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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope explains to Wyatt that Liam is not going back to his wife, but he is going to see her in Paris. He can’t move on with Hope until he finds out what happened to make Steffy leave him. Wyatt quips if he left Hope, there is definitely something wrong with the guy. She gets around to asking him about his necklace. He says it is a family thing. She thinks that odd since both Liam and his dad have a necklace exactly like this. He says his mom is a jewelry designer, perhaps Hope has heard of them, Quinn Jewels. This necklace was one of the first pieces she designed and put away saying it was one of a kind. Hope repeats again that the Spencer’s have one exactly like it. Liam calls Steffy and gives her a heads-up that he’s coming to Paris. She is still his wife and he wants to know what is going on with her. Karen tells Katie that she will leave and let her and Brooke talk. She reminds Katie that she doesn’t have to put up with this. Brooke lets slip that Bill hasn’t signed the papers yet so it’s not too late to drop this. She says her husband is not ready to give up. He wants to fix this. Katie says Bill can not fix this and neither can Brooke. Brooke tells her that she was the reason that Bill ended up staying in her house that night and the reason that Katie took off her rings, so blame her but do not blame Bill and give up on this marriage. Bill fills Justin, his lawyer, in on what is happening and Justin tells him he should sign the papers fast. Katie is being more than fair in only asking for 1%. Bill says she doesn’t want this divorce so there will be no 1%. Karen walks in and gives it to Bill with both barrels; how appalled she is at what he has done.

Bill goes to Katie’s and tells Brooke that he needs to talk to Katie alone. She’s not very cooperative, but he keeps saying she owes him to listen and there is nothing more important to him that getting his family back together. He reminds her that she risked her life for this family so he’d think she’d do everything to keep it. She doesn’t want to discuss any of it in front of Will. Bill says if she will just forgive him, this never has to come up again. He says he won’t leave. He kisses her. She pulls away and says she gets that he doesn’t want to give up. He doesn’t want to fail. She believes that but it isn’t what she wants now. He says no matter what mistakes they both have made they are still Will’s parents and he can come back and be everything she wants him to be. She looks at him and says the only thing she wants from him is a divorce…and give her 1% of the company and move out of the house. She is tired of him asking for her forgiveness. She has none to give. Angrily he leaves.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel walked in on Kristen looking at his files.  He wanted to know what she was doing.  He told her that she was breaking th e law.  Eric had a vision of Kristen in her black wig.  Adrienne was upset that Justin was working with the DiMeras.  Sami was upset that EJ didnít tell her that he was planning to destroy Stefano.  She wanted to know what Stefano had to say and EJ told her.  EJ didnít think she should be mad, but she said he destroyed their lives.  Adrienne and Justin argued over him working with EJ.  EJ told Sami that he helped their lives and explained how he didnít ruin things.  She wasnít convinced he did the right thing.  Daniel was upset that Kristen was looking at his files, but she said she was looking at something else.  He was upset that she looked at his letter.  Kristen wanted to talk to Daniel about Jennifer, but he didnít want advice from her.  When Kristen left, she sent Dr. Chyka Ericís files.  Eric opened up to Jennifer about something being wrong with him and that Daniel was helping him.  She opened up to him about her problems with JJ.  EJ and Sami continued to argue over what he did to Stefano.  Eric gave Jennifer advice about what to do with Daniel.

EJ and Sami continued to argue over him taking over DiMera Enterprises.  Sami warned EJ about what Stefano had over them.  She said Stefano would go after Will because of what he did to Stefano.  Kristen met Dr. Chyka to talk about the drug.  He said that it was undetectable.  EJ said Stefano wouldnít expose Will because it would connect him to Bernardi.  He also told her that Stefano liked Will so he wouldnít hurt him.  Sami wasnít convinced.  He wanted to know why she was marrying him if she felt that he was a fool.  She said she loved him.  Kristen met with the woman editing the footage of her and Eric.  Kristen wanted to make sure no one could tell that it was edited.  EJ and Samiís argument led to them making love.  When they were finished, he wondered if she was okay with what he did.  She said she was.  The specialist called Daniel and told him nothing showed up in Ericís toxicology report.  Daniel was determined not to give up.  Kristen went to see Eric.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

TJ misses Molly. Rafe tells Molly that she should talk things out with TJ. Molly says she canít get past TJ sleeping with Taylor. Shawn tells TJ that he and Alexis broke up because he works for Sonny on the side. He promises that nothing he does for Sonny will ever touch TJ. Sam and Silas go to Ferncliff to ask Heather to have her DNA tested to see if she is a match for Danny. Heather thinks Silas is Steven Clay coming to finish her off after trying to kill her on the docks. Sam explains that Steven is dead and that this is his brother, Silas. Heather says Sam has a lot of nerve to ask her to give her DNA to her son after Sam wouldnít give Heatherís son a simple letter. Silas says that in return for taking the test, he will pull strings to make sure all her letters get to her son. He agrees to have a Kellyís BLT delivered every week, and that he will ask Franco to visit her. Sam asks Heather why Franco visited her the first time. Heather says Franco came for his DVD. Heather observes to Sam that if she is the match, then Sam will owe her sonís life. Rafe calls Silas and Molly calls Sam to tell them that something is wrong with Danny after they noticed that the baby has a high fever and glossy eyes.

