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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Miranda tells AJ she misses Bianca and he tries to cheer her up with snickerdoodle cookies and frozen yogurt. AJ and Miranda remember when Bianca took them to the beach when they were little and it rained the entire weekend so Bianca made a tent city for them inside and they played games all weekend. Bianca is also missing Miranda and she looks through a photo album of Miranda’s baby pictures. . Bianca decides to call Miranda and Miranda is very happy to hear her mother’s voice and she tells Bianca she has been thinking about her. Miranda is happy to see Zach and he tells her that the charges have been dropped against him. Zach wants to go to dinner with Miranda so they can have a talk but Miranda tells Zach she will check her schedule and give him a call when she has time to go to dinner with him. One of Lea’s men finds a flash drive containing Uri’s dental records in Jesse's desk, and she tells Zach that it is proof that Jesse helped Uri fake his own death. Lea tells Zach she didn’t tell him her suspicions about Jesse, because she knew he is too close and too emotional. She thinks he feels betrayed by his friend. Zach tells Lea he feels betrayed by her not by Jesse, because she should have told him her suspicions about Jesse.

Angie goes to a therapy session to let out all her anger and pain about Cassandra's situation and asks the doctor how she helps her daughter survive this terrible ordeal. Angie admits to the doctor that she thinks Cassandra should keep the baby but she doesn’t know how to tell Cassandra her opinion because it might drive Cassandra away from her. The doctor advises Angie to tell Cassandra that she loves her very much and her opinion to keep the baby comes from a place of love. Cassandra cries when she tells Dixie she doesn’t want to hate the baby but she is afraid that every tine she looks at the baby after its born all she will remember is the rape and she won’t be able to take care of the baby. Jesse is unable to reach Tad so he tells Joe everything he has done to bring Cassandra home safely. Joe tells Jesse he did what he had to do to make sure Cassandra was safe and now he has to make things right again. Jesse agrees he should turn himself in but first he should tell Angie the truth. Jesse heads to Cassandra’s room to talk to Angie. Jesse sees Angie in the hallway, but before he can say a word to her, two federal agents arrive to arrest him. While Angie screams that it's all a mistake, Jesse meekly asserts that it's not, and he's very, very sorry.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill can’t believe that Katie and Karen are really serious that he is fired. This must be a joke. Katie assures him that she is serious. They no longer need his services starting right now. Bill fires back that Katie only has 1% and that is not enough to make her CEO. Katie explains to him that her 1% may be paltry but Karen has 50% and she outranks Bill now. So Katie’s 1% is awfully powerful and yes they can fire him. He won’t go. He still wants to fix this. He tells them they are both bright, intelligent women but surely they don’t think they can pull this off. He accuses Karen of manipulating Katie. He barks at her that maybe he needs to cut her another check for doing absolutely nothing and she didn’t earn. When she tries to respond, he tells her to shut up and just leave. She stands her ground and says he is lucky Katie is not taking him for half that he has mastered. He wants to speak to his wife alone. Katie says she no longer is his wife. This can’t be fixed; it’s done. And the only one leaving this office is Bill. He shouts at Katie that she will only hurt herself in this process. The company will go down faster than the Titanic. He IS Spencer Publications. Karen has wanted to bring him down for years. He says Katie can not punish him without punishing herself and Will as well. Neither of them can anticipate how their financial situation will plummet around the world. Katie is confident in her decision. Bill mocks that she will listen to the shareholders that he calls morons. This company that he has built with blood, sweat and tears will go under the water in less than six months. Their partners will be running for the hills. He claims that neither of them are thinking of business. They are just pulling out their see-woman, man-eater cards.

