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AMC Recap Written by Lisa

Billy Clyde at his new home was getting his portrait done and asked for Joe to come over, not knowing who bought Opal's house. Billy Clyde asked Joe for advice on how to donate to women who are in trouble and cannot afford it. Joe was skeptical but told him Dixie was director at Miranda Center now and that would be a great cause. Billy Clyde agreed but wanted to remain anonymous.

Pete told Celia he wanted to be with her, but they were interrupted by Colby, who said they had to leave for Chandler Media business. Before they left, Pete was asked to be a bachelor in the auction for the bash. As they were leaving, Colby told Celia that she and Pete were friends with benefits, and they don't want to be tied down. After Colby had to deal with a catering problem, Brooke and Celia had a talk about Pete. Brooke told Celia that Pete cares for her, and she sees she cares for him too. Celia seemed skeptical, but after their talk had a vision of Pete telling her that he loved her and only her, and they kissed. The vision proceeded with her as a child seeing a murder. Celia woke up from that vision shaking on a bench. Later at Jane's Addiction, Pete and Colby met up and as Colby was hoping, she propositioned him for another friends with benefits meeting. After he rejected her, Colby ran into David who offered restitution and to stick it to Pete. Colby gladly agreed.

AJ and Miranda went to the beach alone until Heather and some girls showed up. Heather and AJ went for refreshments and Hunter and some cronies showed up and harassed Miranda. Miranda quickly got up and left. In the meantime, AJ invited Heather to the Chandler bash. JR went to the studio in hopes of helping with the launch and proposed a sizzle reel of coming attractions for Chandler media. Brooke reluctantly agreed and JR wanted to get started immediately. When he went to get shows from Jay, JR got upset when Jay wasn't quick enough. Dimitri saw this and told Jay to give him whatever he wanted, and JR could work from home. JR started work on his project but got frustrated and destroyed his laptop. Dixie came in just then, and he was short with her. Dixie went to see Brooke and thank her for this opportunity.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam holds the ring and asks Hope to please marry him. She says she has wanted this for so long, but she can not believe this is happening. She says yes, he slips the ring on her finger and kisses her over and over. Bill asks Karen to come to Liam’s. She says he must be delusional if he thinks he can get Katie back. He accuses Karen of selling him out. Family must mean nothing to her. She can’t believe he is giving her a lecture on family values after what he did. He wants to know what her agenda is. Katie is making a big mistake siding with her and he’s not going to let that happen. Brooke tells Katie that she deserved that slap. And hate her all she wants, but do not destroy her family. She knows she is hurt and bitter, but this is not what she wants. Katie says yes it is. She is CEO and that is not going to change. And she doesn’t want Bill anymore; Brooke can have him. This divorce is because of Brooke. She betrayed her in the most disgusting way and she will never forgive her. So do not bring up that she owes it to her son. Brooke should have thought of that before. Katie says that she does not want to see her again.

Bill shows up unannounced in Katie’s office. He says he still has friends there that let him in and he knows his way around. She asks him to leave or she will call security. He says she better call a lot as it will take more than it did the first time. He won’t go easy. He says he wants her back. He wants his family. She says he wants Brooke and he wants the mother of his son, but not her. He says he doesn’t even want his job back any more. He just wants her back. He’s a fighter and he will fight for her…..and he will win. He doesn’t care about the power or the money, just her and Will. She says he broke her heart. He says it wasn’t the first time but he can fix it. He will never give up. Brooke comes home and Rick tells her there is a bright side to her day. Hope is engaged again. Brooke is ecstatic and says this is exactly what their family needs. Hope takes Liam to the cabin on the property and they pledge that their life will begin now. They lay in bed remembering the good times.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne tried to talk to Sonny about Sami ruining his life, but he wouldn’t listen to her.  The bishop at the new school wanted to know if Kristen really needed to talk to him during the ceremony.  Kristen informed him that what she had to say concerned her and Eric.  Kristen was about to tell the bishop what she wanted to say, but Victor interrupted them to talk to the bishop.  Brady wanted to talk to Kristen privately.  Sonny yelled at Adrienne for trying to interfere in his life again. Sonny and Will left the apartment and went to the school.  Adrienne watched the footage of Sami and Bernardi again.  Nicole was upset that EJ thought she had feelings for Eric.  EJ thought he didn’t do anything wrong because he was right.  Adrienne went to Abe with evidence that could help a case.  Brady told Kristen how he talked to John and he confirmed that Kristen was the one who stopped them from being together.  Adrienne talked to the DA about the evidence she had.  Before Adrienne continued talking, she wanted a written guarantee that Sonny wouldn’t be arrested.

