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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Pete and Celia hang posters all over town to advertise the Chandler Media launch party and benefit for the Miranda Center. Pete asks Celia for once dance with her at the benefit and is very happy when Celia agrees to have one dance with him at the benefit. AJ asks Miranda to go shopping with him to buy a suit for the gala but when heather tells her that AJ invited her to the benefit she tells AJ to go shopping with Heather because she wants to stay and talk to her uncle Zach. Dr. Anders tells Cassandra that she has to wait a few days for him to be able to schedule her abortion. Colby uses the Chandler name to get doctor Anders to schedule the abortion today Cassandra cries as she signs the papers to give her consent to the abortion and Colby cries after she watches Cassandra being wheeled into surgery.

Colby is touched when she tells JR about Cassandra’s situation and he tells her that just being there for Cassandra as a friend is a wonderful way for her to show support to her friend. Cara overhears David telling Dr. Anders that he should be more concerned about his patients and make sure Cassandra has someone she loves with her when she arrives after her abortion. Cara tells David that she sympathizes with Cassandra even though their situations were different because she actually had feelings for David when she slept with him but it was still a hard decision to have an abortion. Agent Marquez gets the DA to offer Jesse a deal the charges against him will be dropped if he agrees to resign from his job as chief of Police. David tells Angie that Cassandra had an abortion this morning and Angie goes to Cassandra’s room to console her and holds her as she cries. .

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Quinn that Wyatt is his son too and she kept him from his son all his life so now he’s going to be with him. Quinn says no. Wyatt says they can just fight it out as he is leaving. Quinn runs across the room and says no he can’t. He says she can not stop him. She responds that she is his mother and has devoted her life to him and she demands that he give her the respect that she deserves to explain. He wants to know where her respect was for him when she lied to him all these years and said his father was dead. She had no right to do that. She says that she made that decision because his father did not want him. He wanted her to get an abortion. Bill says he wants him now. Quinn tells him to stay out of this. Bill says the hell he will….those days are over. If his son wants to see him she can not stop him. Brooke is amazed that Wyatt is Bill’s son. Hope says yes, she suspected it from the first time she saw his necklace that was identical to the one that Bill and Liam have. She met Quinn and even asked her about the necklace but she said no, it was just a coincidence. But she did seem very uncomfortable like something she wasn’t saying. She explains to Brooke how they all ended up here at the restaurant as she arranged it. And that’s when Brooke walked in on Quinn ranting at her. Brooke says Quinn had every right. Hope could have handled that better by telling Quinn in private first about her concerns and then Quinn could have gone to Wyatt. Hope says she was so closed off that she would not have accepted that.

