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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Carter tells Maya that the fantasy is getting to him. He can’t stop thinking about her, kissing her and touching her like that…..and no one has to know. Meanwhile Caroline is laying it on thick to Rick about the hot scenes she just witnessed. She dons a furry jacket and says she can have her own fantasy. She can play the poor, misunderstood ex-girlfriend. She pouts (which she is so good at) and tries to kiss him but he pulls away. She says she knows she can be a head case at times but…….a Spencer and a Forrester….they were meant to be together and she tries to remind him what they once had. He says he knows all of that but his future is with Maya. Hope tells Liam that she did not expect him back so soon. Steffy must have convinced him. Slowly he reveals that Steffy can’t conceive. There was some complications in her miscarriage. So she is actually sacrificing her happiness for theirs. She wants them to be together. It will help Steffy to know that Liam can have the family with Hope that he wants. Hope says Steffy will heal and she may come back and want him again. They will be in the same place they have always been. She needs more from him and this is not it. Liam says he thought Hope would be happy. She says she would, but she still doesn’t want to share him even long distance. This won’t work. She makes it clear that she is not angry with Liam, but she also doesn’t think that he is ready. Steffy will always be there in his memory and she thinks she deserves all of Liam, nothing less.

Caroline can’t wait to show Rick the new footage and tells him that either Carter and Maya are really good actors or this is more than a fantasy and they are really into it. Maya returns and realizes she is in trouble when Caroline says they are watching her latest scenes right now. Flustered, Rick says he needs to speak to Maya alone. He says he knows she is an actress but he wasn’t expecting this. He doesn’t like it and he gets jealous, but she has to start her career somewhere. She thanks him for being so understanding and supportive. Wyatt questions his mom of why she doesn’t like Hope….or at least why she doesn’t think she is the right girl for him. Hope tells Liam that putting up with his divided feelings for so long has been tough. He’s still even wearing his wedding ring, so he’s stuck. He’s still tied to Steffy. It’s disappointing. She knows what she deserves and she’s proud of herself for how she has put up with and handled this. If they are going to be together it shouldn’t be because Steffy thinks they should be together. It should be Liam’s choice. Taking off the ring would be a good start. He thinks it over and slowly takes it off and clasps it in his hand. When he turns around she is gone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami and Adrienne got in a blow up at the DiMera mansion.  Will felt left out when Sonny and Brent were talking about designs for the coffee house.  Eric opened up to Nicole about being poisoned.  She suspected Kate of poisoning him, but he didn’t think it was her.  Brady wanted John to tell him the truth about what happened between him and Kristen.  Stefano let Kristen know he didn’t think she helped EJ with the takeover.  He knew Justin was involved too.  She thought he wanted her help to get EJ.  He told her he didn’t need her help to get him.

Adrienne and Justin argued over him working for EJ.  Brady wanted John to tell him if Kristen changed her mind about the plan.  Stefano wanted to talk about her plan to get Eric.  She thought he was trying to put a stop to her plan.  If he was, she said EJ wouldn’t be the only child he lost.  He said he wouldn’t stop her plan since she didn’t do anything to physically hurt Stefano.  He let her know that he was going to destroy EJ.  John told Brady that Kristen pulled away from him before they could make love.  John also said Kristen said she loved Brady.  Brady realized Kristen was telling him the truth.  Kristen watched the video of her and Eric together.  John wanted to able to work things out with Brady.  Brady wanted to work things out, but he needed time.  John reassured Brady that Kristen was using him.  When John left, Brady realized Kristen loved him and wondered if she still did.  Kristen ended up calling the bishop.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brad tells Sam that only Franco’s sample is left to analyze and that no one else is a match. Sam says her father might be a match. Alexis repeats to Sam that she doesn’t know his name. Molly wonders if his name might begin with the letter “J” because the Ouija board pointed to the letter J when she asked Rafe’s father about Sam’s father. Elizabeth demands to know what Britt thinks she is doing after seeing her hug Nikolas. Britt realizes that Elizabeth must be the girl that Nikolas said screwed him over. Britt says it isn’t her fault if Elizabeth has buyer’s remorse after choosing that AJ person instead of Nikolas. AJ tells Michael Kiki’s mother might be trying to make a play for ELQ. AJ concludes that Ava and Franco’s reunion is a business relationship and that they are trying to win over Kiki to get her shares. Michael says he can’t help AJ dig into it because he can’t be near Kiki. He reveals that he kissed her again when they ran into each other at General Hospital and that a hospital employee named Brad Cooper saw them and wanted sex in exchange for his silence. He says he overheard a conversation between Brad and a shady Dr. Westbourne and used that as leverage to get Brad to back off. Brad tells Britt that Michael Corinthos knows about them, but that he doesn’t think he will say anything to his grandmother unless he wants the world to know he is in a relationship with his cousin. Britt says that if Brad stops trying to coerce the chief of staff’s grandson to have sex with him, then they shouldn’t have any more problems. Patrick apologizes to Britt for missing the childbirth class. She tells him that Nikolas went in his place.

