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AMC Recap Written by Eva

The ladies all look beautiful in their dresses and Opal does a great job interviewing the citizens of Pine Valley for the red carpet. When Celia walks down the red carpet Opal gets a vision of roses, and a wedding dress with blood on it. Zach explains to Lea that he was unaware that Jane’s Addiction would be closing early and he is only there to pick up a pair of shoes Miranda needs for the gala. Lea tries once again to apologize to Zach for arresting Jesse and asks Zach for a chance to renew their personal relationship. Zach tells Lea he isn’t mad she arrested Jesse he is upset because she didn’t tell him she was investigating Jesse so that he could help her with the investigation. Zach explains to Lea that his marriage with Kendall broke up because she didn’t trust him and never let her guard down with him and he won’t go through that again with anyone.

Zach shows up at the gala just in time to walk down the red carpet with Miranda and later Hunter arrives with his parents and continues to make cruel remarks to Miranda but Miranda is determined not to let Hunter ruin her night. Billy Clyde is at the gala but is hiding so that nobody can see him and he dreams that he is walking down the red carpet and Opal tells him that he is refined and distinguished just like her late husband Palmer. Brooke looks at a beautiful necklace that is being auctioned but tells Dimitri that she isn’t going to bid on the necklace. Adam sends Brooke flowers and wishes her luck and apologizes for not being with her on this special night. David and Colby break up, because they both realize they want to be with other people but they agree to be allies. Evelyn tells Celia she doesn’t think her guardian would object if she bid on Pete because the money goes to a good cause. Celia tells Evelyn that she doesn’t intend to bid on Pete, since they are no longer involved with each other. Everyone is shocked when an anonymous phone bid is placed for $10,000 and Celia is the winning bidder Colby tells Celia that she will be sorry that she bid on Pete.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As they look in on the spycam, both Katie and Donna realize that Bill and Brooke are trying so hard not to give in to their feelings. Even when Brooke lays her head on Bill’s shoulder, Donna tries to convince Katie that is just compassion. It won’t go further. She says Bill wants her so she needs to stop this snooping. It’s not just words; Bill would do anything to be back in his house. Bill gets a text from Wyatt that he and Liam got into it and Liam threw him out of the house. Bill tells Brooke that he can’t have this. They are brothers so they have to get along. He advises Wyatt to go back to the beach house. Hope jokes with Liam about him going all Neanderthal on her by slugging Wyatt. She admits that it is good for a girl to have options. He says kissing her was okay, but he drew the line when Wyatt tried to lecture him how he was treating Hope. He promises her that he will never give her reason to doubt him again. They joke more about spending their six months like this by not working and just playing. But seriously she urges him not to leave it like this - he needs to call Wyatt.

Bill tries to convince Brooke one more time about her going to Monte Carlo. He thinks she really needs this. Before she goes, Bill tells her to wait. He needs to tell her something else. With a worried look on her face, Katie’s ears perk up. Liam writes a Do Not Disturb sign for the door. Not only does he not want Wyatt there, tonight he wants to be alone with Hope and doesn’t even want Bill there. He will put him up in the best hotel in L.A. He gets called back to work but suddenly Wyatt shows back up. As if for Katie’s benefit, Bill tells Brooke that he wants Katie back. He wants to walk into this house and claim his life back. Donna warns Katie that Bill has said everything she needs to hear. She could ruin it all by continuing this. Bill might find out. She tells Katie that she needs to give Bill back his office, give him back his house and give him back his family before it is too late.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marge was determined to make Sami pay for what she did to Bernardi.  Justin tried to reach her, but she didnít want to hear what he had to say in Samiís defense.  Eric saw Kristen under a desk at the chapel and wanted to know what she was doing.  EJ and Sami talked about Marge and how she wouldnít stop them from getting Bernardiís body exhumed.  Justin and Marge continued to argue about Sami.  Marge said that she made sure that Bernardiís body couldnít be exhumed.  Eric wanted Kristen to be honest with him about why she was in his office.  Kristen lied and said that she was making a donation and dropped her bracelet.  Theresa bumped into Nick at the town square.  Nicole and Brady talked about Eric.  Sheís worried about Eric.  Kristen continued to lie to Eric about why she was at the chapel.  Theresa and Nick seemed to hit it off and then he left her for a few minutes.  JJ saw them together and didnít seem happy about it at all.  Jennifer and Daniel made up and made love.  Brady and Nicole continued to talk about Eric.  Nicole wanted to be friends with Eric, but she didnít think it would be possible.  Brady thought she should tell Eric the truth about her feelings.  Before Kristen left the chapel, she ďaccidentallyĒ told Eric that Nicole had an affair with Brady.  Johnny called and talked to Sami.  It made Sami miss her kids more.  Marge dropped a bomb on Justin.  She told him that Bernardi was cremated.

