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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Quinn calling after him, Wyatt speeds away from the restaurant in his jeep. Liam comes by and Bill hops in his car and tells him to follow that truck up ahead. At lunch, Brooke shares the good news with Eric that Liam proposed. He wants to design another wedding dress for Hope. He also has news of his own. Taylor has walked out on him and he doesn’t know if she will return. She wasn’t too happy that he chastised her for outing Brooke about her pregnancy and Bill on Brooke’s birthday. Hope spies Quinn outside and asks if everything is okay with her and Wyatt. Quinn glares at her and says Hope just couldn’t leave it alone and now she’s butted in and made things worse. Everything has caught up to Quinn thanks to Hope. Wyatt has never seen him so angry before and he may never speak to her again. Hope says she can see that Quinn is angry but she is glad it is all out in the open now. Quinn said that was her decision and Hope had no right to interfere into something so personal. He’s all she has; all she’s ever cared about. They’ve been together through thick and thin and now that relationship is in jeopardy because of Hope. Wyatt had never given his dad a second thought because she told him that he had died. Hope says she did not know how this would turn out but frankly she is glad they both know. Quinn berates her for messing in people’s lives. She may never see her son again. Hope says Bill and Liam will find him and calm him down. She realizes Quinn is angry and upset but this is for the best now that the truth is out. She admits that Bill can be a jerk, but she also knows how important family is to him. He takes care of his own. Quinn still declares that it was her right to tell her son or Bill when she wanted to, not Hope. Hope’s truth ruined everything. Hope says she has no designs on Wyatt, but looks like he will be her brother-in-law as she is marrying Liam. Quinn says again that she does not want Hope anywhere near her son. Hope says she thinks it is a good thing that Liam and Bill are going after Wyatt. They will find him and work through all of this. As Brooke walks up, Quinn tells Hope that she should have just minded her own business. Hope fills her in later who Quinn is and why she is so upset.

