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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt drives Hope to his Quinn site and says it is not as big as her family business, but here it is. She thinks it is cool. He says his mom is a workaholic and thinks everyone should be too. She says good. Now she will get a chance to ask her about his necklace. He says her eyes are very expressive and they are very distracting. She wants to know more about his family. He hasn’t mentioned his dad. He replies that he didn’t know him. His mom said they were better off without him. He looks at some jewels and tries to match Hope up with something special. His mom walks in. Justin tells Bill that he is acting as his attorney not friend today and he advises him to sign he papers. Katie and her lawyer come in. Bill says again that he does not want this divorce. He’d like to speak with his wife alone. He tells her it is not too late to stop this. He wants to give his son a stable home. She asks if that is what he as doing with her sister – giving him a stable home. He asks her to please try. They owe that to their son. Katie replies that she won’t keep him from their son. She wants Bill to be a big part of Will’s life, just not hers. Staying in a bad marriage won’t help their son. Bill is handed the papers and he signs. He says he hopes she is happy.

Steffy lets Liam in. He says he needs clarification. He deserves to know why she left. He talked to her doctor and she advised him to talk to Steffy. There is more than she has told him. She cries that she can’t have other children, ever. He hugs her and they cling to each other. Finally he says she should have told him. They can work through this. He would not stop loving her because she can’t have children. She says he has his explanation and now it is time to leave and go be with Hope. She says it is too late for them. She will always love him, but she can’t be with him now. He should accept this and move on. He says he doesn’t want to lose her. She cries again that he just needs to go and be with Hope. He says that she is not thinking straight, but she says it is her decision. They kiss and he quickly turns away and slams out the door. She goes after him but too late. Wyatt introduces Hope to his mom. They quickly talk about the naked guy in the woods and Liam leaving Hope to go to Paris. Hope asks Quinn about the necklace since she said it was one of a kind but she knows Bill and his son, Liam, has the same necklace. Quinn sloughs it off that perhaps some other jeweler had a similar knockoff design. Karen walks in and tells Bill that Katie invited her. He is losing an incredible woman. She is an incredible business woman too. He knows that since she used to run Spencer Publications. She reminds him that when he gave Katie 1% of the company that dropped Bill down to 49% and now Karen is the majority shareholder with her 50%. She asks Katie if she wants to tell Bill or should she. Katie stands tall and looks right at Bill and says Karen has named her CEO today and her first decision is that Bill is fired!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric wanted to know why Kristen was at the church.  Kate thought about Rafe asking her why Sami tried to kill him.  Adrienne warned Sonny not to be around the DiMeras.  Kristen said she had something that would shock him.  Kristen told Eric about what happened between EJ and Stefano.  Adrienne and Sonny got into an argument over Will.  Cameron told Kate, Kayla, and Abe about Rafeís condition.  Kate let them know that Sami upset Rafe.  Kayla thought Sam should be able to see Rafe because she gave them the only communication they had with Rafe.  Kate said Rafe talked to her.  Kayla wanted to know what he said.  Brent showed up while Sonny and Adrienne were talking.  Kate said Rafe asked her why Sami tried to kill him.  Kristen vaguely told Eric about her plans of revenge.

Eric wanted to know if Kristen wanted to confess to him.  When Brent left, Sonny thought Adrienne was trying to put him and Brent together.  Kristen said she wanted to attend the reception for the school since her family put a lot of money towards the school.  Kayla was upset that Kate didnít say anything before about Rafe thinking Sami tried to kill him.  While Kayla, Abe, and Kate were talking, a nurse told them that Rafe was coming out of his coma.  They all went to check on Rafe.  Kristen promised Eric that she wouldnít cause any trouble at the reception.  Before he left his office, he let her know she would be invited.  She wrestled with why she had to go through with her scheme.  When Abe tried to tell Rafe what happened to him, Rafe thought about Sami trying to kill him.  Rafe wanted to know why Sami tried to kill him and it caused him to get agitated. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia tells Sonny that they will have to be honest with Connie if they have sex. Connie stops by and interrupts them. She tells Sonny that she wants him back. Sonny says she told him to get over her so he did. She wonders if he is with Olivia now. She says Olivia said nothing was going on. Olivia says nothing is, and she encourages Sonny to get back together with Connie. Sonny says itís complicated. Olivia says she is moving in with Dante and Lulu because she doesnít want to be in the way of Connie and Sonnyís relationship. Sonny goes after Olivia and tells her that he meant everything he said to her. She says she is glad that it worked itself out before it went too far and that she just wants him to be happy. He asks her what about her happiness.

