Wednesday 8/7/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At home Katie tells Donna that yes Bill and Brooke have been behaving but she has got to do this again to be sure. Donna reminds her that all they have done is talk about Katie and Bill wanting her back. He doesn’t want Brooke; he wants Katie. Bill is in his (Katie’s) office behind the desk within a foot of the laptop which is open. Liam drops in and needs to talk. Liam says he had a problem with Wyatt and asked him to leave. Bill says he knows and he wants him back in the house. Liam tells him that Bill doesn’t understand. Wyatt was in his house kissing Hope. He thinks it’s nice when he hears that Liam punched him in the mouth. Bill says that is just normal with two guys just getting to know each other and fighting for their turf. Bill still says he wants Liam to take him back. This is his house, not Liam’s. He just needs to lay down the law. This is his brother and he will respect him. Bill tells him to go, kiss and make up. He’d come help him but he’s trying to make up with Katie so he can’t fight all of Liam’s battles. He will be damned if he lets this divorce happen. Hope tells Wyatt that he shouldn’t have kissed her and she should not have let him. He quips that she couldn’t help herself. He laughs when she says he is not as irresistible as he thinks he is. She says okay, no more stolen kisses. He replies they were not stolen. They were graciously given. She throws a pillow at him and says then her generosity has just run out. He says she should be thanking him for sending a very distinct message to his brother. Like there are others out there, him for one, who would be glad to take his place at her side. They agree that his face was priceless when he saw them kissing….poor Liam. Hope says he may be poor Liam but make no mistake…..she loves him and they are going to get married. Katie puts bottles of Bill’s favorite scotch out and leaves it handy. She tells Donna that the liquor changes everything about Bill. He becomes another man. Donna says all she is doing is setting another trap. Katie says no; she is just giving him the opportunity to show her who he really is. She has to be sure. Brooke arrives and Katie tells Donna to let her in as she leaves. Brooke heads straight to Will and picks him up. Katie thanks her for being able to come. She even explains that she may be later than usual but she’d rather Will stay with Brooke than with the nanny all the time. Brooke thanks her for trusting her and assures her that she can stay until Katie gets back. Hope asks Wyatt if they can get serious for a moment. Bill is right. He and Liam need to get along, but Liam is never going to trust Wyatt after what he walked in on. She confesses that she enjoyed the attention a little bit, but that is over and they need to establish some ground rules. He says that won’t be a problem. The last thing he wants to do is mess with her life. He wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for her. So he doesn’t want her to regret it. How about they seal that with a kiss? She shoots him a look. He asks if they are good and she replies yes. Liam walks in and says they need to set some ground rules. Wyatt says they just discussed it and he and Hopi are all over that. It won’t be a problem. He admits he was way out of line and he’s sorry. He is asking Liam’s forgiveness as he is not an evil person. Hope encourages that and says it will never happen again. Wyatt calls Liam Bro. Liam says he hopes he can trust Wyatt going forward. He really wants them to be brothers. He hands him a beer and says this won’t happen again.

Bill looks in on Katie at the office. He says she should not be working on an empty stomach. It will affect her productivity if she doesn’t take a dinner break. He’d like to take her out to dinner, strictly business, nothing personal. She’s not sure she can believe that….that he won’t ask her at least once to come back to him. She says not tonight. She has something to take care of and she can’t put it off. He says okay, they will do it her way. Bill shows up at home and he and Brooke decide Katie must be confused since she asked them both to baby sit. Brooke says she is going nowhere else tonight so they might as well both stay. He’s afraid he will never convince Katie to take him back as she won’t come near him. She is always working late. He spots the open bar and says it is always the time to have a shot or two. But he changes his mind. Brooke says that he knows how she feels. It is a non issue; he is not an alcoholic. She declines a drink but tells Bill to go ahead. He pours himself a drink and gives a toast to Brooke for always understanding him and being there for him. She doesn’t know how much it means to him. Both Donna and Katie press their faces closer to the laptop devouring the scene.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Father Matt told Kristen that she would be working with Eric, but she didnít want to do it. Brady wanted to know why.  Brady thought everything was fine between Kristen and Eric.  Kristen told Brady that she didnít like the way Eric reacted when he heard that they were getting back together.  Nicole was upset that Kristen talked to Eric about her personal life.  Nicole explained to Eric that she and Brady wanted to keep things quiet.  Eric wanted to warn Nicole about something.  Kristen tried to tell Brady that Marlena would have a heart attack if she found out they were together.  Brady still wanted Kristen to work with Eric anyway.  Brady was convinced that his family would accept the idea of them being together.  Caroline and Theresa talked at the pub.  Theresa pumped Caroline about Nick.  Once Caroline started talking about her, Theresa snapped at her.  Theresa was sick of everyone in the family judging her.  Eric warned Nicole that Kristen didnít want her near Brady.  Nicole wasnít worried about Kristenís threats.