Liam and Bill follow Wyatt to his family business. Bill tells Liam that is his brother; Quinn is not lying. And he’s going to need Liam’s help too so he might as well embrace it. Wyatt is packing when Bill and Liam walk in. Wyatt comments they followed him and that is kind of creepy. Bill asks about this place. Wyatt says this is home or it used to be. He lived there and ran his mother’s business. Bill wants to know where he’s heading. Wyatt says camping; he can’t stay here. Bill says before he goes he’d like to have a little chat. Wyatt says absolutely not. He doesn’t know what he wants to do but it’s certainly not this or Bill. He just wants to get away. Bill says for what it’s worth he’s glad that Quinn did not have an abortion. Wyatt finds that hard to believe. Bill says look at him. He’s got three sons now; he’s like the Cartwright’s. When Wyatt seems puzzled and doesn’t respond, Bill tells him it was an old TV western he watched as a kid with Ben, Little Joe and Hoss. Wyatt asks why is Bill here. Is he looking for some warm, touchy father-son reunion. That isn’t going to happen as he isn’t the mushy type. He points at Liam and says maybe he is Liam’s father, but not his. He didn’t ask for this. As far as he is concerned the only thing they have in common is their necklace. Liam says he knows exactly where Wyatt is coming from. Until just a few years ago he didn’t know Bill either. He shares that his mom is dead and he was getting used to being on his own but now to tell the truth he can’t imagine life without Bill. He tells Wyatt that he has two brothers also and he should just give them a chance before running off. Wyatt doesn’t let him finish. He says he has to get out of here and get to the woods. Bill stops him and says he is not going anywhere until he has his say. Wyatt needs to let his mother explain. She deserves that just as she needs to explain to Bill. Wyatt says no, she doesn’t owe Bill anything. He just gave her money and told her to go fix it and walked away. She deserved more than that. Bill says good, she pissed him off and he’s still defending her. He likes that. He tells Wyatt to throw in another couple of sleeping bags and they will go with him. Liam chimes in that he likes camping. Wyatt says they are missing the point. He wants to get away from all of them. Bill smiles and says he can’t. They are family now and he’s not getting out the door without them. That’s his point. Wyatt counters with he’d almost let them come just for the laughs. He figures Bill would be more accustomed to first class than to a blanket on the ground. Bill says it might surprise him to know he’s just as comfortable on the ground as in his jet. And it doesn’t matter, either the jet or on the ground as long as they are together and get to know each other. Wyatt says great, his name is Wyatt Fuller. His favorite ice crème is rocky road. He likes the color red and he goes camping and studies Spanish. He runs his mother’s business while she designs and he does it quite well. So there, he knows him. Bill says he knew his mother had talent; he’s glad Wyatt does too. Wyatt retorts that he’s been doing just fine without a father all these years. Bill says imagine how good he can be with one. They are one and the same; he’s not a loner any more. Bill says Wyatt is special and welcomes him into the family. He extends his hand. Wyatt hesitates but finally clasps it and Bill pulls him to him and gives him a big hug and calls him son. He’s still holding him when Quinn comes charging in and demands Bill take his hands off her son.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe wanted Kate to tell him why Sami shot Bernardi.  Kate promised that she wouldn’t say anything.  Rafe demanded answers when Gabi showed up with Arianna.  Theresa met Daniel and she liked what she saw.  Brady told Eric that he and Kristen were back together.  Things became awkward for everyone when Rafe asked if Nick and Will were spoiling Arianna.  Gabi let Rafe know that she’s not with Nick anymore.  Jennifer and Abby talked about JJ and Daniel.  Abby didn’t think Jennifer should put her life on hold for JJ.  Theresa talked to a friend about Daniel and about going after married men.  Theresa had a shock when Kayla was at the door at the hospital.  Kristen wanted to talk to Eric about his “illness”, but he didn’t want to do it.  Brady mentioned how Daniel wanted to hire a forensic expert.  Kristen decided to leave the Kiriakis mansion.  Gabi and Will told Rafe what happened with Nick and Jensen.  Abby told Jennifer about meeting Theresa, but she didn’t say what happened when they met.  They continued to talk about Theresa for a few more minutes before Jennifer left to go to the hospital.  Kayla managed not to hear what Theresa said about going after married men.  Kayla did advise Theresa to focus on her job.  Theresa wanted to focus on Daniel.  Kristen showed up at the chapel pretending to look for Eric.  The nun couldn’t use the computer so Kristen offered to help her out.  Kristen tried to look for the investigator’s name on the computer when someone walked in the room.

Abby went to the hospital and ran into Daniel.  Abby advised Daniel not to give up on Jennifer.  He didn’t want to give up, but Jennifer had to want the same thing.  Brady explained his decision to take Kristen back to Eric.  Eric didn’t think it was a good idea.  The nun was the one who walked in on Kristen.  Kristen lied and said that she was finishing up the work that the nun was doing.  When the nun left, Kristen continued to look for the investigator’s name until she found it.  Daniel checked on Rafe to let him know what was going on with him.  Rafe felt like Daniel was keeping something from him.  Kristen thought about how she could stop Mason from investigating her.  Daniel didn’t want to force anything on Rafe.  Daniel wanted things to come to him on their own.  Brady asked Eric not to say anything about him getting back together for now.  Rafe asked Kate why Sami shot Bernardi.  Kate told him that Sami did it to save his life.  Kristen decided to dress up as Susan to get to Mason.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly tells Sonny that he has to stop Morgan from getting married. She tells him that Franco has a brain tumor that might have caused his erratic behavior and that he could die. Sonny asks her why she cares, observing that she wanted Franco dead. Connie gets a phone call from the new owner of Crimson’s parent company and then tells Sonny that she could lose her magazine if she doesn’t come up with a game-changing story by the end of the week. She thinks the trouble at ELQ could be the story she needs. Elizabeth goes to ELQ and tells AJ that Franco is in surgery. He doesn’t care. Tracy goes to AJ’s office and shows him Franco’s proxy, which gives her the majority of shares. She calls an emergency shareholders meeting.