Nicole didnít want to tell Eric that she had feelings for him.  She thought that Eric would end up having to leave the church because of her.  Kristen pretended to be surprised that she spilled the beans about Nicole and Brady.  Justin had information that proved that Bernardi was buried, but Marge told him that she changed the plans at the last minute.  Marge said she couldnít afford to have a burial.  She wanted the money to go to Tommy.  Marge couldnít wait to see the look on Samiís face when she found out that she was going to spend the rest of her life in prison.  EJ and Sami talked about their upcoming wedding when Justin called EJ and told him that Marge had Bernardi cremated.  Sami didnít understand how Marge was able to get Bernardi cremated so fast.  Sami realized that it was hopeless for her now.  JJ filled Theresa in on Nickís past.  JJ let Theresa know that Nick was broke.  JJ also told Theresa that he didnít want anything to do with her anymore.  When Nick met up with Theresa again, she gave him the brush off.  EJ questioned Justin about Marge possibly being tipped off about their plan to exhume Bernardiís body.  EJ thought Sami might still have a chance because of Kaylaís theory about Bernardi being killed by something other than Samiís bullet.  Justin didnít think Kaylaís theory would help them much.  Nicole arrived at the chapel and Eric asked her if sheís having an affair with Brady.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alice, Michael, and Elizabeth celebrate AJís victory with him at the Metro Court. Alice says Edward would have been proud of AJ. AJ asks Elizabeth to spend the night with him. They go back to his place. Michael sees Olivia crying and concludes that it is about Sonny. Without naming names, he tells her about his parallel woes. Morgan surprises Starr with a romantic date at the boathouse. She doesnít respond when he says he loves her. Alice returns home to serve their meal. She serves Kikiís engagement ring on a covered dessert plate. Kiki tells Morgan that she loves the ring, but she canít accept it because he canít afford it. He says he had help. She concludes that his father paid for it. Morgan says he noticed that she didnít respond when he said he loves her and that he doesnít want to rush her if she isnít ready to get married. She says she loves him. They go to bed together.

Connie wonders how she will tell Sonny that she gave her boss Kikiís birth certificate. Sonny has a special dinner waiting for Connie to thank her for keeping Kikiís parentage secret. He says he knows it is costing her a lot, but that it means the world Morgan and him. She says she wonders what it is costing Michael. Sonny says Kiki was with Morgan first and that Michael will meet someone else. She wonders if it wouldnít assuage Michaelís guilt if he knew his feelings for Kiki werenít incestuous. He says it can wait until after the wedding. He says he would feel terrible if she lost her job because he wonít let her print the story. She observes that he is asking her to risk her job and her employeesí jobs anyway. She reveals that tomorrow is the last day that the newspaper and her magazine will be in business. He tells her that she started Crimson from scratch and that he will help her to do it again with another magazine. When Sonny goes to get dessert, Connie makes a call to pull the ELQ headline from tomorrowís paper.

