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AMC Recap Written by Lisa

Pete went to see Cassandra and Angie told him she was not up for visitors but appreciated the support and visit. Pete then called Celia to tell her about Cassandra and she quickly got up from bed with David after making fun of Brooke and fake interviewing him and went to see her. She brought makeup and gifts and Cassandra pulled her away at first but let her put makeup on her. Cassandra after looking in the mirror, started to take the makeup off, calling herself ugly and Colby stopped her and consoled her while she cried. They expressed undying friendship and Cassandra decided to have an abortion. Cassandra asked Colby not to tell anyone and she agreed and went to get her doctor when David was there. Colby broke down in front of him and he consoled her. 

Opal went to Jane's Addiction and after seeing Brooke there, was asked by Brooke to go to the studio. Brooke asked her to do color commentary at the red carpet for the Chandler Media Launch. Opal happily agreed and left to get a dress and ran into Pete and he told of his duty at the launch. Opal approved and wanted him not to be tied down yet. Pete explained the only girl he wants doesn't want anything to do with him. Joe gave Dixie the check and after not wanting to reveal who the donor was, Dixie figured it to be Billy Clyde. As Billy Clyde was sitting outside of Jane's Addiction, Dixie was walking toward there and gave Billy Clyde an envelope. It was a simple thank you and best wishes to turn his life around despite all she had been through with him. On her way out, Billy Clyde got up and they thanked each other and she left.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Hope are besides themselves with joy that Hope is now engaged to Liam. She says he was so sweet and it was everything she needed to hear. Brooke says it was exactly the news that she needed to hear right now too. Liam tells Bill that he is glad he joined him for lunch; he has some news. Bill says he is nothing but a man of leisure now…..and it better be good news. Liam knows Bill has been over to see Katie so he should share his news first. Bill says he probably made things worse. Katie is still too angry but he’s not giving up. Once she cools down she will realize that their son deserves to grow up in a house with both a mother and a father. He’s got Justin working on the legal aspects of the company so he just wants to focus on his family. He needs to hear from Liam that Steffy is on her way home so he doesn’t have to worry about both of his sons. Liam says sorry, he can’t say that. His relationship with Steffy is officially over. She answered all of his questions and now he is okay with moving on. That’s his news; he has proposed to Hope and she has accepted. Quinn tells Wyatt that she asked him to take off that pendant. It’s not the necklace but the fact that she asked him and he won’t. She goes on that ever since he’s met Hope they have been butting heads. Wyatt says that Hope is not the problem. He doesn’t know what is. He apologizes for Hope, saying she didn’t bring up all of this about Bill being his father to stir up trouble. Hope was not accusing Quinn of anything. She was just trying to get to know him. He says that is pretty cool as he thinks she is someone worth knowing. He goes to Hope’s where Brooke answers the door and figures out he must be the guy from the woods. He introduces himself as Wyatt Fuller. She invites him in and says she was just leaving for the office. On her way out, she congratulates Hope and says they will celebrate later. Alone, Wyatt asks her what they are celebrating. And if it is none of his business then he’ll zip it and not mention it again. She tells him that she and Liam just got engaged. He tries to act happy and says wow, he wasn’t expecting that. He sees her ring and says well Liam does have great taste. She says she doesn’t want this to be awkward. He says it won’t. He did not come over here to ask her out for a date or anything like that. She says she is glad they met. He quips yeah most people meet at the office or through friends, but he bets neither of them will have another moment like that fairy tale kiss in the woods. She says it sounds like he’s saying they might not ever see each other again. He says maybe they shouldn’t. She says even married people have friends. He agrees they can be friends. He has one request of her – about the necklace – just let it go. His mother does not know Bill Spencer. They’ve never met and all these questions are making her kind of tense. Hope says she won’t ask again, but she doesn’t understand why the questions would make her upset if she’s never even met Bill.

