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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam drops by Hope’s house but Brooke doesn’t know where she is. He ends up asking if he can just wait a while. They discuss Bill and Katie and he thinks it is outrageous that she took the company away from him. She had every right to be angry but that was crossing the line. Brooke says she can’t imagine what Karen has to gain by kicking Bill out and naming Katie as CEO. If she has any influence over her sister, well it’s enough that she took his family. That should be good enough. Hope goes to the Quinn’s showroom. She looks disappointed and Wyatt wonders what her idiotic boyfriend has done now. Hope says she did not come there to cry on his shoulder about Liam. He quips that would be okay as then he could get closer and throw his arms around her strictly for comforting her. They laugh over his being so giving. He says seriously they are friends so if she wants to talk about the boyfriend, go ahead. She replies no, she really doesn’t. He’s having some trouble ending his marriage and walking away and they should leave it at that. He says that he wishes she would do just that – walk away. Walk toward him as he is a much better match. For one, he’s a one woman guy so that’s an improvement already. He picks up his laptop and says he’s done some research on her and she’s a regular role model. He apologizes for his mother being less than her friendly self the other day. Out of the blue she asks him to go with her on this, but she thinks he and Liam might be half brothers. He thinks that is preposterous. She says she knows it sounds crazy but it’s the necklace. She has studied it and it is exactly the same as Bill and Liam’s. He says that would mean that his mother lied to him about his dad and he can’t believe that. But he is glad about one thing. At least Hope is thinking about him and pulling him into her circle. She asks him to humor her for now. Maybe they can just get his mother and Bill in the same room and all it would take is one look on their faces. He says that he likes his life just fine the way it is especially since he met a lovely young lady in the woods.

Bill stops by his office. Katie asks if he is there for his things. He says if it comes to that. He’s hoping it won’t. He comments that it feels funny to be on this side of the desk. She retorts that’s okay since he isn’t working there anymore. He says he knows as Justin told him that she and Karen had every right to take control of the company – majority rules. She’s glad he’s accepting this. He says he accepts the resignation but not the rest, the loss of his family. She says he did that, not her. He says he will do anything she wants, a trial separation even marriage counseling. She’s impressed, the great Bill Spencer in therapy. He says that is how much he wants her back. She says they seem to be working at cross purposes though. The only thing she wants is him out of her life. Every time she sees him she only sees him in her sister’s bed. She needs to think of herself first for a change. He says he never meant to hurt her. He thought she meant it when she said she was finished with him. She says she is now. They both need to reboot their life. What they once shared is no longer an option. He asks her to re-consider, do not throw away their family. She says she is not changing her mind. He didn’t just forget her birthday. She can not forgive him or Brooke for sleeping with each other and she doesn’t know how he can even ask her to. He says it is not like her to be vengeful or spiteful and that is exactly what this is. She and Karen teamed up and made an end run and stole his business. He didn’t even see it coming. She says she had a good teacher, the best. He can only turn and leave. Brooke asks Liam if he is still in love with Hope. She’s always been in their corner even through the bad times. But Steffy seems to be still there with her schemes and manipulations in getting pregnant and he falls for it every time. Hope is a beautiful young lady and she should be out there having fun. Instead she is sitting home waiting for him. She warns him that he needs to know his intentions and tell Hope before it is too late. There are other guys out there and she won’t wait indefinitely. Brooke meets Bill. She knows he has every right to be upset with Katie for stealing his company but she knows he will bounce back better than ever. Bill is happy to have her support. She’s always been there for him. She tells him that she is going to see Katie and she will make her listen. Hope returns home and is surprised to find Liam there. She doesn’t know what else they can say to each other. He says he knows but that is because she left before he could finish saying it all. He holds up his hand and gives her a kiss. She says wow – no ring and a kiss like that. He says there is more. Brooke walks into Katie’s office. She asks Brooke if she is Bill’s reinforcement. Brooke says she came to congratulate her. She got her divorce in progress and stole Bill’s company away from him – some payback. She hopes it felt good because now it is over. Katie is to step down as CEO, forgive her husband and stop this madness now. (just who died and made Brooke Queen?)

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole ran into EJ and told him that his victory over Stefano wouldnít last.  Kristen called the bishop.  Brady ran into Daniel and talked to him about Kristen.  Kristen wanted to meet with the bishop because she had something to show him that could affect the new school.  When she was about to leave, John showed up.  Jennifer and Theresa got into an argument over Theresa not doing her job.  Nicole realized that EJ was planning the takeover for a while.  She warned him that Kristen would get him if Stefano didnít.  John told Kristen to leave Brady alone.  EJ thought Nicole had issues with Kristen because of Brady.  Kristen wanted John to get out of the mansion.  He told her that Brady asked him about what happened in her hotel room.  She wondered if he told the truth.

