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AMC Recap Written by Eva

JR continues to inject himself with steroids. While Cara is looking at preparations for the gala tonight, he steals a few pages from her prescription pad. Cara wonders if she did the right thing by lying and telling David that she had an abortion. JR tells Cara not to let David fool her again and assures her that he will keep Oliver safe from David. David arrives at the mansion and manages to goad JR to anger by bringing up the last time there was a party at the Chandler mansion. David finds out the JR is working on the Chandler media promotion reel for the gala and JR proudly hands the DVD to Brooke and says she hopes she will like his work. Dimitri sees Brooke working on a back up promotion reel just in case something goes wrong wit JR’s promotion reel. Miranda looks beautiful in her dress for the Gala and she and AJ share a look between them but the spell is broken when Heather arrives to go with AJ to the Gala. Celia’s dress is too big for her when she tries it on and Evelyn assures her that she will get the dress fixed before tonight. Celia goes to confront Colby who denies she had anything to do with changing the measurements for her dress.

Celia has a vision of red roses a wedding dress with blood on it and someone rocking a baby to sleep. Dixie argues with Dr. Anders because she thinks that Cassandra isn’t emotionally ready to leave the hospital yet. Dixie wonders if Dr. Anders understands what it is like to experience devastating emotional trauma. Dr. Anders tells Dixie that he lost someone very close to him and he couldn’t figure out why he was still alive until he decided to save lives to make up for that one life that he lost. Zach goes into Jane’s Addiction to pick up the pair of shoes that Miranda left there and is surprised when Lea pulls a gun on him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam goes ballistic and punches Wyatt. He sends him to the floor with a bloodied mouth. Hope finds it amusing, two men fighting over her. She even tells Liam that he’s cute when he’s jealous. He finds it outrageous that his own brother, staying in his house, would take advantage of the occasion by kissing his fiancé. He’s even more outraged when he finds out it’s not the first time. Wyatt reminds him that this is just a little payback for how Hope feels by being Liam’s second choice to Steffy. Liam says Wyatt has nerve, standing there in his house and lecturing him on how he is treating his fiancé. And about a situation that he knows nothing about. Wyatt says but he does. It is all over the internet. Liam says he won’t stand for it. Brother or no brother, he wants him out of the house. Wyatt tells him he can not do that. It is Bill’s house and he is his father too. Liam points out that he has only known him about five minutes. Wyatt reminds Liam that he and Bill have so much in common, red meat, cigars, scotch where Liam likes tofu burgers and bottled water. Liam opens the door and Wyatt leaves peacefully.

Hope asks Liam if he is satisfied now. Liam says yeah he feels a little better. He just doesn’t know why Hope let Wyatt kiss her in the first place. She says Liam was married to Steffy, Wyatt was attentive and fun to be with and she was tired of waiting. He says six months is not that long and they should now concentrate on making it the best wedding ever. She agrees that it isn’t that long and she likes that thought. Katie is looking at the surveillance pix on her laptop with Donna. Donna still doesn’t like this snooping but has promised Katie to keep her secret. Bill drops by as requested by Katie. Again she tells him that Brooke is watching Will and she hopes Bill can relieve her again. Of course he is more than happy. He compliments Katie on how she looks and how much running the company must agree with her. And he has some news. His work sabbatical came at a good time. She says she knows all about his new family, good news travels fast. Brooke told her. When he leaves and goes to be with Will, Katie spies again via the spycam. Innocently enough the subject turns to the child that Brooke lost and they both reminisce how that affected them. Sitting side by side on the couch, they almost touch hands. Donna is watching and urging them to not go there.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marge went to the station to see Sami.  Marge reminded Sami that she killed a father, a husband, and a decorated cop.  Sami was convinced that she didnít do it and they would find the evidence.  Marge told Sami that she wanted her to pay for what she did.  Nicole visited Rafe in the hospital and they talked about Sami destroying his as well as Ericís life.  Daniel and Eric broke into the bathroom where Kristen was hiding.  She panicked because she thought she was caught.  Rafe thought that Nicole was a little too concerned about Eric.  Nicole let Rafe know that she and Eric were just friends.  Kristen managed to get out of the room without Daniel, Eric, and Mason seeing her.  Daniel questioned Mason about the woman he met. Eric remembered a woman and described her to Mason.  Mason told Daniel and Eric that the woman looked completely different from the one Eric described meeting.  Daniel thought it was no coincidence that someone showed up to destroy Masonís files.  Mason didnít think the woman did it on purpose.  He believed that she accidentally ruined his files.

