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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam wakes to Wyatt frying bacon. Liam doesn’t partake – you know the nitrates and all. Wyatt says all the more for him. He remarks that he slept well being in a new place and he thanks Liam again for letting him stay there. Liam says they are family and his dad wanted to get to know him. Wyatt figures that Bill probably was seeing their moms at the same time, a woman on every coast. Liam says perhaps that is the man that Quinn knew but Bill has changed. He’s all about family now. Wyatt still can’t believe that Bill is his father. He quips that he got the looks but Liam got the girls, both Stephanie and Hope. Wyatt admits he has no girlfriend; he’s alone now. Rafael tells Caroline that her instincts were right. His series needed something extra but she shouldn’t try so hard to get Rick back. And because of her he has to re-shoot his entire series. A meeting has been called at Forrester by Thomas, Thorne and Eric to impress upon Rick that sales figures need to go up soon or they will have to make some changes….starting with the President. Rick tells Caroline he can’t let his dad down. She says she was a distraction for him and Maya and she let her jealousy get out of control. She lost focus and forgot what she came here to do. She has a lot to make up for. He can’t fix it without her. He has to strike gold. They need to come up with something completely new for the most exciting line in fashion. He says yes, this is his one shot and he’ll do anything if she will help him achieve that.

Hope meets with the wedding planner to narrow down details of where they get married as that will determine what kind of flowers they will need. She says really the only thing they need is one little detail and that’s for Liam to be free of his first marriage. Hope drops in and tells Liam that she can’t make all the decisions by herself. If he wants to get married as soon as possible then she needs his input. He has to let her down by saying he just got an e-mail from Steffy. She won’t agree to an annulment so they will have to wait six months for a divorce. Hope is bitter that this is happening again. Steffy is stopping them again and Liam is letting her. This is beginning to be a pattern. Wyatt senses tension and says he will leave. Hope tells him no. Liam is leaving. Steffy left Liam; she has a ring on her finger and they are getting married yet now they have to wait six months. Hope says she can’t keep doing this. Liam is going to fly to Paris with annulment papers and force Steffy to sign it. They are going to get married soon or not getting married at all.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Cameron was concerned about Chadís condition.  JJ tried to manipulate Lucas by asking about Will.  It was a way for JJ to get on his motherís good side.  After JJ left the room, Jennifer showed up at the house.  She and Lucas got into an argument over JJ.  Jennifer thought that Lucas was questioning her parenting skills and she went ballistic.  Hope tried to reach out to Theresa at the hospital, but that backfired when Theresa bit her head off.  Lucas and Jennifer made up and continued to talk about JJ until they had to leave.  Jennifer wanted to talk to JJ.  He told her that he wanted to see Will and didnít think that Jennifer would let him see Will.  Jennifer would be okay with it as long as they communicate with each other.  JJ understood that and that seemed to do the trick.  Jennifer decided to give JJ back his phone.  JJ was happy that his plan worked.

Chad was in the park with Abby when Cameron called him.  Cameron wanted to talk to Chad about his test results.  JJ and Rory planned on doing some illegal business when they got together.  Hope continued to talk to Theresa about helping her.  Theresa didnít want to hear what Hope had to say.  Jennifer walked in on Theresa and Hope talking.  Theresa left the room so Hope talked to Jennifer about Daniel.  Jennifer didnít want someone else telling her that she was wrong to put her son first.  Hope told Jennifer that she sounded like Jack.  Jennifer didnít agree with that.  Hope warned Jennifer that she could lose Daniel forever if she continued to push him away.  Theresa pumped a nurse about Daniel.  Anne was upset with Jennifer because she didnít know where Theresa was.  Theresa went to follow Daniel.  Hope went to see Eric and they talked about Nicole.  Eric wondered if Hope thought Nicole had feelings for him.  Hope thought that Nicole might have feelings for him.  Chad went to see Cameron about his test results.  Chad thought that Cameron was trying to come between him and Abby, but Cameron informed him that the results are serious.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny and Carly argue about Sonny giving Morgan his blessing to marry Kiki. Carly reveals that Kiki doesnít love Morgan and that she is hung up on Michael. She says the attraction is mutual and that Michael is on the brink of incest with his cousin. Sonny knows Michael and Kiki are not really related. He tells Carly that if Morgan marries Kiki it will take her off the table for Michael. Carly says that doesnít make any sense considering being cousins didnít stop their attraction. Sonny reveals that he is supporting the marriage because Morgan accused them both of not loving him as much as they do Michael. She says they canít absolve themselves by letting their sons ruin their lives. He says it is Morganís life and Morganís choice. Carly determines to stop the marriage without Sonny's help. Dante runs into his brothers and Kiki in Kelly's. He congratulates Morgan on his engagement and welcomes Kiki to the family. Morgan tries to bully Michael into congratulating him too. Michael says he wants Morgan to be happy and hopes it works out for all of them. Morgan asks Michael to prove it by being his best man.