When Brady was finished talking about Kristen, he asked Daniel about Jennifer.  Daniel didnít tell him much about her.  Nicole warned EJ that Stefano is smarter than he and would get the upper hand.  EJ didnít think Stefano was going to control his life again.  John danced around whether or not he told Brady the truth about what happened between them.  She was furious that he didnít tell Brady the truth and told him to get out.  Nicole continued to tell EJ that Stefano would get his revenge against him, but EJ wasnít worried.  She wanted EJ to be careful for his sake as well as his kidsí.  Kristen met the bishop at St. Lukeís to show him the tablet.  Brady showed up while she was waiting for the bishop.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael wants to clear the air with Morgan and behave like brothers again. Morgan asks Michael how close he and Kiki got. Michael reveals that they kissed. Morgan concludes that if Michael and Kiki hadnít turned out to be cousins, Michael wouldnít have had a problem with stealing her away. He punches Michael and then goes to find Kiki. In Franco's hospital room, Kiki introduces herself to Silas as Ava's daughter. He asks who her father is. She says Franco is her father and wonders why Silas why he cares who her father is. Ava says Dr. Clay probably just wanted to know if she is a match for Danny Morgan. Kiki asks Ava whatís going on between her and Dr. Clay. Ava convinces Kiki to leave since Franco won't be back from his brain scan for a while and he probably won't be himself. Morgan arrives at Francoís room and overhears Silas concluding to Ava that she didnít want him to know that Kiki is his daughter and not Francoís and dares her to prove him wrong. Morgan confronts Ava about telling Silas that Kiki is two years younger than her real age. Kiki goes to Kellyís where Michael is still sitting outside on a bench. She asks him what happened to his face. He tells her that Morgan hit him because he knows that they kissed. Kiki canít believe Michael would trash her relationship with Morgan by revealing that.

Carly goes to GH and asks Elizabeth about Francoís beating. Elizabeth confirms that he is there and adds that he had a seizure and now claims to be Jason. Carly wants to see Francoís brain scan results. Patrick wonít break any privacy rules for her. Carly barges into the room where Elizabeth and Patrick are reviewing Francoís brain scan. She hears them observing that Francoís brain tumor is just like Jasonís was. Patrick He says that by the size of it, it appears to have been undiagnosed for a very long time. He says the tumor is on the part of the brain that regulates behavior and the ability to tell right from wrong.  He says that the tumor could cause schizophrenia and delusions so Franco could very possibly honestly believe he is Jason. Sam discovers that Danny is not in his room. Silas goes to check on Danny and finds him gone. Franco has taken Danny home to Jason and Samís penthouse where he tells the child that he will protect him from Franco. Sam goes to her house looking for Franco. Franco comes downstairs dressed in a black t-shirt, black jeans, and a black leather jacket. He tells Sam that Franco isnít there.  

Monica tells Tracy that she is concerned about her because Alexis said she had been to GH for tests so she looked into Tracyís medical records and found nothing. She asks Tracy if she had Spinelli hack into the mainframe and delete the records. Tracy says it is illegal to look at confidential patient files and that nothing is wrong with her for Spinelli to delete. She tells Monica to fire the employee who hit the wrong button and advises her to mind her own business. Tracy calls Luke and leaves a message telling him that after deserting her and leaving her to put out fires to keep his illness a secret, the least he can do is answer the phone. At Kellyís, Laura tells Scott that she is worried about Luke. He asks her if she still has feelings for Luke. She says she thought he was ok with her concern since he offered to get information from Tracy. He says he isnít ok enough to have Luke take over their lives. Leslie tells Laura that she will find out what is wrong with Luke. She advises Laura not to forget who her husband is. Scott returns to Kellyís and apologizes for arguing with Laura. Leslie goes to General Hospital where an intern is honored to have the legendary Dr. Leslie Webber to use her computer terminal. Monica catches Leslie in the act.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam gloats to Billy that Victoria had moved back in with Victor and Nikki. Chloe urges Victoria to give Billy another chance which only results in Victoria, once again, accusing Chloe of sleeping with Billy. Chloe remembers the kiss exchanged between her and Billy. Chelsea looks at the crib and remembers when Dylan asked her to marry him. Dylan comes in with the groceries. Chelsea remarks that she has a cookbook and she was going to cook him dinner on a hot plate, but Dylan isn’t paying any attention to her. Chelsea notices and asks what is wrong. At the P.D., Kevin and Alex argue when Alex wants to fix Kevin up with someone. Kevin becomes angry and tells Alex that he was trying to remove the pic from the internet that Carmine placed there. Lauren rushes into the police department to confront Paul about Carmine and Michael. Michael holds a gun on Carmine. Carmine knows that Michael will not shoot him. Michael becomes angrier and still holds the gun on Carmine. In a bar, Abby and Tyler become better acquainted when they see Cane and Lily come in. Cane and Lily immediately join them at the bar. Billy lets Adam know that he will turn this around with Victoria and Johnny. Michael continues to hold the gun on Carmine as they argue over what Carmine did to both Lauren and Fen.

Adam sees Melanie at the bar and assures her that there are no hard feelings between them. Adam asks her for her help. Melanie refuses since he wouldn’t give her a job or help her to acquire one. Victoria comes to see Billy at On the Boulevard. They have a civil conversation. Victoria promises to set up a time when Billy can see Johnny. Victoria tells Billy that she had a talk with Chloe concerning him. Chloe visits the police department and Kevin and finds out that Kevin managed to remove the pic of Lauren from the internet. Chloe thanks him for that. Alex gives Kevin a woman’s telephone number. Lauren finds Michael in the alley with the gun aimed at Carmine. Lauren talks Michael into laying the gun down. Chelsea brings Dylan a home-cooked meal to the coffeehouse along with some takeout. While Dylan prepares a table in the back, Victoria walks in. Victoria blackmails Chelsea into helping her or she will tell everyone that Adam is her baby’s father. Michael is arrested for “aggravated assault” against Carmine. Carmine tells Lauren that he wants one more night with her, and he will drop the charges against Michael. Lauren refuses.

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