Later on, Nicole met Daniel at the Kiriakis mansion.  They talked about someone possibly being after Eric.  She thought the person might be after her too.  Daniel assured her that no one would hurt her.  EJ visited Sami and she told him about her run in with Marge.  EJ talked to Sami about the progress Justinís making with her case.  Brady visited Kristen at the DiMera mansion.  He wanted to know if she was hiding something from him.  She denied hiding anything.  Brady noticed that she wasnít wearing her bracelet.  She thought about being at the chapel and using the computer.  Kristen lied and said she lost the bracelet when she made a donation at the church.  Nicole talked to Daniel about JJ.  She wanted Daniel to warn Jennifer about her son and how heís in trouble.  Jennifer went to the Kiriakis mansion to see Daniel. They kissed each other.  Kristen snuck into the chapel to find her bracelet.  Eric walked in and saw Kristen under the desk and asked her what she was doing.  Justin called EJ and told him that the judge agreed to let them exhume Bernardiís body.  Marge saw Justin and told him that wouldnít happen.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke enlists Holly to help him access Jerry Jacksí Swiss bank account, but then she wastes time trying to get Luke to tell her why they are there instead of getting on with looking up the information. He tells her about Helena poisoning him. When the alarm goes off, she hurries to find the information and discovers that Sean Donely transferred the money to an outside account

With Kevin Collins' help, Alexis remembers Samís fatherís first name is Julian. Julian Jerome tells Ava that they canít be seen together, but Sam sees them when she goes to Crimson looking for Connie. Julian says he was consulting with Ava on an art purchase. Monica catches Connie in Avaís bedroom and concludes that Tracy has something to do with it. Scott brokers a deal for Tracy to invest a large amount of money in Deception in exchange for Lucyís written promise that she will vote her one percent share of ELQ with Tracy. Tracy returns to the Quartermaine mansion and stops Monica from calling the police. Tracy and Connie open the lock box that Connie found in a pillow and find Kikiís birth certificate that names Silas Clay as her father. Connie is conflicted about whether to defy Sonnyís wishes and publish the story about Kiki. Silas hears Kiki telling Franco that he can save Danny so he takes her aside and tells her that Franco will not be able to donate his marrow to Danny. Ava arrives and tells Kiki to go back in with Kiki. She tells Silas to leave Kiki alone and drop the notion that he is her father. He tells her that the DNA test results he is waiting for will tell him everything he needs to know. Kiki bonds with Franco.

Derek agrees to run a story in tomorrowís paper to publicize the donor drive for Danny. Derek tells Connie that they will be leading with the donor drive story since she doesnít have anything better. She produces the birth certificate and says she does have a story. Ava returns to the Quartermaine estate and finds Tracy in her room. Tracy says she was just fluffing Avaís pillows to ensure that she gets a good nightís sleep because tomorrow will be a big day. Alexis tells Sam what she remembered. Scott and Lucy observe that they see more of each other than they see their spouses. Kevin goes to Kellyís to join Lucyís meeting with Laura and finds Scott feeding Lucy pie.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Dorian makes Jack take a break from working out, and they end up right outside the coffee shop where Kate walks out. Jack accidently calls her by her first name, and Dorian figures out that Katie is the lady that Jack likes. Dorian explains that it is ok. Dorian then notices the paper and sees that Clint has been arrested. Todd goes to see everyone who matters to him beginning with Viki who is very sad to see him leave and then to Dani. He finishes up with Blair, Jack, and Sam. Jack does not care that he is leaving but Sam explains he will miss him. Todd then asks Blair to come back to the hotel room with him.

