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AMC Recap Written by Eva

JR surprises Cara by bringing her son Oliver and her mother to live in Pine Valley and tells Cara that he has come up with a plan so that David won’t find out Oliver is his son. JR explains to Cara that he has hired her mother to be the new cook for the mansion and she can just say Oliver is her grandson. JR tells Cara that she must explain to Oliver that he can’t call her mom or there could be a risk that David will find out the truth. Cara is very grateful to JR for everything he has done for her and he is happy to have done something to make Cara happy. AJ is hurt when he sees JR playing with Oliver and Miranda later explains to JR that even before his coma he wasn’t someone that played with AJ when he was a child. JR talks to AJ and tells him that he understands he has been a lousy father but he will do his best to become the father that AJ has always wanted and needed in his life. JR gives AJ tickets to the rolling stones concert in New York and tells him they can go to the concert together and go to a Yankee game too. AJ is thrilled he will be spending a weekend with his dad and thanks Miranda for talking with JR as he tells her all about the special weekend they will be spending together. Miranda feels like she is losing her best friend when AJ decides to bring Heather a T- shirt from the concert and then calls heather to tell her about his plans.

Bianca calls Miranda and tells her that she will have to be away for a little while longer and Miranda feels like she is in the way of Bianca’s work with the Miranda center. Bianca tells Miranda that she loves her very much and she is never a bother to her and hangs up the phone. Bianca gives Kendall her medicine and tries to persuade her to tell Zach that she is having heart problems again. Kendall tells Bianca she can’t do that because they have both moved on with their lives and it isn’t fair to Zach to drag him back into her life again. Zach wonders why Lea broke away from their kiss and she tells him that he isn’t ready to be in a relationship with another woman because he still loves Kendall. Zach tells Lea that he and Kendall have not spoken to each other in a long time and when they do talk it is only about the boys. Lea tells Zach to let her know when he is ready to take off his wedding ring and start a new relationship. Bianca feels like it is her fault that Bianca was bullied at school and maybe if she stays away for a little while longer the kids will stop bullying Miranda. Kendall tells Bianca that she is a good mother and Miranda being bullied isn’t her fault. Jesse calls Uri and tells him the federal agents know that he faked his own death by killing Vlad and using his body to take his place. Vlad tells Jesse to find a way to fix the problem but Jesse says there is nothing he can do. Uri tells Jesse that he is going to kill his entire family Jesse goes to the hospital to put a guard outside Cassandra’s room and tell Angie that the charges have been dropped against Zach and Uri faked his own death. Jesse also apologizes to Angie for his argument with David earlier and not being available to help her take care of Cassandra.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Katie that he doesn’t want to move out. Don’t ask him to do that to his family. He made a mistake; a very big mistake and she has every right to be upset. But, he was upset too when she took her rings off and stormed off. She adds – and it forced him to sleep with her sister as there was no other option. She scoffs that there is something fundamentally wrong with their relationship. She tells Bill that she doesn’t know if she has five years or fifty years on this planet, but she does know that she doesn’t want to waste a single second being his doormat. She’s sorry but she can’t do this anymore. And she’s going to see that her son knows that it is not okay to act like his dad. He will be a better man than his dad. He won’t treat his wife like that. There are consequences to Bill’s actions. He wanted Brooke so he took her. He had no respect then for Katie or their marriage. She wants a divorce. And he will have scheduled visitations with their son. She will not have a marriage like her mother and father. She waited for a long time and thought she was the one Logan who could have a happy marriage or not get married at all. He can’t understand why she pushed him into Brooke’s arms. He says he forgave her for that because she was sick. But he stayed true to her but she walked out on him yet again when she took off her rings. She is acting like her dad now by running away and not wanting to commit. She laughs again that it is amazing his logic. He cheats on her with her sister and yet it is Katie’s fault. He says do not make this about him, some horrible guy running around on his wife. He tells her that he has put up with an awful lot in this marriage too. So if she wants to admit to her own insecurities that failed in this marriage, fine, but do not blame him. He never would have slept with Brooke if Katie had not said she was done with him (but you could have waited maybe another five minutes). He reminds her that she asked him countless times to forgive her and he gladly gave it to her, but now it is his turn and what does he get in return – nothing! Katie says she too has put up with an awful lot and forgiven him, but not this. A baby and a pregnancy, that is too much. Even with her crying he says she does not want this divorce and he doesn’t believe she will give up on them.

