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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Dimitri persuades Brooke to go to Washington with him tonight to get an A list guest for the next episode of Talk Tempo. Colby and Celia decide to have a bachelor auction to benefit the Miranda Center and officially launch Chandler media. Pete arrives at the TV station to drop off some sunglasses Colby left at his new apartment and notices Celia’s plans for the Chandler media launch party and volunteers to be the bachelor for the auction. Pete also takes the opportunity to make it clear to Celia that he and Colby are not a couple they are just friends. Pete tells Celia that she is the only woman he wants to be with and he hopes that she will give him another chance. Colby overhears Pete and Celia’s conversation and she doesn’t look happy about it. Pete asks doctor Anders to help him persuade Joe to endorse David’s biosensor project. Dr. Anders tells Pete he should talk to Angie about this project not him.

Pete thinks that Opal should find a new boyfriend or a new business venture to keep her occupied so she won’t focus on him so much Opal tells Pete she is done with men so he tells her that they will meet later and brainstorm about a new business for her. Zach is upset with Lea for ruining Jesse’s life and the life of his family after the ordeal that they have been through Zach thinks Lea doesn’t care about anyone all she cares about is making an arrest. Jesse finally tells Zach and Angie the whole truth and Zach tells Jesse he would have done the same thing to protect his boys and he will help him any way that he can starting by putting security on his entire family. Angie is hurt that Jesse didn’t trust her enough to tell her the truth, instead he lied to her again.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The bottles of booze, and the pictures of paragliding come down off the wall in Bill’s office. Katie replaces them with family pictures of Will and flowers. This is now her office. Liam charges in soon followed by Justin, Alison and others saying Katie can not do this. Bill is Spencer Publications. She assures them that she has the 1% from the divorce and with Karen’s 50% they are now in charge. This is the way it has to be. Dani comes in and congratulates them. It’s about time the booze and the bullying are gone and good riddance to Bill. She and Karen are flying back to New York to get their office in order, but will only be a phone call away.

Constantly hanging around (doesn’t she have a job at Forrester’s), Caroline urges Rafael to turn up the heat and have more rehearsals between Carter and Maya so it will make Rick go wild and he will be hers again. So much is riding on this and she needs Rafael’s help. Frustrated but compliant, Rafael puts in some more fantasy scenes. It is so hot the fire department should be on stand-by. Liam goes to see Hope. She asks if he saw Steffy and did he get his answers he wanted. She needs to know if he has finally let Steffy go or not. He kisses her. Caroline sashays into Rick’s office and says she just came from the studio and things are really steaming up over there. He should see it. Carter and Maya go over more lines and he tells her that the fantasy was working. He was really into her….not Scarlett the character, but her. It’s been that way since the first day they met. Whatever happens between them, no one has to know.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe went to see JJ.  Roman busted Theresa looking through Jennifer’s files.  Marlena and Sami talked about EJ taking over DiMera Enterprises.  They also talked about Adrienne not wanting Sonny to be with Will.  While Adrienne was looking at the video of Will holding Arianna, she saw Sami fighting Bernardi.  JJ was upset with Abe when he brought up Jack.  Theresa wanted to know what Roman was doing at the hospital.  He said he was picking up a prescription for Caroline.  He warned her not to get in trouble.  Kristen and Brady argued over whether or not she set it up for him to see her with Jennifer.  While they were arguing, she slapped him.  He wanted to know what she wanted from him.  He knew it wasn’t love, but she said he was wrong.

JJ apologized to Abe for the way he talked to him.  Sonny showed up while Adrienne was looking at the video of Sami and Bernardi.  Jennifer came home while Abe was there.  Abe ended up leaving.  JJ apologized to Jennifer for treating her badly.  She apologized to him too.  When Jennifer left to go to the hospital, Theresa showed up for drugs.  Adrienne and Sonny got into an argument over Sami and how she had to accept Will and his family.  Kristen reminded Brady that she loved him, but he threw her away.  Marlena went to see Will and Arianna.  She advised Will not to push Sonny away.  Kristen kept trying to convince Brady that she loved him, but he didn’t believe her.  She suggested that he ask John.  Adrienne went to see Sami at the DiMera mansion.  Kristen reminded Brady about her plan and why she couldn’t go through with it.  She told Brady that she chose him.  She walked away from him.  Sami wanted to know why Adrienne was at the mansion.  Adrienne wanted to give her a chance to explain herself.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli reports to Carly that he was unable to get any information about Ava when he went to her New York City gallery. Ava hears Carly telling Spinelli that she should just ask Ava what her secret is, so she tells Carly to feel free to ask. Carly says she was wondering what Ava’s secret to getting through to Morgan is. Ava suggests she just listen to him. Spinelli tells Carly that Ava knowing him will put a damper on his investigation. Carly says he will have to work around it, because she needs to know why Franco is so afraid of Ava.

