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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope pulls away from Wyatt’s attempted kiss and says he can’t keep doing that. Playing innocent, he says he was just trying to thank her for helping him find his father and brother. She says there is plenty of other ways he could do that. He remarks okay, he’ll figure out her favorite flower – peonies, roses or lilies. She points out that his brother is just in the next room and he is waiting to be her husband. Wyatt quips that yeah, he forgot about him for a moment. She says she had better get back. Wyatt says goodnight and that he’ll be in the guest bedroom with the door unlocked….just in case she sleepwalks or something. She finds Liam waiting for her and says she ran into Wyatt who just wanted to thank her again for finding his father. Liam laments that yes, she is the official father/son matchmaker. But he doesn’t want to talk about that anymore. He’d rather tell her how grateful he is that she is back in his life. He kisses her over and over and she finally tells him they can stop talking. He takes off her robe and lays her on the bed. Bill puts Will to bed and re-joins Brooke who is putting his toys away. She remarks that she is just glad that Katie let her stay with Will. She thinks that she is beginning to trust in them again. Bill remarks that he isn’t going to hold his breathe, but he sure hopes she is right. He’s already got two sons, Wyatt and Liam, that he didn’t see raised and he is not going to let that happen to Will. He wants to be back living in this house. Katie is looking in on them via her video recording camera. Donna walks in and Katie tries to shut it off but not quickly enough. Donna sees that she is spying on Bill and Brooke and calls her out for being a little snoop. Katie says she is only looking for a little truth and honesty which she hasn’t been able to get from Brooke and Bill. Donna says no, she deliberately put them in the house together so she could look and see if they behave. She is one sick sister. Katie says Donna doesn’t have to watch if she doesn’t want to. Donna does look but says for the record, she does not condone this. Brooke makes fun of Bill changing Will’s diaper. Donna says Bill is being very sweet and this is so wrong. She had crossed the line here. Katie has to turn that off. But she says no; she has to know if she can trust them again. She’d like to have her life back but this is the only way she will know who Bill is when he thinks no one is watching (want to bet that he knows already).

Bill tells Brooke that he needs to talk to her. Katie’s ears perk up. But all Bill says is that it is about Forrester business. Now that her excuse for not doing the bedroom line is over, he’d like to see her start that up again. There will be a big media blitz in Monte Carlo soon and as part of Spencer Publications he will be there and he thinks she should consider it as well. She’s not sure but says she will give it some thought. Donna points out to Katie that they are only talking business so she is gonna head home and make a big bowl of popcorn and watch Big Brother….at least they know they are being watched. Katie reminds her that this has to be kept a secret. She kept Brooke’s secret so now she must keep Katie’s. Donna agrees but says she doesn’t like this. Brooke would never cross that line again. Katie says she needs to know for sure. Wyatt studies the pictures and articles on the net about Hope’s on and off again marriages to Liam. Hope and Liam make love. Brooke tells Bill that she did something she had not done before and that was to apologize to Katie. She just hopes she believes her that she is really sorry. Bill agrees. No matter the circumstance it was wrong what they did and he hopes Katie will believe that and forgive them and be Brooke’s sister again. Liam gives Hope about 57 reasons why she should not drive back home this late. She says she must and he needs to get up in the morning and bond with Wyatt by going surfing. And she is going to meet with the wedding planner and will be sure and order some of that chocolate cake. He says cool; that is all he needs is his bride and some chocolate cake. As she is looking for her keys, Hope is startled by Wyatt clad only in his pajama bottoms. He’s amused when he says it is sort of late for her to be leaving. If she was his girl, she would not be leaving….she wouldn’t want to go. Liam comes in and has a worried look on his face as he sees Wyatt lingering at the door as Hope leaves.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas went to visit Sami at the police station.  Kayla told EJ that thereís a good chance that Samiís bullet didnít kill Bernardi.  EJ wanted to know how that was possible.  Cameron looked at Chadís CT Scan.  Chad asked Stefano if he hired Bernardi to kill Rafe.  Stefano dodged the question.  Lucas and Sami talked about the charges against her.  He believed that she shot Bernardi in self-defense.  Kayla informed EJ that Bernardi shouldnít have died from the gunshot wound.  Vargas wanted to know what was going on with Nick and the deal they were supposed to make.  Nick said it wasnít going to work out.  Vargas said Nick shouldnít let Jensen ruin his life again.  Stefano told Chad that he didnít send Bernardi to kill Rafe, but Chad didnít believe him at first.  Kayla told EJ that Bernardi died of hemorrhaging.  She said the autopsy and medical reports were different.  EJ thought that Kayla didnít have anything that could help Sami.  Kayla suggested that another autopsy be performed.  Vargas continued to advise Nick not to let what happened to him in prison control him.  Lucas ran into Will and they talked about what happened to Sami.  Will blamed himself for what happened to Sami.  Lucas didnít want Will to blame himself.  Stefano continued to deny being involved in what happened to Rafe.  Stefano warned Chad to stay by his side and not by EJís side.  