Brooke tells Donna the good news and asks if she will share it with Katie since she is not speaking to her or Bill either. Donna reminds her that Katie is not going to forget all of this because Bill and Brooke won’t break off all contact with each other. She says Katie does not care about Spencer Publications. She just wants to feel like she is in control again. And let people see how strong she is. Brooke says she knows, but now there’s Karen to contend with. She never wanted to be part of the company until now. Donna says that is understandable since Bill’s judgment has been questionable lately. And she warns Brooke that she will never get her sister back if she keeps sticking up for him and telling Katie how wrong she is. Donna says she doesn’t think Katie will forgive either on of them. Brooke says Katie is not the only one who feels betrayed. Donna says Brooke needs to listen to herself. She needs to apologize sincerely to Katie and not try to explain and rationalize everything. Bill continues to grill Liam specifically what did Steffy say. What reasons did she give for the marriage being over? Liam says he can play this game too. He will ask what specifically did Katie tell him for their marriage being over. Bill quips that everybody knows what happened to his marriage. Now he’s just trying to figure out what happened to Liam’s. Until a few days ago, so was Liam trying to figure it out. Now he says it is done and they both have thrown in the towel. Liam repeats again that Steffy’s mind is made up and she isn’t going to change it. He says he wants to marry Hope and he would like Bill’s blessing, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to get it so he’s not sure why he is still sitting here. He did not invite Bill here to talk about Steffy. He just wanted to share this one little piece of good news yet Bill doesn’t seem to care. He gets up to leave, but Bill asks him to please stay. Liam wants to know why he can’t be happy for him. Bill says he is not happy with anything right now. Liam tells him he is not planning on a long engagement so Bill better get this straightened out between him and Brooke and Katie. He doesn’t want him crashing at his place the night he brings his blushing bride over the threshold. Wyatt tells Hope that Bill is from one coast and his mom the other so there is almost no way they could have ever met. Bill Spencer is not his father. She says okay, she will give it up, but she’d like to leave him with this news. Liam and his dad are having lunch right now so maybe Wyatt and his mom could just swing by and see what happens. She mentions a dynamite pizza at this place. He says he loves pizza. He picks up his phone and calls his mom and invites her to meet him there. Wyatt brings Hope with him to the outdoor restaurant. She says she will hide in the corner and he can bring his mother over toward the wall and pass right by Bill and Liam. Bill finally tells Liam that he won’t fight him on this. He can’t risk losing Liam too. He comments that he didn’t always place much importance on people in his life but now there is nothing more important. He tells Liam that he’s not going to push him away. In fact he is going to spend all his energy in putting his family back together. Quinn meets Wyatt and almost immediately she spots Bill about the same time that he looks up and their eyes are glued to each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ and Sami questioned Abe about why she was being arrested for Bernardiís murder.  Sami was arrested at the ceremony for the new school.  Sami upset with Abe for arresting her during Ericís big day.  Adrienne and Marge (Bernardiís wife) talked about getting justice for Bernardi.  Sami made a speech before she was arrested.  She wanted the focus to be back on Eric.  Sami was arrested after she made her speech.  One of the donors at the school decided that he didnít want to support a school that was created by the brother of a cop killer.  The bishop wanted Eric to continue with the ceremony for the school.  Justin met Sami at the police station.  Justin demanded that the DA explain why Sami was arrested.  The DA explained that there was new evidence against Sami.  Kristen ran into Nicole and they had a little catfight over what happened to Sami.  Kristen hinted that she had planned to ruin Ericís event.  Sami wouldnít listen to Justin when she demanded to know why the DA wanted to charge her with Bernardiís shooting.

Nicole believed that Kristen was going to do something to ruin Ericís ceremony.  They also talked about how Samiís arrest ruined Ericís moment.  Kristen ended up running into Brady and they talked about keeping their distance because of Samiís situation.  Marge talked to Adrienne about losing Bernardi.  Sonny and Will questioned how the DA got the video.  They went to the station.  The DA questioned Sami again about the night she shot Bernardi.  EJ wanted to know what was going on and the DA showed everyone the footage of Sami fighting Bernardi.  Justin was upset that Sami lied to him about knowing Bernardi.  Justin thought Samiís case was ruined.  The DA was going to take the footage to the grand jury and was sure they would convict Sami of first-degree murder.  Sonny and Will arrived at the station and saw the footage of Sami and Bernardi fighting.  Kristen didnít really want to talk to Brady, but he convinced her to listen to him.  Brady explained to Kristen how he felt when he found out the truth about her plan.  He also talked to her about how he wanted to be back together with her.  The DA insisted that Hope book Sami.  Sami assured Will that she would be okay.  Brady wanted to know if Kristen moved on with someone else.  Kristen thought about having sex with Eric.  Justin wanted the DA to tell him how she received the evidence against Sami.  Adrienne and Marge walked in the room.  The DA told Marge that there would be justice for Bernardi.  The DA also thanked Adrienne for giving her the evidence she needed to arrest Sami.  Sonny asked Adrienne if she gave the DA the evidence against Sami.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Laura confronts Tracy about Luke. She asks if Luke had an accident that poisoned him. Tracy reveals that Helena poisoned Luke. She tells her about Helenaís DVD on which Helena said there was one way for Luke to save himself and that it isnít in the hospital so Luke is looking for Jerry Jacks because Jerry had the same poisoning. She says she wanted to go with Luke, but he ditched her and left a letter that said he had to do it without her. Laura says she is going to find him. Tracy asks how Laura thinks her current husband will feel about her chasing after Luke. She says Scott is her problem and that Luke needs her.