Quinn is cordial to Hope but guarded at the same time as if she is hiding something. Even Wyatt notices it that she wasn’t as friendly as she usually is with his friends. Quinn claims that she is sorry; she was just distracted. But as Wyatt discusses Hope and Liam, Quinn says she thinks Hope is lovely but probably not the girl for him. Hope explains it to Rick. She can’t stop wondering if Liam and Wyatt both share the same father. Bill goes fighting to the very end. He tells Katie and Karen that this is his company; his empire! He doesn’t have to take orders from them. Karen retorts that they are through being bullied. Karen opens his office door and outside is several security officers. She tells them that she needs them now. Bill is appalled. Katie tells him to make this easy on himself; go quietly and just walk away. He is escorted to the elevator and gets in alone. Katie sits in his chair with a determined, satisfied look on her face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie went to see Jennifer to talk to her about what sheís doing to Daniel.  Rafe kept asking why Sami shot him.  His monitor went off.  Kayla gave him something to calm him down.  Kate and Abe talked about Rafe thinking Sami shot him.  Abe thought Kate should have said something.  Nicole walked in on Kristen while she was freaking out.  Nicole wanted to know why Kristen was tearing up Ericís office.  Nicole heard voices coming out of Kristenís bag and wanted to know what was going on.  Kristen stopped Nicole from looking in her bag.  Kristen told Nicole that EJ took over DiMera Enterprises and there was going to be a war.  A nun walked in and gave Kristen her invitation.  Nicole was upset that Eric invited Kristen to the reception.  Eric and Brady talked about Kristen.  Maggie told Jennifer that it was wrong for her to let JJ come between her and Daniel, but Jennifer didnít want to hear it.  Maggie let it slip that Kristen felt the same.  Jennifer was upset that Kristen felt the same way. 

Kristen and Nicole argued over Kristen going to the reception.  Maggie realized she was stepping out of line with Jennifer and decided to leave.  Eric walked in on Kristen while they were arguing.  Kristen left the church and met Jennifer.  Kayla told Abe and Kate that Rafe was okay.  Kayla said Sami visiting Rafe when she did was why he thought Sami shot him.  Kayla wasnít sure how long it would take before he got his memory back.  Jennifer confronted Kristen about talking to Daniel about her relationship.  Daniel went to see Eric with the toxicology report.  Daniel wanted to know how Eric was feeling.  Kristen advised Jennifer not to give up on Daniel.  Brady was jogging and overheard Kristenís advice to Jennifer.  Daniel told Eric there were no toxins or poisons in his body.  Daniel thought no one wanted the poison to be found.  Daniel thought Eric was deliberately poisoned.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia tells Sonny that it is a good thing that they didnít go too far and she moves out of his house. Sonny admits to Connie that he and Olivia have kissed a couple of times, but that he doesnít believe Olivia would have let it go too far because she felt like she was in the middle. He says he still loves Connie, but he doesnít want to jump right into bed with her. Heíd rather start with dinner and see how things go. Olivia goes to Dante and Luluís loft just as Maxie is about to tell them something important about the baby. Olivia tells them that she and Sonny had been getting close, but now Connie wants him back. Maxie says itís her fault because she encouraged Connie to tell Sonny how she felt. Olivia says it isnít Maxieís fault. Lulu asks Maxie what she was going to say about the baby before Olivia arrived. Maxie says she wanted to invite Lulu and Dante to go to Lamaze classes with her.

Spinelli goes to the Jerome Gallery in New York City using the name Milhous. .He tries to get information about Ava from her assistant, Ms. Simone Joseph. Simone concludes that he isnít there to buy art and she tells him to leave. He says he is there on behalf of his boss, Dr. Silas Clay. Simone asks him a few questions and determines that Spinelli is still lying. Ava runs into Silas at the hospital. He tells her that he never wants to see her again and to stop skulking around his workplace. She informs him that she is there to visit with a patient, Franco. He wonders why she is visiting a dangerous psychopath.  She says she was just interested in seeing the renowned artist back from the grave. Silas knows she is lying and decides to go ask Franco, but Ava stops him.  He wonders what she is hiding. She says itís funny that he is so interested in her relationship with Franco, but refuses to acknowledge that the two of them had something good at one time. He tells her that it doesnít matter because they destroyed what they had. Ava receives a call from Simone alerting her that someone was asking questions about her and Silas.

