has in the vial isn’t the cure, but a serum to decrease the symptoms.  Luke says that if Sean tells him where to find Jerry Jacks, he will get the cure for both of them. Sean gives Luke the serum and tells him to bring Jerry Jacks to him so they can deal with him together.

Spinelli won’t allow Maxie to carry heavy bags and insists on helping her with decorating the Floating for Mac and Felicia’s pre-wedding party. Maxie tells him to stop acting like he is the baby’s father.  She apologizes when he says he is just looking out for her welfare, but he admits that participating in her childbirth class did make him feel a little fatherly. Anna and Duke are also decorating the Floating Rib. Duke tells Anna that he might be out of a job, thanks to Ava Jerome. Anna wonders if Silas Clay is Ava’s silent partner and if he knew he had a child. Silas confronts Ava about Kiki. She claims that she hid the truth because she loves him. She says he loved her as much as she loved him and kisses him. He stops her and tells her not to try to distract him. He says Kiki will be a part of his life now. She says it could ruin both of them. He doesn’t care. Michael stops Morgan and Kiki’s wedding ceremony and shows Kiki the Port Charles Press article. He asks her to call off the wedding so they can be together, but it‘s too late; She and Morgan are already married. Michael asks Morgan if he rushed the wedding because he already saw the article. Kiki wants to know the answer too. Morgan dodges the question by saying that he doesn’t care who she is. She reminds him of how much she hates it when her mother lies to her.  

Anna recalls when Robert found out that Robin was his daughter. She notes that Robert is the only person from the old group that isn’t there for Felicia and Mac’s wedding, thanks to Dr. Obrecht. Dr Obrecht sits in the dark in Felix and Sabrina’s apartment talking to a picture of Faison, Anna, and little Robin. She tells Faison that Anna spurns him and finds happiness with others, yet he can’t get over his obsession with her. Britt is startled when she opens the door and finds her mother sitting there. Britt says it is time to face the reality that the baby is not swaying Patrick’s heart because he is too into Sabrina. Dr. Obrecht says it is time to eliminate the competition altogether. Britt goes to childbirth class. Patrick joins her. Maxie meets Lulu and Dante at the class. Patrick tells Britt that he is falling in love with the baby. Britt says she has to tell Patrick something. Felix and Sabrina meet Spinelli at the Floating Rib. Spinelli tells them that Britt’s father’s name is not on her birth certificate, but that her mother is Lisa Westbourne. He says Britt’s mother was a brilliant doctor until she had her medical license revoked after performing experimental surgeries on human patients, after which she disappeared. Sabrina recognizes the picture of Lisa Westbourne as a younger version of the woman she saw talking to Britt outside Kelly’s. Anna tells Duke that she looked into Lisa Obrecht’s history and that she doesn’t seem to exist prior to working at the clinic in Switzerland. Dr. Obrecht puts on a long blonde wig and goes to the Floating Rib with a vial of Propofol with the intention of killing Anna.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Jo asks David to talk about the show and how Rama was involved in the trouble of what happened with Dorian and him. Jo makes him say things and it is revealed that she is taping him. She later goes to Dorian and does the exact same thing to her. Blair goes to see Téa who does not want to talk to her or anyone. Blair tries to get her to he happy but she is not interested. Téa explains that Victor and Todd have been nothing but useless to her and Blair. Blair reveals her engagement ring to Téa who thinks that it is stupid. Téa kicks Blair out but Blair forces her to go to the gala. Matthew is very afraid of what is going on with Drew. Nora wants to know about Michelle but Matthew is not ready to talk about her. Destiny comes back saying that Drew is ok and they can bring him home.

Cutter confronts Clint about the money that his worker needs. Clint does not want to give him any money for anything. Cutter threatens to sue. Clint tells him to. Natalie shows up asking what is wrong. Clint says that Cutter is trying to get money out of him. Jeffrey goes back home and takes off his shoes. His foot has a tattoo like the others on it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At On the Boulevard, Billy and Victor have a heated conversation concerning Adam and the rape charges that were brought against him by Melanie. At the Athletic Club, Chloe tries to console Delia over the fact that she was not invited to the wedding. Chloe suggests they have a Téa party. Victoria comes in and Delia runs to give her a hug. Delia makes a remark that she doesn’t get to see Victoria any more since she and Billy are getting divorced just like Chloe and Kevin. Billy lets Victor know that he wants Victoria back in her rightful place at Newman Enterprises. Adam bumps into Melanie and tells her that if she is willing to take his offer then they can talk. Chelsea goes into labor with Dylan by her side. Melanie wants more money from Adam, plus she won’t stop until his life is ruined. Victoria assures Delia that she and Billy are not getting divorced. Kevin comes in and Delia gives him a big hug. With Dylan’s help, Chelsea delivers a beautiful baby boy. Lauren and Michael are reunited with Fen who has taken the deal and agreed to go into rehab for his drug addiction. Chloe and Kevin are having a talk when she gets a text that Chelsea had the baby. Chloe is hesitant about leaving but Kevin steps in and agrees to join Delia in the Téa party. Chloe kisses him bye.

Billy lets it slip to Victor about the recording he made. Victoria walks up and wants to know what recording. Victor goes on to explain everything to Victoria what Billy had been up to by wanting him to place her back in charge at Newman and also that Billy offered Melanie money in order to retract her statement. Victoria is once again hurt by Billy’s lies. Chloe lets it slip to Adam that Chelsea had the baby. Chelsea tells Dylan that she is thankful that he is in her life. Michael and Lauren accompany Fen to rehab. Chloe visits Chelsea and Dylan. Dylan goes to get the baby to show to Chloe. Chloe is thrilled as to how beautiful he is. Victoria reprimands Billy for his lies and lets him know that if he wants back with her, then he will have to stop keeping things from her. Kevin comes into the police department wearing the earring. Paul sees the earring and wonders what Kevin has been up to. Kevin explains that he was at a Téa party. Victor comes into the office and lets Adam know that he will stand by him. Billy informs Melanie that if she doesn’t drop these charges, he will lose everything. Michael and Lauren get another text from Carmine threatening that they will never be rid of him. Chelsea and Dylan name the baby Connor Terrence McAvoy.

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