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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie picks up Will’s toys and sits and contemplates on what just happened. Via the spycam, Bill chose her and wants to be with her. He let Brooke walk out of his life. Now she can believe he is sincere. Bill walks in and says she asked to see him. She says yes, she thought they should talk. She does not want a divorce. She wants him to come home. Flying to Monte Carlo, Donna reads from some brochures to Brooke about the local sights and the home of Prince Albert the 2nd. Brooke says she is glad they came and perhaps it will be good for Bill and Katie too. Perhaps Katie will be more willing to work things out if Brooke is not there. Something could be happening right now. Eric goes to Thorne’s office in the basement and when he sees Thomas is there also, he asks if this is an ambush. Thorne says this is not a power play, but…..Thomas speaks up and says Rick has to go. Thorne tells his dad that he and Thomas can work together and do so much more for FC than Rick. “Get him out, put us in.” Thorne says he knows he is young, but he’d be glad to be Vice President under Thorne, someone he trusts. Thorne says Eric as CEO, him as President and Thomas as VP, that’s a dream team. Just tell Rick that he is done. Maya kisses Rick and tells him that she is so excited about her premier and for him to come. He can’t wait. Caroline sees them from the door and is not that happy. Maya leaves and Caroline enters the office. She asks if he isn’t going to the premiere. Rick says yes after he wraps up a few mutinies or two. She replies it’s a good thing he has her because she won’t let them. Eric, Thomas and Thorne come into his office and say they need a minute. Rick says okay but he needs to get to the premiere very soon. Thorne accuses him of playing hooky once again and the sales figures will never reach $100 Million by the end of the year like that. Rick reminds him that he is always here. And he is not going to stoop to Thorne’s level and point out his flaws. But today he has some place else to be so excuse him. Caroline walks in and says if this is about Hope for the Future, then sit down as she and Rick are gonna knock their socks off. She makes a great presentation with a new logo even and Eric is pleased and informs them there will be no changes at the moment. Rick still has to meet his goal, but he thinks he has that potential.

Pam, Dayzee and Marcus are also excited for Maya and give her hugs before the premiere begins. Brooke admits to Donna that she still loves Bill, but she wants Katie’s marriage to work. Donna ponders what might have happened if Brooke had met Bill first. She is much more like him than Katie, more equipped to handle a stallion like Bill. Brooke is tickled by the use of the word stallion to describe him. Bill asks Katie if she really means it. She says yes. What he and Brooke did was heartbreaking, but she is willing to take her share of the blame to what happened. She is willing to work as hard as he will to see if they can save their marriage. She puts her arms around him for a hug, but he doesn’t respond. She realizes he is speechless. He says he knows he has to choose his words carefully. When she suggests again that she wants him to move home, he walks over and lifts the lid to a box that contains one of the cameras and asks if she knows anything about that. He’s disgusted. He says here a camera, there a camera, everywhere a camera camera. Now she is silent. He goes on that he’s been spending a lot of time lately at the house and so has Brooke, so that must be the fascination. She admits that she set up the cameras because she did not trust him. She wants to forgive him but she had lost all faith in him. He screams what does she mean, to forgive him? She is the one who is being deceptive by setting him up. He gave her his word. She says that is not enough any more. She says she was protecting herself and he would have done the same thing under those circumstances. He says let’s talk about. She made her plans, her manipulations and then walked out on him and then set him and Brooke up once again and now she is condemning him for that. Wonder what kind of little freak show was she hoping to see. She answers that she had to be sure. She says she knows he is upset, but he doesn’t have to be. She got her proof; he passed the test. Sarcastically he says gee, what a lucky guy he is. He passed her test! There is only one problem. Loud and clear he says he will NEVER trust her again! She begs that she could not put her heart on the line again without proof. He says too bad. He is not going to put up with this another moment and be somebody’s lab rat. He doesn’t want a wife who is bursting at the seams with this kind of insecurity. He wonders what happened to that moral high ground she used to like to stand on. Now it seems she has stumbled down into the gutter. He points out that she manipulated his own sister to get him out of the company. Well she may have that temporarily but she can not have his personal life. He hopes those cameras are still rolling so she can look at them over and over while sitting alone in this big old house that he bought for her. And she gets to decide if he is good enough for her to take back or not. He picks up the box with the camera and throws it to her and tells her to enjoy the show. He walks out with her crying after him. While Donna naps, Brooke walks the streets of beautiful Monte Carlo. Bill hops on his jet and tells the pilot to get this bird in the air – straight to Monte Carlo.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne wanted to know if she and Justin were over.  Justin wasnít sure she wanted the marriage to work since she kept the truth about the footage of Sami and Bernardi from him.  Victor told Brady that he was making a mistake getting back together with Kristen.  Marlena showed up at the DiMera mansion to see Kristen.  Kristen said she was happy to see her.  Marlena said that Kristen wouldnít get away with what sheís done.  Kristen implied that sheís already been able to get away with doing something to her son.  Marlena thought she was talking about Brady.  Kristen reminded Marlena that Brady was only her stepson.  Marlena wanted to know what she meant by that.  Adrienne didnít want to end her marriage.  Justin wasnít so sure since she went behind his back.  Chad wanted to know if the specialist had his test results.  The doctor said the results were conclusive.  The doctor gave Chad his results off screen.  Sonny visited Sami at the police station.  They talked about Will.  Sonny told Sami that he wasnít sure what to say to Will because he thought he was responsible for Sami being in jail.  Sonny thought that Will might be right to accuse himself.  Sami reassured Sonny that Will wasnít responsible for what happened to her.  She also tried to convince Sonny that Adrienne didnít do anything wrong by turning over the evidence to Abe.  Marlena and Kristen argued about Eric and John.  Will believed that he should have come forward about what he did because Sami wouldnít be in jail if he did come forward.  EJ informed Will that they would both be in jail and that he shouldnít say anything.  