EJ visited Sami at the station.  She wanted to know what he knew.  Cameron and Kayla consulted on Chadís case.  Nick showed up at the hospital and saw Gabi.  They talked a little about their relationship as well as Rafe.  Nick visited Rafe to talk to him.  Rafe wanted to talk to Nick instead of the other way around.  Sami wanted .to know what EJ found out about her case.  He finally told her that Kayla might have proof that Sami didnít kill Bernardi.  Rafe talked to Nick about the things Nick did when he got out of prison.  Nick tried to defend himself, but Rafe wouldnít let him speak.  Rafe intended to watch Nick to see if he changed.  Sami got her hopes up about her case, but EJ warned her not to do it.  Chad talked to Kate and let her know that he believed that Stefano didnít have anything to do with what happened to Rafe.  Stefano received a mysterious phone call.  He implied that someone wouldnít be able to pull off their plan.  EJ and Sami were hopeful about the second autopsy.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie overhears Derek Wells in Connieís office telling someone on the phone that no one knows what they are really up to. Derek grabs Maxie by the arm and confronts her about eavesdropping when Olivia gets off the elevator and orders him let her go. She gets in his face and tells him that she doesnít care who he is, but that if he lays a hand on Maxie again, he will answer to her. Maxie fills Olivia in Derekís threat to close down the Port Charles Press and Crimson if Connie doesnít turn the newspaper around in a week. She says Connie is chasing a story about ELQ that she said would affect the people she loves. Olivia concludes that it must involve Sonny. Maxie apologizes for encouraging Connie to get back together with Sonny. Olivia says it isnít Maxieís fault. Connie tells Sonny that her ELQ story didnít pan out, but that she has a lead on someone who voted in ELQís election who had no legal right to vote their shares. When she reveals that she overheard Morgan telling him that Kiki is not a Quartermaine, he tells her that she canít print the story because he promised Morgan that he wouldnít tell anyone about Kiki. He reveals that Morgan is afraid that Kiki will dump him for Michael if she finds out they are not cousins. She asks him if he thinks starting a marriage with a lie is the best idea. She says he should tell Kiki the truth and let her make up her own mind. He says this is his way of proving his love for Morgan. She says she will find another story. She goes to the Crimson office and tells Derek that she doesnít have the ELQ story. He tells her that she also doesnít have a job.

Morgan has a nightmare about Michael and Kiki finding out that he withheld the knowledge that they are not cousins and Kiki dumping him for his lie. Kiki presses him to tell her what it was about so he says he dreamed that she called off the wedding. She asks if his father gave him a hard time about the marriage. He says Sonny approved. Carly asks Michael to talk Morgan out of marrying Kiki. He says Morgan wonít listen to him because he knows he and Kiki are attracted to each other. He says that the marriage might end whatever is going on between Kiki and him. She says it will only make Kiki more attractive. She says Morgan deserves to marry a woman who loves him, not a woman who wants his brother. Morgan and Kiki arrive at Kellyís just as Carly is saying that she hopes Sonny can stop the wedding. Morgan says Sonny is all for it. Carly goes to Sonnyís house and asks him why he gave Morgan his blessing.

Silas lets Rafe help him in the lab. He wonders if Molly is Rafeís girlfriend. Rafe says Molly likes TJ. Silas tells him that if he doesnít fight, he will never win. Sam barges into the lab and insists on waiting there for Silas to finish. He tells her that badgering him wonít make it go faster and increases the chance that he might make a mistake. Molly tells Alexis that TJ wants to get back together, but she wonít say why they broke up in the first place. Molly observes that Shawn hasnít been around lately either. Alexis quickly changes the subject back to TJ. TJ tells Shawn that Molly might take him back. He suggests that Shawn check in with Alexis and see how she is doing. Shawn says Alexis doesnít want to see him. Rafe hears Molly tell Alexis that she thinks she might give TJ another chance. He says he doesnít think TJ is the right guy for her; he is.  Alexis joins Sam in the lab just as Silas finishes testing the last marker.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Jack and Daniel argue over the fact that Daniel wants to move Phyllis to a clinic closer to him in Georgia. Sharon is talking on the phone when she has a visit from Cassie. At the police department, Paul and Michael argue over the fact that Carmine escaped custody. Lily is sitting alone at a table at the coffeehouse when she has a visit from Cane. Paul lets Michael and Lauren know that there is no trace of Carmine. Lauren reminds Paul that Carmine almost raped her in the cabin. Paul fills Michael and Lauren in on the fact that Kevin erased all the footage off the surveillance tape of Michael escaping from jail. Cane surprises Lily by coming home early to confront her about her feelings for Tyler. Lily accuses Hillary of having an affair with Cane. Daniel becomes upset with Nick over the fact that he kept Summer’s paternity from the whole family and mostly from Jack. Hillary tells Cane she will quit her job as his assistant if it would help to stop all this gossiping. Paul reminds Michael that there is no evidence against him, so he is free to go. Paul warns Kevin that this cannot happen again. Summer watches Phyllis through the window in the door and wonders if Daniel will change his mind about moving her to another clinic. Avery threatens to take Daniel to court to stop him from taking Phyllis away from them. Lily lets Hillary know that she did nothing wrong. Lily tells Cane that she is upset with him, because he was keeping secrets from her. Michael and Lauren are reunited with Fen, who lets them know that he went to see a drug counselor about his problem. They are thrilled. Sharon assures Cassie that she wants Phyllis to get better, but she also worries that if anyone finds out what she did, she will go to jail, and she doesn’t know how Noah would react to that. Avery lets Daniel know that she, Nick, Summer, and Jack love Phyllis just as much as he does.

Lily asks Cane why he has been questioning her about Tyler. He insists it's because of the way she looks at Tyler when he is with someone else. Kevin visits the hospital and talks briefly to Phyllis. Fen arrives at the hospital and gives Summer some moral support concerning her mother. When he is left alone, Fen steals medicine from the cart. Lauren and Michael make love. Carmine, in a hotel room somewhere, looks at a pic on his cell phone of Lauren in bed. Hillary watches Cane and Lily kiss. Cassie tells Sharon to call Nick and ask him how Phyllis is. Summer arrives at Nick’s door and asks him for help.

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