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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells his mom that Hope was just here. Quinn sounds so sarcastically enthusiastic but also comments that she wishes Wyatt would just take off that sword necklace. She put it in the vault and never thought he’d find it. She defends herself by saying she is not uncomfortable with it, but it isn’t one of her finest designs. She looks stunned when he pulls up a photo on the internet of Bill and Liam with the exact same necklace. She doesn’t understand why he’s so curious and won’t leave this alone. It’s because of Hope Logan. She says she doesn’t want him hanging around that girl. She’s not a good influence on him. Wyatt says she needs to brace herself as Hope said a few things that she won’t like. Hope suggested because of the necklaces that she thought there was a chance that Bill Spencer was his father. Quinn retorts that is ridiculous, but Hope is right about one thing. She is insane for even thinking that. She has told Wyatt many times that his father died when he was very young. He sees he has upset her and apologizes for bringing it up. He knows she would never lie to him. But it is kind of funny that Hope thinks he could be a Spencer. Quinn says maybe it’s because who he is really is not good enough for her. She’s from a very rich, powerful family and maybe she is more superficial than Wyatt wants to admit. He says no, she is not like that. And she should not have to apologize for where she came from. He’d give anything for that. He’d work his butt off. She says that kind of money can make people ugly at times. She hopes he is not thinking that he is going to replace her other boyfriend. He just wishes his mother wouldn’t be so against Hope or hold it against her for what she said about Bill Spencer. She tells him that he should have nothing to do with the Spencer’s or the Forrester’s as they are nothing but drama. He doesn’t understand just because they have money and fame. He thought that is what they were working toward too, working seven days a week and living upstairs over this factory. He’s been working here since he was a little kid. She softens and says of course he is dedicated and she is very proud of him. He says he needs more, like a good woman in his life and he thinks he has found her. He is falling for Hope and he isn’t giving up on her. Quinn walks off saying that he could do so much better than Hope Logan.