Adrienne and Justin continued to argue about her actions.  He ended up walking away.  Chad was upset about his news.  While he was walking, Chad saw Cameron and Abby kissing in the park.  Victor continued to advise Brady to stay away from Kristen.  Kristen continued to gloat to Marlena about being with Brady again and how she lost John.  Chad sent Cameron a text to meet him at the pub.  EJ visited Sami at the station.  They talked about getting her out of jail.  Marlena was so upset with Kristen that she choked her.  Brady walked in and saw them fighting and stopped it.  Justin ran into Victor at the Kiriakis mansion.  Victor told Justin that heís wrong to throw away his marriage.  Adrienne talked to Sonny about her marriage possibly being over.  Kristen didnít like how Brady was upset with her because she was fighting with Marlena.  Brady wanted things to be different between them this time.  Chad met Cameron at the pub.  Chad thought Cameron was trying to go after Abby while he was with his specialist.  Victor didnít like how Justin worked with Sami and EJ and thought that Adrienne did the right thing.  Brady and Kristen continued to argue over Marlena.  Kristen didnít want to take flak from him every time she defends herself.  She told Brady that he could leave if he couldnít handle her.  Brady started to walk out but he turned around and kissed her.  Chad told Cameron that he has a tumor.  He didnít want Cameron to tell anyone about the fact that heís dying.  Victor and Justin argued about Justin being involved with EJ.  EJ hired a henchman to prove that Bernardi was crooked.  Kristen thought about Eric while she was about to make love to Brady.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Holly and Luke go to Sean Donelyís last known address. Seanís daughter, Anna, answers the door with two no-necks by her side. She knows Luke shot her father and left him paralyzed. Luke says it was an accident. She says her father isnít there, but she lets them come inside. Weak and wheelchair-bound, Sean comes out to talk to them. Luke says he knows Sean withdrew Jerry Jacksí $88 million from the Swiss bank account. He surmises that Jerry came to Sean when he was looking for a cure. He asks Sean what he needed that much money for. Sean shows him a small vial.

