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AMC Recap Written by Eva

David arrives to see Jesse just as he is packing up his things from his office at the police station. Jesse tells David that he isn’t going to trial because he made a deal with the DA that if he resigned from his job the charges against him would be dropped. David thinks its is strange that he also defended his daughter and he got five years in jail and his daughter died but Jesse only loses his job for defending his daughter because he is an upstanding citizen of Pine Valley. David thinks Jesse has been a bad husband to Angie because he hasn’t been there when Angie needed him to help get Cassandra through this terrible ordeal. David tells Jesse that Cassandra had an abortion this morning and Jesse heads to the hospital to see Angie and Cassandra. Jesse tells Angie he had to resign from his job in order for the charges to be dropped against him. Angie tells Jesse that Cassandra thinks that she is disgusted by her and the things she has done and she doesn’t know how to make Cassandra understand that she still loves her very much.

Cassandra admits to Dixie that she thought she would feel better once the baby was gone but she still feels dirty. Dixie gives Cassandra a gold necklace with a gold teardrop charm to help her remember that she will survive this and all her tears will turn to gold. Billy Clyde overhears Pete telling Jane that Celia agreed to one dance with him at the benefit. Billy Clyde introduces himself to Pete as someone who knew his father and then they walk to the park to talk. Pete is surprised how much Billy Clyde knows about his career. Pete tells Billy Clyde how much he wants to be with Celia and how special she is to him and Billy Clyde advises Pete not to let Celia get away. Miranda looks sad when she tells Zach that AJ and Heather are sort of dating and AJ is taking Heather to the benefit. Zach decides to take Miranda shopping for a dress for the benefit and later agrees to go with her to the benefit. Lea tries to make Zach understand why she had to press charges against Jesse and Zach says he understands that she chose her job over Jesse and his family. Colby and Celia talk about their parents and seem to find something in common so much so that Celia tells Evelyn she thinks she and Colby have settled their differences. Colby invites Celia to be fitted for a dress with the same dressmaker that is making Colby’s dress for the benefit. Celia agrees to go and later shows Evelyn a sketch of the dress that the dressmaker is making for her. Evelyn is skeptical that Colby suddenly wants to be friends with Celia and warns Celia to be careful with Colby. Colby returns to the dress shop and when the dress maker goes out of the room to get a receipt Colby changes the measurements for Celia that the dress maker has written down so Celia’s dress won’t fit her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While Liam prepares the steaks, Bill gives a toast to the newest member of his family, and welcomes Wyatt to the family. Bill wants to know more about Wyatt’s family business. He says it is doing okay, but someday he’d like to take it international. Bill has no doubt that he will do that. Hope stops by and the look on Bill’s face tells it all to Wyatt. This is not the girl he’d pick for his son. Brooke walks into Katie’s house and asks if she might pick up Will. Katie is polite and they quickly mention that Bill has another son and they are having dinner tonight. Brooke says Katie called her and she wants Katie to just give her a chance and they can heal from this. Katie mentions that the last time they talked, Brooke carried on and on defending Bill and tried to convince Katie that he was the world’s greatest husband and she should take him back. Brooke says she was wrong. She wants to do whatever she can to say she is sorry that she betrayed Kate in the worse possible way and to apologize. She agrees to stay with Will while Katie goes back to the office.