Dante tells Lulu that he suspects that his father had Franco beaten up and that he will try again to kill him. Alexis is suspicious of Avaís behavior with Franco because Ava is rude until she realizes that she and Franco are not alone and then becomes obnoxiously attentive. Franco tells Ava that Sonny Corinthos is everything he aspires to be. Ava vaguely mentions something about Franco never being as important as someone else. He asks her what she did to push away the love of her life. She refuses to talk about it. Molly explains to Rafe that she and her sisters all have different fathers. Silas and Sam take Danny to the hospital when with a high fever. Silas breaks the news to Sam that Dannyís protocol isnít working and that a bone marrow transplant is his only hope. Sam has a tantrum. She wonders how Jason could leave her to deal with this alone. Silas holds her and says it will be ok. Sam tells Alexis that they need to test her father. Ava runs into Silas in the corridor.

Georgieís ghost tells Maxie that she is taking Spinelliís daughter away from him and that she will regret what she is doing. Maxie says she canít give the baby to Spinelli without taking her away from Dante and Lulu. Ellie tells Spinelli that she has changed her mind about having a baby with him. He says it means the world to her to know that she would consider it, but that he doesnít want her to go against her convictions for him. He says they donít have to make a decision right then and there and that they can talk about it when he returns from his trip to New York City to investigate Ava Jerome. Georgie whispers to Spinelli to be happy and not to be too mad at Maxie when it all comes out.  Maxie goes to Dante and Luluís loft.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chloe and Billy have a long talk and Billy tells Chloe that Victoria was about to give him a second chance until some gambling buddies showed up to pay him money they owed him. Chloe tells Billy that he needs to get better for his own sake but also for the sake of Delia and Johnny who need him and love him very much. Chloe tells Billy that he is a good father for his children, but he needs to get control of his gambling addiction then she gives Billy a kiss. Chloe apologizes to Billy for kissing him and then encourages him to go to a meeting. Dylan finally shares with Chelsea that his squad was wiped out, because their jeep ran over a land mine in the road and the jeep exploded. Dylan says he and Sully were thrown to the ground by the impact of the explosion, and Sully was badly hurt and he died reaching for his weapon. Dylan also tells Chelsea that a family saved his life and they had a little girl named Ara. They pleaded with him to take her when the family was ambushed, because they were helping him. Ara’s family was killed and Dylan and Ara hid for weeks. When he finally reached a medic to help Ara, the medic said that he couldn’t help the little girl because she was already dead. Dylan can’t understand why he lived and the others died. At first he thought it was in order to save Ara but she died. Chelsea tells Dylan that she felt the same way when she miscarried her child. She couldn’t understand why she and Adam survived the car accident without injury and their baby died.

Jack tries to call Kyle to tell him the news about Summer being his sister, but Kyle isn’t answering his phone. Kyle arrives home and goes straight to On the Boulevard to ask Billy if he can close the place tonight so he can have a romantic evening with Summer. Billy gives him the keys to the restaurant. Summer struggles to find where she belongs and she tells Nick she doesn’t want to talk to him, because he lied all these years and deprived her and Jack of knowing each other as father and daughter. Jack tells Traci the whole story. When Phyllis arrives to talk, Jack tells her that he can almost understand why Nick lied, but what really hurts is that she didn’t tell him the truth as soon as Nick told her. Phyllis says that she was scared that he would relapse, and he was afraid that Summer would overreact and do something impulsive, because when she gets bad news, she doesn’t handle it well. Jack admits that he was thinking of swimming inside a bottle of scotch, and he would have if Traci hadnít arrived to talk to him. Nick tells Sharon that he feels alone and explains what he did to Summer and everyone. Sharon tells Nick she understands and will be there for him whenever he needs her. Nick decides to go over to Jack’s house and talk to him while Sharon stays with Faith at Nick’s place. Faith tells Sharon she wishes Nick were marrying her instead of Avery. Sharon tells Faith to leave that to her, because they will be a family again. Summer gets a text from Kyle, so she heads to On the Boulevard where he gives her flowers and tells her he wants to start their relationship over, because he never should have kissed Phyllis. Summer is surprised, but she tells Kyle that they can’t have a relationship, because he is her brother.

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