Brooke tells Katie that she really shouldn’t be sitting behind that desk. It’s Bill’s office; it’s his company. What she did was underhanded and manipulative and she should be ashamed of herself. Katie says that is rich considering what Brooke did to cause all of this by sleeping with Bill in the first place. Brooke says she has apologized and Bill has certainly apologized profusely, but Katie won’t listen. She is over-reacting once again. She gets that she is angry and she wants to take Bill down….take away his power, his company, his influence but that is not what upsets him the most. It’s Katie that he wants…... Katie and Will, his family. She doesn’t know what she has to do to get through to Katie. Brooke says this coup was another one of Katie’s impulsive decisions. Katie says actually she gave it a great deal of thought. She came up with a plan and executed it and look where she is now. Brooke says she hopes she feels like a big girl now and that it is all worth it. Katie gloats that yes, it feels incredible. She hasn’t felt this good in a long time. She can see why Bill thought power was so invigorating; it’s better than sex. Brooke says this is just wrong. It happened too sudden. Katie stole the company from Bill and that is so unlike her. She has watched her do things like this year after year; say things that she will regret and then she cries and wants to take them back. Katie says not this time. There are no regrets and she is proud of herself. When Brooke reminds her that Bill always took her back when she ran away, Katie calls him Mr. Big. She’s also not surprised they had an affair as they both have that twisted sense of logic. Brooke says it is not too late to turn this around. Katie says Brooke seems to be under the assumption that she cares…and she doesn’t….not any more. Brooke rants again how Katie pushed her and Bill together. Katie reminds her that she was sick then. Brooke wonders then what is she now – manic, depressed or just crazy. Katie says Brooke is her sister. They are blood and she should be on her side, not Bill’s. Brooke said this is not about taking sides. She doesn’t like what Katie has done. Katie replies that it’s done; it’s over. And she tells Brooke not to pretend she isn’t happy. Bill is a free man and Brooke can have him if she wants. Brooke says Bill doesn’t want her; he wants Katie and his family. And she is lucky that he does after all she has put him through. She’d better wake up before he gives up on her for good. Katie laughs, oh yes she is the lucky one. She says that only Brooke would be so insane to blame Katie for what Brooke had done. And stop defending Bill as she can see it in every word how much she loves him. So don’t deny or insult her intelligence. She can hear it in her voice, she can see it on her face and in every inch of her body. She’s a pathological liar and has zero credibility. She won’t believe a word she says. Stephanie was right – Brooke is just a slut from the valley. Brooke hauls off and slaps her across the mouth. Liam has plans for Hope and all he will say is that she will be with him for a while. He holds up his ringless finger again and says it means that he is moving on and starting over and he wants her if she will have him. She is so ready to move on too but she isn’t sure he won’t change his mind again when Steffy comes back to town. He says they have been broken for a while and it just can’t be fixed. And one of those reasons is Hope. It was always Hope in his mind. They walk through the gardens smelling the roses and jasmine until they come to his favorite spot – the coin fountain. He sees something sparkly. He bends to pick it up and it’s her engagement ring. He tells Hope that she wants to see how he has changed and what better place than right here. He wants to show her not just say it that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. So he asks Hope if she will be his wife.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ warned Eric that Nicole is in love with him.  Brady walked in on Kristen while she was waiting for the bishop.  Eric didnít believe EJís insinuation and wanted to focus on the school.  Brady wanted to talk to Kristen, but she didnít want to hear what he had to say.  Marlena was upset about EJ putting Sami in the middle of his feud with Stefano.  Sami told Marlena that there was nothing to worry about.  She also told Marlena that she and EJ were getting married in two weeks.  Marlena thought they were rushing.  Sami thought Marlena wanted her to call off the wedding.  Hope tried to warn EJ that Stefano would get his revenge on him, but EJ wasnít worried..  Daniel and Jennifer worked things out.  Marlena let Sami know that she didnít want Sami to go through any pain because of EJís move.  Sami wasnít worried.  Marlena thought Sami and the children would be in danger if EJ was as ruthless as Stefano. 

Sami left Marlena know that she enjoyed the power that EJ had.  Sami didnít want to talk about her relationship anymore.  She wanted to focus on Ericís big day.  When Jennifer went home, she told JJ about getting back together with Daniel.  JJ wasnít happy about it.  When JJ left, Daniel (who showed up) thought JJ ruined things for them.  Brady wanted to talk to Kristen about what John told him, but she didnít want to hear what he had to say.  She still wanted to go through with her plan and no one was going to stop her.  Daniel didnít want Jennifer to break up with him again.  She said she didnít want a break, but he didnít believe her.  She wanted him to be fair, but he said he was being more than fair.  He wanted her to stay with him and he wouldnít let her lose her son.  EJ tried to convince Marlena that nothing was going to happen to Sami, but Marlena wasnít convinced.  Kristen told the bishop that she committed an unforgivable sin that would affect the school.  Daniel told Jennifer that he didnít want to see or hear from her until she resolved things with JJ.  Kristen was ready to tell the bishop what she was talking about when she saw Marlena at St. Lukeís.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Monica catches Lesley Webber looking up Lukeís medical records at General Hospital. After exchanging insults and accusations, Monica apologizes. Lesley tells Monica to let her know if she can do anything to help Danny. Monica steps away so she wonít see what Lesley is doing. Lesley finds out about the Polonium 210 poisoning. Felix sits with Michael while Michael tries to drink his girl problems away. Felix says he is there to try to forget the experience of Brad trying to corner him in the locker room. Michael tells Felix that brad tried to blackmail him for sex, but that some secret he has with Dr. Westbourne was big enough to make him back off. Felix apologizes for Brad on behalf of all gay men and assures Michael that the rest of them arenít like that. Felix says the best way to get over a girl is to meet another one so he introduces Michael to two of his friends. AJ offers to help Kiki with whatever is troubling her when he sees that she is upset. She says she has to apologize to Morgan. He tells her that Michael told him what is going on between them. She says Michael told Morgan, too, and that she has to find him before she loses him. He suggests that she consider whether she cares enough about her relationship with Morgan to bother saving it. He says that if she was distracted by Michael, then maybe she really that into Morgan. She says she cares about Morgan and that she and Michael know what they have to do. He hopes she can have a future with Morgan. After overhearing an argument between Silas and Ava, Morgan confronts Ava about whether Kiki is really Dr. Clayís daughter. She assures Morgan that he doesnít want the truth to come out because it will also reveal that Kiki and Michael are not related. He tells her that the truth will come out anyway because Dr. Clay will figure out that she lied to him about Kikiís age and look for more details. Ava looks at Kikiís birth certificate that she just happens to have in her wallet. The certificate names Silas Clay as Kikiís father. Morgan finds Kiki at the mansion and asks her to marry him.

