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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya sees Caroline standing there with script in hand giving Rafael the latest changes…...caught in the act! She says she should have known. The water bed and all were Caroline’s doings. Rafael apologizes and says he was okay with the original concept. Maya realizes that Caroline has been calling the shots all along. She denies having feelings for Carter. And Caroline did this because she knew it would look that way. She could humiliate Maya and make Rick freak out and dump her. Carter knew nothing about this so they both were duped. Caroline says and what if it had worked? She would have dumped Rick in a minute for the potential to be a big star. She never would have put Rick through that. Any decent person wouldn’t. Maya says that Rick did not dump Caroline because of Maya. He was already done with her and she just did not get the message. Quinn tells Bill to leave. This is a private conversation. When Bill doesn’t go, Wyatt tells him to leave them alone. He is speaking with his mom now. He wants to know how this happened that Bill turns out to be his dad. Bill charges that he knew Quinn when she was very young. She was rebelling against her parents as she worked her way through design school. They hooked up and now here she is years later walking into his lunch hour claiming that she has his son in tow. If this is a money grab, then just say so. He’s used to that, but if it’s the victim card then save it. It’s too late now. Quinn slowly explains that she was just a teenager working as a clerk at a jewelry store in the mall when Bill came in looking for a piece for the most beautiful girl in the world. That was his pickup line. He came from a different world, of people who had everything and got things just handed to them and she mistook that for charm, strength and later for love. But here is the real man; the one who did not want his son. She is sorry that she had to use the abortion money to pay the last month’s rent. She didn’t owe him anything else. Wyatt lashes out at her that she robbed him of knowing this man…..his father…. and that should have been his decision, not hers. He accuses her of lying to him every day of his life. That was his right to choose if he wanted his father in his life or not. She begs him to listen. Bill says Wyatt was not the only victim here. They were both blindsided. He did not know any of this either. Wyatt growls at him that he did not want to know. He didn’t want the guilt. He was just the tooth fairy who left abortion money under his pillow and hoped he wouldn’t be born. He never sent a card asking about the nice little abortion, if it went well or not. He didn’t even care one way or the other. Bill admits he was right. He and Quinn were both wrong and maybe if Wyatt lives long enough he will make a couple of his own mistakes.

Hope tells Liam that she realizes this is all coming out of left field. But it was her, not Wyatt, that thought the necklace was the central figure and there must be some connection between Quinn and Bill. She doesn’t have to stay in touch with Wyatt, but she hopes that Liam will want to know his half brother. In that context she would like to know him too. Liam says Bill is taking a long time with this talk and he thinks he will go see if all is okay. Donna and Pam have a minor altercation at the desk when Rick stops by. Pam bends his ear by suggesting that he might get their fashions onto the new Maya series. He likes the idea and says he will check it out. At the recording studio one of the hamsters gets loose and crawls between Caroline’s legs. She screams and jumps upon the water bed, heels and all and makes big gashes and water flows everywhere like a fountain over her. She’s a pitiful sight while all around are laughing or trying to stifle one. She tells Rick that she realizes she must look a mess. And she did not do this to hurt anyone. She just wanted Rick to see what he was getting into. She still thinks there is something going on between Maya and Carter. And love can make you do some crazy things. Rick says sadly that she says one thing and then goes off into a totally different direction. He doesn’t know what to believe any more. Quinn tells Wyatt that she knows that he has a lot of questions. He says not really and the actual thought of him getting straight answers are pretty poor. He walks off with Bill asking him to come back; they aren’t through yet. Wyatt climbs into his jeep with Quinn calling after him to not go.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel was determined to find out what happened to Eric.  Brady went to see Kristen at the mansion.  He wanted to know what she was up to while they were apart.  Kristen thought about seducing Eric.  Cameron told Rafe that the person who hurt him wouldnít do it anymore.  Rafe wanted to know more, but Cameron wouldnít tell him.  Rafe asked Gabi if Kate was at the hospital to see him.  Gabi let him know that Kate wasnít there since he woke up.  Gabi called Kate so she could see Rafe.  Eric wanted to talk to Nicole about Sami, but Nicole got the wrong idea.  She thought Eric wanted to talk about her feelings for him.  Eric believed something should be done about it, but he couldnít talk anymore.  Kate showed up at the hospital to see Rafe.  Daniel and Eric met up with Mason (a forensic expert) to talk about what happened to Eric at the hotel.  Nicole showed up at the town square and saw Brady and Kristen holding hands.