At the office Katie is distracted and can’t concentrate on work so Donna has a little talk with her. Katie says no, she hasn’t forgotten that Donna betrayed her too. She knew all about Bill and Brooke and said nothing. Donna reveals that she was furious with Brooke, but she was hoping that Katie never had to find out. She reminds Katie that she had two heart incidents last year and now she was reconciled with Bill and was happy. And Brooke had sworn her to secrecy. Katie says she doesn’t want Donna to leave, but she doesn’t know who she can trust anymore. She’s her sister and she loves her and she knows Donna was put in an impossible situation. Donna hugs her. Katie admits that she has examined what she did wrong when she was ill. She did push Brooke and Bill together but no matter what she said or did he should have been off limits and not even an option for Brooke. They had feelings for each and probably still do. She doesn’t know how Donna worked through that, but she certainly doesn’t want to live that way. She vows she can’t, she won’t, ever again! Quinn tells Bill that he has no right to come in here decades after the fact to lay mantle to fatherhood to a kid he never wanted in the first place. He had shoved money in her face and told her to get rid of it. So this isn’t happening. Wyatt asserts that to leave Bill out of it. He’s not the one who has been lying to him every single day of his life. That was his mother….the one person in this world that he thought he could trust to tell him the truth. She says if he will give her time she can make him understand. She begs him not to shut down and just hear her out. He doesn’t need to be alone. Bill says he won’t be. He’s coming home with him….or at least he hopes Wyatt will come home with him. When Quinn says no again, Wyatt tells her to stop. She doesn’t get to control this anymore. Bill says he’d like to get to know Wyatt. If he doesn’t want to stay then he doesn’t have to…..maybe just for an hour if that is not too much to ask. When Quinn tries to stop Wyatt, Bill commands a sterner voice and says that if Wyatt wants to spend some time with a father that he did not even know existed until an hour ago, then it’s his call. She yells back that Bill has no right. This is her son, the one Bill did not want so he has some nerve to come in here and want to know him now. Wyatt joins in and says what about his rights. He’s spent his entire life thinking his father was dead and she knew that he was right across town at Spencer Publications. She cries that she was trying to protect him, but he says he does not need that anymore. When Wyatt turns to Bill and says he will go, Quinn grabs him and begs him not to. He continues to outside with her following. He says there is nothing more to say. He just needs to get away from here. She says fine, then go get a hotel but do not go with this man that he doesn’t even know. Wyatt says he doesn’t know her anymore either. He trusted her. He repeats again that she lied to him every day of his life. She says she is sorry and begs him not to go. Bill tells her that Wyatt has chosen to come with him and there is nothing she can do about that. He tells Liam that he will ride with Wyatt and Liam can meet him at his house. They leave Quinn crying. Brooke calls Donna and asks about Katie. Katie doesn’t wish to speak to her but Brooke says she has information about Bill they need to know. Donna puts her on speaker phone so Katie can hear. Gently she tells her that Bill has another son and he is with him right now. Wyatt marvels at the house that is Liam’s but Bill is temporarily staying in. It’s a lot to take in all at once. Bill opines that he knows it is not as easy as it sounds but he hopes Wyatt won’t be too judgmental on his mom and he will try to do the same. They’ve lost a lot of time but they won’t let that stop them now. All forward motion. Wyatt says he is being awfully accepting of all of this. Bill confesses that he was a reckless kid and the way he handled things with his mother was wrong. Now family means everything to him and now he has another son. Wyatt asks what happens next. Bill says maybe a little bonding by the sea. Wyatt asks what he should call Bill. He replies anything Wyatt wants to call him but he kind of likes Dad. Wyatt tries it out for size and calls him Dad. Bill gives him a big hug as Liam walks in.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin told Hope that he dropped Samiís case.  Will told Sonny that Justin dropped Samiís case.  Adrienne showed up at Sonnyís to talk, but he didnít want to listen.  Rafe asked Kate why Sami shot Bernardi.  Kate told Rafe that Sami did it to protect him.  Rafe didnít believe it.  Marge showed up at Rafeís hospital room and agreed with Rafe.  EJ visited Sami at the police station.  EJ told her that he had a new lawyer for her.  She didnít want to be tied to a lawyer that worked with mobsters.  Sonny and Adrienne argued over her going to the DA with the footage.  Kate wanted Marge to leave, but she wanted to talk to Rafe.  Rafe and Marge talked about Joe and Timmy (Joeís son).  Marge let Rafe know that Sami was tarnishing Joeís name and she wonít let Sami get away with it.  Justin and Hope continued to talk about the case and Adrienne before he left.  EJ and Sami talked about her case.  Will put Adrienne in her place for going to the police.  Sonny believed that Will let her off easy.  Marge wanted Rafe to tell the truth about Sami.