Silas wonders where Danny is. Sam goes to her own house looking for Franco. Franco, dressed in all black, says Franco isnít there. He wonders what is wrong with Sam when she keeps calling him Franco. He says he is Jason and kisses her. She punches him and says she will kill him if he touches her again. He tries to prevent her from seeing Danny while she is upset. She gets a pistol out of the closet, loads it, aims it at Franco, and tells him to get out of her way. He tells her to put the gun down because she isnít going to shoot him. She refuses. He grabs and twists her arm. Patrick looks at Francoís brain scan and determines that given the sixe and location of the tumor, it could cause delusions and schizophrenia. Patrick tells Elizabeth that the surgery Francoís tumor requires will be long and difficult and that without it, the tumor will kill Franco. In a side conversation, Elizabeth asks Patrick to tell Nikolas about Britt. Carly believes Franco is faking it. She goes to Dannyís room to ask Sam if she knows where Franco is. Dr Clay asks her why she is looking for Franco. She says Franco is faking a brain tumor. He didnít know about the tumor, but says he was there when Franco came out of his seizure and said his name was Jason Morgan. He agrees that a brain tumor could make Franco believe he is Jason. He makes a call to ask where Franco is, and ends the call with an order to call security. He tells Carly that Franco has disappeared and that he probably took Danny with him. He asks her where Jason would take Danny if he had him. She takes him to Samís penthouse and opens the door with her key. Silas finds Sam on the floor.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis gets a call from Jack about the fundraising gala. Phyllis and Avery get into a heated argument over the fact that Nick kept if from everyone that Summer was Jack’s daughter. Summer has a tea party with Faith when Nick comes over to try to talk to her. Nick still tries to explain things to Summer, but she doesn’t want to listen. Nikki goes over the details for the gala that Victor is having to raise money for multiple sclerosis. Victor and Victoria arrive to help her. Nikki lets Victoria know that Billy should be here with her. Billy has a drink while he talks with Jack about Summer being Jack’s daughter instead of Nick’s. Billy asks Jack if he took a drink. Jack says he hadn’t thanks to Phyllis. Jack lets Billy know that he is going to ask Phyllis to marry him. Billy tells Jack that Chloe hid the fact from him that Delia was his daughter. Phyllis senses that Avery is having a tough time accepting the fact that Summer’s isn’t Nick’s. Abby and Kyle talk about how he can help Summer deal with this.

Cane and Lily have a meeting with his assistant and discuss the problems that they are having in their marriage thanks to other people but before the evening is over, Cane and Lily kiss. Victoria helps Nikki prepare her speech for the fundraiser. Victor visits On the Boulevard and has a talk with Billy concerning Victoria. Nick and Avery arrive at the gala as does Jack. Tension mounts between Nick and Jack while Victor is giving his speech. Kyle and Jack talk. Phyllis comes downstairs all dressed when Summer comes home. Phyllis and Summer bond. Sharon visits Cassie’s grave. Phyllis walks up and overhears what Sharon is saying. Summer is just about to leave the condo. When she opens the door, Kyle is standing there.

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