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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the restaurant both Bill and Quinn notice each other about the same time. They stare but then she tells Wyatt this place looks so busy they should go some place else. He convinces her not to go. Liam has a hard time getting his dad’s attention and finally comments that he knows he is checking out the woman sitting behind them. If he knows her, perhaps he should go over and make sure he is not mistaken. Quinn and Wyatt are seated and again she makes noises about wanting to leave. She says she forgot she has a shipment she needs to get out by tonight. Bill walks up to their table and says he wasn’t sure at first, but now he knows who she is. She says he must be mistaken as she does not know him. He introduces himself and calls her by name. Wyatt looks on helplessly. She’s curt. She gets up and says again that she does not know him; they have to go. Bill says he only waned to come over and thank her for something she made for him years ago. Wyatt asks what was it that she made? Bill tugs on the necklace around his neck and shows Wyatt; says it has come to mean a lot to him and he never takes it off. Quinn bolts and leaves them standing until Wyatt decides to go after her. Liam walks up and wonders what happened. Bill is not sure. Hope appears out of nowhere and says she thinks that she can explain. She saw everything. Bill wants to know how she knows Quinn and Wyatt. She says that doesn’t matter but what does matter is that Bill knows Quinn. She made his necklace for him. Bill says yeah, but that was a long time ago. Hope says that her son, Wyatt, has one just like it. Bill says that boy was too old to be Quinn’s son. Hope says no she had him when she was a teenager. And she says Bill must have been involved with her back then. He admits that she told him that she as pregnant, but……he turns and leaves and says he must catch her.

With Caroline’s constant prodding and wanting to make the scenes steamier, Rafael tries to get Maya and Carter to put more oomph into it. Caroline insists that nothing screams sex quicker than a water bed and she paid for it out of her own money. She needs Rafael to use it and not the little hairy rodents, the hamsters that he wants. She pouts until she gets her way. But the scene isn’t sexy enough and Rafael wants more. Maya tells Carter that she is sorry but Rafael seems to be two people and something just doesn’t feel right. She overhears something off the set that sounds familiar. It’s Caroline telling Rafael that they need more heat and tongue….lots and lots of tongue. Rafael is arguing with Caroline that this is his web series and he is the producer. She tells him then he better produce. This is not up for debate. He is to get his actress to do everything Caroline says. Maya walks up. Hope tells Liam that she knew it was a long shot and it will be a lot for him to absorb but Wyatt needed some answers. He might have gone the rest of his life and not known. And if all of this is true, this is the first time he will ever had a dad in his life. Liam says wow, and now he has a half brother. Wyatt catches up to his mom and says he has a right to know if Bill Spencer is his father or not. Bill likewise catches up to them but stays hidden behind a large potted plant. Wyatt shouts at his mother and wants an answer. She finally says yes, Bill is his father but let her explain. She says she did not tell him because she was trying to protect him. He doesn’t know the kind of man he is. She was a teenager when they dated and she got pregnant. Bill wanted nothing to do with her or the baby then. He gave her money for an abortion and walked away. She on the other hand did want him from the second she knew she was carrying him, yet to Bill he was just a nuisance. A child was something to get rid of; that’s the kind of man his father is. Bill comes forward. Wyatt turns around and looks at him with disgust.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and Kristen talked about possibly getting back together.  Brady wanted to tell her about Nicole because he wanted to be completely honest.  Sonny and EJ were upset that Adrienne gave the footage to the DA.  Justin and Adrienne argued over her going to the DA with the footage of Sami and Bernardi.  Justin wanted to know why Adrienne signed a contract.  Adrienne let Justin know that she wanted to protect Sonny so he could tell the truth without going to jail.  Justin wasnít sure what she was talking about.  Adrienne put two and two together and realized that Justin didnít know about the footage.  EJ and Abe argued about Samiís arrest.  EJ reminded Abe that Bernardi was a dirty cop.  Abe wanted proof that Bernardi was a dirty cop.  EJ said that he couldnít get the proof because of Stefano.  Abe thought that EJ was worried more about Stefano than he was about Sami.  EJ was upset by Abeís accusation.  EJ assured Abe that he wanted to help Sami.  EJ asked Abe to make sure that Sami was safe in jail because everyone hates her.  Abe told EJ that everyone doesnít hate her.  Kristen and Brady eventually made up and she took him back to the DiMera mansion.  They started kissing.