Bill, Wyatt, Hope and Liam have a family meal and make small talk to get to know each other. Wyatt admits he’s not into clubbing but more like tramping outdoors as in Big Bear where he met Hope. She mentions coincidences and he says he doesn’t believe in those. Wyatt asks Bill how he knew his mother. Bill says they both were young dumb kids and hooked up together. Bill wonders why she never married. Wyatt says that’s another conversation for another time. Wyatt shares how he found the sword necklace in the safe and he’s glad he did. Otherwise, Hope could have never put the pieces of the puzzle together. Katie calls Bill and says she needs a favor. She says she has to go back to the office and Brooke is babysitting….can he relieve her. He says sure. Hope and Liam decide to call it a night, leaving Wyatt to fend for himself. He says he has been living in a warehouse so he thinks he can manage this incredible house. He hugs both Liam and Hope goodnight. She says she is glad to have another brother-in-law and at least this one doesn’t need his diaper changed. Brooke tells Bill that he and her sister will be back together soon. This is the first step. She’s invited them back into her home. Katie is looking at her laptop and seeing footage on camera of every move they make. While Liam is taking a shower, Hope goes downstairs in her robe to find her phone. Wyatt comments that he thought she would be looking for it. He invites her to stay but she says she has to get back up to Liam. He thanks her for caring and reaching out to him and for bringing him into a whole new world. He thinks of her as his little Hopi. He studied the Hopi culture in his jewelry business. Hope means peaceful and that is what he feels with her……among other things. She quips that they better keep it at peaceful. He inches closer and starts to kiss her softly on the mouth but she pulls away when their lips barely touch.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Samiís bail hearing began.  Ms. Trask expected Abe to help her any way he could with her case against Sami.  Cameron wanted Kayla to check on Chad because of his headaches.  Kayla needed Cameron to do it because she was busy.  He didnít really think that he should examine a friend.  Kayla talked Cameron into it and Cameron eventually decided to examine Chad.  Chad prepared Chad for the test.  Stefano and Kate had a run in at the town square.  They argued about her relationship with Rafe.  Ms. Trask didnít want Sami to get bail because she thought that Sami would flee the country.  Ms. Trask and Justin went back and forth in the court about whether Sami would flee the country.  Sami had an outburst so the judge warned her and everyone else in the court not to yell out during the hearing.  Ms. Trask continued to explain to the judge that EJ would fly Sami out of the country.  Ms. Trask put Abe on the spot by telling the judge that he heard EJ say that EJ would get Sami out of her mess.

Cameron finished examining Chad.  Gabi and Abby wanted to know how Chad was doing.  Cameron wouldnít tell them so he walked off.  Kate ran into Kayla and they talked about Rafeís condition.  Kate wanted to bring her own people to help Rafe with his physical therapy.  Kayla assured Kate that Rafe was in good hands.  Kate didnít want Stefano to send a henchman to go after Rafe.  The judge asked Abe if he heard what EJ said.  Abe admitted that he heard EJ say that he would help Sami anyway he could.  Justin immediately tried to defend EJís actions.  Ms. Trask reminded everyone how EJ tried to flee the country when he was arrested and that Sami aided him with his near escape.  The judge warned Ms. Trask to stop talking when Justin interrupted her.  The judge eventually sided with Ms. Trask and denied Sami bail.  EJ didnít understand why Sami was denied bail.  Justin reminded EJ about how he and Sami took the law into their own hands.  Abe went up to Eric and apologized for his role in Samiís arrest.  Eric assured Abe that he was just doing his job.  Stefano ran into Chad at the park.  Chad was upset with Stefano, but Stefano wanted to make things right with him.  Stefano wanted Chad to ask him anything he wanted and he would answer it whether Chad wanted to hear it or not.  Cameron was working when he received the results of Chadís CT Scan.  Cameron was disturbed by the results.  Chad asked Stefano if he got Bernardi to try and kill Rafe.  After EJ visited with Sami at the police station, he went to see Kayla.  Kayla told EJ that she might have some good news for him.  She said she went over Bernardiís medical records and thereís a good chance that Samiís bullet wasnít what killed Bernardi.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Felix hires Spinelli to find out about Britt Westbourne. Spinelli reveals that he was already investigating Dr. Westbourne on Ellieís behalf. Each reveals what he suspects and what he knows. Spinelli concludes that Felix wants him to find out the identity of Brittís mother. He agrees to do it at no charge because it will benefit him as well. Britt tells her mother that she is tired of trying to make Patrick fall in love with a baby that isnít his. Dr. Obrecht insists that Patrick never needs to know because Ellie Trout vouched for the paternity test, but she has no idea that he DNA was switched before she ran the test. Britt says she feels guilty about the biological father. Dr. Obrecht warns Britt to keep her mouth shut. Patrick tells Sabrina that Francoís surgery was a success but that he might have cancerous cells that will prevent him from donating marrow to his nephew. He says he knows exactly how Sam feels because he went through the same thing. He tells her the story of Robinís high-risk pregnancy and the disturbing nick on Emmaís ear when she was born. Sabrina asks Patrick if Britt has ever mentioned her mother. He says he only knows that Brittís parents live in Europe.

