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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Bill not to give up on Katie; just give her a little more time. She’s angry and with good right to be. She feels betrayed. Bill says it isn’t like they were having a tawdry affair. The marriage was over and Katie herself practically threw them together. She has to take responsibility for what she did. She can't just end their marriage this way. Hope tells Liam that Steffy is always there right behind his eyes. But she moved to Paris. She left him. There’s not much more he can find out. He keeps saying that something is wrong and he has to find out what. He knows he is asking a lot of Hope but he needs her to have a little more patience until he finds the missing piece of the puzzle. She’s frustrated. She says he has done everything he can do; now he’s become obsessed with this. He wonders if maybe there is something wrong with Steffy like in some illness or disease. He understands that Hope is impatient and she has every right to be. She says she wants a life with him, but she feels like the closer they get the more it eludes them. She thought with Steffy gone they’d have their opportunity. But Steffy is still not gone for him. She is still in Liam’s head and Hope is still waiting. He swears that when he finds out the truth then it will be over. He wants to go see her doctor. Perhaps she can tell him something.

Bill’s sister, Karen, asks Katie how she is coping since Bill has been served with papers. She admits it isn’t easy but Will is okay. He’s too little to understand what is going on. She thanks Karen for coming all the way from New York. She really didn’t want to involve her. Karen says she wouldn’t be anywhere else. Her brother may not know what he is losing, but she does. She is sorry this is happening. Katie assures her she doesn’t hold it against Karen for what her brother does. She knows they have had major issues before. Karen says she knows Katie is in pain and she is appalled at her brother’s behavior. Karen vows that she will be here for Katie all the way. She trusted her brother and now she is paying the price. Now it’s Bill’s turn to pay. Karen says she doesn’t believe in being a bitter person, but if anyone had the right it is Katie. Katie offers that she is too numb to be bitter. It’s over and she doesn’t want to dwell on it. Karen says she could just strangle her brother and Brooke……well just keep her away from that woman. Karen asks her if she has discussed a settlement, a piece of the company the way they discussed on the phone. Katie answers 1%. Karen says she deserves half of everything. Katie says she doesn’t want to make it any more difficult than it is. She knows Bill will provide for Will. Brooke tells Bill not to worry; that he won’t lose Katie. She will make sure of it. Katie may be angry with her, but she will listen. She is going to talk to her. Somehow she will have to help her get past her anger. Liam introduces himself to Dr. Caspary and lays out his dilemma of that Steffy left town….not just town but their entire marriage and he’d like some answers. The doctor explains that she can’t divulge anything without his wife’s permission; that would be confidential. Karen tells Katie that she is sorry her brother betrayed her, but her sister-in-law won’t. She advises Katie not to let Bill talk his way back into the house. He doesn’t deserve Katie. Brooke walks in while they are talking. Katie can not believe she is there. Brooke says they need to talk. Karen says she doesn’t think her sister wants to talk to her. Brooke says she has something to say – don’t do it. Katie will regret it for the rest of here life. Liam calls Hope and says he saw Dr. Caspary but did not get any answers. He is now on his way to Paris. When he gets back they can start their life together. He tells her that he loves her and to wait for him. She is devastated and bursts into tears when she hangs up. Someone is at the door and it’s Wyatt. She brushes back the tears and invites him in. He realizes something is wrong and she confesses that Liam just called and he’s on his way to Paris to see Steffy. Wyatt puts his arms around Hope for comfort. She gets a very close up look at his sword necklace just a few inches from her nose.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami went to see Rafe.  Rafe had a dream about Sami.  EJ told Chad that DiMera Enterprises and the mansion wasnít Stefanoís.  Kristen was upset that Eric had another episode.  She told Dr. Chyka that Ericís doctor was calling in a specialist to check the results of Ericís tests.  She wanted to know if the drug was going to be detected.  Dr. Chyka said he needed to see the results of the drug test.  Sami wanted Rafe to tell her how he could have ended up with Kate.  Kristen said she was going to Danielís place.  EJ told Chad how heís in control of DiMera Enterprises.  Kristen went to see Daniel.  EJ and Chad continued to talk about Stefano.  When Rafe woke up, Sami told him about Gabi and the baby.  When she mentioned the gun, Rafe was upset.  Cameron told Sami to get out of the room.