Marlena and Eric talked about his illness.  Brady and Kristen continued to talk about her plan to destroy him.  Kristen wanted to know what would happen between them.  Brady reminded Kristen that he hurt people because of her. He also told her that they couldn’t go back, but they could move forward.  Kristen said they couldn’t move forward.  Brady thought they could make it work, but Kristen didn’t agree. Kristen walked away from him.  Adrienne showed the DA the footage of Sami fighting Bernardi.  The DA called the judge for the immediate arrest of Sami.  The bishop asked Kristen again if she wanted to talk to him and she said she did.  Kristen made her announcement and pretended to lose the “gift” she had for the bishop.  She ended up telling everyone that she supported 10 kids to go to the school.  The bishop wondered why Kristen told him that she sinned and it had something to do with Eric.  She managed to lie her way out of it.  The DA demanded that Abe get to the school and arrest Sami.  Abe didn’t want to do that at the school, but the DA would have sent another cop to do it.  Marlena approached Kristen and wanted to know what was really going on with her.  They had a heated exchange until Hope showed up to talk to Marlena.  Kristen warned Marlena that she was lucky that she didn’t say what she wanted to say.  Abe showed up at the school during Eric’s speech to arrest Sami.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Monica tells Tracy that she knows she is covering for Luke. Lesley gives Laura a copy of the report that says Luke has Polonium-210 poisoning and that he refused treatment. Laura concludes that Luke went away to die. Lesley says Luke obviously didn’t want Laura to know about it so she should respect his wishes and let him go. Michael sees Kiki when he looks at the woman he is with at the Floating Rib as Kiki. He kisses the woman to get Kiki out of his mind. She asks him if he wants to get out of there, but he makes an excuse about having to go to work early. She says he is a terrible liar and that she understands if he is still not over that girl. Morgan proposes to Kiki. She wonders if his motivation is from fear that he will lose her. He says that if she doesn’t say yes, then it means she doesn’t care about him. Ava tells AJ about Franco’s seizure. She says all that matters is that Franco didn’t die. AJ says Franco’s death would put a major damper on her plan to take over ELQ. Tracy goes into the room and AJ lists all the ways that Ava has been trying to manipulate Franco and Kiki’s shares and use their combined 15% to form her own coalition. Morgan and Kiki interrupt with their announcement that they are getting married. AJ takes Kiki aside and asks her if she is jumping into this marriage because of Michael. She says that contributed to her saying yes, but that Morgan did the asking out of the blue and she doesn’t know why. Morgan tells Ava that he is doing what he needs to do to hold onto Kiki before she finds out that Michael isn’t her cousin. AJ calls Michael and tells him about Kiki and Morgan’s engagement. Michael asks the woman in the bar if she still wants to go home with him. Tracy wonders what other disaster she will have to deal with as she answers her door. It’s Laura.  

Silas revives Sam when he finds her unconscious on the floor in her penthouse. She tells him and Carly about her struggle with Franco. She refuses to go to the hospital for treatment because she has to find Danny. By then the police have arrived and Dante insists that she go to the hospital and let him find her son. Carly tells Dante not to follow what he thinks Franco would do because Franco thinks he is Jason and would do what he thinks Jason would do. Dante forbids Carly to help. Franco takes Danny by motorcycle to the bridge where Jason always went to think. Elizabeth finds him there. He tells her that Franco got to Sam and that he can’t trust her. Another Franco grabs Elizabeth from behind and puts a knife to her throat. “Jason” shoots and hits Elizabeth. Instead of firing again and hitting Franco II, “Jason” listens to him talk. Franco II says he never thought he would see the day that Jason missed a target. He says that from the moment Elizabeth laid eyes on Jason, she was destined to die this way. He tosses Elizabeth’s body into the water. Franco II tells “Jason” that everything Franco ever did was Jason’s fault because in a sense, Jason created him. He says he has studied Jason since he was a kid. He says killing is in their blood and that Jake was lucky not to have to grow up to become like them, but Jason has to stop it from happening to Danny. Franco II jumps off the bridge. “Jason” tells Danny that Franco was right; he can’t allow Danny to have the same kind of life. The real Elizabeth is alive and on duty when Silas and Sam arrive at the hospital. Sam needs six stitches in her head. Sam tells Monica that Franco attacked her, took Danny and a gun, and that he is pretending to be Jason. Silas says it might be Franco’s reality because he has a brain tumor. Monica tells Sam that if Franco believes he is Jason, then he won’t hurt Danny. Carly finds “Jason” on the bridge.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Dorian throws David's clothes all over the floor and later on goes to visit Viki. Viki wants to know why she is there, and Dorian explains they are both on a committee together. Viki asks where the program is because that was all Dorian was in charge of. Dorian notices that Viki is no longer wearing her ring, and Viki says that is none of Dorian's business. Viki tells her that she knows that Dorian was involved in her loss of money, but that she will sue if Dorian does anything else. Jack is still being followed by Shawn and runs into Kate. Kate sees Shawn and tries to get away as soon as she can. Jack tells Shawn that he is going to go tell Todd off. Meanwhile, in Todd's hotel room he and Blair talk about the future. Todd promises her that he is a changed man. Jack shows up and sees the two of them. Blair goes to talk to him. Blair explains that she is in love and things are different.

Matthew tells Michelle that she should stay. Michelle explains she has to get back to work. The two make love twice before Michelle actually gets back to work. Michelle is happy to see Matthew whenever including in his apartment. Dani goes to see Téa who explains she is doing fine. Dani does not believe her. Dani tells her to actually talk about her feelings after all that has happened. Téa promises she will. Bo questions Arturo over Brianna further. He explains everything he knows including how they met. Bo tries to inform him that Brianna was possibly leading him on.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

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