Alexis tells Sam that every living member of the family has been tested for bone marrow compatibility for Danny. Sam says they havenít tested her father and that if her father has any other children, they could be potential donors, too. Alexis admits that never told Sam who her father is because Sam is the result of a drunken teenager having a one night stand with a man whose name she didnít know. Molly tells Rafe that she and her sisters all have different fathers and that she doesnít know who Samís father is. Rafe recalls trying to contact his motherís departed husband, Rafe Kovich, Senior, who he had always believed was  his father, with a Ouija board game once. Molly has the same game so they use it to contact Mr. Kovich. Rafe asks if his father has a message. The Ouija board says ďI-L-O-V-E-UĒ Molly asks Mr. Kovich if he knows who Samís father is. The Ouija board says yes and then goes to the letter J. Molly wonders who ďJĒ could be.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Jeffrey and Dani talk about how they have to let Matthew deal with Michelle however he wants. Dani says fine and that she does not like Matthew because she is friends with Destiny. Jeffrey takes Dani to a workout class where they see Tťa who later starts to have a panic attack and Dani takes her to the hospital. Blair wakes up in Todd's room and is a bit freaked out because she does not want the kids to worry. Todd explains that everything is alright. Todd has to go and get the body put in the river. Later, Blair tells him that she hopes nothing bad happens to him.

Viki is angry at Clint still. Clint decides that if she does not want him that badly, he will leave. Viki does not care and tell him he is free. Viki later tells Nigel that she will have to sell Llanfair, but Nigel tells her that she should keep Clint's money. Viki agrees. Matthew shows up at the Palace and has a date set up for Michelle. Dorian and David fight over David kissing Rama. David has his pitch which goes badly. When he gets back home, he tells Dorian this is all her fault.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Lauren tells Gloria about Fen’s overdose. Gloria immediately blames Lauren. At the police station, Michael lashes out at Paul for not arresting Carmine for trying to kill Fen. Carmine walks in with a cop close by. Sharon and Faith discuss Nick and how they will be a family again. Avery and Leslie have dinner. Leslie tells her about her case defending Carmine, but Avery is less than interested when she has Nick on her mind. Nick visits Jack and Phyllis to try to explain things to Jack about hiding the fact from him that Summer is his daughter. Jack lets Nick know that this talk is long overdue. Carmine denies to Michael and Paul that he gave Fen drugs. Lauren tries to explain to Gloria how Carmine gave Fen the drugs. Summer spends time with Sharon and Faith. Jack and Nick argue over the fact that Nick kept this secret from him as well as Summer. Avery looks for Nick but finds a note from Sharon. Sharon and Phyllis meet at the coffeehouse. Sharon lets Phyllis know that Nick told her what had been going on. Phyllis is preoccupied with wanting to know where Summer is. She calls Summer and leaves her a message. Jack calls Kyle and leaves him a message to call him. Jack eyes the whiskey bottle under the counter but then changes his mind. He starts to leave when Summer arrives.

Leslie defends Carmine to Paul and Michael. She provides proof that Carmine didn’t sell Fen drugs. Carmine is released. Summer lets Jack talk first. Jack assures her that she doesn’t have to call him “Dad.” He urges her to take her time. Summer doesn’t know how she feels. Jack wants to get to know her as his daughter. Sharon and Phyllis talk about Summer. Faith interrupts them. Nick comes home and finds Avery there. Nick tells Avery that he is glad that she is there. Avery gives Nick the note from Sharon. Nick tells Avery that he told Sharon everything. He says he needs her here. In talking to Jack, Summer tries to hold back the tears. She tells Jack that she told Kyle that he is her brother.. Jack and Summer have a heart to heart talk about Kyle. Jack defends Nick to Summer and how Nick feels about her. Avery asks Nick how Summer is. Avery explains that it will take time for Summer. Nick asks Avery how she feels. She points out to Nick what he did wrong in not having that second paternity test run. Sharon has another visit from Cassie, who offers her helpful advice. Avery lets Nick know that she still loves him. Lauren is surprised that Paul would release Carmine. Lauren tells Michael about her visit from Gloria. Lauren takes the blame for this whole fiasco. Carmine watches a video of him and Lauren making love. Cassie asks Sharon if she is having second thoughts. Sharon tells Cassie that Nick would never understand. Sharon remembers how she found out about the lab results and how she changed them. Phyllis watches Jack as he comforts Summer. Avery stands by Nick through all this trouble. Nick tells Avery that he loves her. Sharon tells Cassie that no one can ever find out that Nick is really Summer’s father.

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