Nicole let Eric know that she had no problem moving on from Brady.  Nicole talked to Eric about how she goes through relationships so she would be fine without Brady.  Daniel asked Jennifer if they were back together or did they just have a one-night stand.   Jennifer explained that she was happy that they were back together.  Daniel didnít understand why Jennifer didnít want to tell people that they were together.  Jennifer tried to explain that she wanted to make sure that JJ was doing better before telling him about their relationship.  Daniel was upset that she wanted to keep quiet about their relationship until JJ was doing better.  Daniel started thinking about his conversation with Nicole about JJ getting in trouble.  Jennifer wanted to know if Daniel knew something about JJ.  Father Matt let Eric know that the bishop wanted Kristen to work with Eric on a scholarship program.  Kristen talked to Dr. Chyka about Eric.  She wanted to make sure that Eric wouldnít remember that she drugged him.  After Daniel left Jenniferís office, he ran into Theresa.  He gave Theresa the tickets that he had for Jennifer.  Theresa thought that he was inviting her to the show, but he gave the tickets to her.  Kristen showed up at the chapel.  Nicole wanted to know why Kristen was there.  Kristen let Nicole know that sheís going to be her new boss.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia tells Carly that Michael is heartbroken over a girl that he canít have. Carly wonders if Olivia empathizes with Michael because of her own feelings for Sonny. Olivia says it doesnít matter because Sonny is happy with her cousin. Carly says they both know Connie is going to break Sonnyís heart. She says Olivia is the Falconeri girl that will make Sonny happy. Olivia says she loves her cousin and wouldnít stand in her way. Carly observes that Connie wouldnít do the same. Sonny sees the newspaper headline about Kiki and confronts Connie. She says she couldnít stop Derek from publishing the story. She rationalizes that it is best if everyone knows the truth. She thinks helping Morgan manipulate Kiki into marrying him when she doesnít love him is wrong. He says she doesnít get to make decisions about how he handles his children. Sonny leaves and goes to the Metro Court to find Olivia.

Kiki dreams about Michael and wakes up with Morgan staring at her. He goes to the main house to get breakfast for the two of them. She calls Michael and tells him that Morgan gave her a ring and that she told him that she loves him even though she doesnít. Elizabeth wakes up with AJ after spending the night with him for the first time. AJ says his life canít get any better now that he has his son, his grandfatherís company, and her. Tracy is thrilled to see the news about Kiki not being a Quartermaine on the front page of the newspaper. She sends a gift basket to Connie and then calls Diane over to discuss nullifying Kikiís vote. Morgan watches from the doorway when Tracy shows AJ the paper and tells him that Kiki is not a Quartermaine. Tracy shows AJ where Kikiís birth certificate naming Silas Clay as her father is printed in the paper. Elizabeth says that just means Tracy and AJ are tied. Tracy reveals that she secured Lucy Coeís one percent so she has the most votes and AJ is out. AJ concludes that he has lost everything. Elizabeth says he still has her and that they will fight Tracy together. Diane supposes Connie wrote the article because she is involved with Sonny and Sonny hates AJ. AJ tells Elizabeth that he knows when itís over, but that he wonít be the only one going down. Elizabeth asks Tracy how she can do that to her own family. Tracy explains that AJ did it to himself because he takes shortcuts, beginning with thinking he could run a business without having gone to college or ever taking a business course. She says AJ is an empty shell of a person who isnít worthy of anybodyís love. Elizabeth slaps Tracy. AJ walks into the Corinthos home unannounced and tells Connie to explain her article.