Kiki wonders why her father was in the boathouse and who would have followed him to beat him up. Morgan, knowing that it was Sonny, says it was probably the same person who tried to shoot him at the Metro Court. She says that the person who tried to shoot her father would have shot him again without missing, not beaten him up. Morgan asks her why she suddenly cares about her father. She says she has just started to get to know her father for who he is aside of what everyone else says about him. Franco regains consciousness after a seizure and believes he is his twin brother, Jason Morgan. He says he wants to see his wife and son. Franco doesn’t know who Ava is. Silas says Franco is faking it to keep from revealing the secret that he and Ava are keeping. Patrick convinces “Jason” to have a CT scan. Franco sees Elizabeth, says he is Jason, and warns her that Franco is alive. Elizabeth asks Patrick what is going on with Franco. Britt asks her if she saw Franco hugging Nikolas too. Patrick tells Elizabeth that they are running tests to find out if Franco really thinks he is Jason. Kiki finds her mother alone in Franco’s room. Ava tries to get her to go to lunch with her instead of waiting for Franco. Kiki wants to know why Ava is trying to prevent her from seeing her father. Silas tells Sam that Franco had a seizure and is calling himself Jason. She goes to Franco’s room to confront him. Silas follows Sam and tells her that Franco went for a CT scan. Kiki asks why he needed a CT scan. Salas asks her who she is. She says she is Ava’s daughter. Franco goes to Danny’s room.

Dante lambasts Sonny for breaking Olivia’s heart. Sonny says he had no way to know that Connie would come back. Dante reveals that Connie suddenly showed up at Sonny’s door immediately after Maxie told her that she would lose him if she didn’t make her move. Connie goes to Dante’s loft to ask Olivia about her relationship with Sonny. Olivia says she always puts Connie first, even though she has never done the same for her. Connie says Olivia is making it sound like she got back together with Sonny just so Olivia couldn’t have him. Olivia says that is exactly what Connie did and she that she knows it because Maxie told her. Connie asks if Olivia expected her to bow out. Olivia says she bowed out and that Connie also made her choice. Morgan goes to Sonny’s house to return the money that Sonny gave him to leave his apartment the other day so that he could have someone beat up Franco. He says that keeping it only makes him feel worse about lying to Kiki. Sonny says the money wasn’t a payoff and refuses to take it back. He tells Morgan to remember that it is Franco that they are dealing with.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At On the Boulevard, Carmine looks at a video that he made of himself and Lauren making love. Michael, Lauren, and Fen arrive home from the hospital. Victor makes plans for the benefit he is having. Adam and Phyllis bump into each other at the coffeehouse. They discuss Nick and his problems with Summer. At the Newman house, Victoria and Nick discuss his problems with Summer and what he can do about it. At the Boulevard, Chloe witnesses something going down between Billy and another man. Chloe walks up and hits Billy on the arm with her purse. Phyllis orders Adam not to mention Summer and to leave her alone. Phyllis lets Adam know that Summer is not Nick’s daughter but Jack’s. Nick and Victoria discuss Billy and his gambling problem. Victor and Adam discuss Nick’s lie in not being Summer’s dad.

Phyllis visits Lauren to have a girl chat about the problems in their lives. Michael meets with an acquaintance at On the Boulevard. Carmine walks up and confronts Michael. Adam and Victor argue when Adam begins to blame Nick for this trouble with Nick not being Summer’s dad. Victor reminds Adam what it means to be a Newman. Phyllis visits Nick and gets a surprise hug from Victoria, who doesn’t blame her for what was going down between Nick and Summer. Lauren sees the video that Carmine released to the Internet. Fen comes in and lets Lauren know what his friends were saying about his mother. Michael holds a gun on Carmine outside On the Boulevard. Victor and Adam shake hands to trust each other. Chloe asks Victoria to come to the design studio to talk.

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