Matthew and Michelle go to the coffee shop and see Destiny with Drew. Michelle discovers that Drew is Matthew's son. Matthew tells her that he didn't want to scare her off. When Michelle forgives him, Drew starts to have a seizure. Matthew grabs him and they run off to the hospital. Natalie has to go pick up Clint from the police station where he blames Bo for everything that has happened. Later Dorian goes to see Viki about what happened with Clint and tells her that they can't go through with man of the year. Viki says she will take care of it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Avery come home to his place. Avery tells him about her plans for going to Georgia to help get her sister situated in the clinic. He assures her that things are fine between them, and he will be waiting for her when she comes home. Back at her house, Noah questions Sharon about her feelings and why she is acting the way she is. He asks her if she is off her medication. Sharon denies it and insists things are fine, but he doesn’t quite believe her. Noah asks her why she is lying to him. Cane and Lily are enjoying an evening at home when he receives a call from Hilary about the latest blog on the internet which concerns her and her being after Cane. Adam is arrested for the rape of Melanie and is brought into the station. Paul asks Adam for a DNA swab. At On the Boulevard, Billy asks Melanie why she is accusing Adam of rape when she is only making it up. Melanie wants Adam brought down. At the hospital, Chelsea begins to have contractions. Dylan stands by her side. Chelsea fears that the doctor cannot stop the contractions and Dylan will find out the truth. Nick and Avery try to work through the problems that she will be facing when she goes to Georgia with Phyllis. Sharon lets Noah know that she has a new direction in her life. Noah questions her as to what it is, but she refuses to tell him right now. Noah leaves still unconvinced that things are all right with Sharon. Cassie appears to Sharon and lets her know that Noah will find out the truth. Billy questions Melanie about the rape charges that she is bringing against Adam. Leslie comes to the police department to defend Adam since Avery is going out of town. Leslie cautions Adam not to say too much to Paul, but Adam lets her know that he agreed to a DNA swab. After Paul leaves, Leslie cautions Adam, once again, not to say anything else to Paul. Cane starts to leave the house to go talk to Hilary when he meets Neil and Devon at the door. Lily shows Neil the blog on the internet about Hilary and Cane. Neil tells Devon and Lily that he has something to tell them. Neil tells Devon and Lily how he met Rose years ago, but he couldn’t remember everything about the evening. Noah visits Nick and informs him that something very wrong is going on with Sharon, but she won’t tell him what. Nick promises to go and see Sharon. Avery overhears. Cassie assures Sharon that Nick will come to check on her.

The doctor examines Chelsea and promises to give her something that will stop the contractions. Chelsea lets the doctor know that Dylan is not the baby’s father. As Dylan stands by Chelsea while she goes through the contractions, she begins to cry that she doesn’t deserve him. Adam and Leslie discuss strategy in how to stop Melanie from going through with this. Leslie promises to find out all the dirt that she can find on Melanie. A reporter approaches Melanie for a statement about the charges that she brought against Adam, but she refuses. Avery asks Nick what he and Noah were saying about Sharon. Cane and Hilary discuss the blog that concerned her and her chasing after Cane. Cane promises her that they will get through this. Nick visits Sharon to see how she is doing, and she invites him to breakfast of pancakes the next morning. Nick accepts. Adam approaches Billy and Melanie. Billy gives them both a warning that he didn’t want things to get nasty between them in his establishment. Adam asks Melanie what would it take for her to stop this. Neil and Leslie slow dance in order to get his mind off the latest blog on the internet. Cane assures Hilary that everything will be all right.

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