Hope does an about face and tells Brooke that no matter that they don’t like what she continues to do, they are family and they will be there for her. She can’t stay mad at her. Logan’s stick together. Brooke says she appreciates that, but she is afraid that she has lost Katie. Rick asks who was that guy he saw Hope with on July 4th. She laughs about the naked guy and says Rick has a lot to catch up on. She says she has options now and she is not going to just settle for Liam and what he is offering. She thinks she deserves better than that; him always wondering what happened to Steffy. Katie’s lawyer comes over with the divorce papers and says she put a rush on it. Katie should know that a man like Bill Spencer probably has hidden bank accounts and she only wants to be sure Katie gets what is rightfully hers. Katie says it is not about the money. Liam tells Carter that he needs more answers. Perhaps if he can understand why Steffy walked away from their marriage so easily then perhaps he can too. Brooke gets a phone call from Bill who says he needs to see her in his office right away. She starts to leave when Liam comes to see Hope. He tells Hope that the other night felt funny. He doesn’t blame her for being mad at him for not showing up on time for the party when he chose to call Steffy instead. He loves Hope but until he finds some answers he can’t move on. Bill thanks Brooke for coming. He does not have good news; Katie wants a divorce. He’s a father, a husband and he is not going to lose that. He must convince her not to go through with this. Before they say more, his secretary announces that Katie’s attorney is there. She hands Bill the papers and says Katie has made a decision.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ threw Stefano out of the mansion.  Stefano couldnít believe what EJ was telling him.  EJ told Stefano to check his phone and call Mr. Shin to see if he was lying.  Stefano looked at his phone and wanted to know what EJ did.  EJ said he beat him.  Theresa said she was Jenniferís new assistant, but Jennifer said she wasnít because someone else had the job.  Kayla walked in and told Jennifer that Theresa was Shane and Kimberlyís daughter.  Sami went to see Eric and he had another episode.  Kristen was upset that the video wasnít ready yet.  When Jennifer and JJ left Jenniferís office, Kayla wanted to know what was going on with Theresa.  EJ told Stefano that he planned the takeover ever since Stefano left.  He told Stefano about the way he treated him when he thought he wasnít his son.  Stefano was upset about what he did.  EJ told Stefano that he wasnít his father.  Sami wanted to know what was going on with Eric.  He told her that the pain comes and goes.  He told her that he has been seeing Daniel.  Stefano couldnít believe what EJ did to him.  EJ explained to him why he went after him.  Stefano told him that he would make him pay for what he did, but EJ wasnít worried.  Jennifer wanted to know why JJ was alone with Theresa in her office.  He tried to explain what happened, but she wouldnít listen.  He was saved from her lecture when Kristen showed up.  Daniel went to see Eric.  He had the test results with him. 

Kayla and Theresa got into an argument over Theresaís behavior.  Jennifer and Kristen talked about Kristen moving on.  Daniel told Eric that he did a toxicology test.  Sami was upset that Daniel didnít have any answers.  Stefano blamed Sami for why EJ went after him.  EJ reminded him of what he did to Sami.  Jennifer wanted Theresa to explain why she was at her house the other night.  Jennifer set Theresa straight about being at her house uninvited.  Kristen walked in on EJ and Stefano.  EJ told her that the mansion is his and not Stefanoís.  EJ also told her that he kicked Stefano out.  She wanted to know if that was true.  Stefano said he would be in touch with her.  When he left, she asked EJ what he did.  Daniel took more blood from Eric so the specialist would know what was wrong.  EJ told Kristen that he took everything from Stefano.  Daniel told Eric about his problems with Jennifer.  Kristen warned EJ that Stefano would get his revenge.  He said he was ready.  He wanted to know whose side she was on.  She said she loved both of them.  He thought that meant she would support whoever was on top.  When they finished talking, she called Dr. Chyka.  She wanted to see him at the town square.  When they met, she told him that Eric had another episode and wondered if the drug would be detected.  He tried to tell her that it wouldnít be detected, but she was furious.  Before Stefano left, he warned EJ that he would get him.  When Stefano left, EJ looked worried.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Silas and Ava recognize each other at General Hospital. They exchange hellos and he turns to leave. She tells him he canít walk away from her again. He says he doesnít have anything to say to her. She begs him to have one cup of coffee with her so he agrees to go to Kellyís with her. Carly meets Spinelli at Kellyís and hires him to investigate Ava. She tells him that she is concerned about Morgan living in the same house with Ava and Franco. At an outdoor table in front of Kellyís Anna and Duke have lunch together. Duke offers to ask his former colleagues if they know anything about the murder attempt on Franco. She says she would prefer it if he didnít contact people from his former life and that he helps her by being there for her. When Silas and Ava arrive, Duke introduces Anna to Ava. Anna tells Silas that she knew his brother and that his professional reputation precedes him. Anna wonders to Duke what connects the Anna and Silas. Duke says he hasnít yet connected Ava to the Jerome crime family. Anna wonders why Ava is friendly with a serial killerís brother. Carly sees Ava in Kellyís with Silas. Spinelli tells Carly that Silas is treating Danny. Carly wonders what business Dr. Clay has with Ava Jerome. Ava tells Silas that he canít deny that they meant something to each other once. She touches his hand and says that maybe they still do. He snatches his hand away, says this was a mistake, throws money on the table, and walks out. Carly wonders why Ava tried to hold Silasís hand when she claims to be back together with Franco. Anna is intrigued when Ava walks out just as abruptly as Silas did. Sam calls Spinelli and says she thought of another potential match for Danny, but that they are just as bad as Franco. Before she says the personís name, she hangs up to answer her door. Her visitor is Silas Clay.

