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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope defies Liam. She states that once again what Steffy wants takes precedence over what she wants. She needs to know if Liam wants to marry her or not. They did not want to wait six days much less six months as Steffy’s way would suggest. She needs to know that she is Liam’s priority. She’s been there before….her trapped and he and Steffy enjoying the good life. She wants him to prove this by keeping Steffy from controlling them from half way across the world. It’s almost as bad as her being here. He gets a phone call and since Bill is not at work, he has to go attend to something. He begs her not to give up on him. Rick is sorry that he neglected Maya during her new re-shoot. He explains that his job is on the line. He wants to make his dad proud that he chose the right man to run this company. She tells him to be careful depending on Caroline to help him. She will expect something in return. Rick says this time Caroline is not up to anything. She just wants a weekend away with him. This is what he wants, the guy to fill his dad’s shoes. He has to prove it to him that nobody is out there better than he. Maya doesn’t like it and still does not trust Caroline but says she does trust Rick. Caroline tries to prove to Rafael that she doesn’t have to get rid of Maya. She can simply think of her as a good actress who just happens to be in Rick’s life at the moment. Maya is late but Caroline puts on her happy face and ushers her in to try on her new clothes. Maya tells her that she knows what Caroline is up to with this getaway with Rick. She’d better drop that as it is never going to work. Caroline says she is very embarrassed by her infantile behavior to Maya in the past. She realizes she needs a change. It doesn’t mean that she is no longer interested in Rick, but she is going to focus on her part for Hope for the Future and to make sure Rick keeps his job.

Hope tells Wyatt that she is sorry; this must have been really awkward for him. He says yes and eye-opening too. He understands her frustration since Liam won’t go to bat for her. It should not matter if Steffy is here or not or can have children or not if he is really committed to Hope. What kind of man lets that happen? Hope says she feels like such a fool. Steffy keeps pulling the rug and she keeps falling. Wyatt retorts that he could never be like his brother. When he wants something, he goes for it like he did when he found Hope out in the woods. He moves in closer to kiss her. She says she is marrying his brother. He says he knows but not for at least six month, if then. He leans in and does kiss her although she pulls away after their lips touch. He turns around and Liam busts him across the chops. Wyatt falls to the floor with a bloodied mouth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen called Mason (Daniel’s friend) to meet with him.  On her way out, she ran into Brady.  He wanted to know where she was going with the bag.  Kristen lied to Brady and said she had to go to work.  Brady believed her story.  He also told Kristen that he loved her and believed they would work out this time.  Cameron tried to explain to Chad that his condition is serious.  Chad wanted to know what was going on with him.  Cameron told him that he might have a brain tumor.  Eric talked to Father Matt about someone having feelings for him.  Eric began to explain the situation when his phone rang.  JJ and Nicole ran into each other and had a run in about Jennifer.  Eric met with Daniel at the pub to talk about Mason’s investigation.  Brady wanted to stop Kristen from going to “work”, but she wouldn’t change her mind.  Chad questioned if he had what Lexie had.  Cameron suggested that Chad see a specialist.  Chad was upset that Cameron talked to a stranger before he talked to him.  Cameron wanted to suggest a specialist that could help, but Chad wanted to get his own specialist.  JJ and Nicole argued about how she accused Jennifer of killing her baby.  Kristen dressed up like Susan to get to Mason.

JJ informed Nicole that Jennifer and Daniel broke up so she should go after him.  Nicole didn’t like how JJ was trying to pimp her out.  Before she left, she warned him that he better straighten up or she would tell Jennifer to check his pockets for drugs.  Daniel and Eric continued to talk about the investigation.  Kristen pretended to need Mason’s services to help her get away from someone.  Mason let her know that he wasn’t that type of detective.  While he was explaining that he’s a forensic detective, she spilled coffee on his files.  Mason was trying to clean up Kristen’s mess when she spilled more stuff on the files.  Mason yelled at her to get out of his office.  Kristen saw Daniel and Eric when she was about to leave so she ran to the bathroom.  Chad called someone to help him with his problem.  Jennifer and Brady met up and talked about Kristen.  Jennifer warned Brady that if he felt that Kristen was lying then she probably was lying to him.  Mason told Daniel and Eric that the woman who was in the bathroom was the one who destroyed his files.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn tells Sonny that the people who kidnapped Connie and Olivia to collect Morgan’s gambling debt are still in business. Sonny tells Shawn to find out who is in charge of the operation. Duke and Anna discuss the possibility that Ava Jerome is involved with the Jerome crime family, despite the supposition that all of Victor Jerome’s children are dead. Anna says she can’t investigate Ava through legal channels without probable cause. Ava meets Derek Wells at Crimson and addresses him as Julian. She tells him that he looks good for a dead man and tells her brother to give her a hug. He gloats about everyone in Port Charles believing the entire Jerome family is dead. Ava says he should tell that to Duke Lavery. Anna and Duke visit Sonny to ask him if he has heard any rumors about the Jerome family resurfacing. Sonny tells them about the gambling ring. He says he has as much invested in shutting down the Jeromes as they do because his son is about to marry a Jerome. Ava tells Julian that her plan to take over ELQ hit a snag. He insults her parenting skills for not being able to get Kiki’s vote. She tells him to be nice because he needs her for his plan to take on Sonny Corinthos. She assures him that they will reclaim their former territory from the Corinthos organization. He tells her that they need ELQ to do it and that. She says she has it under control and tells him to give her credit for what she has accomplished. She reveals that her gambling ring led to Kiki’s impending marriage to Sonny Corinthos’ son. Sam goes to Connie’s office and sees Julian and Ava inside. Alexis remembers the name “Julian” under hypnosis in a session with Kevin Collins.