Michael lures Brad to his apartment to try to charm information about Britt out of him. Brad says he needs a symbol of Michael’s sincerity and that if Michael kisses him, he will tell him everything he wants to know. Michael is about to take one for the team when his phone rings and AJ tells him that he is needed at ELQ. Michael leaves Brad in his apartment. Felix comes into the living room and says Brad is shameless to try to get with a straight guy. Brad says Felix is shameless for pimping out a straight guy. Felix says Brad only cares about getting laid. Brad reveals that he cuts straight to the sex because that is all anyone ever wants from him, if they want him at all. Felix says that if Brad does the right thing, he could change his opinion of him. Brad says he can only say that Felix should ask Britt’s mother. At Kelly's, Nikolas asks Britt about her relationship with Patrick’s daughter, Emma. She concludes that Elizabeth Webber must have told him about all of her mistakes because yesterday she warned her to stay away from him. She admits to losing her temper with Emma and announcing her pregnancy at the Nurses' Ball. She says she isn’t proud of what she did, and that if Nikolas only wants to associate with perfect people, he should stick with Elizabeth. He says Elizabeth isn’t perfect either and that he is worse than both of them combined. They agree to continue being friends. When Nikolas leaves, a voice behind Britt tells her to wipe the smile off her face because her life is about to go up in smoke. It’s her mother, Dr. Obrecht.

Alice takes a basket of food to Morgan and Kiki at General Hospital. Silas asks Kiki what her birth date is, bur Ava whisks her away to take her to the shareholder’s meeting before she answers. Morgan tells Silas that he and Kiki are both 19. Alice says Kiki is 21. Tracy calls Alice to the ELQ office to vote. She threatens Alice’s job if she doesn’t vote for her as planned. Diane joins the shareholders to proctor the voting. AJ hopes he can sway someone away from Tracy’s side. Kiki tells AJ that she thinks it is disgusting that her mother and Tracy called this meeting while her father is in the hospital with his head cut open so she is voting with AJ. AJ thanks her and says he will still need another vote from Tracy’s side to win. Diane tallies the votes and says Tracy was right about the result being 52.5 to 47.5, but that it is in AJ’s favor, not Tracy’s.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis’ friends and family continue to worry about her. When Phyllis awakens, she has a hard time speaking although she remembers everything that happened the day before when she spoke to Sharon and fell down the stairs. Phyllis becomes very agitated when she tries to speak and tell Jack what happened, but all she can manage to say is Sh. Dr Costner examines Phyllis and tells the family that they will know more about her condition when they run more tests. Avery tells a sedated Phyllis how much she cares about her and wants her to be a part of her life. Avery and Summer later stop an argument between Jack and Nick in the hospital hallway. Summer is given Phyllis’ things by a police woman. When she goes through them, she finds a lipstick called Creamy nude not the apricot one that Phyllis was wearing last night. Cassie’s ghost tries to persuade Sharon to tell Nick the truth. Sharon goes to Nick’s place, but when she finds out that Phyllis woke up but hasn’t told anyone the truth, she breathes a sigh of relief and tells Nick that she will be there for him if he needs anything. Nick thanks Sharon for being such a good friend. When Jack asks Phyllis to marry him, she blinks her eyes yes and then manages to say “Sharon, Nick” leaving Jack with a confused look on his face.

Michael and Kevin continue to worry about Lauren. Michael pleads with Paul to find Lauren and if Carmine is with her, to shoot him. Paul warns Michael that he is the chief of police and he is in a police station, so he is going to pretend that he didn’t hear what he just said to him. Michael, Paul, and Kevin try to figure out where Carmine has taken Lauren. Paul tells Michael that he is contacting the New Jersey police and Carmine’s relatives as well as giving a description to all the police departments in the surrounding area. Once Paul steps out of the interrogation room, Kevin tells Michael he thinks that Carmine took Lauren to a nearby cabin owned by Angelina’s father. Kevin gives Michael directions to the cabin and sets off a fake lockdown alarm at the station, so that Michael can escape to find Lauren. Lauren has a long talk with Carmine, telling him what he wants to hear, so that he will untie her. Carmine is doubtful at first, but he unties Lauren and they kiss. She reaches for a knife on the table, but Carmine takes it away. She manages to grab it again and stab Carmine with it. Lauren heads towards the door, but Carmine grabs her again ties her to the bed, and puts a gag in her mouth. Michael bursts through the door just after Carmine tells Lauren that she can scream all she wants but nobody is around to hear her.

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