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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While Katie and Donna watch and wait for Bill to take that drink that will help loosen him up and make his first move on Brooke, he decides to pour it out when Brooke won’t join him. He tells her that it finally dawned on him. He did not want Will growing up and just remembering his daddy’s smell or that taste of a kiss on his lips. He can give up drinking to get Katie back. Brooke says put in a good word for her too. Katie cries a bit and is obviously touched. Rick calls Thomas down to the basement. Thorne gives him plenty of reasons why the company is not making profits under Rick and how they need to team up and make it better. He’s ready to get his butt out of that basement. Thomas is on board. He knows he can learn a lot from Thorne. Eric won’t turn the reins from Rick to him, but he will to Thorne. Thomas says when he’s learned all he can, then Thorne can hand it off to Thomas. They will make a good team.

Maya catches Rick spending long hours in his effort to keep his father happy in running the company. Trouble is, it involves Caroline and she knows Caroline is not being Miss Sweetie Pie for nothing. Rick says he has shot Caroline down so many times. She’s like a puppy that keeps jumping up on the furniture. She’s helping him so much that he can’t keep slapping her down, but she is trying and he has her under control. Bill talks Brooke into going to the Monte Carlo media festival as someone from Forrester should be there. She in turn wants to invite someone to go along to help run interference with the media if they question her too much. She calls Donna who is all too happy to help out if Katie doesn’t need her. In the background, Katie shakes her head that she will be okay. Katie tells Donna that she was wrong. Donna says yes and she hopes Katie will get rid of all these cameras when she gets home. Katie cries…..Bill really loves her. He always has….he chooses her. While alone, Bill checks out the baby monitor and in so doing he sees a book next to it on the mantle. He thinks it looks suspicious and checks it out only to find a hidden camera inside. He looks around further and finds two more hidden in the room. Disgusted is too mild a word to describe him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen rubbed it in to Nicole that she was her new boss.  Justin wanted to ask Rafe some questions to help Samiís case.  Kate didnít want Justin to do it, but Rafe wanted to help.  Kayla and Adrienne argued over Adrienne throwing Sami under the bus.  Rafe explained to Justin that Bernardi was a good man at work.  Rafe didnít know Bernardi personally.  Eric was upset with Brady because he was with Nicole when he wanted to be back with Kristen.  Brady told Eric about his past with Nicole.  Eric implied that Nicole was upset about their break up.  Kristen and Nicole argued over Brady.  Kristen warned Nicole to stay away from Brady.  Kayla seemed to understand why Adrienne went to the police after she explained how she didnít want her child to be in trouble.  Rafe started to get stressed out when he told Justin about Bernardi and Sami fighting in the footage.  Kayla and Kate walked in the room and warned Justin to stop questioning Rafe.  Kristen and Nicole continued to argue over Brady.  Kristen warned Nicole that bad things would happen if she and Brady werenít together anymore.  Nicole seemed like she was worried about Kristenís threat.

Justin and Adrienne ran into each other at the hospital.  Adrienne wanted to talk about saving their marriage.  Justin wasnít really ready to talk to her about it yet, but he decided to go with her to talk.  Brady and Marlena talked at the pub.  Brady told Marlena that heís back with Kristen.  Nicole let Kristen know that sheís keeping an eye on her.  Kristen intended to do the same thing to her.  Chad went to a specialist and he told him that Chad needed an MRI.  Adrienne and Justin argued about her decision to go to the police.  Justin didnít appreciate that she went behind his back and turned in the footage.  Adrienne explained that she thought Justin knew about the footage and didnít want to tell her about it.  She thought Justin was putting work before their marriage.  Marlena tried to explain to Brady that he shouldnít be with Kristen.  Brady let Marlena know that he spoke to John about Kristen.  She was surprised that Brady spoke to John.  Marlena wondered if Brady and John made up.  Brady said that they didnít make up yet.  Marlena thought Brady was crazy to be back with Kristen.  Adrienne wanted to know how long Justin was going to stay mad at her.  Rafe let Kate know that he couldnít feel his arms or the rest of his body.  He wondered if he would ever walk again.  Marlena warned Brady that Kristen is a sociopath and that she would destroy him if he stayed with her.  Justin was done, but he wasnít sure what he meant by that.  Adrienne wondered if Justin was done with their conversation or their marriage.  Justin didnít give Adrienne an answer.  Later on, Marlena showed up at the DiMera mansion to see Kristen.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ava tells Silas that she will kill him if he goes near her daughter. Sam tells Silas that the story to publicize Dannyís donor drive was bumped because something else was bigger news. She shows him the headline about Kiki not being a Q. Silas reads the article and sees his name on the birth certificate printed in the paper. He tells Sam that Kiki is his daughter. Sam says Silas should go find Kiki. Morgan takes Kiki to the courthouse to get their marriage license. Michael tries to call Kiki from the Quartermaine boathouse, but her phone rings under the bed where Morgan hid it. Michael dials Morgan, but Morgan doesnít answer when it vibrates. He tells Kiki that it is dead. Felicia go to the courthouse to get their marriage license. Morgan sees that Felicia has a copy of the newspaper. He asks them if Kiki can borrow a phone. When Kiki steps away with Feliciaís phone, Morgan reveals that he has been keeping the news from Kiki because he doesnít want it to spoil their big day. When Morgan and Kiki go inside, Felicia and Mac agree that something wasnít right about Morganís explanation. Once they have the license, Kiki wants to find out when Franco will be released from the hospital so they can set a date. He says they should just do it now since they are already there. Kiki doesnít want to do that. Ava goes to the boathouse looking for Kiki. Michael shows her the newspaper and asks if that is what she needs to talk to Kiki about. She figures out that Tracy must have found the birth certificate when she was in her bedroom yesterday. Michael concludes that Ava lied about Franco being Kikiís father just so she could get access to the Quartermaine money. He asks her how that worked out for her when Kiki sided with AJ. He suddenly realizes that Kikiís vote changes everything.