Connie tells Tracy that she heard Michael telling Sonny that Kiki is not a Quartermaine, but that she promised Sonny that she wouldn’t tell anyone. Tracy leaves Connie alone in the house to look for proof that will reveal the secret without mentioning Sonny’s conversation. Connie finds a small lock box, but someone catches her. Scotty meets Lucy and tells her that Laura left town to chase after Luke Spencer. Lucy assures him that Laura’s concern for Luke is not romantic and that she will safely return to him. She is disappointed that she isn’t able to discuss reaching out to other investors with Laura because Laura got so upset when she landed the contract with Nikolas without her input. Tracy finds Lucy and says she wants to invest in Deception. She hands her a check. Lucy asks her how much of her soul Tracy wants in return. Tracy says all she wants is Lucy’s one percent of ELQ.

Luke’s quest takes him to the bank that the “Port Charles One Percent” wired the 88 million dollars that Jerry Jacks extorted from them last summer. The bank executive says she is unable to divulge account information and that all she can say is that the accountholder is dead. A group of masked assailants storms the room. One of them shoots Luke, another forces the banker to enter her security code into the computer to give them access to all the accounts. Everyone leaves except Luke, who is dead on the floor, and the robber who is transferring money out of the accounts. Luke opens his eyes and thanks Holly for the assistance.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Avery continue to discuss Phyllis' treatment. Avery thinks Nick wants to send Phyllis to the treatment center in Georgia, so there will be one less person to make him feel guilty for lying about Summer’s paternity. Nick tells Avery that Phyllis would want to go to the treatment center and fight to get better. After a long discussion, Nick manages to persuade Avery to let Daniel take Phyllis to Georgia. Summer asks Kyle to talk to Jack and persuade him to let Daniel take Phyllis to Georgia. Kyle thinks Summer should talk to Jack, because he would listen to her, since she loves Phyllis as much as he loves her. Kyle encourages Summer to tell Jack how she feels and assures her that Jack will listen to her. Summer goes to the hospital and has a talk with Jack. She senses that he is afraid that without Phyllis, he will slip back into drug abuse. Summer assures Jack that she and his entire family will help him stay sober until Phyllis is well again. Noah tells Sharon that Phyllis may never come out of the coma. Sharon feels guilty and goes to the hospital, sneaks into Phyllis room, and apologizes to her. Sharon tells Phyllis to wake up but not to tell Nick anything, because she needs to be the one to tell him the truth, so he will understand why she switched the paternity tests. Phyllis' family and friends all go into her room to say goodbye to her before she is transferred to Georgia. Jack puts the engagement ring on Phyllis' finger and promises to wait for her no matter how long it takes for her to wake up.

Melanie goes to the police station and tells Paul that Adam raped her on the Fourth of July and hands him proof. She claims she was raped her in a room at the Athletic Club, because Adam was angry after he found out that she was Victor’s spy. Melanie tells Paul that she told him to stop, but he told her that there is a price to pay for betraying him. Paul arrives at On the Boulevard and arrests Adam for rape in front of Billy and Victoria who are discussing the next step they should take to save their marriage. Victoria finds a picture of a bookcase that looks like the one that she had in her old room at the Newman ranch. Victoria thinks he is giving her a present before he files for a divorce. Billy tells Victoria that he has no intention of giving up on their marriage, and he just wanted to give her a present as a sign that he is committed to their marriage. Billy tells Victoria that he hired Dylan to build her a copy of the bookcase that was so special to her. Chelsea isn’t happy that Dylan will be spending two or three weekends building the bookcase at Victoria’s house, because she thinks Victoria will tell Dylan the truth about the baby. Chelsea tells Dylan that if he takes on this project, he won’t have time to spend with her, and he may miss the baby's birth. As Dylan assures Chelsea that won’t happen, she goes into labor.

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