Morgan is in the process of buying a $900 gift with Avaís credit card when Franco goes into the boathouse and asks him if he thinks he can buy Kikiís affection. Franco tells Morgan to get Kiki so they can take the boat out on the lake. Morgan tells him that Kiki is helping her cousin Danny, Samís son. Franco says that he canít believe no one asked him to get tested since he is the best possible match as the fatherís twin. Brad, the lab manager, sees Michael and Kiki kissing in the exam room. He says he is torn between revealing what he saw and keeping it to himself. Michael asks how much Brad wants in exchange for his silence. Brad says he doesnít want money. He wants Michael. Michael says he wonít have sex with Brad and that he doesnít care if Brad tells the world that he kissed his cousin. Brad says he is going to tell the next person that walks through the door.

Sam tells Alexis that Silas Clay is Dannyís doctor now. She says she still has to ask a few people to be tested, one of whom is Franco. Alexis says she will ask Franco. Sam says she would feel better if Alexis takes Shawn with her. Alexis reveals that she and Shawn broke up. Sam asks what came between them. Alexis says she told Shawn to choose between her and working for Sonny, and Shawn chose Sonny. She wonders if Jasonís career choice ever bothered Sam. Sam says she loved Jason and accepted everything about him. Sonny and Shawn go to the boathouse and intercept Franco just as he is headed to the hospital to be tested. Sonny gives Morgan money and tells him to leave and take Kiki somewhere nice. Morgan goes to the hospital and is the next person to open the exam room door. Sonny suggests that Franco move out of the Quartermaine estate. Franco says he wants to spend his last days of freedom before going to Pentonville with his daughter. Alexis arrives at the boathouse to see Shawn beating Franco.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Natalie and Destiny set up for dinner, then Jeffrey shows up and Cutter soon follows. They have dinner together until Rama calls Cutter and Cutter uses this as an excuse to leave, already not happy with the fact that it was not a private dinner. Blair and Todd talk about Jack's safety, and Todd explains that Jack is being followed and a woman is with him at the moment (Kate). Todd later gets Blair to stay and the two have dinner together. Viki has Jeffrey look into the investors for the account and is not happy with his findings. Dorian later shows up and explains that she knows something Viki does not. Clint tells her not to say anything. Later, Clint explains that he is the one who put the money in the account. Viki say she knows and is not happy, because Clint constantly is manipulating everyone's lives. She gives him back the engagement ring.

Rama and David flirt continuously at Shelter. They end up dancing together and start to kiss. Dorian shows up and pushes Rama away telling her to back off. Rama runs off crying and Dorian tells David that she cannot believe this is happening to her. David feels that he is not in the wrong. Dorian does not care and leaves. Michelle tells Matthew that she lied and that she actually works as a maid for a living. Matthew does not care and the two go to dance. Dani thinks this is wrong.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea and Dylan come back to the loft and Chelsea finds out from him that he invited Anita and Jeffrey to dinner. Chelsea begs him to cancel the dinner but before she can uninvite them, they show up at the door. Michael and Lauren visit Fen at the hospital and to their disgust, Carmine is there. In Chicago, Nick begins to explain things to Summer about the lie that he had been carrying around for years that he was not her biological father. Meanwhile, in Genoa City, Phyllis gives Jack the good news that Summer is his daughter. Jack is stunned by the news and also is angry with Phyllis for not telling him sooner. Phyllis informs him that she did not know until a couple of weeks before, but Jack still doesn't believe her.  Chelsea and Dylan have dinner with Anita and Jeffrey but not without some very cruel remarks from Jeffrey about how she came from lavish house to a swank hotel room to this bungalow. Anita defends Chelsea and what she is doing. Summer insists to Nick that "he" is her father instead of Jack. Michael finds out from Carmine that Fen was looking for drugs. Michael tells Lauren what Carmine told him. Lauren automatically blames herself for Fen taking the drugs.

The doctor comes into Fen's room and lets Michael and Lauren know that Fen took a very powerful methamphetamine. Carmine texts Lauren that he is very sorry. Jeffrey tries to find out more about Dylan and what kind of life that he will give Chelsea and the baby. Nick tries to talk to Summer, but she is too hurt to listen to anything he has to say. Jack orders Phyllis out of his home... "Now."  John stops Jack from doing something silly that he will regret. Summer orders Nick to leave her room just as Phyllis arrives. Summer also blames Phyllis for lying to her all these years. Nick defends Phyllis and insists it was all his fault. Chelsea, Dylan, Anita, and Jeffrey discuss baby names. Lauren sits by Fen's bed and talks to him. Fen begins to wake up, and when asked about his overdose, puts all the blame on Carmine. Summer orders Phyllis not to come near her. Nick leaves to go home while Phyllis comforts Summer. Jeffrey asks Anita who the real father of Chelsea's baby is.

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