Liz slaps Tracy for saying AJ is unworthy of anybody's love. She says AJ has worked his butt off trying to turn the company around and Tracy has made all his hard work count for nothing. Tracy says AJ has never worked a day in his life, he blackmailed ELQ from her, and he stole her Pickle-Lila inheritance and yet Elizabeth wants to paint him as some kind of misunderstood hero. Tracy canít understand how Elizabeth could choose AJ over Nikolas Cassadine. She warns Elizabeth that AJ always reverts to his true self at the first sign of trouble. Elizabeth asks Tracy to make peace with AJ before he really does self-destruct. AJ storms into Sonny's house to confront Connie about the story about Kiki. She tells him that he canít sue her for printing the truth. He concludes that Sonny put her up to it. She says Sonny is almost as angry about it as AJ is. She tells him that unlike him, she has to work for a living and printing the news is her job. He congratulates her on ruining his professional life to save hers. She says the difference between the two of them is that she takes responsibility for her actions and he runs from his responsibility. He says that was true in the past, but he has been trying to make amends. She says it is a setback but he will get past it. She suggests that he start a business of his own.  

At the Metro Court, Sonny tells Olivia that Connie betrayed him. She says she doesnít want to get in the middle of a squabble between her cousin and him. He shows her the newspaper and says he asked Connie not to print the story, but she did it anyway. Olivia wonders how a story about an ELQ vote that nobody cares about constitutes a betrayal. She tells him that Connieís career is all she has and that if Sonny asked her to sacrifice her career for his personal reasons, then her reason for printing the story canít be as simple as black and white. She says she put her feelings aside so Sonny and Connie could be together and that this is between them. He tells her that Connie tried to reach out but he didnít answer her call or listen to the message. Olivia tells him that he is stupid and orders him to listen to the message. Sonny listens to the message and hears AJís voice threatening Connie. He immediately heads home where he finds AJ holding Connie against the wall with his hand around her neck. Sonny draws his gun and demands that AJ get his hands off her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil remembers everything about his night with Rose while he is under hypnosis. He remembers having drinks with her at a hotel room and them sitting on the bed talking. When he turned to pour another drink, he thought Rose had passed out on the bed. Neil put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and left the room. Neil talks to Leslie later and finds out that Rose’s body was found in the hotel on April 15th, and he remembers being with Rose on April 14th. Neil is shocked to discover that Rose wasn’t passed out when he left her; she was dying and he left he left her in that room to die. Hillary brings Cane some chicken soup, because he is sick at home with a cold. After she accidentally spills some of the soup on Cane’s shirt, he takes it off just as Jill arrives for a visit. Cane tells Jill about the spilled soup and then assures her that the GC Buzz blogger’s posts are not affecting his and Lily’s marriage. Jill advises Cane not to become too dependent on Hillary, because it could cost him his marriage if he keeps getting into situations with her that look badly but are perfectly innocent. Jill later warns Hillary once again not to insinuate herself into Cane’s life and tells her that she will not warn her again. Cane gets a post card from Katherine who is having a wonderful time on her vacation with Murphy.

Victor tells Adam to make the rape charges against him go away, because he doesn’t want the Newman name dragged through the mud or for the charges to affect the company. Adam makes it clear to Victor that he is innocent and Melanie is just mad, because he ended their personal relationship and later fired her from Newman Enterprises. Adam also tells Victor that Billy is helping Melanie, because he hopes that he will fire Adam so Victoria will come back to work for the company. Chelsea shares with Chloe that she doubts if she will be a good mother. Chloe assures Chelsea that she will be a good mother as long as she loves her child. Adam wants to talk to Chelsea about making a statement on his behalf to help fight the rape charges. Dylan tells Adam that Chelsea is getting out of the hospital today, because the baby almost came early, but the doctor was able to stop the contractions. Dylan explains to Adam that the doctor told him that Chelsea should avoid stress so that is why he won’t allow her to make a statement to help him. Dylan and Chelsea arrive home, and he surprises her with a wedding at home.

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