Anna tells Dante that Mayor Lomax wants to close the case on Oliviaís shooting and that the mayor is convinced that Sonny was behind it. Dante says he thinks Carly and Sonny discussed a hit, Sonny called it off, and then Carly went through with it behind his back. He surmises that that is why Shawn was going to confess until he found out that his bullet didnít hit Olivia. Anna says the second shooter had to be a professional assassin. Duke goes to the Quartermaine estate and asks Ava if she is going to try to ally with AJ now that her plan with Tracy has failed. She asks how a former mafia don can dare judge her partnership with Tracy. He says he knows who her true partners are. He says he knows she opened her gallery with no paper trail, no mortgage, and no bank loans. She says it isnít a crime to have silent investors. He says it is if the investor is a criminal. She wonders why he thinks she would be in business with criminals. He says because she was born into it just as all the other members of the Jerome family. Duke tells Anna about his suspicions. Anna wants to find out for certain if Ava is related to the people who killed their unborn child and then deal with her personally.

Derek Moore tells Connie to clear out her office. She tells him that he may own Crimson, but she owns the building so he is the one that has to leave. She tells him that he gave her until the end of the week to come up with the story and that if he doesnít give her the time he owes her, she will introduce him to someone who is in the business of collecting debts. He concludes that she is referring to Sonny Corinthos. He gives her until the paper goes to press. Connie runs into Michael at Kellyís and sees how heartbroken he is. She ponders to herself that she could help him, but that she would have to break her promise to Sonny. Silas Clay breaks the news to Sam that Franco is not a viable candidate for Dannyís bone marrow transplant because he has insipient cells. Alexis says she is going to start a donor drive. Silas says he will take a closer look at the other potential donorsí samples to see if they may have missed something. When he sees Kikiís DNA sample, he decides to find out if she is his daughter or not. He takes a swab sample from his own cheek. Ava meets Derek in Connieís office and addresses him as ďJulian."

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam tells Melanie that he has sworn affidavits from almost all the Athletic Club employees to prove that they were together and she was the one who was all over him, so she better not start a fight she can’t win. Adam overhears a conversation between Billy and Melanie at On the Boulevard where she tells Billy it may not be a good idea to pursue a sexual harassment lawsuit against Adam. Billy tells Melanie that the plan was to sue Adam for sexual harassment, so that Victor would kick him out of Newman Enterprises and Victoria could return to the company. Adam looks very upset over the conversation he heard between Adam and Melanie, but you can tell that he is already planning his next move. Billy tells Victoria that he is going to his meetings to keep the gambling devil under control. He tells her she and Johnny can move back home, because he will be staying with Jack, so he can be there to support him while Phyllis is in a coma. Victoria agrees to move back home, and she is glad Billy is going to his meetings, but she makes it clear that this doesn’t change anything about their relationship.

Summer asks Nick to persuade Avery to allow Daniel to take Phyllis to the treatment center in Georgia, because she agrees with Daniel that the center is the best chance that Phyllis has of waking up from her coma. Nick agrees to talk to Avery about it, which later leads to an argument between Nick and Avery where she accuses him of taking Summer’s side because he wants to win back her love. Michael and Lauren feel guilty for being happy while Phyllis is in the hospital. They head to the hospital after getting a text from Kevin telling them Phyllis is in a coma. Jack, Michael, Lauren, and Daniel take turns sitting at Phyllis’ bedside sharing memories of good and bad times with her as they encourage her to fight to wake up. Michael and Lauren agree that Daniel should take Phyllis to the treatment center. Michael agrees to be Daniel’s lawyer in court as Jack and Daniel prepare to let a court decide what is best for Phyllis. Michael gets a call from Paul telling him Fen has been arrested for buying drugs.

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