Sonny continued to yell at Adrienne for turning the evidence over to the police.  Sonny let Adrienne know that she made him choose and he didnít choose her.  EJ talked to Hope about Sami.  Hope wanted to know if Bernardi worked for Stefano.  He couldnít provide proof that Bernardi worked for Stefano.  Will visited Sami at the station and they talked about Rafe.  Rafe wanted to talk to Sami.  Kate informed Rafe that Sami was in jail.  Maggie and Nick talked about his life with Gabi.  Nick was convinced that his life with Gabi was over.  Maggie wasnít so sure that Nickís life with Gabi was finished.  Chad and Abby were talking about the footage of Sami.  While they were talking Chad developed pains in his head.  Abby insisted that he go to the hospital.  Justin went to the station to see EJ and Sami.  Justin decided to take Samiís case again after talking with Sonny about it.  Justin warned EJ that Sonny better not get in any trouble because of EJ.  EJ wanted to know why Justin took the case again.  Justin wanted what was best for Sonny and Will.  Hope visited Rafe and talked to Kate.  Hope warned Kate that Rafe would be called as a witness for the prosecution.  Sami prepared for her bail hearing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

When Sabrina sees Britt talking to Dr Obrecht in front of Kellyís, Britt denies knowing Dr. Obrecht. Felix tells Sabrina that his source confirmed that the Britch and its mother are hiding something about the baby. Sabrina wonders if the woman she saw was Brittís mother and what she has to do with it. Felix says Britt gave him the impression that she doesnít get along with her mother when she described her as a mad scientist who keeps people against their will and performs experiments on them. Sabrina wonders if Britt wasnít joking when she said that. Britt tells Dr. Obrecht that she already knows that Felix and Sabrina are out to get her. Dr Obrecht says Britt is fat and Sabrina is reasonably attractive since her makeover. She says that if Britt isnít careful, she will never get Patrick. Britt says she is beginning to think she should cut her losses and tell the truth. Dr. Obrecht wonders if Brittís new Prince Charming has made her take her eyes off the prize. Britt says she and Nikolas are just friends. She says she was a fool to let her mother talk her into doing the same things that didnít work for her. She says she is quickly becoming a bitter old woman like her. Dr Obrecht slaps her. She concedes that she didnít win the love of Brittís father, but says they have done everything to ensure that Britt doesnít fail. She says Patrick will fall in love with Britt when his child is born. Britt isnít so sure because it isnít really Patrickís child.

Patrick tells Carly and Morgan that Franco's surgery was successful. Morgan goes to tell Kiki the news. Carly tells Sam. Sam tells Carly that Franco is a match for Danny. Carly surprises Patrick when she asks if she can sit with Franco. He warns her that he has no idea what Franco will be like when he wakes up. Sam asks Patrick when Franco will be ready for the bone marrow transplant. Patrick says he doesnít know if Franco will be able to do it because the tumor might not have been benign. He says they canít transplant cancerous cells into Danny so they have to wait for the biopsy results. He suggests that she continue looking for another donor. Carly talks to Franco when he wakes up. He doesnít respond, but when she gets up to leave, he grabs her hand.

Connie tells Sonny that Derek Wells, the new owner of Crimson's parent company, is threatening to shut down the Port Charles Press and Crimson unless she produces a game-changing story by the end of next week. She decides to write about the Quartermaines. Diane tallies the ELQ shareholder votes and announces that AJ won the CEO seat. When Tracy asks Alice why she voted for AJ, Alice says Tracy is a bully and that she doesnít like the way that Tracy called the shareholder meeting while a family member is in the middle of surgery. She says Tracyís father placed family above everything. Tracy tries to strangle Alice. ďThe DominatorĒ easily restrains Tracy. Kiki gloats that her motherís scheme with Tracy didnít work. Morgan arrives and sees Michael hugging Kiki in thanks for her vote for AJ. He says Michael can congratulate him on his engagement. Sonny calls Morgan and summons him to the house. Tracy fires Alice. AJ makes Alice ELQís temporary Vice President and Security Advisor. Diane tells Tracy not to get mad, get even. Diane tells AJ that she is glad he won. Tracy tells Ava to convince Kiki to switch sides. Ava says that isnít likely after the stunt they just pulled. Tracy says it would be great if Kiki werenít really Francoís daughter. Ava sticks to her story that Kiki is a Quartermaine. Connie goes to ELQ to ask questions for her story. Michael says AJ won so nothing changed. Michael takes Kiki to General Hospital. At Sonnyís house, Sonny asks Morgan why he is in such a hurry to get married. He asks if Morgan is in trouble with gambling again or if he got Kiki pregnant. Morgan admits that he is afraid of losing her to Michael. Connie hears Morgan telling Sonny that Kiki is not a Quartermaine.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Matthew and Michelle go to Shelter and Jeffrey shows up to see Destiny. The four of them spot Dani and Arturo. When they go to confront Dani, she tells them to leave her alone and nothing is happening. Later back at the apartment, she tries to kiss Arturo, but he does not want to kiss her yet. Jack tries to talk to Kate, but she will not, because she does not want to get caught. Jack runs into David and tells him about Kate. David agrees to help him out. When they go to see Kate, she tells Jack to leave. David tells Jack that he and Dorian have split up.