Franco is terrified of Epiphany when she tries to take the swab of his cheek. Silas does the test instead. Franco asks Silas how Danny is doing. Silas says the bone marrow transplant is Danny’s only chance. Silas brings up Ava. Ava goes to the hospital to visit Franco and sees Spinelli there. She tells him that she knows he harassed her galleria assistant and tells him to back off. She breaks his sunglasses and uses the arm piece to puncture the balloons he is carrying. Spinelli calls Carly and tells her that Ava “made” him and that she is at the hospital to see Franco. AJ hears Carly’s side of the conversation and interjects that Franco is in the hospital because someone kicked the crap out of him. He tells her that it happened in the Quartermaine boathouse that Morgan converted into an apartment. Carly tells AJ that she has a huge issue with Kiki’s mother. AJ says he doesn’t care about Ava, because she doesn’t have any ELQ voting shares. Carly tells him to keep telling himself that. It occurs to him that Carly is right and that Ava might be trying to manipulate both Franco and Kiki’s shares. Ava gets to Franco’s room and demands to know what Silas is doing there. Silas says Franco was about to tell him about his history with her. Ava tells Franco not to say a word. Franco doesn’t know what the big deal is and then, mid-sentence, he begins to convulse.

Olivia has a vision of Maxie stabbing Lulu in the back with a butcher knife and calls Dante to come home immediately. Dante and Lulu tell Olivia that her vision must have a different meaning because Maxie would never hurt Lulu. Spinelli stands in for Dante as Maxie’s birthing coach. He tells her that Ellie has changed her mind about having a child with him someday. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he isn’t going to ask her to choose him anymore. Nikolas is surprised to discover that Patrick is the father of Britt’s child. Sabrina tells Patrick that he is needed for an emergency so Nikolas stands in for him as Britt’s partner in the Lamaze class. Elizabeth is suspicious of Britt getting to know Nikolas. Britt asks Nikolas if he and Patrick are friends. He says Patrick saved his life once. He says that knowing that Patrick is the baby’s father doesn’t change his availability for her to vent to him. Patrick stabilizes Franco and says Silas may have saved Franco’s life in spite of the fact that he had no authority to do so. Silas says he had the authority to be there to take Todd’s DNA sample and that he couldn’t just stand there and let Franco die because they might need him as a donor for Danny. When Franco regains consciousness and Patrick asks him if he knows who he is, Franco says he is Jason Morgan.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Bo comes home right when Nora is about to do her talk show. Tonight's theme is Woodstock. Bo wants to be a part of it, but Nora says no. Bo later calls in so he can be a part of it. Nora makes him hang up. Bo and Nora later start to kiss passionately. Dani gets angry at Matthew for giving her grief. Dani tries to get drunk, and Destiny shows up. Destiny wants to know what is wrong and later assumes that Dani is sleeping with Matthew. Dani says no and later says she wants to kill herself. Destiny tries to calm her down. Natalie and Cutter have pizza together and later have sex.

David and Dorian continue to fight. Dorian does not try to stop David from leaving. David leaves and then later at Shelter, David gets the news that the network wants to do his reality show. Matthew rents a hotel room for Michelle and him. Michelle explains she has never had sex but later tells Matthew to have sex with her. Todd finds Blair waiting for him and they go inside and have sex.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea wakes up and finds Dylan looking out the window. She gets up and goes over and lays her hand on his back. This startles him back to reality. At the coffeehouse, Jeffrey reads a newspaper article which gives him an idea. He gets up and takes the tips off the nearby table. Avery and Summer talk about what was going on between her, Nick, Phyllis, and Jack. At the Abbott house, Jack and Phyllis discuss Summer and her feelings. Phyllis defends Nick to Jack. At the cottage, Sharon dreams of being with Nick and Faith as a family. Kyle visits Nick and reprimands him for his actions and lying to everyone. Nick orders Kyle to go home and talk with Jack. Kyle and Nick discuss how hurt Summer is and how she will deal with this. Kyle reminds Nick that he is her brother. Jack puts the blame for this whole mess on Nick. In talking, Jack and Phyllis begin the long road back to each other. Avery promises Summer that she will be here for her. Jeffrey visits Chelsea and informs her that he knows that the baby she is carrying is Adam’s. Chelsea denies it and states matter-of-factly that this baby is Dylan’s in every sense of the word. Chelsea realizes that Jeffrey is milking her for money in order to keep his mouth shut. Dylan witnesses the talk between Avery and Summer. Dylan asks Avery what is going on. Nick goes to the Underground and finds Noah behind the bar.

At the Abbott house, Kyle and Summer talk about their situation and how Summer will deal with it. Summer asks Kyle how she will deal with this. Jack overhears their conversation. Summer listens as Jack and Kyle talk about her and her feelings about this whole mess. Avery lets Dylan know that Nick kept a secret from her. Nick informs Noah that Summer is Jack’s daughter. Noah becomes upset at Nick for keeping this secret. Sharon comforts Faith as she has another bad dream but Faith insists on seeing Nick. Sharon calls Nick to come over and help with Faith. Summer leaves Jack and Phyllis’ home. Jack and Phyllis' talk ends in a kiss. Chelsea pays Jeffrey off to keep his mouth shut and orders him to stay away from Adam as Dylan walks in the door.

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