Dante visits Olivia at Sonnyís house and says he isnít comfortable with her being there because he is concerned for her safety. Sonny and Olivia both say she is safe. Sonny remembers Shawn beating up Franco and says that he didnít touch Franco. Dante receives a call to go to the hospital to respond to an assault. He tells Sonny that someone beat up Franco. Sonny says he didnít do it. When Dante leaves, Olivia tells Sonny that she knows his evasive answers mean Sonny had someone else do it. She says she would have done the same thing if Franco were a threat to her kid. She says Sonny should know that she is on his side. Kiki is horrified when Franco arrives at General Hospital beaten and bloody. Morgan remembers leaving his father and Shawn in the boathouse with Franco but says nothing. Kiki asks Franco who did that to him. Dante arrives and says heís like to know that answer too.  Alexis says she found Franco at the Quartermaine estate and brought him to the hospital. Franco says he ran into a door. Dante thinks Sonny was behind it.  Morgan calls Sonny and tells him that Franco and Dante are at the hospital. Dante tells Kiki that all he found out was that it happened in the Quartermaine boathouse. Kiki is freaked out because she lives there. Alexis wonders why Franco didnít tell Dante that Sonny and Shawn did it. Franco says he likes having something to hold over Sonny.

Lulu goes to Crimson and hears Maxie calling herself ďMommyĒ when she is talking to the baby she is carrying. Maxie lies that she was referring to Lulu because she saw her in the mirror when she arrived. Lulu asks Maxie to help her think of a name for the baby. Maxie doesnít feel right naming Luluís child. When Lulu insists, Maxie suggests ďGeorgie.Ē Lulu says Maxie should save that name for her own daughter. Maxie is about to tell Lulu the truth when Connie interrupts them and says she needs them to help her pick something to wear to go see Sonny and get back together. Maxie thinks she sees Georgie sitting in Connieís chair. Connie arrives at Sonnyís door just when Sonny and Olivia agree that they want to take their relationship to the next level.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tyler tells Lily and Abby that he got a new job at a top New York design firm that will allow him to work from Genoa City. Then he invites Abby to a party at his place to celebrate his new job. Tyler also invites Mason and tells him that there will be good-looking models at the party. Tyler flirts with Abby when she arrives at his apartment, and they kiss. Abby tells Tyler that was a great kiss, but she wants to get to know him before thy take things any further in their relationship. Chelsea asks Avery if Dylan ever talks about what happened while he was in battle. Avery tells Chelsea that Dylan didn’t ever talk about that with her, but she does tell Chelsea that Dylan’s entire unit was wiped out and he was presumed dead. Stitch advises Dylan to talk about the war with Chelsea, because it isn’t good for him to keep things inside when he needs Chelsea’s support. Chelsea tells Dylan that she loves him no matter what, and she will be there to listen to him when he is ready to talk. Dylan decides it’s finally time to talk about his wartime experiences with Chelsea. Jill and Neil have dinner together, and she confides that she doesn’t trust Cane’s new assistant Hilary. Neil confides in Jill about the harassment he has been getting from the GC Buzz blogger. Neil also tells Jill how he almost slipped and took a drink six years ago. Jill tells Neil she is worried about Billy, because he is gambling again.

Phyllis and Summer have a heart to heart talk about the fact that Nick will always be her father and the Newmans will always be her family. Phyllis advises Summer to face this head on, and she will be there with her every step of the way. Nick tells Victor that Summer isn’t his biological daughter and why he waited so long to take a paternity test. Victor is hurt by the news and his first reaction is to say that Summer isn’t a part of the family anymore. Nick reminds Victor that when Abby found out he was her father and not Brad, she never turned her back on Brad and still considers him her father to this day. Victor tells Nick to let Summer know that he will always be her father no matter what the paternity test says. She will always be a Newman. Victor also tells Nick not to let Jack take Summer away from them. Noah and Courtney talk and discover they both love music. Courtney makes Noah think about what he wants to do with his life.

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