Gabi and Kate were upset with Sami for going to see Rafe.  Gabi, Kate, and Sami argued over Sami upsetting Rafe.  When Cameron said Rafe was okay, Gabi went to see him.  Kate and Sami continued to argue over Rafe.  Kristen made it seem as if she went to see Daniel about Jennifer, but he was able to figure out why she was there.  Kate wanted Sami to leave the hospital, but Sami wouldnít leave.  Cameron told Sami not to go see Rafe or security would call the police.  Sami finally agreed to leave.  Daniel thought Kristen was trying to sore points with Brady by seeing him and Eric.  Kristen wanted Daniel to open up about his problems with Jennifer, but he wanted her to leave.  When Parker called out to him, he left.  Kristen made copies of Ericís file while Daniel was gone.  When Kate went in to see Rafe, he asked her why Sami tried to kill him.  When Sami went back to the DiMera mansion, he told her how he took over DiMera Enterprises.  She was happy about it until he told her he did it five months and didnít tell her.  Daniel busted Kristen fixing his file and wanted to know what she was doing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Laura is upset to learn that Lucy got Nikolas as in investor without consulting her. She says she canít take money from her son. Nikolas assures her that he isnít investing because she is his mother, but because he liked their business plan and agrees that Port Charles needs a spa. Nikolas signs the contract and leaves to go to the hospital. Scott arrives and intervenes in Lucy and Lauraís argument. He gets Laura to admit that she overreacted. She admits that she was already upset because she is worried about Lukeís health. Scott says he will ask Tracy about Luke. Ava storms into the Quartermaine living room and guzzles a drink. Tracy encourages Ava to talk about what is bothering her. Ava says she ran into an ex that she hadnít seen in years. She tells her story of true love and heartbreak. Without naming names, Tracy tells Ava about what she is going through with Luke. Tracy and Ava observe that they could almost be friends. Silas Clay stops by Alexisís house and tells Sam that since he isnít leaving Port Charles, Rafe can come live with him now. Sam asks him what he is angry about. He tells her that he ran into a woman that he was involved with in the past. After Silas examines Danny, Sam tells him about her brother Danny who died at seven years old. She says she canít fail her son, too.  He puts his hand on her shoulder and assures her that Danny will be fine as long as they find the right donor. She tells him that she is going to see a potential donor that she is dreading to see. He offers to go with her. Alexis intervenes in Shawn's brutal beating of Franco. She tells Sonny that if he kills Franco, he could be killing her grandson, too. Franco agrees to be tested. As Alexis helps Franco to walk out of the boathouse, she tells Shawn that any doubts about ending their relationship are gone. Sonny tells Shawn that they will finish the job after they know if Franco can help Jasonís son

Britt goes to the hospital to apologize for killing Emmaís baby. She gives Patrick another doll like the ruined one. Patrick thanks her and says she shouldnít be shopping when she is on bed rest. Sabrina interjects that Britt was probably not sick to begin with. Britt goes off on Sabrina. She says Sabrina won. She got the guy. She says Sabrina keeps calling her a bitch, but Sabrina is the one kicking someone while theyíre down. Sabrina realizes that Britt is right about that, but is still suspicious of Britt. Patrick tells Sabrina that it doesnít matter if Britt is lying about everything because the baby is going to be a part of his life, regardless. Britt runs into Nikolas. He says she doesnít look any less upset than she did at the fireworks. They tell each other about their unrequited loves. He gives her a business card and tells her to call him anytime she wants to talk.

Brad threatens to expose Michael and Kiki as incestuous cousins. Michael wonít give in to blackmail. Brad says he is going to tell the next person who walks through the door. That person is Morgan. Michael stops Brad from telling.  Morgan gives Kiki a locket with a compass inside and tells her that she is the only one that he wants to see the world with. She asks him if he got the money to buy it from gambling. He doesnít want to tell her that her mother gave him the money so he says he cashed in a savings bond. She says she loves the necklace, but that he should spend his money on paying back his debt to Michael. Brad takes Michael aside and reminds him that his price is one night together. He says he will pick Michael up at 8:00. Michael tells Kiki about his conversation with Brad. She says they should tell Morgan the truth. Michael says he will figure out a way out that wonít ruin their relationships with Morgan. Michael overhears Brad and Britt discussing his fixing her labs and her securing his promotion.  He tells Brad that he would be happy to relay what he heard to his grandmother, Monica Quartermaine, the Chief of Staff.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil tells Leslie he has decided to ignore the GC Buzz blogger, hoping that the person will just give up and stop posting things from his journal. Leslie reads Rose’s last letter to Gus and tells Neil that it is so sad that Gus never knew that Rose died in 2007. Neil remembers that in 2007 he was still drinking and is grateful that he was able to stop drinking. Adam and Victor continue to play their cat and mouse game with each other, but Melanie gets caught in the middle when Victor discovers that Adam knows about her work as a spy for him and fires her. Melanie goes to Adam and tells him Victor knows everything and fired her. Adam decides to fire her too, but he also tells her they can’t have a personal relationship anymore. Nikki persuades Victoria to give Billy another chance by telling her that all addicts slip and admits that she almost took a drink when she first learned about her MS diagnosis. Victoria goes to On the Boulevard to talk to Billy, and some of his gambling buddies arrive to pay him the money he won. Victoria tells Billy she was going to give him another chance but that is impossible now, because she hates being played for a fool. One of the men that paid Billy the money he won calls Victor to tell him that everything went exactly as planned. Billy pours Melanie a drink as he pours one for himself, and he listens to Melanie tell him why she hates Adam.

Michael demands that Paul arrest Carmine because he gave Fen the drugs that almost killed him. Paul isn’t sure that there are grounds for an arrest but agrees to bring Carmine in for questioning about Fen’s drug overdose. Carmine watches Lauren sitting by Fen’s bedside. When she sees him, she goes to the hallway to tell him to leave her alone and make it clear that he will pay for giving Fen the drugs that almost killed him. Carmine denies giving Fen the drugs. He found Fen and called 911, but Lauren doesn’t believe him. Paul and Michael arrive at the hospital. Michael sees Carmine pleading with Lauren to listen to him and holding her by the arms. Michael loses his temper and almost punches Carmine. Paul takes Carmine to the police station where he refuses to talk without a lawyer. Leslie arrives at the police station to talk to Paul about the blogger case, and she agrees to take Carmine as a client. Billy talks to Chloe and admits he has not gone to a meeting yet because he has been drinking and gambling. Chloe tells Billy that she will do anything she can to help him through this, but he has to want to stop gambling for his own sake not for anyone else. Victor tells Nikki that he has scheduled a fundraiser for MS research, but he needs her help to plan it fast, because the fundraiser is next week. Kevin tells Chloe about his new job and that Michael and Lauren have reconciled. Chloe thinks it is great news but makes it clear to Kevin this doesn’t change the situation between them.

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