A nurse delivers Kikiís DNA test results to Silas, but Monica and Ava arrive to stop him before he opens the envelope. Ava says Monica should fire Silas. Monica says she will leave that decision to the investigators who look into the infraction. Ava demands that Monica give her the test results. Monica gives her the envelope and says that since the results are the only evidence in the case against Silas, the matter is settled. Silas asks Ava why she is so determined to keep the truth from him. She asks him why he cares if they share an adult daughter after all these years. He says the bigger question is why she wants her daughter to believe a serial killer is her father. He says that since Ava wonít cooperate, he will go directly to Kiki. She says she will kill him if goes near Kiki. Michael sees the newspaper headline about Kiki, reads the article, and realizes that he and Kiki are not related. Morgan tells Kiki that he wants to elope right now. Michael goes to the boathouse, but Morgan and Kiki have already left.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon arrives on Nick’s doorstep with the fixings for a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. She is taken aback when he answers the door without a shirt. Abby comes out of the bedroom and complains to Noah that his coffeemaker is broken. At the coffeehouse, Tyler tries to pick out some Danish that he thinks Abby will like. Lily arrives and lets him know that she is meeting Abby there for a meeting. Tyler informs her that Abby may be a little late. Lily starts to say, “You and Abby are” but she stops in mid sentence. Noah looks at Abby wearing one of Tyler’s shirts and realizes that she spent the night with Tyler. Billy comes home and yells for Victoria. Victoria comes downstairs and wants to know what he wants. Billy stalls for a while before he tells Victoria the real reason why he is there. Leslie meets Neil for a chat about his undergoing hypnosis to find out more about Rose. Neil tells her he is not undergoing hypnosis and for her to back off. While beginning to prepare the breakfast, Nick is taken aback when he opens a cabinet drawer and finds a pic of himself and Summer. Nikki pays them a surprise visit. Nikki takes one look at Sharon and asks her what is she up to. Nick tries to defend Sharon but Nikki doesn’t want to hear it. Nikki orders Sharon to leave. Sharon leaves. Nikki gets invited for breakfast with Nick and Faith. Lily is jealous when she realizes that Tyler and Abby are an item. Summer and Courtney are in the apartment sharing some girl talk. Courtney starts to leave when she meets Noah at the door. Noah reprimands Summer for her treatment of Courtney. Noah and Summer discuss Nick. Noah encourages Summer to go and talk with Nick. Neil apologizes to Leslie for his outburst but then agrees to undergo the hypnosis.

Tyler brings Abby breakfast home unaware of what her favorite breakfast food is. Tyler reminds her of her meeting with Lily. Abby jumps up to go and get ready for her meeting. Leslie and Neil discuss his brief meeting with Rose. Sharon arrives home only to find Cassie waiting for her. Cassie asks her what happened to the breakfast. Sharon lets her know that Nikki happened. Cassie remarks that Nikki always interfered. Billy spends time with Johnny and hears him say his first word. Noah relives the past and tells Summer about the first time he ever laid eyes on her. Neil undergoes hypnosis and remembers more about Rose. Tyler comes into the coffeehouse to get his cell phone that he left when Devon comes in and asks him to come back to work at Jabot. Hillary listens to their conversation. On the patio, Abby finally arrives for her meeting with Lily. Lily is less than thrilled with Abbyís performance. Abby asks Lily what she is angry about or is she just angry because Abby is seeing Tyler. Lily denies having any feelings for Tyler. Devon comes out to join them and tells them that he asked Tyler to come back to work at Jabot. Summer goes to see Nick, but in looking in the living room window, she sees Faith and Nick looking at a picture that she drew.

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