Clint shows up at Viki's drunk out of his mind. Viki tells him to leave and after a few minutes does. He then tries to get into Shelter but is turned away. He keeps trying to get in and then punches the man in the face. He gets it all on tape. Todd and Blair finalize everything for the body. Then when they think it is ok, another letter shows up. Todd and Blair read it and Todd explains that everything has changed.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Newman home, Nick tries to help Avery to decide what to say to Phyllis when she awakens. At home, Summer is sitting alone when she has a visit from Noah. They discuss Phyllis’ waking up. Summer hugs Noah in happiness. Phyllis begins to wake up again, as Jack is talking to her. Jack lets her know that she accepted his marriage proposal. Phyllis struggles within herself to talk and to tell him what Sharon did in changing the DNA results, but she cannot seem to get the words out. Phyllis is unnerved when she notices Sharon watching her from outside the door. Summer tells Noah how much she loves Kyle, but he is her brother. At the PD, Paul blames Kevin for letting Carmine escape, and no one knows what will happen now. Michael and Carmine fight with each other while Lauren, who is tied to the bed, watches them. Carmine manages to knock Michael unconscious. Carmine goes over to Lauren and asks her where they were. Abby and Tyler sit at the coffeehouse talking when Lily comes in and sees them. Lily approaches them. Neil and Leslie discuss how he may have known Rose in past days. Leslie finds this hard to believe and pushes him for more information about Rose and about this stalker, who still persists in writing things in his blog to be viewed on the internet. Avery suggests to Nick that they postpone the wedding until Phyllis is up and can attend. Nick has his doubts about doing this. In thinking about what Sharon did to them and trying to tell Jack, Phyllis begins to have convulsions.

Paul blames Kevin for Carmine escaping and what Michael may do to Carmine when he catches up to him and Lauren. Lauren yells for Michael to wake up. Just about this time, Michael wakes up and gets into another fight with Carmine which results in Michael knocking Carmine unconscious. Michael and Lauren hug. Noah and Summer discuss how Adriana left him. At the hospital, Sharon comforts Jack over Phyllis losing consciousness. Paul bursts into the cabin, but Michael assures him that everything is fine. Lauren looks around and sees that Carmine escaped. Neil remembers the night that he met Rose and had drinks with her. Neil lets Leslie know that he needs to go to Evanston and try to find out all he can about Rose and his involvement with her. Abby suggests to Lily that she go to New York and surprise Cane. Lily assures Abby that she and Cane are all right. Tyler and Noah meet at the bar and discuss Noah’s love life. Summer arrives at the hospital and finds out that Phyllis is unconscious again. Avery receives a call from the hospital concerning Phyllis. Sharon also tries to comfort Nick when he arrives at the hospital. The doctor comes in and tells the family that Phyllis may never regain consciousness. The stalker writes in his blog, “Lily Winters’ Discontent.” He or she also posts a picture of Rose. Michael and Lauren are brought into the police department, and the officer wants Michael immediately arrested, but Paul lets Michael go home. Kevin asks where Carmine is, but he is told that he escaped.

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