Alexis and Nikolas assume Sam took Danny for a walk when he is not in his room. Alexis beats herself up about not knowing the name of Samís father. He suggests that they think about Mollyís theory that his name begins with the letter ďJ.Ē He says that they have to start somewhere and that one thing might trigger something else that turns out to be significant. Alexis tries to remember the events of the night she conceived Sam. Meanwhile, Rafe and Molly compile a list of everyone her mother knows whose names begin with the letter ďJ.Ē Molly dismisses Jerry Jacks because she is certain her mother would have made the connection during their relationship. Rafe suggests that they go out to eat. She wants to go anywhere but Kellyís because she doesnít want to run into TJ. TJ meets Taylor at the Floating Rib. She greets him with a passionate kiss. He tells her that he just wants to be friends. She goes up to a man sitting at the bar and asks him to buy her a drink. He complies and asks what Taylor is going to do for him in return. TJ tries to intervene, but Taylor reminds him that they are just friends and agrees to leave with the stranger. TJ tells the man that Taylor is 16. Taylor gets angry with TJ. TJ says he is her friend and he cares about her. Molly and Rafe walk into the Floating Rib and see Taylor and TJ hugging. They leave before TJ sees them.  

Monica tells Sam that Franco wonít hurt Danny if he believes he is Jason. Sam doesnít want to take that chance. Dante arrives at Samís cubicle and says every cop in the city is looking for Danny and that Carly is looking for him too. Sam says no one knew Jason as well as Carly did so she might be the best person to find Franco. Carly stops Franco from dropping Danny off the bridge to save him from becoming like him. She convinces him to give the baby to her because he needs to get back to the hospital. Elizabeth calls Carly and Carly tells her that she has Danny. Franco says goodbye to Carly and turns his pistol to his chest. Elizabeth tells Sam that Carly has Danny, but that she suddenly stopped talking without hanging up. Dante uses Elizabethís phone to trace Carlyís location. Franco tells Carly that he killed Elizabeth and that the killing has to end with his death. She says he is confused because she just spoke to Elizabeth. He agrees that he is confused. He says his head hurts and he has to get rid of the evil that lives in him. She tells him that it isnít an evil; itís a tumor. Speaking to him as if he really is Jason, she tells him that she already thought sheíd lost him forever once and that she doesnít want to go through that again. She says she loves him and she needs him, and she pleads with him to put down the gun. Just as he lowers the gun, Dante and two uniformed officers arrive and train their guns on him. Sam retrieves Danny from Carly and takes him off the bridge. Carly stands between Franco and the police to prevent them from shooting him. She assures Franco that he and Danny will both be ok. He collapses on the ground and tearfully tells Carly that he is sorry. Monica and Elizabeth go to Dannyís room to make sure everything is ready for Danny when the police bring him back. Alexis wonders why the police have Danny.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

David goes to a TV studio where he meets up with Jo. The two discuss his reality show and Jo wants it to heavily include Dorian. David explains that he is getting divorced. Jo wants to do the show featuring the divorce. David agrees. Dorian shows up at Shelter to tell Blair to fire Rama. Cutter tells Dorian that Rama will not be getting fired. Dorian will only agree if Rama stays away from her. Later, Tťa shows up and a boy that she is representing starts to flirt with her. Dani goes on a date with Arturo at Shelter and has to sneak out so Tťa does not see.

Jeffrey tries to exclude Michelle from the group when they all hang out. Michelle ends up trying to defend herself but keeps having holes in her story. Matthew decides to defend her and takes her to go get a drink. Viki tells Natalie that she is done with Clint but is keeping his money. Natalie later goes on a date with Cutter, and they agree they both had tough childhoods. Blair calls Todd who says that tonight Victor dies.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

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