Silas asks Sam if she will try to forge a relationship with her father if they find him. She says she doesnít want to think about that yet. She tells him that Derek Wells, the new owner of the Port Charles Press, is printing a front page story about Dannyís donor drive. A nurse tells Silas that the DNA test results he ordered are ready in the lab. He tells her that they can wait. Instead, he stays with Sam at Dannyís bedside. Alexis drinks at the Floating Rib and tells Mac that all she knows about Samís father is that his first name is Julian. She says there must be thousands of Julians in New Hampshire and she doesnít even know if he lived there or was visiting. She is certain that they will never find him in time to save Danny. Julian Jerome aka Derek Wells goes into the bar. He calls Ava and says they need to talk because he has discovered that she has been holding out on him. He sees Alexis at the bar, goes over to her, and says he thinks he recognizes her from somewhere. Alexis says she doesnít think they have met before. He introduces himself as Derek Wells. She knows who he is because of Samís story that he is printing about her grandson, Danny. He concludes that she must have seemed familiar because of her resemblance to Sam. He tells her that they had to bump the story from the front page because a story about a scandal at ELQ took precedence. Alexis tells him that scandals at ELQ are common and nobody cares, but a story about saving a dying little boy is what people want to read. He says he is sorry that it canít be on the front page. She apologizes for trying to tell him how to run his business. Connie calls Derek and asks him why she doesnít have the authority to pull her story. He says he knew she would try, but he canít allow it. He says he is running the story and congratulates her on saving her magazine.  Derek tells Alexis that moving the story was business, but that he is pulling for Danny. He pays for her drink and looks at her for a long moment from the doorway before he leaves. Connie tells Sonny that she loves him no matter what. They go upstairs together. The morning paper is delivered to all the doors in town with the headline, ďKIKI NOT A Q!

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

The doctor comes in to tell Destiny and Matthew that Drew has a temperature of 105 and that this will most likely happen again. Destiny calls Shawn and tells him that Drew is in the hospital. Bo and Nora show up at the hospital to make sure that Drew is doing well. Michelle shows up and Bo and Nora are shocked to meet her. Michelle gets mad and storms off when Matthew tells her that it really should only be family. Meanwhile, Dorian opens the front door to find Jo who explains to her that the story for the reality show will be all about her, and it will be told from her point of view. Dorian does not at first want to do it but then she changes her mind. David tells Rama at the coffee shop that the direction of the show has changed. Rama thinks that she is the most important element though but David explains it just won't.

Todd and Blair lay on the couch naked holding each other. The two do not want to let go and they continue hold each other until Todd finally leaves. Blair cries on the floor while Todd holds the door on the other side. He then goes off reading a new card that tells him an address and to not screw up this time. Viki and Jeffrey do some serious PR work to get Clint back into order, but Viki becomes less and less concerned with everything that Clint does to ruin himself. Jeffrey later goes home and takes off his shoes where a tattoo is revealed on his foot, just like the one on the cards and on Victor.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Summer and Noah arrive at Victor’s. They discuss how Avery went with Phyllis and Daniel to Georgia to help get Phyllis situated in the new hospital. Summer and Noah are both surprised when Nick answers the door. At On the Boulevard, Billy confronts Adam about the rape charges that Melanie brought against him. Adam tells Billy to take his best shot when Victoria walks in and wants to know what is going on. At the GCPD, Paul questions Fen, accompanied with Michael and Lauren, about him stealing drugs from the hospital. Fen starts to deny the charges but Michael cautions him not to say anything. Dylan stands by Chelsea in the hospital as she awaits to see if her labor pains are going to subside. Chelsea lets Dylan know that she is no good. Dylan tells Chelsea that their baby will be fine. Chloe bursts in and wants to know if the baby is a boy or a girl. They let her know that the baby isn’t born yet. Chloe warns Dylan not to make phone calls like that to get people all excited. Chloe tries to soothe Chelsea’s worries about the baby and refusing to let Adam find out that the baby is indeed his. Fen lashes out at Paul over the drug charges and tries to deny the charges. Nikki welcomes Summer and Noah to their home. Both Victor and Nikki try to assure Summer that she is part of the Newman family until Victor makes some rude remarks about Jack and she gets up to leave. Nick stops her from leaving.

Michael suggests to Paul that they ask Christine to let Fen do community service in exchange for him going to jail over the drug charges. Lauren tries to take the blame for Fen stealing the drugs, but Fen steps forward and lets them know that he lied about Carmine who hadn’t given him any drugs. Fen confesses that he asked Carmine for drugs but he refused to give him any. Carmine looks at a pic of Lauren on his cell phone. Billy tells Victoria about Adam and Melanie and the rape charges that she brought against him. A reporter confronts Adam at Newman Enterprises for an interview about the rape charges. Adam issues a statement and then goes into the office and shuts the door behind him. Michael assures Fen that he, Lauren, and himself are a family.

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