Brady told Nicole that he and Kristen were trying to work things out.  Nicole didnít think Brady should be back with Kristen.  Eric was hesitant about Mason checking out the hotel.  Daniel tried to convince Eric that it was a good idea to investigate the hotel room.  Nicole let Brady know that she wouldnít pick up the pieces when Kristen breaks his heart again.  Brady went back to Kristen and they talked about his relationship with Nicole.  He apologized again for being with someone else when she was faithful. Brady wanted her to reassure him that she was faithful to him.  Kristen said that Brady was the only one she made love to.  Eric was concerned that he had an enemy that wanted to hurt him.  Kristen wanted a commitment from Brady.  He wanted to take her somewhere.  Brady took Kristen to the Kiriakis mansion so he could tell Victor and Maggie that they are back together.  Eric showed up at the Kiriakis mansion and told Brady that Daniel was determined to find out what happened to him at the hotel.  Rafe read in the paper that Sami killed Bernardi.  He wanted to know why Sami killed Bernardi.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brad tells Sam and Silas that Franco is a match and that he can save Danny if he doesnít die on the operating table. Sam wants to stop Francoís surgery, but it is too late; the surgery is already in progress. Sam cries in Silasís arms. Silas observes that Dr. Drake successfully performed the same surgery on Samís husband. Sam asks Jason to be Francoís angel even though they hate him because he has to live to save Danny. Silas comforts Sam when he finds her sobbing on the floor.

Michael agrees to help Felix find out what Brad Cooper and Britt Westbourne are hiding. Britt concludes that Taylor chose to go to Kellyís for lunch because she hoped to run into TJ. TJ finds Molly at the hospital and asks her to think about giving their relationship another change. She agrees to think about it. Taylor tells Britt that TJ just wants to be friends. Britt says a friend isnít a bad thing to have. Elizabeth warns Nikolas against a relationship with Britt. He says he isnít in a relationship. He tells her to give him the same courtesy that she demanded from him when she forbade him to discuss her relationship with AJ. He says she is acting jealous. Elizabeth calls AJ and says they need to talk. Brad finds Britt at Kellyís to give her real lab results to her. Michael calls while they are talking.  Brad tells Britt that Michael invited him over. Britt says it is a trap, but that Brad should go anyway to find out what Michael knows and who put him up to it. Nikolas ignores Britt when he sees her in Kellyís. When TJ arrives at Kellyís, Taylor insists that he tell her what he is so happy about. He says he and Molly might get back together. Felix hides in the hallway when Brad arrives at Michaelís apartment.

Carly is appalled to hear Morgan call himself Kikiís fiancť. She asks if Kikiís mother knows about the engagement. Morgan says Ava couldnít be happier. Carly vows to prevent the wedding from happening. Kiki tells Morgan that his mother might be right about them being too young. At the Quartermaine mansion, Ava concedes to Tracy that her plan to take over ELQ failed, but says she has a new plan. She shows Tracy the proxy that she coerced Franco to sign. She says it is only good for voting Francoís shares while he is still alive, so Tracy had better act fast if she wants her to vote with her to ouster AJ. Carly goes to the Quartermaine mansion to confront Ava about encouraging the marriage. Ava says she loves her daughter and wants her to be happy. Carly says Ava only loves Kikiís stock certificates, but that this marriage is about the other secret that Ava is keeping and she is going to find out what it is.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren decides to pretend she is in love with Carmine and tell him everything he wants to hear, so that she can persuade him to untie her hands, and she can use Fen’s cell phone which Carmine stole and call for help. Michael is sure that Carmine has kidnapped Lauren, but Paul doesn’t believe him until Kevin traces Lauren’s cell phone to a landfill in town. Paul gets the police to begin searching for Lauren, while Michael, Kevin, Jill, and Fen wait for news at the police station. Abby shows Lily a post on the GC Buzz that says that Cane boarded a plane to New York with a beautiful woman. Abby persuades Lily to call Cane. Lily is worried when a woman picks up the phone, but when she realizes it's Hilary, she doesn’t worry any more. Abby wonders why Cane didn’t tell Lily he was taking Hilary with him to New York. Lily tells Abby that she trusts her husband and nobody is going to make her have doubts about Cane.

After Neil sees the post on the GC Buzz blog, Leslie tells him that it is a good thing that the blogger is now posting about things in the present instead of things that happened in the past, because it means the blogger is out in the open now and all they have to do is wait to catch the blogger. Neil remembers meeting Rose on the day six years ago when he slipped and had a drink. Phyllis’ family and friends wait for her to awaken. Summer tells Phyllis that she is lucky to have her for a mom and that she loves her very much. Jack sits by Phyllis' bed and is telling her to open her eyes and that he is going to be there with her until they throw him out of the hospital. Jack is so happy when he sees Phyllis finally open her eyes.

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