Michael tells Kiki that when she becomes his sister-in-law, it will become even more impossible to avoid running into each other so they will need to find another way to make it work.  She slips and says that she hopes they can be friends after she marries ďMichael.Ē He downplays the slip because Morgan and Michael both begin with the letter ĎM.Ē He asks her if she loves Morgan. She says she will learn to love him. Connie overhears Morgan telling Sonny that Kiki isnít Francoís daughter and that she doesnít know about it. Morgan says he canít let Kiki find out about it before they are married because she will leave him for Michael. Sonny asks him why he wants to be with someone who is hung up on his brother. Morgan says he doesnít want to lose her and asks Sonny not to say anything about it. Sonny says Kiki has the right to know that Franco is not her father and Michael has the right to know that Kiki is not his cousin. Morgan concludes that everything is always about Michael and that Sonny doesnít care about him. Sonny says they are having this conversation because he cares. Morgan says Michael isnít even Sonnyís flesh and blood. Sonny loses his temper and says flesh and blood doesnít matter to him and it shouldnít matter to Morgan either. Sonny agrees to keep Morganís secret.

Maxie calls Connie to alert her that some guy named Derek Wells has made himself at home in her office.  Connie goes to the office and asks Derek what he is doing in her office on her computer. He says he is making a list of people she has to lay off before she fires herself since her Quartermaine story isnít going to happen. She tells him that the story isnít dead because Tracy isnít finished yet.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Clint punches the guard in the face and later has Bo and Matthew take him back to Bo's apartment. Viki shows up and tells everyone she is not taking him back. Clint wakes up and tries to go back to his office but Bo arrests him because he is being a jerk. Jeffrey kisses Destiny and she says it is ok that he kissed her. Arturo tells Dani he does not want to kiss her right now. Dani is sad but when Matthew and Michelle show up Matthew gives Dani a bunch of grief and Michelle chimes in. Dani ends up going to stay with Tťa. Jeffrey shows up and talks to Matthew about Destiny and Matthew says it is fine. Michelle over hears them and is not happy.

Dorian and Jack talk about their relationships. Dorian explains that she and David have split up and Jack explains he knows but that he loves her more than David and will always be for her. Jack tries to cheer her up but Dorian does not want to go with Jack to work out. Todd and Blair hug and hold each other while they try to figure a way out of the mess they are now in knowing that Todd is going to have to leave.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Lily and Abby both barge in on Tyler who is only wearing a towel and confront him about the blog on the internet. Leslie and Neil visit the bar in Evanston where Neil first met Rose six years ago. It doesn’t take long for Neil to recognize the place. Billy and Melanie discuss how they are going to get their revenge on Adam. Jack lets Adam know about Phyllisí condition and that she may never wake up again. Avery sits by Phyllisí bed and talks to her and lets her know that she is a "survivor." Summer watches Avery through the window in the door. Daniel comes up behind Summer. They hug. Daniel asks Summer how she is doing since she found out that Jack is her father. Avery comes out of Phyllis’ room and she and Daniel hug. Avery comforts Summer. Jack tells Adam that he asked Phyllis to marry him and she had said "yes" by squeezing his hand. Billy and Melanie plan their ultimate revenge against Adam by filing sexual harassment against Adam. Melanie plans to carry this vendetta farther than just sexual harassment charges. Neil goes and sits down in the booth where he first met Rose. He begins to remember how he had shown her a pic of his children. A young man comes on to Leslie, but Neil springs into action and takes up for her thus showing the man the door. The bartender reminds Neil that six years ago he defended Rose when a man tried to take her purse and that he and Rose left together. Abby shows Tyler the blog on the internet about Lily and her discontent. Tyler denies posting the column on the internet. Adam urges Jack to hold it together for Phyllis’ sake. Billy comes in and orders Adam to leave since he is there now to help Jack.

Daniel sits by Phyllis’ side and talks to her. Daniel remembers the talks that he had with Phyllis. Daniel makes a call and tells the person that he is ready to move forward with his plans. Jack finds Daniel at the hospital and advises him to go on with his life instead of spending all his time there with Phyllis. Tyler tells Abby that Lily reminded him of a woman he once knew. Avery and Summer await patiently for word on Phyllis until they come up with a plan to make her room more homey for her. Adam offers Avery comfort about Phyllis and her condition. Jack sits by Phyllis’ bed and reads to her from her favorite book. Tyler and Abby begin to kiss passionately and lie down on the sofa. Abby stops and tells him that this just isn’t right. Tyler picks Abby up and carries her to the bed. When Adam and Melanie meet, she tells him that they won’t be meeting for much longer. Adam is served with sexual harassment papers. Daniel lets Jack, Avery, and Summer know that he is moving Phyllis to another facility where she can get more help. Avery tries to talk him out of it, but he insists that it is his decision.

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