Sam tells Alexis that Kiki isnít Francoís daughter and that Silas just found out from the article in the newspaper that he is Kikiís father. Ava tells Derek that the article could ruin everything for her. He says it will help them get ELQ. Derek wonders why Ava was willing to sabotage everything to keep Silas from knowing he has a daughter. She says she doesnít owe him an explanation. He tells her to go find out if Tracy is still giving her the Director of Special Projects job at ELQ. Sam is rude and dismissive when Derek goes to the hospital donor drive. Elizabeth asks Tracy to make peace with AJ before he self-destructs. Tracy says it isnít her problem. Silas and Michael go to the Quartermaine estate looking for Kiki. Michael and Elizabeth wonder where A went. Tracy thanks Silas for knocking up Ava 20 years ago. She says she doesnít know why Ava kept it a secret because it would have been strategically more advantageous for her to have revealed the truth. She points him toward the boathouse to look for Kiki. Ava asks Tracy how she could steal Kikiís birth certificate and give it to Connie Falconeri. Tracy asks Ava how she could sit on information that would have cinched Tracyís success in getting ELQ back. Ava says she had her reasons. Tracy says Avaís reasons cost her job at ELQ. Ava says that if Tracy reneges on their deal, then Francoís vote will go to AJ. Tracy doesnít know why Ava wants such a low-level job, but agrees to give it to her provided that Ava stays on her side.  

Morgan pressures Kiki into marrying him immediately. Sonny goes home and finds AJ strangling Connie. AJ says Connie ruined his relationship with his son. Connie says it has nothing to do with AJ and Michaelís relationship. He says she wouldnít know because she left her own son to die when he was born and then finished him off when she found out he lived. Sonny cold cocks AJ with his pistol. Elizabeth and Michael arrive just as Sonny is about to punch AJ. AJ tries to blame Sonny for the article. Connie says she made the decision alone. AJ says she will pay for it alone. Sonny says he came home after hearing Connieís voicemail message. She concludes that he ran to Olivia at the first sign of a fight. He says he didnít betray her with Olivia, but she betrayed him when she printed the story. Connie says Sonny shouldnít buy Morganís love by helping him trap Kiki. He says he doesnít even really want Morgan with Kiki because she might be dangerous if she is related to the Jerome crime family, but he knows that if he tries to push Morgan, he will only become more determined. He says he doesnít know what Morgan will do now that Connie printed the story. She says she stands by her story because Sonny was hurting both his sons. At the hospital, Michael tells AJ that he doesnít need ELQ to prove himself. AJ tells Michael to find Kiki and tell her that they arenít cousins. Elizabeth tells AJ that Sonny shouldnít have pulled a gun on him. AJ says they are lucky he wasnít armed because he would have killed Connie. Michael runs into Mac at the elevator. Mac tells him that he had better hurry if he is going to get to city hall in time for Morganís wedding. Michael goes to City hall and stops the wedding.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria tells Nikki that she is scared to give Billy another chance. Nikki advises her to go slowly and keep an open mind about Billy. Dylan and Chelsea have a beautiful small wedding at home with just Chloe, Stitch, Anita, and Chelsea attending and Billy providing the food from On the Boulevard. Victor defends Adam to a reporter asking questions at On the Boulevard and tells him that he stands behind Adam. Billy tells Victor that he has a recording that he intends to take to the DA or the press, but he could make the rape charges against Adam go away; the decision is up to Victor. Victor tells Billy that if he wants to save his marriage to Victoria, he won’t be able to do it by blackmailing her father. Billy enjoys telling Adam that Dylan and Chelsea are getting married today.

Sharon and Nick have a day with Faith and Sharon enjoys pretending that they are a happy family. Summer arrives and plays dress up with Faith and when Faith asks her mom to help her put on lipstick before meeting her prince. Summer notices that Sharon uses creamy nude and tells Nick that that was the same shade that the police gave her when they gave her Phyllis’s belongings that were on the stairwell that night. Nick thinks there must have been someone else on the stairwell with Phyllis that night, since Summer also told him that Phyllis was wearing everlasting apricot lipstick that night. Sharon tells Nick and Summer that creamy nude is a very popular shade and could have been dropped by anyone using the stairs, and it might have even been there for weeks. Avery and Jack share stories about Phyllis in a Georgia hotel room when Kyle arrives and tells Jack Summer needs him, because she is in denial about what happened and she needs him. Avery agrees to stay with Phyllis, and Jack goes home with Kyle to help Summer through this tough time. Chelsea's contractions start coming fast, and she tells Dylan there isn’t time to go to the hospital, because the baby is coming now.

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