Brady and Kristen started making out, but he wanted to talk to her first.  When they started talking, Marlena called him about Sami.  Adrienne didnít understand why Sami and EJ didnít tell Justin in everything about her case.  Justin didnít want to hear that from her.  Justin was only concerned with what she did.  Justin walked off and ran into EJ.  Justin demanded that EJ explain why he and Sami lied about the footage.  EJ wanted to talk about the case, but Justin wanted EJ to find another lawyer.  Brady informed Kristen that he wasnít ready to tell anyone that they were back together.  Sonny confessed to Will that he was the one that gave Adrienne the footage.  Sonny blamed himself for everything.  Will didnít blame Sonny.  Justin showed up at the apartment to ask Sonny about the footage.  Will told Justin that everyone was trying to protect him.  Will explained that Bernardi had the evidence that Sami wanted to get.  Will also told Justin that Stefano wanted the evidence to use against him.  Justin was confused so Will explained that Lucas went to jail for his crime.  Will asked Justin if he could protect Sami.  Sonny said how it was his fault that Adrienne had to footage.  Justin advised Will and Sonny not to tell anyone else what he knew.  Adrienne ran into EJ and he implied that she shouldnít feel safe anymore.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Laura tells Scott that she is leaving to find Luke. He doesnít see what Luke's quest has to do with Laura. He reminds her that he is her husband and that it is not ok for her to go chasing after her ex. She tells him to go with her. He says he has to pass on looking for a lunatic to save a guy he canít stand. He reminds her that he is running for District Attorney and making a commitment to a life in Port Charles and that he thought she was, too, with her business that she is starting with Lucy. She says this is a matter of life or death. He says it is a matter of their life together or the death of their marriage. She asks him not to give her ultimatums because she needs him to be there when she returns. He says he will be there. She leaves. He takes it out on a chair.

Ava tells Morgan that she is worried that Kiki might run into Silas at the hospital. Kiki goes to Michaelís apartment to tell him that she and Morgan are engaged. She says she doesnít know why Morgan suddenly proposed, but that it is for the best since she and Michael can never be together. Penny comes out of the bedroom. Michael introduces Kiki as his cousin. Penny says it would have been awkward if she were the girl that Michael is trying to get over. Kiki storms out. Felix tells Brad that he knows he tried to blackmail a straight boy into bed and that he is scheming with Dr Westbourne. Brad says that if Felix tells Dr. Quartermaine, then he will have to tell her that Michael is banging his cousin. Morgan hears Brad. Brad admits that ďbangingĒ might have been an exaggeration, but that he did see them kissing in the exam room. Morgan says it doesnít matter because he and Kiki are getting married.  Felix pins Brad against the wall and is about to punch him when Sabrina appears and grabs his arm. She warns that Felix would be the one to get into trouble. Felix tells Sabrina about Bradís blackmail attempt. Felix is pleasantly surprised to see Penny when he goes to Michaelís apartment to ask a favor.

Sam thanks Carly for saving Danny and Francoís lives. Carly wonders why Sam is thanking her for saving Franco. Silas says Franco is Dannyís last hope for a bone marrow donor. The guard outside Francoís room tells Diane that Franco is sedated after kidnapping a kid and attempting suicide last night. Franco calls out for Carly. Diane pushes past the guard and demands that Franco explain what happened last night. All he will say is that he wants Carly. Diane finds Carly and tells her that Franco is insisting on talking to her. Silas tells Diane about Francoís brain tumor. Diane hopes the tumor might get all the charges against Franco dropped. Carly goes into Francoís room and confirms that what he thought was a dream were real events from last night. He asks her why she stopped him from shooting himself and why said she loved him when he knows she hates him. She says she was talking to Jason because Franco thought he was Jason. Patrick comes in and tells Franco that he has a brain tumor and that without immediate surgery, it will kill him. He says Franco must understand that the surgery could also kill him. Franco signs the release from. Morgan and Kiki both go to Francoís room, but the guard wonít let them in. When the orderlies wheel Franco out, he tells Kiki that he is going for surgery. Carly tells Kiki the details. She is stunned to hear her son refer to himself as Kikiís fiancť. Sabrina puts her motherís stethoscope around Patrickís neck so he will have an angel watching over him while he performs the surgery. Ava finds Silas and tells him that she wants to be sure they are clear about her daughter. He tells her that he doesnít believe a word she has said about Franco or Kiki. Ava coerces Franco to sign a document before he goes into surgery. Silas is telling Sam about Ava when Brad comes into the room and tells them that Franco is a perfect match for Danny.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy is happy when Melanie tells him that she has filed sexual harassment charges against Adam, and he will soon be notified about the complaint against him. Billy explains to Melanie that once Victor finds out about the charges, he will distance himself from Adam and want Victoria back at Newman Enterprises again. Billy tells Melanie he will once again be a hero to Victoria, and they will reconcile. Melanie is more than happy to get revenge on Adam, because he fired her from her job. Chloe tells Chelsea that she doesn’t like being blackmailed by Victoria when she and Billy are just friends except for one kiss. Chelsea tells Chloe that she is worried Adam will find out the truth about the baby since too many people know that he is the father of the baby. Chloe tells Victoria that she and Billy are just friends, but she promises to stay away from him for Chelsea’s sake.

Phyllis’ family and friends wait at the hospital for news about her surgery. Nick tells Jack that Daniel is on a plane headed back to Genoa City and will arrive soon. Jack asks Nick to go tell Summer the news. Nick heads to Phyllis’ apartment to tell her the news. Jack tells Avery the story of Summer’s birth to assure her that Phyllis is a tough woman, and she will be okay. Adam arrives at the hospital to offer his support to Jack who admits that he is afraid to lose Phyllis. Dylan offers his support to Avery who starts to cry after she arrives at Crimson Lights to get coffee for everyone waiting at the hospital. Dr. Costner tells everyone that the surgery went as expected, but they won’t know anything about Phyllis’ condition until she awakens, and they are able to run more tests.

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